Anonymous accuses VPNBook of being a honeypot -

Anonymous accuses VPNBook of being a honeypot

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

July 25, 2013

Hactivist collective Anonymous have accused the free VPN service VPNBook of handing over logs relating to Anonymous member’s activities to the authorities.

‘Logs from and have appeared in the court discoveries and indictments of some Anons facing prosecution for their involvement in #Anonymous activities. Do not use these services. Be advised and please share.’


While we have no idea whether this accusation is true, the VPN service run by Romanian Infrastructure firm, Voxility, does appear to offer a suspiciously feature-full package given that it charges nothing, while boasting of high speeds, OpenVPN and PPTP protocols with 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption, no bandwidth limits, no restrictions on what the service can be used for (i.e. P2P), and that logs are discarded every week (and that only the IP address and time the connection is made are logged, not users’ activities).

VPNBook says the service is supported through advertising, but it does seem surprising that they can offer two servers in Europe, and server each in the UK and US using OpenVPN encryption on this model.

Of course, if the accusation is not true (or it doesn’t worry you), then all these features on offer for free may make VPNBook worth checking out…

Douglas Crawford

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27 responses to “Anonymous accuses VPNBook of being a honeypot

  1. Somone hacked me after i installed this and sucked all my 30GB quota from my account in 4 hours. Even after i uninstalled it. Other computers i did not install it on were not effected. I hope they did not steal information. I am wiping my entire computer!

  2. One of of the VPN locations for vpnbook is hosted out of Washington D.C……just saying.

    vpnbook-us1-tcp443.ovpn – Manassas, VA (Suburb of Washington D.C.)

  3. i like the service, and i use also a dual-connection via ipv6. I tried the options via ipv6 and vpnbook. It worked quite a while, the server was accepting my options.

    Then, it dropped it.

    Means no true end-to-end ipv6 encryption possible, which makes the anonymity questionable.

    My openssl algos are hardened, means that if someone tries to read via man-in-middle the end-to-end https would not be possible (green flag in https:// browser line.

    But the end-to-end on the “lower” layer ipv6 is not possible. Only ipv4 support, this is a lack.

    But still, i like the service. But you always be precautious. Be aware that all free services can be a “honey-pot”. google-services can be a honey-pot too.

  4. VPNBook does not work anyway. It is quite useless as a VPN in the first place because your traffic is still not handled by your VPNBook server, but still leaks though your regular service provider. You can confirm this yourself by running a test at

  5. This maybe a retarded comment to an old topic but I just couldn’t hold back.

    Seriously! Anon, cyber criminal hackers, really? Some of you who commented really need to google the difference between a hacktivist and a cyber criminal. A hacktivist is simply trying to protect not just their own privacy but the privacy of all. It’s not about stealing your credit card details nor your identification for financial gain, that’s the sort of shit cyber criminals do.

    The point of a VPN, as you know, is normally the protection of your information or for online security against malicious intent. If a VPN can freely hand over information so freely based upon false pretenses then it defies the purpose of it’s existence. In other words it’s not really private then is it. Duh!

    “This isn’t targeted at the author, in fact thanks, I found it quite interesting”

  6. Hi Peter:

    A few things. 1st of all, thanks for the list of free/cheap vpn services. I checked out the list thinking you were a Canadian site. I don’t know why I thought that. Anyway, a couple of the ‘free’ vpn services aren’t free here for Canadians.: but a few still are. Second: as a newb to vpns, I appreciate reading the comments and your site’s reviews but I’m also visually impaired. I’m accessing your site from my ipad and would really like it if you guys would figure out how to allow ipad users to ‘enlarge’ your text by the “swipe”. Finally, could
    You do a piece that lists the top vpn services- similar to the way you’ve done it here for the US, for canada? Thanks very much. Btw, the vpnbook service was very easy to install for Canadians so that’s a plus on it’s side.

  7. I use free vpnbook every few days to stream. I understand that this type of service is also used by hackers. There’s a dual side to hacking however, malicious, ie., hackers out to do harm to unsuspecting public, should be stopped. Nonetheless, the collection of data ANYTIME, should be of concern. Thanks for opening a dialogue regarding this service.

    1. Hi Jim
      We messaged them but no reply yet, we’ll give them another message after the holidays, however if you’d like a free service we have a list for that and many of those have solid roots and great transparency.

      1. Hello Peter, i am kinda new to your website and i would like to know if you could redirect me to the mentioned list, i’ve been trying to find a vpn that is free(dont have a bank account :C) and logless yet, the hope is fading haha, so if possible and if it wont bother you at allm i hope you can redirect me there, plus i still dont know if HotSpot Shield is safe or not so if that answer could be added, thanks in advance, Merry Christmas

        1. Hi Aetius
          Firstly merry christmas to you too.
          Secondly, logless list is here, and free list is here – unfortunately there isn’t any overlap. I’d recommend the CyberGhost as it is also very secure and has no logs.
          Here is our HotSpot Shield Review

  8. If you look up the IP Address that VPNBook uses it is associated with Alistar Security Srl.

    It seems very suspicions and I would really liked this looked into.

    Preferably by BestVPN? Try and contact them… I have tried but they never reply.

  9. There are many sides in this story. It could either be just black propaganda from their competitors or they’re plain fake. If hackers doing shady stuff are using this service they are in for real danger. In a way, it could help bust their underground activities. However,(if the said news is true) if they could turn in these hackers’ personal info to authorities then it is not impossible that they could creep into your system and rob you of your identity. It would only take a little time to get your trust and then the next thing you know your credit card, your bank account and other sensitive personal details are hacked.

  10. Voxility is a good service. It helps to get rid of those criminal hackers.

    That’s good if that hackers are blaming this service.
    It proves that this service is really helps against those hackers.
    This article is good news, it’s just great if they actually make a logs and share it with authorities.
    Voxility protection against hackers isn’t mean for being used by those hackers.

    Of course if someone is going to make a crimes using VPN, don’t use this service, no way!

    Normal people have no reasons to be afraid. Let that criminal hackers be afraid!

    1. Voxility: You’re retarded.

      A legitimate vpn can’t decide that a certain person’s privacy is protected while this other person’s privacy isn’t protected. In that case there is no real privacy for anyone. Hence, such a vpn isn’t legitimate.

      Voxility: have you recently suffer a head injury?
      By any chance do you, or have you played football? 😀

  11. I use daily and never noticed anything strange lately that the password remains the same for 3 consecutive days, whereas previously changed day by day.

  12. I don’t know if it’s run by LEA, but they definitely do keep all logs and monitor all traffic. Not just timestamps as stated on their site. It’s only good for general browsing/streaming. Don’t do anything personal or questionable.

  13. I use this vpn every day,so i proof this vpn and nothing happens!The only chance to check if they made logs is,u must do some things that not allowed!
    I think anonymous use it for hacking but i dont know!

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