AnonymousVPN Review 2018 -

AnonymousVPN Review

Our summary

Established in 2015, AnonymousVPN keeps improving its service. This VPN is getting up into the league of the top VPNs in the world, but it still has some defects to sort out.

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  • Fourteen-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in 25 countries
  • Custom app for Windows Mac OS X macOS and Android
  • P2P allowed
  • Kill switch
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Our AnonymousVPN review found a provider appealing to the streaming market with PopcornTime affiliations encouraging unblocking associations. Security concerns and mediocre speed, coupled with payment issues leave room for improvement.

  • Simple Pricing
  • P2P
  • Ease Of Use
  • Speed Frustrations
  • Vague Encryption & Privacy
  • No Bitcoin

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Pricing & Plans

You have three payment choices starting with $2 for a quick three day test-run. You may subsequently opt for a $12 per month subscription, or $69 for an entire year working out to $5.75 a month. Not bad pricing, it’s a bit lower than average at that rate, but features may leave you dissapointed as we’ll explore below.

AnonymousVPN Pricing

AnonymousVPN accepts all major credit cards, but there isn’t any support for Bitcoin – meaning the highest levels of anonymity are sadly out of reach. It would be nice to see a VPN company gunning for privacy association by naming and branding itself in an at least ignorantly deceptive way.

AnonymousVPN Payment OptionsAt any rate, you may ask for a refund by email within 14 days of payment. However, one or three day subscriptions aren’t subject to a refund. So far so good, though confusion isn’t far off.
AnonymousVPN Refund Ploicy

Two weeks and three days are widely disparate windows in which to get a refund and, regardless, why make two different refund policies depending on whether a visitor to your site is a prospective client or on board already. It smacks of duplicity, especially since a visitor might not visit the internal database to read the (admittedly in full-size print) shorter terms timewise.

AnonymousVPN Refund Policy

Video Review

The AnonymousVPN review video gives a slight primer on using a VPN.


AnonymousVPN Payment Logging

Anonymous claims to keep no logs till you reach the fine print, but it seems as more a case of connection logging, than nefarious data logging. Either way, AnonymousVPN would do well to abolish logs altogether.

AnonymousVPN Connection LoggingIt seems as though AnonymousVPN uses dynamic IP addresses, which isn’t a bad thing at all. There isn’t any express as to how many simultaneous connections to the service are allowed at any given time. Take a gander below, or keep reading for more considerations.

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Security & Privacy

AnonymousVPN offers servers in 20 countries including some exotic locales like Australia and South Africa. Europe is well represented, as are the US and Asia with HK and Singapore servers. Folks in South America are sadly out of luck, but may find some success using US servers instead. P2P Filesharing is happily allowed on any server you manage to get working at a decent enough clip, as we’ll discuss later on in this AnonymousVPN review.

Anonymous VPN Network

I couldn’t find any mention of where the company is registered anywhere on the website, social media accounts, or other AnonymousVPN reviews. More  troubling still was the complete lack of encryption information altogether, not to mention the dearth of configuration files to manually check what type or if any security is in place. You can only download the bespoke client – as such, be wary of trusting AnonymousVPN with anything more than unblocking, if that (if you’re in any way concerned about privacy).

AnonymousVPN Website

AnonymousVPN Website

AnonymousVPN’s website is simple and to the point with Pricing, server network, FAQ, and Contact links clearly denoted along the top of the homepage. The bottom banner has links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, as well as links to Facebook and Twitter accounts which are updated on a biweekly – or so – basis.


AnonymousVPN can be contacted using the contact form. Email responses took a day to two, though they were courteous, if not especially informative. A followup email I sent on the connection problems touched on above and explored below went unanswered, perhaps due to getting dumped in a spam folder by accident. LiveChat support would likely alleviate at least some issues.

AnonymousVPN Contact

You can also watch a video tutorial on YouTube by following the links laid out in the Knowledgbase, despite the fact that installation is quick and easy using the installer you’ll be provided.

The Process

Signing Up

When I tried to signup and pay, my primary credit card, and a secondary one registered in a different country were both denied – as was my supervisor’s attempt to pay with his card. Not sure if there was a malfunction that day, but support hooked me up with a test account to look through the service. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a massive issue to get started, though I can’t say with much conclusiveness.

The AnonymousVPN Windows client

AnonymousVPN Windows Client

The AnonymousVPN Windows client isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it works well and fluidly enough. Just tap the connect/disconnect button at the bottom and give it roughly ten seconds max to link to your chosen server.  Pressing the music scale button in the bottom left corner bring up additional settings.
AnonymousVPN Client SettingsYou may instruct the client to auto-boot when you start your computer or do so once you’ve clicked on the app. You may also chose whether or not to use UDP or TCP to modulate speed, versus data packet transmission reliability. There’s also a useful killswitch in case your connection drops, so as to not reveal your true IP address.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Now for some altogether bad news in place of the speed testing images you’d normally find in this section while reading a BestVPN review. I’d feel goofy (at least) to give speed test results when connecting to any server gave me nothing more than unload-able webpages on account of low speeds. Yahoo, Gmail, (which we use for speed gauging), Facebook – you name the site – and none loaded successfully no matter which server I used and the geographical proximity. I normally average 30-35 Mbps downstream when testing against UK servers without a VPN connection, and 10-15 Mbps against East Coast US servers.

With that unsavory bit in mind, I couldn’t check for IP leaks for this AnonymousVPN review with a ‘broken’ internet, but if you happen to get thing up and running, feel free to check for most DNS leaks, and the WebRTC Bug. checks for IPv6 leaks, with a mixture of both tests for a little more ease of mind.

Other Platforms

You may try AnonymousVPN on Windows, Mac, or Android, at your own risk!

AnonymousVPN Platforms

AnonymousVPN Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Simplicity & Easy To Use
  • P2P

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Payment Difficulties
  • No LiveChat
  • Bitcoin & Other Payment Methods Unsupported

I hated

  • Barely Workable Browsing

AnonymousVPN makes a slight effort towards offering up a worthwhile VPN service but falls short on some distinct counts. Encryption may be nonexistent, but is currently unknowable. Support is decidedly hit-or-miss, and the overall feeling is one of an enterprise looking to rake in the cash without equal or more attention given performance, especially with speeds well below mediocrity’s threshold. Some folks may still want to give AnonymousVPN a try, and are welcome to, just absent our recommendation, and in spite of Popcorntime’s. If that sounds unappealing, head over to Top VPN Services, or our Ultimate Privacy Guide for some better options.

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