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Mandee Rose

June 19, 2018

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Poland does not have strict online privacy laws to protect its citizens. It also performs invasive data retention. For this reason, many people are searching for a VPN for Poland. Using a VPN in Poland will let anybody access blocked websites and services. VPN encryption will also cover your digital footprints and protect your online activities from the prying eyes of your ISP.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the best VPNs for Poland.

List of the Best VPNs for Poland

Why use a VPN in Poland?

Despite Poland being an open democracy that doesn’t religiously scrutinize internet activities, the country is still known to perform some data retention.  This is where a Poland Virtual Private Network (VPN) can come in handy: it covers your digital footprints.

By using a Poland VPN, you can avoid the confusing situation over digital privacy and the protection of intellectual property. In addition, if you are an avid participator of video streaming and torrenting, a VPN allows you to do as you please online without having to worry that someone is watching.

Censorship in Poland

Each country has its own libel and blasphemy laws. This also includes a board of censors in each territory. In order for entertainment in Poland to be made available, all movies and TV shows have to be edited to meet the approval of the censors.

The Polish censors don’t automatically approve movies made in the US, either. Even when providers release American movies in Poland, they’re not the same versions shown in the US. Entertainment providers try to ensure that international customers can only access the version of the video that local censors have approved for broadcast.

Streaming with a VPN for Poland

Companies that offer online video streaming services cannot allow everyone to access all of the videos in their catalogs. This is because they are bound by copyright laws. To add movies and TV shows to their streaming services, the companies have to obtain contracts from the copyright owners. The contracts obtained will specifically say what countries broadcasting is allowed in.

For example, if ABC in the US has the rights to a movie or TV show, it only has the right to deliver it online to the US. Under normal circumstances, other countries – like Poland – are out of luck. Another complication that binds video streaming services is the legal situation in each country.

When it comes to Poland, licensed TV stations and cinemas have to pay a fee to the government. It’s not just TV stations and cinemas either – any website that wants to offer entertainment in Poland also has to get permission and pay a fee for the right to show videos.

This is why companies like HBO and ABC don’t bother with the legal processes of other countries; they’re mostly interested in serving their home market. In the end, it’s easier for them to block Poland from accessing their shows than it is to offer them their services.

Unblocking Content in Poland

Using a Poland VPN can not only help you avoid censorship laws but can also help you access blocked content. If you use a VPN while using video streaming services, it doesn’t matter where you’re from  – you can access everything, anywhere.

When connecting to a VPN, you have the choice to choose a specific server. If you choose a server from another country, you’ll have access to all of that country’s content. For example, if you’re located in Poland and you want to unblock Netflix US TV shows, all you have to do is connect to a server that’s located in the US.

When you use a VPN, the connection to the VPN server overrides all other addressing instructions that apps on your computer produce. Whenever you want to access content that is blocked in your country, all you have to do is use a VPN to get around those blocks.

VPN Detection in Poland

The only complication that comes with unblocking content is VPN detection. Video streaming services are aware that customers use VPNs to try and get around the international access ban. As such, many have implemented scans that alert them of incoming VPN activities.

If they detect a VPN being used, the service will blacklist the VPN’s IP address. For this reason, it is vital to subscribe to a VPN that knows how to keep unblocking your favorite TV service.

For example, many VPNs can get into BBC iPlayer (though it is getting rarer). On the other hand, very few can get around the detection systems at Netflix. When you choose a VPN for Poland, make sure that it can get you into the video streaming sites that you want access to!

Securing Data via Poland VPN

VPNs hide the true destination of your connections, so ISPs can’t report on which sites you connect to. The VPN encrypts all communication. This means snooping programs that read the contents of your messages won’t be able to see that you’re downloading files or accessing a video stream.

All of your traffic goes through a mediating server. When you have the VPN client program turned on, your computer will only be able to accept incoming messages that come from the nominated server. Thus, VPNs provide you with anonymity and security.

Moreover, when it comes to securing your data, anonymity and security are two very important things. By using a Poland VPN, you won’t have to worry about prying eyes trying to compromise your data and/or online activity.

Choosing a Poland VPN

To reap the ultimate benefits of using a Poland VPN, you need to choose the best one for your desired activities. There are a variety of things that go into selecting a VPN – from P2P permissions and server locations – to logging policies and speed. Fortunately, we’re going to dive into all of those factors below.

Server Locations

To begin, it’s important to find a VPN that offers a large variety of server locations. There are dozens of reasons for this. For example, if you intend to use your Poland VPN to access blocked content, you’ll need a VPN with server locations in the country whose content you want to access.

Furthermore, different server locations can provide you with different speeds. By choosing a VPN with a multitude of VPN servers and server locations, you’re able to test which servers work faster than others. Plus, if you plan to use your Poland VPN for torrenting, you’ll need a VPN with an optimal torrenting server.

Torrenting with a VPN for Poland

Although downloading files is perfectly legal, downloading copyrighted files without permission isn’t. There are very few countries in the world that condone copyright infringement. Poland isn’t one of them. You’re liable for prosecution in Poland if the authorities catch you downloading copyrighted files with torrents.

VPNs protect you because they stand between you and the swarm of peers for a file. The only address that anyone can see will be the VPN’s address, not yours. Therefore, the only way anyone can trace your torrenting activities to you is if your VPN dobs you in.

Some VPNs make it clear that they will cooperate with the authorities fully and hand over all requested information should they be served with a court order. Other VPNs go to great lengths to avoid collecting information on their customers. These are the VPNs that you should subscribe to (the ones in this article).

In addition, it’s an advantage if the VPN company is based outside of Poland because that puts an extra obstacle in the path of copyright lawyers who want to pressure VPN companies for information.

Logging Policies

Finding a Poland VPN that doesn’t keep logs is an extremely important part of retaining as much privacy as possible. If you come across a VPN provider that stores logs – even for a short amount of time – you’re putting your future privacy and anonymity at risk.

Most VPN companies fall under jurisdictions that require them to hand over data, should they get served a subpoena to do so. By choosing a VPN provider that doesn’t store logs, you’re avoiding this situation entirely, thus maintaining your privacy and anonymity.


As mentioned above, speed is a very important factor to consider when choosing a VPN. If you intend to use your VPN for streaming or torrenting, speed is probably going to be a qualifying factor when making your final decision.

By choosing a VPN with optimal server speeds, you can enjoy streaming and downloading videos without lag or buffering problems. Even if streaming/torrenting isn’t your main concern, it’s still convenient to use a VPN that lets you browse the internet with fast speeds.

Using a Mobile VPN in Poland

Choosing a mobile VPN requires just as much thought as choosing a VPN for your PC. Before settling with a mobile VPN, consider all of the factors listed above like speed, servers, and log policies.

Using a VPN for Poland on Android

Installing a VPN on Android is simple, and you can do so a couple of different ways. The first way is downloading the VPN APK file on your PC and then transferring it to your device via USB. This way is ideal for those that like to manually set up their VPN.

The other way is to simply navigate to the app store and install the VPN. For more information on the best Android VPN apps, read our Best VPNs for Android guide.

Using a VPN for Poland on iOS

Downloading and installing a VPN for iOS devices is literally as easy as it gets. All you have to do is navigate to the app store, search for your desired VPN and install it. For more information on the best iOS VPN apps, read our Best iPhone VPN guide.

Polish VPNs for Chrome

VPN extensions for Chrome can come in handy if you’re looking for more of a lightweight VPN plug-in as opposed to an actual VPN client. As such, using a VPN extension for Chrome can help you access blocked content, but it can’t help protect your privacy or anonymity.

VPN for Poland Chrome Extensions

There are a variety of Polish VPN plug-ins for Google Chrome. However, the biggest thing to remember when using a VPN plug-in for Chrome: a VPN plug-in (or browser) only diverts your browser traffic. This means the rest of your network traffic still appears to be at your real IP address.

While this is useful if you primarily use Chrome browser, it’s also dangerous if you’re participating in activities like torrenting and/or streaming blocked content. In the end, it’s better to use an actual VPN client as opposed to a VPN extension.

Polish Proxy vs. Polish VPN

A proxy server will mask your computer’s IP address with its own IP address. As such, using a proxy will secure your torrent client or web browser, whereas using a VPN will encrypt not only browser activities, but all of your network traffic. This is why a VPN is always a better choice than a proxy server. If that’s not enough to convince you, VPNs are also faster than most proxy servers.

In the end, a proxy server is good for temporary, quick use. A VPN should be used longterm.

Best Poland VPN Servers for Connectivity

When searching for the best Poland VPN server to connect to, you should take into consideration a couple different things. To start, find a VPN that offers multiple Poland VPN servers so you can compare results. You should also find a VPN provider that offers unlimited server switching and an overall secure service.

For more information on the best VPNs of 2018, check out our Best VPN 2018.

Poland VPN: Conclusion

If you live in Poland, you need a VPN that protects your data, conceals your location, and that is good at getting around the regional restrictions of video streaming sites. These two attributes will keep you safe from prosecution in Poland. Other essential services that you’ll need from your VPN are security features to prevent your identity from being leaked to your ISP. Fast speeds for HD video streaming is also essential.

You’ll see from the summaries of our recommended VPNs that all of them will help you when you download or streaming video in Poland. Stay safe on the internet and protect yourself with a VPN for Poland!

If VPN prices are a concern, the good news is that there are plenty of great cheap VPN services out there, take a look at our cheap VPN guide for more information.

Best VPNs for Poland: Side-by-Side Summary

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