Joel Tope

Joel Tope

November 1, 2017

Despite the fact that Italy is a member of the European Union, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically protected when browsing the ‘net. Extra security steps should always be taken. Additionally, a VPN will allow you to access geographically-restricted content such as Netflix and Hulu, so not only will you reclaim your privacy, but you’ll also  be able to watch fantastic shows and movies at no extra cost.

Using a VPN in Italy: Considerations

Italian Freedom of the Press

Italy is a very politically polarized country, which means that a lot of the country’s news is skewed and the breadth of it limited. This means that other news sources can be quickly restricted through the use of copyright and defamation laws. While most of this is left over from the previous government, it’s still prevalent today. As such, in order to protect yourself from legal prosecution, the use of a VPN in Italy is highly recommended.

Autistici/Inventati is an Italian based secure email provider who can also help protect your private communications. This is very important as Italy is very keen on wiretapping and having quick access to personal information (without the need for warrants). Leaving your data unencrypted is just bad form these days, though there are ways to ensure that potential local wiretapping initiatives don’t compromise your data.

Wiretapping programs typically (though not always) are bound by a country’s borders. In this case, making sure that you terminate a VPN tunnel on a server hosted far outside the country will help ensure that your data crosses geographic boundaries in an encrypted state. This would protect you from any governmental agencies or eavesdroppers.

Copyright and Defamation

The Italian government has had a massive crackdown on internet privacy and copyright issues, so much so, that they have been praised by the US government! There have been many cases of websites being taken down for only minor issues. Some of these cases have coincided with the freedom of the press as mentioned above – and are aimed to limit people’s access to wider news.

Defamation has also been a major issue, and in one particular case, a Facebook user was ordered to pay a fine for defaming her employer on her own Facebook page – a legal proceeding that could open many doors for similar actions. These are just some of the major issues that really show how much you need to worry about your privacy, and why you should take extra steps in order to do so.

In fact, there have recently been a slew of new anti-piracy laws that make file sharing and P2P even more difficult in Italy. Years ago, things were fairly lax and unregulated. Now, it seems the pendulum is swinging further and further in the other direction as we move into the end of 2017. Holders of copyrights rejoiced as the Italian government ruled in favor of anti-piracy amendments.

In fact, authorities don’t even need to hold a trial to block websites hosting or linking to pirated content. And even though many internal groups – including ISPs – argued that the new legislation was a violation of human rights, the new rulings are still in place.

If you want to use a VPN for torrenting, take a look at our best VPN for torrents article to find out more.

Italian VPN Servers

This article is focused on VPN providers who offer servers located in Italy. It should be noted, however, that using Italian servers is not recommended if privacy is your main reason for using VPN. This is because of the aforementioned strong copyright enforcement and various surveillance issues (including mass surveillance of Italian communications by the NSA).

More privacy-minded users would be better to choose servers located in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Luxemburg, or Romania. Servers in nearby countries will help to minimize the amount of overhead and latency introduced to your internet connection. Nevertheless, you may want to connect to a more obscure location, depending upon how political tides ebb and flow in the future.

Best VPN for Italy: Conclusion

Using a VPN for Italy is as simple as paying for and then installing a service. In this article we have shown you the five best VPNs for Italy, which you can use not just to protect yourself, but also to watch geographically restricted content. So go ahead and sign up to one of the services today. In case you still need a little bit more help in picking your perfect VPN, look at the summary below or browse our website for more recommendations and information.