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5 Best VPNs for Brazil

Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

August 19, 2014

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, and is the seventh country in internet usage with a penetration of 45.6%, which amounts to nearly 90 million users. As a rising economic giant, and one of the world’s biggest democracies, it’s internet and press freedom is definitely something that could develop interestingly, with current views being mixed but mainly positive.

The Best VPNs for Brazil

  1. VPNArea
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  3. IronSocket
  4. NordVPN
  5. VyprVPN

Brazil’s freedom has varied in the last couple of years between Free and Partly Free, but it is substantially better since it’s democracy was re-established in 1986, when swoop censorship was removed.  Despite this, a staggering 36% of users use a VPN, so after reviewing the recommended VPN providers we will discuss the issues surrounding the internet and censorship within Brazil.

All the providers we have selected have servers in Brazil, and some also have servers in other South America countries so that you can get the best speeds without having to compromise on security. Of course, all the providers we have selected have servers worldwide, so that you can stream and access geo-location blocked content.

Best VPNs for Brazil Summary




Brazilian VPN

  • PROS
  • No logs
  • Shared IPs
  • 5 simultaneous devices
  • Allows P2P
  • Accepts BitCoins
  • Based in Bulgaria
  • CONS
  • Some teething problems

VPNArea is a fairly new Bulgarian company but despite this it has plenty of fantastic things about it ranging from great customer support to a fantastic client.  Despite it’s young age, it has an extensive server range and boasts servers in four South American countries, which earns it its title of best Brazilian VPN.

Being such a small and new company means that you will experience some teething problems, but nothing extensive, and with a 7 day free trial available we definitely recommend giving them a go.

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2nd place



Brazil VPN

  • PROS
  • Simple
  • Great speeds
  • Good all rounder
  • CONS
  • Bit pricey
  • US based

ExpressVPN is a big name in the business and without surprise. Just like VPNArea they have servers in a number of countries in South America, and alongside this they provide fantastic customer service along with some of the best speeds in the market.

Unfortunately they are based in the US which isn’t the best for privacy, their client is pretty bare bones and they are on the expensive side, but with its extensive device support and well established reputation, it’s hard to go wrong with them as a Brazil VPN.

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3rd place



Ironsocket logo

  • PROS
  • Great speeds
  • Excellent encryption
  • Hong Kong based
  • Transparent privacy policy
  • CONS
  • Basic client
  • Keeps connection logs

Hong Kong based IronSocket, just like most of the other providers here, features in our overall Top 10, and with no surprise. They have plenty of servers, military grade encryption, and excellent speeds to go with it.

Unfortunately they do keep some connection logs (though due to their location this doesn’t really worry us) and their client is fairly basic, but due to the well-rounded package they provide we would definitely recommend them as a Brazilian VPN.

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4th place



NordVPN Logo

  • PROS
  • 256bit encryption
  • No logs
  • Allows P2P
  • Plenty of servers
  • Based in Panama
  • CONS
  • Inconsistent speeds

Panama based NordVPN is based in a great location as they avoid both EU and US censorship and laws. Along side this great fact, they have a true no logs service, fantastic encryption, and plenty of servers around the world.

Surprisingly though, we would have expected them to have more servers in South America due to their location. Also sometimes, due to their ultra-secure double-hop encryption, you can get inconsistent speeds but overall they are a very good Brazil VPN option.

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5th place



VyprVPN Logo

  • PROS
  • Great client
  • Stablished company
  • Fast speeds
  • Excellent design and usability
  • Based in Switzerland
  • CONS
  • Lot of logging
  • Operating from US

Overall, Switzerland based VyprVPN is a great service with a fantastic client, great speeds and plenty of servers there is not much that this company can’t do. Unfortunately they do carry out a lot of logging and keep these logs for a long time.

Update 31 November 2015. We have been informed by a reader that VyprVPN does not accept Brazilian credit cards, making this an unsuitable provider for Brazilians.

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Freedom Issues in Brazil

Marco Civil da Internet

 Bill 2126/11 – referred to as Marco Civil/ Internet Bill of Rights – first began in 2007, was first drafted in 2009, and has been sanctioned by president Dilma Rousseff since April 2014. It is a law aimed at promoting net neutrality, user privacy and freedom of expression. In light of the current spying and censorship situations around the world, this can definitely be considered a huge step forward for Brazil, but due to its young age it remains to be seen how effective this law will actually be, and how it will change the shape of the internet locally and worldwide.

Though anonymity is still highly frowned upon, this law will hopefully help extend the freedom of speech that is enjoyed by press in Brazil, as well as greatly increase data protection.

Government Censorship

Though officially very little censorship exists in Brazil, there is plenty of evidence to indicate otherwise.

Firstly, Brazil was the country with the highest number of government requests sent to Google in order to remove content or hand over personal data. Not only that, but when Twitter released it’s controversial country censorship tool, Brazil was the first to request it’s use.

Secondly, since various forms of libel and defamation remain criminalized, many bloggers and writers, without major backing, turn towards self-censorship in order to protect themselves from possible lawsuits. This was prominent during the 2012 elections where reports and lawsuits soared, and even Google’s Local Chief was arrested as a result of these.

Lastly and most importantly, known bloggers and journalist – especially those related to whistle blowing – have been physically abused, and some even abducted or murdered. This is a clear indication that though the country is rapidly improving it still has a long way to go.

Brazil VPN Conclusion

In conclusion it is advised that you use a VPN when in Brazil. Not only will this allow you to carry out self censorship if you are worried about the content you are viewing or posting, but it will allow you to bypass certain restrictions as well as posing all the other benefits of using a VPN. See our summary below if you have not yet made up your mind on which Brazilian VPN to use.

Best Brazilian VPN Summary