BestVPN.com is a VPN price comparison and review site with three main purposes:

  • To comprehensively review and compare VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to help all users of technology choose the best services to enhance their internet privacy and security.
  • To educate people on the best ways to stay safe online, with guides for everyone from novices to technical experts.
  • To provide up-to-the-minute news on cybersecurity and online privacy matters, and support efforts to educate people on the latest related legal developments.

BestVPN.com was formed in 2013 and is part of 4Choice Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in price comparison websites.

Since 2013, when Edward Snowden’s revelations caused everyone to take a fresh look at the terrifying rise of online government surveillance, a great many people have come to realize the value of protecting their online privacy with a VPN – and we’re here to help them choose the right product.

How are we different to our competition?

First and foremost, every VPN provider we mention goes through a stringent review process. Our reviews are carried out by technical experts and each takes a considerable number of man-hours.

We look at everything – from the real-life speed of each VPN service to the individual features and encryption methods offered. We also consider the legal implications of using each service, taking into account the provider’s global jurisdiction and data logging policies. Needless to say, we also thoroughly test out the level of professionalism and customer service on offer, and look in detail at the costs.

Like almost all such comparison sites, we do make a commission when people sign up to some (but not all) of the services we review and recommend. What we don’t do is recommend inferior services and mislead our readers for our own financial benefit. If a service fails to make the grade in our review process, there’s no way it will appear on any of our lists of top recommendations, regardless of how much money the provider might offer to pay!

On a similar note, on our many comparison lists we always consider the particular purpose a reader may have in mind when buying a VPN. While some VPN services are great “all rounders,” we understand that some readers may, for example, be looking for value over speed, or vice versa – and our purpose-specific VPN lists reflect this.

What else do we do?

At BestVPN.com, we are strong advocates for the basic principle of human privacy – something being increasingly eroded by governments all over the world. We are also very much aware of the rise in cybercrime and the need for education on this subject to prevent more and more people falling victim to hackers.

Part of our work towards helping with these issues involves producing a range of free guides on various aspects of privacy and security. We also provide ongoing sponsorship, support and exposure to a variety of charities and organisations who share our aims and ideals. You can find out more about these here.

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