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1 in 5 websites blocked by ISPs

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

July 2, 2014

The Open Rights Group (ORG), who is at the forefront of fighting internet censorship, access and laws in the UK has published a study showing that nearly 1 in 5 websites are blocked by one Internet Service Provider (ISP) or another.

The study shows that of the 100,000 websites tested by the organization, which ranged from brokers to bloggers to baby mommas,  over 19000 were blocked by one ISP or another. At the time or writing these numbers stand at a whopping 20298/105678 (19.2%) and we found that disgracefully even some of our sister websites are blocked. To see if your network provider is blocking your website or a website that you are trying to access then head over to the Blocked webpage to find out for yourself.

Though the original aim of the study was to find out the impact of web filters it has gone beyond that aim and shown the extremity of over blocking. Though these filters mainly effect new customers at the moment, they are set to include existing ones by the end of the year.


 Unsurprisingly, The Pirate Bay is filtered by most ISPs

This authoritarian blocking mechanism is clearly damaging to businesses (whom are getting absolutely no compensation), humiliating to people and way over the top then they should be – and the process for lifting a ban is long and treacherous and in some cases not existent.

It looks like that the UK might be heading down a rabbit hole towards limited internet freedom and it is time for it’s population to stand up against this. And if this is so plainly happening in the UK who is to say what is the situation in other supposedly free countries such as the US?