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BestVPN.com was formed in 2013 and is part of 4Choice Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in price comparison websites.

Since 2013, when Edward Snowden’s revelations caused everyone to take a fresh look at the terrifying rise of online government surveillance, a great many people have come to realize the value of protecting their online privacy with a VPN – and we’re here to help them choose the right product.

BestVPN.com is a VPN price comparison and review site with three main purposes

Review & Compare

To comprehensively review and compare VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to help all users of technology choose the best services to enhance their internet privacy and security.


To educate people on the best ways to stay safe online, with guides for everyone from novices to technical experts.

Providing News

To provide up-to-the-minute news on cybersecurity and online privacy matters, and support efforts to educate people on the latest related legal developments.

Meet Our Team

Development Team

András Fábián

Technical Lead

András is a former developer who is here to unlock the potential of the development team, so we can unlock the internet for you. For fun, he likes chasing a squash ball and listening to heavy metal.

Egon Stefán

Senior Developer

Egon is the latest recruit to our development team bringing 10-years experience to help us continue offering a market-leading proposition. He likes everything that has four wheels from RC to normal cars!

Zsolt Deák


Zsolt is a PHP developer who lives in the back end to sort out issues or implement new features. Developing or walking on the water is really easy, especially when both are frozen! Proud dad of two kids and a cryptocurrency enthusiast by night.

Gergely Orosz


Gergely became a full-time PHP developer from being a hobby coder. He strives to make BestVPN.com the best website out there. Besides coding, he loves photography and video editing as well.

Anastasia Mezenceva


Anastasia is a professional QA-engineer. She became a tester because of her perfectionism and emphasis on details. Also, she has a hobby - to share spoilers about the 'Game of Thrones'.

Renáta Szabó

Front-end Developer

Reni is a developer who loves to solve old problems with new solutions. She is walking on the edge of PHP and front-end development but also likes design works. She is passionate about animal rescue, and has a cat, Jefferson.

Fanni Faragó

UI/UX Designer

Fanni is a UI/UX Designer and always curious about the new design trends. She is a big fan of the street artworks and the contemporary art and likes to receive guests and offer accommodation to her friends and couchsurfers.

Roland Szabó

Senior Designer

Roland likes to call himself a Human Interface Designer. Bringing 8 years of Web- and UI/UX design experience to BestVPN.com, he has a keen eye on detail and code quality. Designer by day, gamer by night. Can be revived with caffeine.

Digital Team

James McAllister

Senior SEO Executive

James is a Senior SEO Executive working in the industry for over 3-years. When he's not tinkering with websites, he is either getting lost in one Role Playing Game or another or supporting his beloved Everton FC.

Luke Harty

SEO Executive

Luke is an SEO executive with a passion for digital marketing, he enjoys combining the creative and analytical side of digital. Luke loves music and football, if he's not listening to his favorite tunes or finding a new band, you'll find him in Anfield or at his local watching the reds (Liverpool FC).

Sarah Barnard

Digital Marketing Manager

Sarah looks after our PR and digital strategy. When she's not highlighting the latest news or online exclusive; you'll find her on the netball court, running a marathon or catching up with her Gogglebox favourites.

Clare Worsnup

HR Executive

Clare is our HR executive, she got into HR to help employees develop to be the best they can. When she is not in work she loves going on holidays, cooking and spending time with her family.

Simon Duffy

PPC Manager

Simon is a digital marketing professional who has specialised in paid media across a variety of industries. Simon (sort of) likes running and keeping fit and is a keen supporter of Arsenal FC.

Jake Saunders


Jake is BestVPN's resident Videographer who lives and breathes filmmaking. Passionate in all aspects of the process, he has filming and editing experience in short films, promotional work, corporate video and much more. In his spare time he indulges in an excessive amount of Doctor Who and tending to his ever-expanding collection of rubber ducks.

Tom Chivers

Social Media & Content Assistant

Tom is in charge of Social Media & Email for BestVPN. When he's not sweating over the intricacies of writing the perfect header he is consuming copious amounts of cheese toasties when he thinks people aren't looking.

Commercial Team

Charlie Robertson

Commercial Manager

Charlie manages all partner and provider relations. In his spare time he remains (overly!) loyal to Nintendo and is often heard commenting on 16-bit retro video games.

Daisy Kenny

Commercial Executive

Daisy is very passionate about building strong relationships and hitting targets. She loves a challenge from solving the Rubik's cube to zip-lining across a jungle in Mexico.

Our Squad of Writers & Reviewers

Sean McGrath


Sean heads up BestVPN.com's editorial team. An experienced technology editor and journalist, he has worked for some of the UK's leading IT publications. With a new arrival to his family and his never-ending house renovation project, he doesn't have much free time these days.

Doug Crawford

Writer – View Profile

Douglas is an experienced technology journalist who has been writing about internet security for four years. He also has green hair, and likes to tell kids that if they eat lots of peas, they can have green hair too!

Ray Walsh

Writer – View Profile

Ray Walsh is one of BestVPN's resident VPN experts. Ray is currently ranked #1 VPN authority in the world by agilience.com/newsglug. During his time at BestVPN.com Ray has reviewed some of the world's foremost VPNs. Ray is an advocate for digital privacy, with vast experience writing about the political and social aspects of infosec, cybersec, and data privacy. Find him @newsglug on Twitter.

Stan Ward

Writer – View Profile

Stan Ward has enjoyed writing for 50 years. Writing has been a comfortable companion to a successful business and teaching career for him.

Attila Tomaschek

Writer – View Profile

Attila is a Hungarian-American currently living in Budapest. Being in the VPN game for several years, he brings a deep knowledge of the industry to share with BestVPN readers. When he's not writing about VPNs and digital privacy, Attila enjoys listening to music, cooking, and road-tripping through Europe.

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