5 Best SmartDNS providers

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

July 5, 2014

Note: We’ve recently launched an entire website about SmartDNS. Please check that for more detailed information about SmartDNS services.The number of media devices per household is on a constant rise whether it is an Apple TV, an Xbox or a simple Boxee most likely or not you would like to get a larger range of content for it and the best way of doing this is spoofing your location to allow you to access geo-location content.
There are two ways of going about this. The first is the VPN method (we will not cover this here but search our website for your device to find out more about it) and the second is the SmartDNS method, sometimes referred to as a DNS proxy. A SmartDNS will provide you which more faster speeds and are in some ways easier to set up than a VPN but it has the downside of no encryption and will require you to change some settings every time your IP changes and it’s a bit more difficult to switch off. For these reasons our primary considerations were on price, privacy policy, ToS and stability.

However, due to the speeds it provides (nearly zero speed loss) compared to VPN it is a great way of playing games or watching media with a different geo-location to where you are based.






  • PROS
  • Superbly fast
  • Low cost
  • Great client
  • Based in Moldova
  • CONS
  • Only 4 countries
  • Doesn’t accept BitCoins

This new Moldovan company ranks high in our Top 10 list so it’s no surprise that it ranks as the best SmartDNS provider in our honest opinion. They have a great no logging policy and their pricing is rock bottom – even their VPN packages start at $3.21/month.

Our biggest issue with CactusVPN is that it only has servers in 3 countries – the UK,US and NL. Since the best content is available in the USA and UK anyway we do not deem this to be such a serious issue in this case.

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2nd place



IronSocket Logo

  • PROS
  • No useage logs
  • Fast servers
  • Accepts BitCoins
  • Based in HK
  • 7 day moneyback
  • Up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • CONS
  • Too many connection logs

Being based in Hong Kong is great for IronSocket as it allows them operate with very little oversight or restrictions. On top of this they accept BitCoins have a great VPN service and allow up to 3 simultaneous connections.

Their only downside is that they keep a fair amount of connection logs though as mentioned they are based in HK (Edward Snowden’s first choice of refuge) this doesn’t really worry us too much.

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3rd place



Overplay logo

  • PROS
  • Easy to use
  • No logs
  • Simple and secure
  • CONS
  • No money back offers
  • Lack of recurring payment selection

Like the above two Overplay also offers a VPN bundle services which like their DNS service is slightly above the average price point at $9.95/month. In spite of this they offer a fantastic service with very little to fault par the fact that you need to create an account before you can view most details.

They have fantastic speeds and set-up guides and have servers in 48 countries.  They also provide 24/7 support so it is a slight shame that they don’t provide a free trial so you can give their fantastic system a go before you purchase.

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4th place



UnblockUs logo

  • PROS
  • Amazing free trial
  • Great support
  • CONS
  • Non-traditional service

UnblockUs is unique on our list. It is the only one that provides only a SmartDNS service (do not be fooled by their VPN claims) and so it is a damn shame that they are the most expensive on our list.

They have plenty of servers to access and a great support team to help you out if you get confused with their slightly confusing configuration set ups and overall provide a great SmartDNS service.

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5th place



ibVPN logo

  • PROS
  • Accepts BitCoin
  • Cheap
  • Lot of software and packages
  • CONS
  • Limited connections
  • No logs not 100% true
  • Temperamental  connections

ibVPN is quiet a popular name in the VPN world but this is due more to their low prices than anything else. They have a lot of different services you can choose from meaning that there is a plan to suit most peoples needs. A simple VPN and SmartDNS combination starts at $4.08/month.

In spite of these we have had problems with temperamental speeds and find their slightly incorrect logging policy a bit of a nuisance so make sure you put that 15 day free trial to good use before fully committing to them.

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Setting up SmartDNS

Setting up SmartDNS is usually straight forward on the device itself (check it UnblockUs’ Support to find out for yourself) and only requires you to go into your Network Settings and change your DNS number.

The more complicated part is you have to determine your IP address and enter this on the providers website so that your service works. The ease of this varies from provider to provider. It also means that you have to update this information every time your IP changes which is down to your ISP unfortunately and can be regularly or rarely.


Overall, getting SmartDNS to be able to browse media content worldwide (especially in the US) is a great thing and definitely worth investing in especially with such low costs. Setting up can be a bit more troublesome and if your IP changes randomly then it can be a nuisance but in it is our opinion it is worth the trade off for significantly faster speeds. See our summary table below if you haven’t made up your mind yet about which service you’d like.


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