Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

فبراير 28, 2017

PrivateVPN is an established VPN service based in Sweden. It is a secure service with a bespoke client that can be used on up to six devices simultaneously. It is a zero logs VPN service that has 80+ servers in 52 countries around the world. That is a huge amount of servers that it in the middle of increasing at the moment (3 more coming next week).

The website is informative, and doesn’t make any bold claims about being “the fastest VPN in the world”. This is a refreshing change from the vast majority of VPNs on the market who often lie through their teeth about non-existent privacy levels and connection speeds. PrivateVPN’s custom VPN client is now available for all popular OS platforms. The service also boasts of impressive 98.8% uptime, a seven-day money back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support. With so much on offer, PrivateVPN looks highly promising. Let’s dive in head first and take a closer look!

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Strong OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Not much

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Pricing & Plans

PrivateVPN doesn’t mess around with splitting its VPN service into various plans, which is good. However, the VPN is priced slightly cheaper for people that decide to commit for longer periods of time: rewarding customer loyalty with a discount. Prices start at a not unreasonable $6.71 for a one-month subscription, which drops to $5.49 if users subscribe for a three-month period. The best value package is awarded to those that subscribe for a year. They’re charged $53.55 annually (just $4.46 per month).

Also, a big plus is the fact that PrivateVPN offers a highly generous seven-day money back guarantee. This is much better than many VPNs on the market. Although subscribers do have to initially outlay the subscription fee, the no quibbles guarantee means that people get a chance to try the service risk-free. In addition, the VPN has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 7-day free trial.


PrivateVPN operates servers in 52 countries. Those locations include five cities in the US (including West and East coast), the UK, all over Europe (including the Netherlands and Switzerland). Plus: Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Russia. The only places that don’t really get a look-in are Africa, the Middle East, and China. As such, if these locations are of particular interest to you, I suggest you look elsewhere.

PrivateVPN Features

Subscribers may connect up to six devices to PrivateVPN at once. This is truly outstanding and very few VPNs on the market offer more. With this is mind, PrivateVPN can be considered a highly useful VPN for large families that have VPN requirements on a number of phones, tablets, and laptops, both at home and when out and about using public WiFi.

Lots of VPN protocols are supported including OpenVPN, which is the most secure VPN protocol on the market and our recommended protocol here at BestVPN.com. Available protocols include OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, IKEv2, HTTP Proxy and SOCKS5. This is an impressive amount of choice, all of which can all be toggled within the client.

privateVPN encryption diagram

Security Features

The PrivateVPN software is well designed and has a kill switch to cut the internet should the VPN connection be lost. This is a useful feature that allows its subscribers to guarantee that they don’t accidentally leak their web traffic to their ISP. In addition, users can specify software to be included in the kill switch feature. The killswitch is WFP based and has two layers of security: kill switch and application kill. This gives customers the choice to use application kill only if they prefer. It is a tried and tested killswitch that we can vouch for.

In addition, port forwarding is also supported by PrivateVPN. Though you will need to check its server list or communicate with them directly to figure out which server or servers have the features necessary to set up a particular device.

HQN servers

High-Quality Network servers are available on the PrivateVPN network. PrivateVPN say that it aims “to purchase Internet capacity directly from the IP transit provider”. These tier-1 servers allows PrivateVPN to have no middlemen in its network which it says allows it to deliver better connections speeds. Please check the connection speeds section of the review for speed test results.

Remote control

For real technophobes, a remote installation feature is available. When implemented, it will allow a PrivateVPN customer support technician to remotely take over a subscriber’s machine momentarily to help them set up the VPN. This shouldn’t be necessary, because the VPN is very easy to setup. However, the feature is an excellent addition that certainly can be considered a selling point that sets it apart from its competitors. The feature is also available for general maintenance and is handled with TeamViewer remote support software. PrivateVPN even provides a guide for getting remote control set up in its resources area.


PrivateVPN is based in the Sweden. Due to the fact that Sweden has data retention laws this is far from ideal, so let’s take a closer look. In 2008, the Swedish parliament passed an incredibly controversial law that permits the Swedish government to monitor all internet traffic, without a warrant.

The law was set up under the auspices of national security (to monitor for terrorist communications). Thankfully, in 2009 that FRA law was updated to include political oversight. In 2010 ‘technical difficulties’ were cited for the law’s apparent implementation failure – and it is unclear if the intelligence agency that was setup to monitor the internet traffic – is doing its job in an unsupervised manner.

In addition, in 2009 Sweden passed an anti-copyright piracy law called IPRED. IPRED permits copyright holders to make Swedish ISPs reveal the personal information of users under suspicion of sharing copyrighted files (with a warrant). This led to a sharp rise in VPN subscribers in Sweden itself (no doubt many of which subscribed to PrivateVPN).

Next, in March 2012, Sweden passed a mandatory data retention (MDR) law that forces ISPs to retain all data for six months. This includes login times, email logs and websites visited. In 2014, the European Court of Justice decided that MDR was unlawful citing human rights. Then in December of 2016, the EU court of Justice once more found that blanket surveillance was unlawful. The rulings mean that, if challenged, data retention laws in Sweden could be overturned.

Despite all of this, PrivateVPN actually explained to me directly that the reason it stays in Sweden is that it has full access to the data center where they own all the hardware and even control the router. For that reason, PrivateVPN is able to be extremely confident about its zero-logs claim.

Zero logs

Although Sweden is not the most ideal place for a VPN company to be based.  The good news is that it doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. As such, if it is asked to comply with an investigation (using a warrant) PrivateVPN can’t actually provide anything at all about its subscribers to the authorities. In fact, this has occurred in the past and it had to tell the authorities that it had nothing.

I asked PrivateVPN directly about how it gets around local data retention laws and IPRED and it told me that IPRED applies only to ISPs and that it is not bound to keep any logs. The firm was also honest enough to admit to me that they have been coming under pressure “we’re getting complaints” its representative told me, but because it has “no such information about our customers” it can’t help with any investigations.

In addition, PrivateVPN informed me that it has a 100% record of providing privacy for its clients. I asked it the following question: has anybody ever got into trouble for piracy – or anything else – using your service? And it gave me the decisive reply: “No, never”.

All things considered, it would appear that subscribers are indeed safe using PrivateVPN. Its zero logs policy is watertight, and its privacy policy, which includes never sharing data with third parties, is highly commendable. As such, we give PrivateVPN a thumbs up for privacy. Also positive: the VPN told me that if anything did ever happen to compromise their operations in Sweden, it would move out of the country.


OpenVPN Encryption

Control cipher
Data cipher
Data auth
Forward Secrecy

Logs & Legal

On the technical front, the encryption used by PrivateVPN for OpenVPN connections is fantastic with an  AES-256 cipher, an RSA-2048 handshake, and HMAC SHA256 data auth used. 2048-bit DHE keys provide Perfect Forward Secrecy.

In addition, a number of other encryption protocols are available natively in the PrivateVPN client. PPTP is among those, but because it is no longer strong enough to protect users’ privacy, we strongly recommend against it. Instead we encourage you to select one of the others (preferably OpenVPN). Available protocols are OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, IKEv2, HTTP Proxy, and SOCKS5.

Although no DNS leak protection is built into its clients, PrivateVPN does handle DNS requests via its own servers. In order to set this up, users need to set their DNS settings manually. This is very easy to do, and the PrivateVPN team has both guides and a great customer service team available to walk you through the process.

Update June 2017: PrivateVPN has contacted me to say that its client now supports IPv6 Leak Protection and DNS Leak Protection.

The website

The PrivateVPN website looks really tidy. It is presented in a lush purple color scheme that is easy on the eye and the more I used it the more it impressed me. In addition, the not overly boastful website lays out a lot of information clearly. It is also frank about encryption: disclosing details about its implementation in its features list. With some VPNs, getting this information can be like getting blood from a stone. This is not the case with PrivateVPN. The information is always a click away, which makes the company come across as trustworthy. This is a website that many VPN providers could learn from.

privatevpn website 1

A Support section of the website is packed with guides for setting up everything a user might be interested in. The different protocols and OS versions all have excellent, clearly stated, setup guides. So whether it is SSTP or OpenVPN on Android, Windows, iOS or Linux, it has got you covered.

In addition, PrivateVPN has setup guides for routers including DD-WRT, Tomato routers, and many others. Overall, I was really impressed with the setup guides and FAQ section, and this is most definitely a highly valuable resource for its subscribers.

PrivateVPN homepage

PrivateVPN also has a blog section that alerts users to any upgrades on the service (such as new servers). The Blog is split into three separate areas: VPN Client, VPN Service, and Website. Each section has a lot of useful blogs that appear to be well written. This is a valuable form of communication with its subscribers that I would strongly recommend subscribers to keep a watchful eye on for valuable information.

Finally, the website is available in English, Dutch, German and Swedish.


PrivateVPN has 24/7 support, which is handled via emails and a live chat feature on its website. I tried the live chat feature at the weekend and found it to be unavailable. However, it did prompt me to send a message which was answered in good time. I suspect therefore that while the chat feature is not 24/7, they do have support staff working around the clock.

To be absolutely certain, I tried the live chat again on Monday morning (during European working hours) and found it to be up and running. The representative was friendly and did his best to answer all my questions. In conclusion, I suspect that live chat is probably only available in European daylight hours. As such, if you live elsewhere you will have to communicate via email (which isn’t really a problem because they answer quickly).

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up is as easy as with any of the other VPNs that I have ever used. Subscribers can pay with a credit card, PayPal or Stripe. In addition, people can choose to pay with Bitcoins for added anonymity and privacy levels if they wish. Minimal details are required (an email account), and PrivateVPN does not keep any logs that connect the payment to the users IP Address.

The PrivateVPN Windows Client

PrivateVPN definitely attempts to make everything as simple possible as it can for its subscribers. The VPN software is nice and easy to use on both the versions that I tested (Windows and Android clients). In addition, PrivateVPN is packed with encryption protocol options and excellent privacy features to keep its subscribers secure.

The Windows client is straightforward and not particularly feature packed. It does, however, give users the ability to toggle lots of protocol options. DNS leak protection is now featured in the app, which is awesome.

The PrivateVPN client does have a kill switch called “Connection Guard” (which prevents internet traffic entering or leaving the PC unless the VPN is connected). In addition, the kill switch allows you to select specific software – which is a nice touch.

connection guard killswitch

Overall the client was superb and certainly as good as any other that I have ever used in terms of ease of use and functionality. It even has an auto-connect feature that will reconnect your VPN in sequence with the killswitch should the connection

Other Platforms

I don’t have a Mac, so I was unable to test this software personally. However, I did do a little research and it would appear that it is a similar client to those provided by other VPN companies. The firm provides setup guides for its Mac and iOS clients and I can only assume from my experience with the Windows and Mac clients that they are just as well designed. Certainly, I have no reason to suspect otherwise from the research that I did.

PrivateVPN offers full GUI apps for Windows, Mac OS / OSX, Android, and iOS. It also offers setup guides for getting it working on Linux with the third party OpenVPN software (command line prompt installation in the console). You will also need curl to be installed to get it working.

Detailed guides are available for every single platform, and it even has guides for setting it up on a variety of routers. This is a great plus as it helps non-techy people to be able to get the VPN working on any device. Also, due to the fact that subscribers are permitted to install the VPN on six devices, these guides are bound to come in very useful.

The Android app

The Android app can be used with Android 4.0.3 and above. It is available on the Google Play store or can be downloaded as an .apk file.

PrivateVPN Android play store

The app is a brand new addition (January 2017) to the PrivateVPN family (before users had to use third-party OpenVPN software). Just like the desktop app, the Android app is intuitively designed and works well. Also good news, I detected no DNS leaks when using the software.

PrivateVPN Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Tests were performed using a UK 50 Mbps / 3 Mbps fiber connection. All tests for this PrivateVPN review were performed using the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol on its Windows client.

Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location that I tested. For more info feel free to check out full speed test explanation. As you can see from the graphs, the results were pretty impressive with only small drops in connection speeds when compared to my averages without a VPN. Sadly, my Internet connection was averaging about 10 Mbps slower than my ISP advertises. However, most people where I live suffer from the same problem.

privatevpn download speedsprivatevpn upload tests

PrivateVPN also passed all DNS leak and WebRTC leak tests, which is great news for their subscribers. As it doesn’t have built-in DNS leak protection PrivateVPN recommends that you manually update your local DNS settings. Having said that, I tested without updating them manually and still detected no DNS leaks. Due to that fact that there is no per-app built-in protection, however, we do recommend that subscribers check for leaks regularly at ipleak.net

Using PrivateVPN I was also able to stream content from both US Netflix and BBC iPlayer. So, PrivateVPN gets a streaming gold star from me.

PrivateVPN Review Recap

I liked

  • Helpful customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Strong encryption (with Perfect Forward Secrecy)
  • HTTPS Proxy and SOCKS5
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Servers in 52 countries
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Fast connections
  • Works with US Netflix and iPlayer (at date tested)
  • Killswitch and auto-connect features
  • DNS leak protection
  • Website available in English, German, Dutch, and Swedish

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Nothing

I hated

  • Nothing

PrivateVPN Conclusion

PrivateVPN is a VPN that has been around for a number of years. In that time it has established a top-notch service. Subscribers get access to a tier 1 network of servers placed in excellent locations around the world. Speeds fared well across the servers, with only slight drops between slowest average connection speed without a VPN and highest average speeds with.

Privacy with the VPN is great, and the zero logs policy speaks for itself. Encryption is also strong, and the ability to toggle between UDP and TCP in the client is fantastic. Availability of HTTP Proxy, SOCKS5, and port forwarding, is also a huge benefit. Finally, the auto-reconnect and killswitch features are a nice addition.

With servers located in excellent locations around the world, my overall impression of PrivateVPN is that it is an excellent VPN service that is worth the money it asks (particularly if you sign up for a year). Thanks to its seven-day trial and 30-day money back guarantee, anybody can do this risk-free to make sure it works well for them.

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      Hi ava,

      You will need to ask PrivateVPN about this.

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      Yes, we do. Current working VPN locations that work with Netflix:
      USA – Buffalo
      USA – New York City 1
      USA – Los Angeles
      Canada – Toronto
      UK – London 1
      UK – London 2
      France – Paris
      Japan – Tokyo
      Denmark – Copenhagen
      Finland – Helsinki
      Germany – Frankfurt 1
      Norway – Oslo
      Sweden – Kista
      Sweden – Stockholm
      Switzerland – Zürich
      Netherlands – Amsterdam 1
      Italy – Milan
      Spain – Madrid
      Australia – Sydney
      Brazil – Sao Paulo
      Colombia – Bogotá
      Argentina – Buenos Aires
      South Korea – Seoul

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      Goggle Translate gives this as:

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    Stable connection and get around 8 Mb/s. Good price! Had one disconnect, not sure what happened. There is a feature to automatically close applications upon disconnect but I havent’t tried it. Only tested the PC client. Overall, much bang for the buck here!

  46. يقول Wim van Ek :

    I am a long time user and the product is excellent. In all those years it has proven to be a very reliable product and the the case that you have a question or problem their support is superb: very fast and always very useful answers / remarks. I highly recommend this product. For Netflix users, PrivateVPN works very well. I watch Netflix in several European countries and so far without any problems.

  47. يقول SoEazyz :

    I’ve use PrivateVPN for over 3 years and it has done what it sets out to do. Simple to use and good value for money. I would recommend it highly. The applications to access the service exist for lots of platforms and I use them on my phone and computer. The throughput is excellent. The customer service is also very good. There is usually someone to chat to live through the website.

  48. يقول A.R. :

    Excellent service. Reasonable Pricing.

    The only negative thing are a few disconnects here and there. Nothing grave though.

    Easy to recommend!

  49. يقول mirageduweb :

    Très bon service VPN, avec le support d’OpenVPN. Permet de contourner facilement les pare-feu grâce à l’utilisation de ports standard tels que le 53 (dns) et le 443 (ssl). Il est possible de se connecter plusieurs fois en même temps. Compatible pour un usage routeur.
    Vitesse de connexion au top ! Je recommande !

  50. يقول Mike :

    It’s a very reliable service and the price is right. The GUI client makes it easy to use and I like the feature that can automatically close applications when a connection is lost. For the rare glitches, support is prompt and helpful.

  51. يقول zeroun :

    PrivateVPN is simply the best!
    – always online
    – many servers all around the word
    – truly solid connection
    – extremely stable
    – and, of course, the most important for me: very reliable.
    I really like this service and quality of the support team.
    I also like the application: it’s fast, light and easy to use.
    I highly recommend PrivateVPN!

  52. يقول AnonymousVPN :

    I’ve been a customer with PrivateVPN for the few years and their customer support has been solid. The customer support team is knowledgeable and they have resolve all my previous problems.

    The GUI client works well and provides DNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, Kill Guard Switch, TCP/UDP with TUN/TAP connections. PrivateVPN does not log connections and the operates under Swedish jurisdiction. I highly recommend PrivateVPN if you want true anonymity.

  53. يقول Kalle olsson :

    I have been using privatvpn for over 3 yeras now, its the best and most reliable service out there i assume, i have tried alot of different once, but this one has deffenetly the best up-time and quality in both the serice and in custumer support. They reply very quick.

  54. يقول AnonymousVPN :

    I’ve been a customer for a few years now and I have not been disappointed with PrivateVPN. The company works under the Swedish Jurisdiction and keeps no logs. I’ve used their customer support a few times and they have solved all of my past problems.

    The GUI client is simple and easy to use. It provides DNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, UDP/TCP and TAP/TUN VPN connections. I have tested the client on the Windows environment my packets tunneled safely into the VPN.

    How is the price for this VPN compared to other VPN services? PrivateVPN is fair and has solid price for what they offer. I can tell you, if you go cheap with a USA VPN or Hong Kong VPN provider, expect your anonymity to be lost. PrivateVPN hasn’t let me down yet.

  55. يقول FingerButton :

    PrivateVPN is by far the best VPN I have ever used. I’ve been with them for over 3 years and have never had a single issue. I’ve tried other providers to which I quickly left as they are no match. The Pricing, Customer Service, and Speeds are unmatched. Very easy to install and run across every device and platform. You will be hard pressed to fined a better VPN.

  56. يقول HBO :

    Been a on/off customer for the past 2 years and found this VPN one of the most reliable that I have tried. It fits my security and geofencing needs.
    As any other VPN I tried it has from time to time issues though I have always been impressed by their customer support which is very fast.
    Can recommend.

  57. يقول Alexander White :

    A decent priced service with a good level of service, locations and speed. With the service focusing strongly on privacy too, I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to others.

  58. يقول Gshelt :

    Been using these guys for a couple years and highly rate them. Costs a little more than others but well worth it for the speed, reliability, multi protocol support and device support. Most importantly they have the best privacy policy around if you care about that sort of thing..

  59. يقول noblee :

    PrivateVPN is an excellent and reliable VPN service. I’ve been using their service for almost 5 years now and I cannot think of anything about which I can complain. Their service is quick to set-up, easy to use and has the option to connect in multiple ways to a multitude of servers around the world. As of yet, my connection speed through their servers is such that I don’t really notice: in other words, using their VPN service doesn’t impose any major speed reduction. In total, I cannot really recommend it more.

    Enklare VPN service kan du inte hitta, och fungerar gör den också.

  60. يقول Tobbe :

    I bought a year of PrivateVPN and I couldn’t be happier. Very reliable and stable service and my download speed is just a little bit reduced compared to without the VPN connection. I recommend this to everyone who wants to be anonymous on the internet.

  61. يقول valentin159 :

    Super VPN, il y stable, rapide et plein de pays pour ce logué.
    J’adore ce VPN et je pense que je changerais jamais !

  62. يقول Dave P :

    I have been using PrivateVPN for years and am a huge fan of it – especially now that they’ve developed the apps which make it a lot easier to connect. I really appreciate their approach to privacy and the fact that they offer lots of different connection points around the globe. I recommend it to friends all the time.

  63. يقول Berit :

    Great service and a lot of countries covered. This far I have had use of Sweden, USA and Finland to watch sports streaming.

  64. يقول Clare :

    Thank you for the review 🙂

    When I found out about VPNs I had no idea what was involved in downloading one and setting it up, or even which was the best service to use. PrivateVPN proved to be the cheapest and most straightforward one to use at the time and offered a free trial so I jumped on it. It’s proved reliable and easy to use on several different computers with different Windows OSs, with a stable connection, and its reasonably priced.

    I’ve been using it now for over 2 years and see no reason to change.

  65. يقول ? :

    I have been using privatevpn for more than 2 years. And at the beginning it was a bit puzzling how it would work well for me. But I would not lose it anymore. It just works better than the other I’ve tried for it. Privatevpn works best of that. Is really recommended for people who want to keep it easy and have that. and there are no log files;

  66. يقول RipCity_TID :

    Love PrivateVPN. The clients for both Mac and Windows are really nice, and make it easy to switch tunnels geographically. The speed is also great. Almost always saturates my 50mb connection. Highly recommend.

  67. يقول Rake :

    I’ve been using this service for many years and I’m very satisfied. I’ve tried multiple other services, but this has the most locations and stable connection of those that I have tried. It also works across all the platforms I need. Also a bonus with the referrals that gives you free months.

  68. يقول Tubvic :

    Très bon vpn très fonctionnel . Prix abordable, service après vente très réactif, service correct . Je recommande sans soucis

  69. يقول hreich :

    I have been using PrivateVPN for a few months, and it was my first use of VPN services. I am very pleased with speed, quality and overall user experience. I managed to set it up on my android box, my PC, mobile phone and tablet. Support is quick to answer questions that i posted.i would strongly recommend it for everybody concerned with privacy. I will probably extend my subsccription after one year.

  70. يقول patternmaster :

    I am a client of the PrivateVPN for almost 3 year and I am happy with it. Before selecting their service I read a lot of different reviews and my experience did prove it all (no logs, based in Sweden, friendly and fast client support, etc). Highly recommended for the secure web-surfing.

  71. يقول Chris McLaughlin :

    I have been using PrivateVPN continuously for several years now and am very happy with the service. I was originally looking for a VPN to route my traffic through Finland and found a couple of well-known VPN services to be unreliably slow at busy times. PrivateVPN has never been slow and has functioned completely flawlessly. Would recommend to anyone.

  72. يقول SAUD AG :

    i have it close to year now.. using it every day i love it, works very nice and it will never disconnect, and they have amazing customer service

  73. يقول NightVPN :

    I have been with PRIVATEVPN for 5 years. The speed is fast. Their software allows you to configure to kill any applications if VPN is disconnected. They hsve multiple servers worldwide. Dynamic IP and no logging for anonymity.

  74. يقول Andrew Vorster :

    I tried a bunch of VPN’s before giving PrivateVPN a go and I was totally satisfied! Netflix works, torrenting is a breeze and an added bonus is you get a bunch of simultanious connection to use where others only provide 1 or 2. Highly recommended from a happy customer!

  75. يقول Marco :

    Just great, using it for a couple of weeks now and all works fine. Way faster than other solutions I’ve used, can handle even slight gaming without major ping drops 🙂

  76. يقول footparticle :

    PrivateVPN provide an excellent, fast and encrypted VPN service. They give you a bunch of different connection types to choose from, have servers in loads of different countries and have an uptime of nearly 100%. In addition, their customer support is quick and friendly. I highly recommend their VPN service.

  77. يقول Lawrence Hon :

    Private VPN is great. It allows me to do my surfing anonymously. There are apps and interfaces to work with every phone and OS. There are also locations everywhere in the world to connect to!

  78. يقول Antti :

    I have used PrivateVPN for a few years now and I can only recommend it from what I have experienced so far. The connections are stable and the support team answers very promptly to any questions I might have. Getting Netflix to work abroad is a huge plus if you ask me.

  79. يقول Skeare :

    Absolutely love it! Fast, stable connections, many servers and locations to choose from and no logs(!). Add the great customer support to that equation and this is all you ever need in a VPN-service.

  80. يقول Soko :

    Used the service for 3years now and it have work perfectly! Easy to set up, fast and reliable servers to a good price. What more can I asked for!?
    Had few issues with the android app and setting it up on Linux mint, but with manual configuration as a work around I got it working in few minutes.
    Last two years I have lived in 3 different countries and travel a lot in my job, life without private vpn is hard to imagine…

  81. يقول Kim S. :

    Stable, cheap and fast VPN, with fast support if needed.
    Easy setup as well, and lots of VPN connections to choose from.

  82. يقول Dennis :

    I love the service and had so much use for it!
    Just that the service that i can use connections both with ports open and closed makes the choosing easier of the provider.

  83. يقول Gregoire :

    PrivateVPN is awesome! I’m using it for many years now.
    I’m using it to watch Netflix when i’m abroad and to watch international content when i’m at home.
    There are never any problems with the servers.
    On top of that, the customer support is highly responsive!

  84. يقول Johan Stenström :

    Awesome VPN service, never had a problem and keep it on 24/7.

  85. يقول Ingo Jänicke :

    I must admit, the reviewers above are right: A good speed, a helpful and easy to use software (especially the automatic starting/stopping of programs), a fast and competent customer service, you Name it!
    No wonder I´m with PrivatVPN for years and will not leave…

  86. يقول Madengo :

    Privatevpn is a great service, it works flawlessly every time. Was very easy to set up and great for tormenting and still get great speed. Have not needed to use customer service as yet as had no problems. The price is cheap also

  87. يقول Cyberlab :

    Très bon service de VPN, connexion stable, pas de filtrage de protocoles, aucune déconnexion, large choix de serveurs

  88. يقول BURDA Marcelo :


    Un servio VPN correcto, instaldo en un pais que protege sus derechos a una vida privada.
    Servidores en todo el mundo (para ver la tele) y posibilidad de usar Linux y ruters sin problema.
    ¿Que más pedir ?

  89. يقول Alessandro :

    Great service, i use PrivateVPN on many supports (iphone, mac, dd-wrt) and it’s sooo easy to use. Thanks from an Italian who can watch from outside his country 😉

  90. يقول Edwin :

    Been a customer for several years now. Have not experience any down time. Good variety of server locations!

  91. يقول marcel808 :

    I’ve used PrivateVPN for over 3 years now and have no plans to leave, they are ultra reliable, great speeds and very fast customer service.

  92. يقول DanP :

    I have been with PrivateVPN for a number of years now and can honestly say it’s a great service backed up by fast and efficient customer services too. Providing a number of global servers for multiple users across different platforms is ideal for me and especially good when connecting to cloud wifi networks or when I work abroad and need to access local content in my home country.

    Would highly recommend!

  93. يقول nouri08000 :

    2 mots au top 🙂

  94. يقول Peter Pan :

    Works with Netflix, with is the most important thing for me. I had to change the vpn server only once, because it was recognized by Netflix. The provided PrivateVPN app works well, it’s just click and connect. L2PT and IKE2 works without any issue too. Speed could be better, but it was good enough for HD streaming. So far, so good, PrivateVPN is worth a try.

  95. يقول John :

    I’ve been a user for a couple of months. Fantastic service and great speeds allround! I get full speed on my 250 Mbit connection. Very rarely fails connection, and when those rare instances occur the “Connection Guard” system automatically shuts down processes to my liking (Torrent shuts down automatically etc.). I have tried other VPN services, and this is the first one that I haven’t had any problems with. Highly recommended!

  96. يقول johan ekelof :

    Best Vpn service i’ve used so far. Easy to set up as well as really good speed!

  97. يقول Bernie :

    Privatevpn is one of the best VPN I have tested. First of all the service support is excellent. It is very fast and the people who help you are involved in your problem. I use Privatevpn on a Mac, PC, NAS and it works properly. The servers do not cause too much slowness. This is a VPN nolog. It is a guarantee of security. Of course, respecting the law of his country. I recommend Privatevpn also for the reliability of the connections. On a NAS it is very appreciable.

    1. يقول m33 :

      100% the best VPN out there.
      PrivateVPN no logs no spying and lets you download torrents
      and good value for Ur money
      I trust PrivateVPN 100%

  98. يقول StoneLibertyBob :

    Very much worth it! It’s easy to set up on most devices – from Android and IOS to Windows and even a very old Mac OSX – and it works like a charm. Great way to be “at home” when you’re traveling and “abroad” when you’re in your own country.
    Not to mention the privacy issue!!
    Highly recommended ;o)

  99. يقول wafna :

    I have been using it for years and never found anything wrong with it. Works exactly as it should.

  100. يقول WAALD :

    Useful when you are travelling abroad and you still want to watch some program from your homeland.

    If you have a high speed connection (fiber), you will still have enough bandwith to stream in good quality.

    Main problem:
    Depending on the server, you cannot always use the same protocol (openVPN, L2TP etc ). So you need to test.

  101. يقول Christian Fairgrieve :

    The best VPN service I have used!. Secure, fast and reliable. I’ve now been a user for a number of years. I love the number of server locations. Perfect for Netflix, Hulu & BBC iPlayer. Highly recommended.

  102. يقول SerDIDG :

    I have been looking for a temporary solution and find this service. Low and flexible pricing, good quality of service, easy setup guide on official site, great support with fast and competent responses.

  103. يقول Ferranciv :

    For a long time I searched for a quality VPN service. After comparing several, I chose PrivateVPN. It’s been three years and I have not had any complaints. Speed and customer service are always there and it works perfectly under macOS. I highly recommend it.

  104. يقول Andy Haigh :
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated

    I had to get the right equipment to make it work. However, the team were good and helpful. I would recommend them.

  105. يقول baumi :

    one of the best providers of this service
    the performance is incredible because they pick only the top providers for the servers
    the software is so very lightweight and easy to install
    probably the best feature on this provider is the dynamic IP feature which helps very much on streaming

  106. يقول Sundeep masute :

    Amazing, great customer service and communication, straight forward no problems!

  107. يقول dsl :

    I have used for few years already PrivateVPN. I needed multiple IPs across EU whether to stream TV channels from various countries or use p2p in “peace/anonymously”. It functions very well with each of my machines, laptop, desktop, macbook and recently on my android phone. I had to contact the support few times, each time they replied rapidly and issues were solved. I recommended it to my friends and would still if I had to.

  108. يقول Jorge :

    Absolutely outstanding VPN service. The service provided by PrivateVPN is very reliable and they offer a lot of nodes in different countries to connect to. They also provide different VPN protocols that works in any operating system. In addition, they don’t keep any navigation logs, so they provide secure and safe browsing. I’d strongly recommend them to anyone.

  109. يقول Sundalf :

    I tested a lot of VPN provider but no one has a similar perfect support as PrivateVPN. After contacting their support team I always got the answer which solved my problems

  110. يقول Machie_22 :

    Been using PrivateVPN now for a few years, mainly over a 4G connection. Nothing to complain about! Easy to use client, fast speeds and fast response time from the support the few times I have needed it. Would totally recommend others to try it out!

  111. يقول Alan :

    EASY and Cheap!! Anybody who is looking for a VPN should certainly check these guys out! I tried serveral other services and landed here, and I am happy! Great choices of locations, speed seems to not be effected, and I am a gamer, so thats important to me.

  112. يقول H_N :

    I have been a user of PrivateVPN for few years now. Yes, I tried some other VPN before but decided to stay with PrivateVPN for some reasons.
    First of all – it is fast for the most of the time. Of course there are some speed drops from time to time but it is nothing to worry about.
    Second – connection guard switching off all defined programs when sudden disconnections happen.
    Third – a lot of servers and connection protocols to choose which might be useful sometimes.
    But what is the most important for me it is quick, kind, helpful and professional support doing everything to help if any issues arise.
    So if you need secure, fast, reliable VPN with great customer support – go for PrivateVPN, you won’t be disappointed.

  113. يقول Hans :

    PrivateVPN is the best VPN subscibtion I have used. Easy to use and a great choice of servers to choise from around the globe. Great connections and good support when needed!

  114. يقول Snapper :

    Great VPN service, secure and reliable. I’ve been a user for a number of years. Love the number of server locations. Perfect for Netflix and BBC player.

  115. يقول Erik J :

    I am not a heavy VPN user, but PrivateVPN has worked every time, on all of my devices. Custom software for easy setup, good support guides, and my only experience with their support (change of email address) was relatively quickly sorted out.

    Perhaps a bit on the pricier side but well worth it.

  116. يقول Jens M. Wiig :

    I have been using the PrivateVPN program for several years, in many countries and on many computers, and I have very seldom had any problems. In these rare cases, the problems have been resolved instantly with the 24/4 support team.
    This is a stable program which I can highly recommend.

  117. يقول Chris Norton :

    PrivateVPN is my favorite VPN out of all the ones I’ve tried over the years. It has servers all around the world which are fast and extremely stable (not a single disconnection for multiple days at a time). If you’re looking for a VPN service for torrenting this is the best one you can get. It also has a connection guard you can enable so that it automatically terminates/shuts down your torrent client if the connection happens to disconnect (which is extremely rare). The software is also really quick to load and quick to establish a connection. Highly recommended.

  118. يقول Sebastiaan :

    I have been using PrivateVPN for a while know and I would definitely recommend to everyone. It’s the fastest and most reliable provider I have ever experienced. The server is always running. The great choices of IP services is great and in my opionion these facts make it a very wise choise to go with PrivateVPN. The app on phone is also working very good 🙂

  119. يقول Martin Smith :

    I have been using PrivateVPN for about 5 years and have seen them improve steadily, with more connection options and a better user interface experience along the way. The support, when I have needed it, has been quick and excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PrivateVPN for individual users who do not want to learn exotic configurations and just want to get connected. I have used them successfully on Android, iOS, and multiple windows versions. Highly recommended.

  120. يقول Fireguard :

    I’ve been using PrivateVPN for over five years now and it’s still fast and solid service.

    They have a nice list of servers to choose from and rarely disconnects my connection. I’ve also tried several other VPN services but never found them as fast as PrivateVPN so I have always returned to their services.

    Client is also easy to use with useful settings (connection guard and IPv6 leak being one of them). I have also tried the client on Android phone which seems to work well also.

    They have also several payment options to choose from including Paypal and Bitcoins.

    All in all I can recommend PrivateVPN if you need fast and steady connection for your VPN needs.

  121. يقول marc s :

    Been using for around 6months Never an issue and never any slow downs. Couple rare times couldn’t connect but auto fixes itself. Odd time service needed to restart but never a big issue. Gold ? Customer service also quite quick

  122. يقول daplunz :

    Easy install on Linux but no GUI so no features (open/close program on connect/disconnect). Decently reliable (any connection problems have been on my end). Support calls have been helpful. Price is competitive so I would definitely recommend this service and I’m happy to continue using the service for the foreseeable future.

  123. يقول Jamy :

    I’m happy with this Private VPN service. It’s fast and easy to use.
    I have a 500 mbps up/down glassfiber connection and it doesn’t seem to slow down after connecting. So I’m very happy.

  124. يقول John Taylor :

    I have been with Privat for a few years, I enjoy the anonymity and I really enjoy that big G is not spying on my team and I while we work on busting their algorithm. very good service and reliable. Thanks Privat

  125. يقول baum :

    I have to say I am very impressed with the performance of this VPN service provider.
    The biggest advantage this provider has is obviously the dynamic public IP service.
    This software is lightweight is loading fast and is very fast in connecting.

  126. يقول Bill Roberts :

    These guys are top notch. Kevin went out of his way to help me get a newer version of DD-WRT setup on my router so the service would work. I had been looking for a Netflix work around for a long time. This is it!

  127. يقول Noel L :

    Amazing customer service, great speed, and it just works. I’ve tried many different VPN providers, but none were ever as easy and straight forward as PrivateVPN. I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a decent VPN service with die hard reliability.

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