5 Best VPNs for Samsung Galaxy S4

Pete Zaborszky

Pete Zaborszky

May 22, 2013

The worthy successor to the mighty Samsung Galaxy S3, the GalaxyS4 is the world’s most powerful smartphone. It features not only fantastic hardware in the form a beautiful 5” 1080p Super AMOLED screen, 2Gb ram, 13 megapixel camera and incredibly powerful processor (whichever version of the phone you have), but also ground breaking software such as the oh-so-clever ‘touchless’ features that let you Smart Scroll with your eyes, and hover over icons to bring up extra options. For us though, what really sells the phone (on top of its all-round goodness), is the removable battery and SD card slot which ensure you need never run out of either juice or space!

Like all modern smartphones, the Galaxy S4 is a very powerful, internet connected, computer that you have on you at all times and that, thanks to its large high resolution screen and nippy processor, you are likely to use a great deal for surfing the web, reading emails, watching YouTube videos, and many other activities that have more traditionally been performed using a desktop or laptop PC (in fact it is more than capable of becoming your primary means of accessing the internet).

It is therefore as important that you use VPN to protect yourself from unwanted scrutiny when using your phone as it is when accessing the internet from a more traditional computer. Fortunately this is very easy.

PPTP and L2TP/IPsec

Like pretty near all Operating Systems built in the last 15 years or so, the S4’s Jelly Bean 4.2 Android has support for PPTP and L2TP/IPsec built-in.  Although most VPN providers have shifted over to using the OpenVPN protocol, they also usually support either or both PPTP or L2TP, as many devices (including Android phones until quite recently) do not support OpenVPN.

  •  PPTP is easier to configure but is not very secure. It is therefore fine for quickly setting up to protect your connection when using the occasional public WiFi hotspot for example, but is not recommended as a full-time solution
  • L2TP/IPsec is secure, and makes a good full-time VPN solution, although thanks to the need for entering an IPsec pre-shared key it can be a little fiddly to set up.

Android’s built-in VPN client requires that you set a screen unlock method for your phone. This is of course advisable in any case, but some may find it a bit of a nuisance.


The open source OpenVPN for Android app by Arne Schwabe became available in December 2012, and since then Android has enjoyed growing support for the OpenVPN protocol.

OpenVPN for Android lets you use the standard OpenVPN configuration files provided by your VPN provider to set up OpenVPN on your Galaxy S4. Not all VPN providers explicitly support this in their documentation yet, but in theory it should work for all services. Although not difficult to set up, really just downloading the config files, extracting them on your desktop PC, transferring the extracted files to your Galaxy, S4 and importing from onto OpenVPN for Android, it is probably the most complicated method for setting VPN on your S4.

Much easier, is to use a dedicated app, such as those provided by Private Internet Access, Kepard and TorGuard. These are preconfigured, so simply require installing from the Play Store and inputting your account details.

Detailed instructions for setting up VPN on a Galaxy S3 are available here, and since the process is identical on a Galaxy S4, we’ll save digital ink and direct you there.





  • PROS
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Excellent speeds
  • Good customer service
  • CONS
  • Bit pricey, but worth it for the features

With apps across all platforms and an android client that blows the competition away, ExpressVPN secures our vote as the Best VPN for the S4. The download speeds are impressive and the software is straightforward to use. We really love some of the features like automatic protocol selection and server location recommendations.

ExpressVPN boasts round-the-clock customer support and an ultra reliable VPN network spanning 78 countries and hundreds of servers. They are also adding new locations all the time. These guys have done a pretty awesome job in building what we believe to be the best VPN service out there.

The pricing is not the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for. ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and supports your mobile device (Android/iOS) for no extra charge.

Try Out the Best VPN for Samsung Galaxy S4 Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »

30 day moneyback guarantee

2nd place


  • PROS
  • No logs
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • Very fast
  • UK servers
  • P2P: yes
  • CONS
  • Asks for too much information during registration
  • Keeps that info for marketing reasons
  • Some connection problems
  • No free trial
  • We’ve received reports of poor customer service

We are in a bit of two minds about TorGuard, as we didn’t like the number of questions asked during setup and the odd connection problems we encountered may be the result of DNS leakage from their server’s that we have heard reports of. We have also heard complaints of poor customer service. On the other hand however, TorGuard keeps no logs, accepts anonymous payment via Bitcoin, and produced some of the fastest results we have yet seen! It also has an Android app (recently updated to run on unrooted phones), which while we have not had the chance to test it out yet, makes Tor Guard an attractive proposition for Galaxy S4 owners.

» Visit TorGuard

3rd place



  • PROS
  • Great VPN client (especially for Android)
  • Logs only kept for 3 days
  • 15 day free trial
  • UK servers
  • P2P: yes
  • CONS
  • Logs kept for 3 days
  • Not amazingly fast

This small Moldovan company charmed us with its simple but elegant desktop software, and even better Android app which supports the UDP and TPC OpenVPN protocols, and allows auto-login and connect. Even better, the Android comes with a 15 day free trial of the service! The only real problem is that Kepard keep logs for 15 days. Granted, 15 days is not long, and presumably only the Moldovan government can access the logs during this time (which is unlikely to be a major worry for non-Moldovans), but we always prefer companies that keep no logs at all.

» Visit Kepard

4th place


  • PROS
  • No logs
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Dynamic port forwarding
  • Real-time user and server statistics
  • Support for Tor over VPN and VPN through SSL and SSH tunnels
  • 3 day free trial
  • P2P: yes
  • CONS
  • None

We think this VPN provider, set up by dedicated pro-internet freedom and neutrality activists and hacktivists in the wake of a Pirate Party Festival in Rome, is great. This is thanks to its rock-solid no logs policy, its network ‘transparency’ (you can monitor all network activity using gloriously presented charts and graphs), 256-bit AES encryption and that fact that it accepts Bitcoin payments. AirVPN does not have its own Android app, but does provide setup instructions for OpenVPN for Android, together with the necessary configuration files. AirVPN is an OpenVPN only service, so PPTP and L2TP are not supported.

» Visit AirVPN

5th place


  • PROS
  • No logs
  • Speedy
  • Great free service
  • Groovy VPN client
  • P2P: yes
  • CONS
  • VPN client is Windows only (although OpenVPN setup guides are provided for other platforms)
  • Does not accept Bitcoin

CyberGhost also does not have its own Android app, but does provide a full setup guide and config files for OpenVPN for Android. Premium (CyberGhost also runs a very good free but OpenVPN only service) users can alternatively opt to use PPTP or L2TP, with setup guides provided. One of CyberGhost’s biggest pulls is the very generous 30 day free trial of its premium service, but the fact that it keeps no logs, is fast and has a great Windows desktop client make it a good all round service.

» Visit CyberGhost


Using VPN on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is just as important as it is on your desktop or laptop computer, and fortunately it is more or less just as easy to do. As is often the case, Private Internet Access comes out as the clear winner, combining a great regard for privacy with excellent software (most notably a dedicated VPN app for Android in this case). If PIA is not for you, then Kepard and TorGuard make VPN on you Galaxy S4 very easy, although we prefer AirVPN and CyberGhost on more general grounds.

And here’s the summary once more:


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