Anonymous accuses the US Government of using Touch ID to collect fingerprints -

Anonymous accuses the US Government of using Touch ID to collect fingerprints

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

October 2, 2013

Anonymous have released a video, accusing the US government of using Apple’s new fingerprint scanning technology to build ‘a massive biometric database for use both domestically and on the battlefield’.

Basing their claims on research performed by jailed and gagged activist Barrett Brown for Project PM and ‘documents liberated by Anonymous from FBI and Department of Defense contractor ManTech in 2010’, Anonymous says that ‘this biometric database was designed to be shared internationally with repressive allies of the United States’.

The claims center around a number of core pieces of evidence, the most important of which is an alleged link between Authentec (the company which developed the fingerprint scanning technology, and which Apple bought) and ‘the most powerful and corrupt Defense Department and intelligence community contractors and figures’.

Anonymous’s argument is somewhat convoluted, but if you tend towards conspiracy theories, quite convincing. It would appear that previous Authentec director Robert E. Grady, a man closely connected to the recent Bush administration and a who worked as a speechwriter to George Bush Senior, while sitting on the Authentic board was also a leading partner in The Carlisle Group, a majority shareholder in Booz Allen Hamilton, the company that employed Edward Snowden before his defection.

Anonymous presents evidence that the sale of Authentic was carefully engineered so that only Apple would buy the company, a desirable result for the US government because only the popularity and gravitas of the Cupertino based firm could guarantee wide-scale adoption of ID Touch technology.

Watch the video for the full set of evidence presented by Anonymous, who finish it on a very dramatic note,

To be blunt, with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S the surveillance world has gone from biometric creep into an all-out assault on everything they can grab on our bodies. What will you do to protect yourself and the ones you love?