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Astrill offer a comprehensive selection of VPN options, ranging from personal VPN services, on which we concentrate in this review, to dedicated VPN routers and business VPN solutions.

Astrill clearly take their service seriously. Everything here oozes quality, and there’s functionality available that we’ve seen from no other provider. Support and documentation is great too, so this service could suit novices and enthusiasts alike. Performance is stellar too, so there’s plenty to recommend about Astrill VPN.

It’s rare to find a service that could be equally appealing to technophobes and techies, but Astrill VPN have managed to find a perfect balance between functionality and usability. That said, novices with basic requirements may be distracted by features they don’t personally need.

For all other users, Astrill VPN should be on the shortlist. Performance is great, and the generous seven-day trial means anyone can give it a go with no risk. Highly recommended.


Packages & Pricing

Although Astrill also offer VPN routers and business packages, here we concentrate on their personal VPN services.

All of the packages on offer provide unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.


As with most VPN services, a range of commitment periods is on offer, with the monthly price getting cheaper based on how long you sign up for.


Astrill does differ from most of its competitors in a couple of key ways: First, there are a number of add-on options that can add to the cost, including the “home plan,” VPN sharing, and router capabilities.

Secondly, it’s notable that the minimum commitment period is three months. This is often one month with other providers. However, there is a seven-day free trial available, though you are not told of this until you reach the sign-up stage.

A full year’s subscription at $69.95 is pretty good value, certainly in the average range for services of this nature. However, the add-on costs could be a factor depending on exactly what you need.

We checked with the support department regarding a guarantee, but no money-back deal is available.

Worthy of a particular mention at this point is that Astrill permit their VPN service to be used for P2P and Bittorrent use, which many providers disallow.


Customer Service

Astrill offer a live chat option across all the pages of their website, which is always a reassuring sign.

Live Chat

We asked a couple of questions to test out the support department and received good answers and an instant response.

Chat support

Further exploration of the Astrill website revealed a plethora of additional support options:

Customer support

As well as the live chat support, there are support telephone numbers, a support email address and a Skype account. Skype and telephone support options are rare indeed, so we were very impressed with the support options available. There was also a contact form on the “Contact Us” page and the promise of “remote assistance.”

Security and Privacy

Astrill provide very thorough information on their service, so it was easy for us to ascertain technical details about how the service works.

First off, Astrill offers one of the widest selections of VPN protocols we have ever seen from a single provider:

Multiple VPN

As well as the usual selection of OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, Astrill offer OpenWeb, SSTP and Cisco IPSec.

Encryption is up to 256-bit SSL.


We spoke to the support department to clarify the situation on how subscriber’s use of the service is logged:


Astrill confirmed that they do not maintain any logs – welcome news to those with privacy concerns.

The process


We decided to sign up to the free seven-day trial to test out the service.

First, we clicked one of the “sign up now” buttons on the “Pricing” page.

Sign up now

We were then taken to another screen where we could choose a commitment package, including the seven-day trial option:


After selecting the free trial, we had to fill out a fairly detailed registration form, which required both address and mobile phone details (more on that later).

Reg form

We were then told that a verification code would be sent to the phone number we provided.


The code arrived instantly on our mobile phone. We entered it into the relevant field, and then were finally requested to accept the provider’s terms of service:


We then received an email containing our trial logon and password, and were automatically logged into the client Astrill client area. We were impressed that we were able to activate our trial without providing payment details up front, something many providers insist on.

We did, however, note that Astrill offer a significant range of payment methods, as shown below:

Pay methods

Installation and Configuration

With our sign-up for the trial complete, we proceeded to our testing, using a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Our welcome email led us to a download page, which detected we were using a Mac.


We proceeded to download the file, a standard Mac (.dmg) installer. Opening the file prompted us to CTRL and click to continue with the installation.


We then ran through the steps of a standard Mac installation process:


The installation was quick and easy, and afterwards an Astrill icon appeared in our “Applications” folder. When we ran the file, we saw a message about the installation of a Firefox addon.

Firefox addon

Having cleared this message by pressing “OK” we were presented with the VPN client window which requested our email and password. At this point, the program also triggered our Chrome browser to open a link to a tutorial video.


We really like little touches like this – it shows that serious thought has gone into ease-of-use and customer experience. This video itself, at nearly five minutes long, was well produced and informative, although it did concentrate specifically on the Windows version of the Astrill software.

Next, we entered our username and password into the client software:

Astrill Client

We found that we were instantly connected to Astrill’s Los Angeles server via the OpenWeb protocol, and an IP address lookup revealed an we now had a US IP address.

LA Openweb

Next, we spent a short while investigating the settings available to us. It’s fair to say that Astrill’s VPN client is as richly featured as any we’ve seen. The country menu provided a vast list of servers from which to choose:


In addition, the “Settings” menu led to many advanced submenus and extra functionality such as ad-blocking and media recording.

We kept to the main options to keep things simple. We decided to change to protocol to OpenVPN and try connecting to a server in the UK.

The connection process took almost a minute to complete, but once we were connected, we were able to confirm our UK-based IP address and perform a speed test.

Connect Process

We continued to experiment with switching countries, and between OpenWeb and OpenVPN. We had no problem with any connections and only our initial connection to the UK took as long as a minute. The only slight hitch we experienced was the occasional need to restart our browser between connections, but this cannot be blamed on the software.

During our time with Astrill’s custom software, we noticed that there was no option to switch to older protocols, such as PPTP and L2TP. We had a look at the knowledge base and found instructions to configure these manually via the Mac’s built in client. We didn’t do this for the purposes of the review, but did note that the instructions were of good quality and contained good screenshots.


The ever-present offer of chat support while we were on the Astrill website was reassuring too.

Connection Speeds and reliability

We performed various performance tests while our Mac was connected to a selection of Astrill VPN’s servers. First, however, we performed a test whilst disconnected in order to obtain a benchmark download speed for our connection:


This performance result, a download speed just below 7Mbps, was exactly as expected.

Next, we connected to our geographically-closest server, one in France, via OpenVPN, and performed a second speed test:

France OVPN

This was a superb performance, with the download speed barely affected by our VPN connection.

Then, we connected to Astrill’s UK server and performed another test, again using the OpenVPN protocol:


This result was almost as good and still extremely impressive.

Finally, we decided to connect to the USA, choosing a server in New York. This time, we switched to using the OpenWeb protocol:

Openweb NY

As you can see, this was an amazing result, actually reporting a download speed 0.01Mbps faster that our benchmark. While this is likely due to purely environmental factors, it effectively proves that Astrill’s OpenWeb connections have little (if any) detrimental effect on download speeds. OpenWeb works similar to a proxy connection, so is best for Web browsing and streaming media (as opposed to file sharing and other activities). However, the VPN client’s simple ability to switch between OpenWeb and OpenVPN is a great feature.

Overall, we were extremely impressed by this set of performance figures.


Astrill VPN’s compatibility list is very substantial, and there are good quality setup guides available for all the main operating systems, mobile platforms, routers and set-top boxes.


Worthy of a special mention is the fact that Astrill have taken the time to develop a custom VPN client for Linux, as well as Windows and Mac OS X, something that’s very unusual to see.

We decided to test out the mobile capabilities of Astrill’s VPN solution using an iPhone.

Astrill VPN on iPhone

Astrill offer several options for configuring their VPN service on the iPhone. As well as instructions for manually configuring either PPTP, L2TP or Cisco IPSec, you have the option of connecting to the Astrill website via the iPhone’s browser, and downloading configuration profiles.

iOS Options

As our earlier Mac testing had focussed on OpenVPN and OpenWeb, we decided to manually configure an L2TP connection to test out performance via a different protocol.

As with all of Astrill’s setup guides, the L2TP guide for iOS was detailed and thorough, with good screenshots for beginners.

Setup guide

We followed the instructions, which basically required us to connect a new L2TP connection via the iPhone’s “Settings” menus. We decided to create a connection to the server in the UK.

As we had already tested our speed via WiFi, we decided to test the speed of our L2TP connection via 3G. We deactivated our iPhone’s WiFi and ran a speedtest whilst disconnected from the VPN to obtain a benchmark:


Then, we connected to Astrill’s UK server via L2TP and performed a second test:


As you can see from the screenshots, we did experience a performance drop of around 2Mbps, which is rather average. It’s a shame that the L2TP performance didn’t match that of OpenVPN and  OpenWeb, however, L2TP is an older technology, which explains some of the difference.

Customer Area

Astrill VPN’s members’ area is comprehensive in nature and up to the high standard of the rest of the service:

Customer area

Here you can access detailed configuration guides, server lists and certificates, There is also an invoicing section and the functionality to change your stored personal details.


We liked

  • Very professional, and very comprehensive service
  • Superb performance results on our test Mac
  • Great documentation
  • Superb range of support options
  • Generous, unrestricted free trial
  • Custom client for Linux
  • Wide compatibility

We weren’t so sure about

  • Add-on costs for extra features
  • L2TP performance lacking compared to OpenVPN / OpenWeb
  • Wealth of features may overwhelm novices

We hated

  • Nothing

Astrill VPN is a true high-quality service, and it’s clear that plenty of work has gone into every aspect of it, from the documentation to the client software. The latter boasts all manner of “finishing touches” such as “daily tips” each time you start the program, that only serve to add to the quality feel.

All this is complemented by the superb performance we experienced during our Mac tests, leaving us with no doubt about giving this solution a strong recommendation.

We have only a couple of small caveats: The solution is packed with features and, as such, novices with only very basic requirements may prefer to choose another quality provider with fewer distracting bells and whistles. Also, mobile L2TP performance was OK, but not great, so those wanting a solution for primarily mobile use may also find a better option elsewhere. For everyone else, however, Astrill VPN is well worth serious consideration.

Pete Zaborszky

Pete runs Best VPN and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter

66 responses to “Astrill VPN Review

  1. Really bad/ the worst for use in China.

    Been paying for it since march (half year contract after they assured me that it would work after some downtime during my last contract with Astrill), and still not able to use it.

  2. Used to be ok. Since the start of the year (2016) works horribly in China. Customer service refuses to refund remaining time on subscription, even though they know very well service is mostly unusable in China. Worst customer service of all VPN’s I have experienced. Hides behind policy, even though they can no longer provide a stable service. Don’t even bother, much better alternatives in the market.

    I got Astrill for China but once I get there NOTHING works. None of the servers were connecting so, after talking to support, It was suggested I get the stealth add-on and pay more for StealthVPN. I buy Stealth and it STILL doesn’t work… I contact support and all they tell me is China is cracking down… sorry… so I asked for a refund, full or partial… I’m a pretty easy going guy and I asked within the first 7 days so I thought I’d get at least a partial refund… basically the response I got was too bad, so sad…. SO I tried out EXPRESS VPN and it worked PERFECT in China. If you’re going to China, don’t go Astrill….

    Can’t watch Netflix in China, it says that I’m connected using a VPN, I can see all the selection of movies but can’t play.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Netflix has announced a crackdown on VPN use to access its services. We are currently assessing the seriousness of the situation.

    I have used many VPN’s but i was not satisfied. I am using Astrill VPN since 2012 and i’ll say that it is the Best VPN Software at very reasonable price. if you are looking for VPN, i’ll suggest you to try Astrill VPN.

    Got scammed of a year subsciption.. Support refuse to answer us we alway get the same :

    “We apologize for the inconvenience. Your request has been forwarded to our account specialist. They will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and co-operation”

    With a company based in the Seychelles and terms of service that state that they can just close your account for any reason any time dont trust them with your money!

    I work in China. I used to use Expressvpn but it was unstable. Took ages to connect..literally.

    Astrill is operating on a far higher level. It has stealth mode that I use when I’m downloading torrents. It’s fully encrypted.

    Sometimes, it has difficulties logging in. It has a port problem. So I turn my wifi connection off and then on, then try. After a few goes it works.

    This is really an advanced vpn. So read all the ‘tips’ because they’re really useful. The download speeds are excellent.

    Hi iBeware,

    Thanks for that link. We will investigate further and update this article if needed.

    Beware! Astrill logs and monitor everything user do (IP address, visited url, page, script run, chat etc). They actively analyse the user activities by processing the collected data; then thrown into a journal system and kept for minimum 3 months. Read this post by a former Astrill employee at Reddit:


    after reading the review and my recent disappointment after Strong VPN , I decided to try Astrill .
    Well, I am very satisfied for now , many possible setting without being complicated, easy to use.
    Program dedicate on each platform .
    Correct price if no additional options.
    Hulu works fine on US servers but less well on the European dedicating which nevertheless has the “ping” the fastest, strange?
    In summary, I ‘m glad I may have found a good VPN.

    We apologize to hear that our service didn’t work fine for you. Our aim is to provide you with alternative solutions just in case a specific solution does not work fine for you.

    You are requested to please elaborate the issue by sending us an email at and let our technical team of level 2 deal with your issue if you are not satisfied with level 1 online support. Regarding calls, we truly are sorry if due to certain issues your call was not received as our level 1 department is available 24/7 via call too.

    We hope that you will let us know the details of the issue so that you can get the proper service from Astrill VPN which you deserve.

    Astrill is a great VPN service.

    My experience with them has been contrary to others.

    Their price is kind of high, but they offer more than most. They offer stealth vpn, openweb, openvpn, ikev2, sstp, pptp, l2tp. They also offer apps for mobile devices.

    Their client is feature rich, has a speed test, speed optimizer, cacher, dns manager etc.

    Their service is really reliable, been connected to vpn for 48 hours so far, no stop and great speeds.

    They can max my 350mbps connection, which is amazing, they are the first out of many providers to do so.

    Their customer service is great, replies within a few hours, and have helped to solve problem.

    Been a customer for about a month, and haven’t looked back. If a good vpn service is needed, I recommend you check out astrill and their 7-day free trial.

    Crap. Does not work correctly in Brazil. When connecting, the speed reduces drastically and many sites do not open. Abir already dozens of calls and nothing. Worst of all, do not return the money !!! . Not recommend to anyone

    1. We are sorry that you are facing issues while connecting to Brazil server.There could be many issues if a specific server is not working fine for you.You are requested to please contact our Live chat support or send an email at so that our team can check your account and you will certainly get assistance regarding this issue.We are here 24/7 to assist you so please provide us with the details of issue so that we may fix the issue for you and you can enjoy Astrill VPN services.

    I’ve been using Astrill in China for the past two years, I’ve tried other local VPN services and this one has far more features. I’m always able to find a server that can connect that’s fast enough. More importantly customer service has live chat and when they can’t help with the more technical problems IT will remote desktop to work out any issues, if you’re in China this VPN service is a must.

    Great Service, really fast speed and good support! All in all super satisfied with Astrill! Been using Private Internet Access VPN Service, PureVPN and other VPN providers. Astrill is by far the best! BEST VPN that I tested.

    Asrill have the worst customer support, lies and cheating, i was asking them for a discount on 12 month subscription and they told me, „i get 15% if i make a positive review on FB/Twitter“, after i done this, they askes me to do one more review , after i doesn´t this, they tell me, i only get discount of 10 % if i do it on my wall pubilc and positiv to all my friends, on facebook, so i should lies to all my firends after the cheated me 2 times ??

    1. Astrill Email from 8.06.


We apologize for the inconvenience. As you are our valuable customer we are offering you 15% discount. Please do us a little favour, write a small review on twitter/Facebook( Max 140 chars) and send a screen shot of your post. 

Contact us back if you need further assistance.

    We DID is, got nothing!!!

    2. Asrtill E-Mail from 8.06


We’ve extended your account for one day. You can post a review by using astrill and please don’t forget to send a screenshot in .png or .jpg formats 

Contact us back if you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Astrill VPN Support

    I open astrill did the review, so now 2 reviews done, als as per your advice, and now u ask me to lies to all my friends about great customer support at astrill after taht experience?

    3. Asrtill Email

You need to post the review on your twitter/Facebook wall (about “140 characters”). Not on Astrill feedback page.

Contact us back if you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Astrill VPN Support

    So guys, that cheating. Nothing else, and all Reviews, are not done from happy customers at all looks like Astrill need to press customeres for good feedbacks.
    You adviced me 3 times to di review,s first for 15 later for 10 % and i git nothing at all
    Beware all and get a good service, a product itself is worth nothing if customer service is a mess!

    1. We apologize if there was any misunderstanding and inconvenience.
      Please note that we offer 10% discount coupon code for all our existing customers who purchase Astrill membership from Astrill website.

      As per our discount offer “We can offer you 10% discount but before that we would like to ask you for a favor. Please write a small review (about 140 characters) about Astrill VPN service on Twitter or Facebook and post it on your wall. You need to have at least 20 friends or 20 people following you on Twitter or Facebook to apply for this discount. Once you have posted it Please contact us back with the link or screenshot and we will immediately give you 10% discount coupon code.”
      *Please note that if you want to buy 2 year plan, you can not apply any discount of that package as it is already discounted.
      We keep offering various discounts from time to time.You can visit our Twitter page for checking on discounts from this link :

    I’ve used this service for a few years while working in China, and it has declined terribly over the years. Slow, frequently going down, hard to find a server to connect to (sometimes I’ll spend half an hour trying to connect – no it’s not my internet connection), getting disconnected with bizarre error messages saying I’m logged into multiple computers (I’m not), offering service to China and then charging you more on top of what you paid and thought you were getting. Service staff are rude when you try to communicate with them. When my account expires, I’ll be switching to some other company. Can’t be worse than Astrill.

    1. We are sorry to hear that your experience with Astrill VPN is not as good as expected. We offer speed test tool on desktop device Astrill application which you can use to find the server with great speed.

      These error messages may occur due to various reasons and you can contact our support team via call, email or live chat so that they can fix this issue for you. You can try different ports as a specific port may throttle sometimes so changing port helps as well or please contact us so that we may check your account and assist you accordingly.
      We are here 24/7 to assist you with all your Astrill related queried so that you can get the best expected service which you truly deserve.

    Astrill VPN deceives and extorts their customers!
    After finding out that their service doesn’t work for you, they send the following email:

    Please note that our service is provided as-is and as-available and there is absolutely no guarantee it will work for you (Please re-read our Terms of Service which you have accepted during signup). We can’t offer any guarantee because a precondition to use our service is a fully working Internet connection. If your Internet connection doesn’t work properly (for example VPN protocols are blocked for your Internet Account), you should not hold Astrill responsible, but your ISP. We give our best effort to provide the service in countries with high censorship like China. However, your ISP works even harder and with unlimited resources to block VPN protocols. If you were not able to connect to our OpenVPN service, we always provide several alternatives. For example, you could have used OpenWeb. Thus Astrill service was always accessible to you and never restricted by us, but by your ISP.

    Also take note that all sales are final.
    Best regards,
    Astrill Support

    Astrill is a a bunch of scammers….

    1. Astrill VPN aims to provide restricted free VPN service even in countries with high censorship like China. We would like to apologize to hear that it is not working fine for you as we have many customers in China, enjoying our service without any issues.

      If you are facing issues, ISP can be one the reason too hence we humbly request you to contact our technical team via email or live chat instantly so that they can check the reason behind these issues.
      We are available 24/7 to assist you in all manners regarding Astrill VPN services via call, email and chat as well.


    I also am puzzled by the negative reviews. I have always had great success with this vpn. I use it all the time to access bbc in the uk and netflix offerings in other countries and it aways works. Occasionally the server i choose to connect to is slow but it is generally very easy to find a fast one. and later that server is fast again so probably just load issues. I had only one problem with the application and was getting an error about 8 months into my service. I told them the error and they responded within an hour that the version i was using was outdated. Downloaded the new one and it still wont work they insisted that it was installed incorrectly and when i redownloaded and reinstalled it worked. They were exactly correct on the troubleshooting despite the extremely sparse information i provided.

    I would 100% recommend this to anyone. It is sooo easy to use its rediculous and it supports almost everything you could think of.

    And the slightly higher cost is totally worth it.

    Astrill’s web site is down and there is no way to contact them. I have six month service contract with them. A visitor to the website will be greeted by this

    Our web site is temporarily down due to a technical problem.
    We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your patience !

    Thank you Astrill for closing your services without informing your long term customers.

      1. We apologize if the service was temporarily unavailable due to technical issues.We try our level best to inform and update our customers via our Facebook and Twitter page as informing all clients via email is not possible in such cases,
        It was for short period of time and now Astrill VPN works fine now even in countries with high censorship like China.We also have Astrill website which you can access even in China. For details contact our live chat support or technical department via email please.

    1. We are sorry if the service was temporarily unavailable due to technical issues.We try our level best to inform and update our customers via our Facebook and Twitter page as informing all clients via email is not possible in such cases,
      It was for short period of time and now Astrill VPN works fine now even in countries with high censorship like China.We also have Astrill website which you can access even in China. For details contact our live chat support or technical department via email please.

    I’ve been using this service for a few years now.
    A great service, very positive and reliable.
    Customer service great!

    Astrill is awesome ! using it on all devices cheap in cost. recommended for others.
    Astrill support is very knowledgeable and polite. Keep it up thumbs up for you guys.

    I’m puzzled by the extremely negative reviews of this service. I’m using this as a business with more than a few licenses and we’re in China so our business depends on it for access to some western internet services etc. I run regular tests to maintain visibility on which are the fastest servers and find that I can always get a number of servers that have good speed.

    My experience has been very positive. Reliable and fast VPN access along with great customer service. I would definitely recommend this to others.

    I really like this VPN, it’s simple to use and speed is really good. I use VPN mainly for video streaming, never had a problem with buffering with Astrill. I tried in the past a few other VPNs, some of them were even more expensive, and they all fall short in both terms of speed and reliability. Either they disconnect often or video is unwatchable due to frequent buffering. With Astrill I can’t remember even a single occasion where it would not connect. VPN connection is stable and can be connected for many days without disconnect. Astrill works great on my router, Mac and iPad. I really like their iPad application which supports “Always On” mode. A problem with iOS devices is that they disconnect internet and VPN when screen turns off. With Astrill, my iPad reconnects automatically to VPN whenever I use it.

    I had a problem to setup Astrill on my router, they didn’t support my Asus router as it was a new model with new CPU architecture. I contacted support and their developers added support for my router in just a few hours. Really great customers service.

    I highly recommend this VPN but don’t just take my words. They offer 7 days free trial. Just try them and see yourself. I think you won’t be disappointed.

    They are very good VPN. I found they are one of the only ones with a CHINESE SERVER.
    All others that I have tried like don’t. The closest they have is Hong Kong which sucks.
    I use this so I can watch stuff like PPSTV which only allows Chinese IP address.
    Speeds are also damn fast compared to others.

    Looks like a good service until you see the catches, most notably the extra $5 a month that you are required to pay if you want to use more than one device at the same time. Price gets out of hand once you add this option.

    For example if you have a spouse that wants to use it on their laptop and hop over to another countries netflix while you are utilizing it, you are going to want a service that allows you to use more than one device at a time without forking out double the price.

    This extra charge is a deal killer. I will be going elsewhere.

    1. Please note that with basic membership purchased from Astrill website, you can connect to 1 desktop device Astrill application and 1 mobile device Astrill application at same time.
      If you want to connect to any 2 devices lie 2 mobile devices, 2 desktop devices or 1 Router+1 other device at same time, we offer Proaddon which includes StealthVPN protocol and Routerpro protocol.This addon costs 5USD per month,
      If you want to connect to any 5 devices at same time, you can buy Home plan addon which will allow you to do so, It also costs 5USD per month on top of basic membership.
      If you do not want to pay extra, you can set up Astrill on your router (if that is supported) or buy Astrill VPN router for only 50USD and then all devices connected to router will be able to access Astrill VPN directly.
      We provide multiple options for multiple devices connectivity so that you can select any option that suits you the best.

    I registered several times, 3 months then 6 months then finally for 12 months.
    1 week after I signed up for the 12 months. I get a message that I can not get access???
    so I send support an email.
    They reply asking what SPAMMING Tool am I using????????
    Then they stopped answering emails.
    I then contacted them via the online chat service.
    The reply was that there are not allowed to deal with CLOSED ACCOUNTS??


    1. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

      Our system automatically detects if any spamming tool is being used on your account and suspends the account for the time being.
      We request you to please send an email at and you will be informed regarding the valid reason behind suspension and further steps needed to be done in order to proceed.
      Please contact us so that we may check and fix the issue for you.

    Astrill’s a terrible service… a real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    It used to be the premiere VPN, and I was on it from maybe early 2011 through the end of 2013, but it’s just seen a real degradation in both VPN uptime and in service levels.

    The last straw for my family was when I installed it on an old computer to let my young daughter watch some alphabet songs on YouTube (we’re in China, where half the Internet is blocked), and we immediately received a notice that our Astrill account was banned… we paid extra for a family plan that let us use Astrill across 5 devices.

    What happened? Did Astrill think we’d installed it on more than 5 devices? I was pretty sure we hadn’t. Had our membership simply expired? I thought we had at least a few more months on it.

    I spent the next hour trying to find out – live chat support dropped me every time wait time had made it down to “1 minute” from 10 and I was the next person in the queue; the Astrill US phone number just rang and rang, with no answer. Finally, I heard back from a representative to the message I sent via the contact form; he claimed we’d violated the terms of service by “spamming the Internet”.

    I had no idea what this meant. Was YouTube no longer allowed on Astrill? Had our family plan expired and we weren’t allowed to use Astrill on multiple devices? Why didn’t it just log us out, instead of outright ban us?

    No answers were forthcoming. Astrill wouldn’t ban to explain what it meant by “spamming”, and it wouldn’t go into details. Was there some software on the old computer it didn’t like, and that’s what triggered this? If so, couldn’t Astrill just tell it what this was and have us remove it?

    But it couldn’t… or wouldn’t.

    Wouldn’t reinstate our plan.

    Wouldn’t offer us a refund for months we wouldn’t be able to use.

    The loss of money isn’t even the worst deal – we lost, what, $25 or so? Negligible. It’s probably too late for a chargeback at this point (though we’ll be investigating that regardless, purely as a punitive measure for terrible customer service). The worst part was being left high and dry by a service we’d put our faith in for our connectivity to the outside world, without much of an explanation and with, for all I can tell, an active effort to avoid confronting us and dealing with us plainly.

    While I used to send lots of friends to Astrill, I’ve been suggesting friends look elsewhere for a while now. Looks like it’s time to follow my own advice and find a superior alternative – with better connectivity AND better service.

    1. We are sorry about that as our system automatically detects any unusual activities from your account and suspends the account for the time being.
      We request you to please send an email at and you will be informed regarding the valid reason behind suspension and further steps needed to be done in order to proceed.
      Please contact us so that we may check and fix the issue for you.

    Adtrill is not at all a reliable company to deal with. I purchased a year plan and i am frequently disconnected from home and office. I contacted customer service several times for this ongoing issue with no response. Finally after 3 weeks, and an email threatening legal action (i am a trail attorney), I get a response claiming it is the ISPs fault and to check with them. I am on FIOS 300/150mbps service which is never down, and i test it all the time. i wrote again but this time provided both bandwidth speedtests and traceroute proving connection issues to their servers and still, their response comes a week later with the same generic message claiming my ISP is at fault. American Express is reimbursing my money and legally pursuing Astrill due to similar complaints.

    1. We would like to apologize if you did not get the service properly. If you want immediate response, you can contact our live chat support which is available 24/7 to assist you instantly with all your Astrill related concerns.
      Sometimes the issue is with ISP also but certain other factors are involved too.
      We hope that you will contact our live chat to get assistance immediately so that you can enjoy Astrill VPN without any issues.

    Tinpot company, they take your money and don’t provide the service… As for support on the website, its a front, The online chat i useless, nobody picks up the phone, neither Facebook or twitter is used as support…


    1. We apologize to hear that our service didn’t work fine for you. Our aim is to provide you with alternative solutions just in case a specific solution does not work fine for you.

      You are requested to please elaborate the issue by sending us an email at and let our technical team of level 2 deal with your issue if you are not satisfied with level 1 online support. Regarding calls, we truly are sorry if due to certain issues your call was not received as our level 1 department is available 24/7 via call too.

      We hope that you will let us know the details of the issue so that you can get the proper service from Astrill VPN which you deserve. might not work on astrill but they have their own IP checker and their homepage and in all cases works

    as for the details i just got a £1 payg sim from a shop and used it to get the code, name and address are fake so no problems there.

    I get full speed and I am on 200mbps and no problems here in the UK

    I have been using Astrill for over a year now. Technically they seem quite good, but they manage to generate unnecessary problems. Recently I’ve come up against a real deal-breaker.

    The problem is that, when accessing the Internet from my workplace I am constantly disconnected for ‘using more than one device’. Since I am only using one device, this is obviously some problem caused by going through the company’s routers. It got so bad that I was being disconnected every five minutes.

    Astrill’s service staff went through the motions (‘download the new version, that will fix it’; ‘we have refreshed your account’), to no effect. Finally I was told to switch to the ‘stable connection’ setting in their control panel. The result was that the disconnections disappeared but there was constant freezing of access (i.e., non-responsiveness) at certain important web pages.

    I should mention that previously I also had problems with Astrill when China started aggressively blocking VPNs last year. Astrill staff as usual didn’t have a clue and there was at least a month when I gave up on their service. In time they came up with a new service option (StealthVPN) but they charged extra for it when I extended my contract.

    If you are a heavy-duty Internet user I would think twice about using Astrill. My suspicion is that they are so paranoid about customers using multiple devices that they don’t care whether or not they are offering a decent service. Their array of add-ons also suggests that their prime concern is to ‘monetise’ their service.

    1. We are sorry to hear that you are facing issues in using Astrill VPN services. If you are facing disconnections, there could be various reasons. StealthVPN was specially designed for our customers in China as it has double encryption layers which make connection more secure. It is highly recommended in China due to high censorship but for simple and fast browsing Openweb should work fine too. We offer 24/7 Live support via Calls, Chats and Emails. We request you to please contact our Technical support team so that they can check the issue. If you are facing issues on desktop device we could provide you remote desktop assistance and would fix the issue from our end. We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you. Astrill VPN works fine in China and we always provide our customers with alternative solutions if one solution does not work fine for them so always contact our support team and let us assist you with all your Astrill related concerns.

    I will say that when Astrill is working, it works well. It’s fast and effective. However, it’s been extremely unreliable. Every so often it will just stop working, and for amount of options they have for customer service, it’s remarkably hard to get someone to talk to. And they have never offered me a solution that has come close to fixing the problems I’ve had with their product. It seems their service people are paid for the sparsity of their emails, and not the quality of their service. To avoid frustration, I would avoid Astrill.

    1. We truly apologize to hear that our service is not reliable for you at the moment. We offer 24/7 Live support via Calls, Chats and Emails. We request you to please contact our Technical support team so that they can check the issue and you could be provided with remote desktop assistance by our technical team to remotely fix the issue for you. We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you. Feel free to write to us at

    2. Absolutely true! It’s not working well on many servers! It’s true that the users of this vpn could get the steak at this price!

      1. Using Astrill For 3 years, Great service!! Yup their are few issues right now like IOS app is not working. but i hope that they will resolve this issue soon.

        Every year it happens and they resolved it timely.

    What I DONT like about Astrill is their client logging. You write they dont keep any logs, BUT when you sign up, they want YOUR phone number (and it must be verified) + name and street address !! Furthermore if a proxy is detected upon signin in, they will prompt you to use your original ISP ip !!?. Another weird fact is that is banned and cannot be accessed when connected to Astrill. According to Astrill they dont keep (traffic) logs, but they certainly want to know their customers origin and now doubt about these facts are logged. Now who wants to get logged with name, street address, ip and phone number ??? …

    1. We apologize if it seems inconvenient but we require this information for the security of your own Astrill account. It is for security reasons that you need to register an active number so that when you become a paid member and want to change login details, we will send a code to registered phone so we can verify if you are the owner of the account. We do not send code to email because email can be hacked.We also allow users to provide landline number incase they do not have mobile numbers.So, we require all the information for verification purposes only, so that we can provide legitimate users the service they deserve and keep away the hackers at bay.
      Regarding logging,you can enjoy total privacy. No logs are kept at all!
      You can check your IP address even when you are connected to Astrill VPN from this link :
      If you face any issues in accessing the above link, you can contact our live chat support so that they can check the issue and you will be able to check your IP anytime you want to ensure that you are connected to Astrill VPN fine.

      1. What do you have to say regarding below Astrill ex-employee accusation? (copy from Reddit:

        “I worked for Astrill so I can tell you the claims attributed to them on that page are mostly bullshit.

        1) We do not keep logs

        Reality) False. They do keep logs. With reguard to http traffic, they log every single single page loaded for every customer using their VPN servers. They log your account number, the requested url, the time of the request. This information is kept for months at a time and then thrown into a journal system.

        2) We do not disclose your customer information

        Reality) Mostly true. Astrill is mostly concerned with closing the accounts of people who abuse their network. If anyone asks they will say they can’t identify what customers are doing, but in reality is Astrill is constantly scanning through their logs looking for people running scripts which hit google/facebook (or any other site) too frequently, and then those accounts are disabled.

        3) We may enable logs on a server in case of network abuse

        Reality) False. Http requests are logged on all servers and that data is kept for a minimum of three months. Always. When I asked about this discrepancy between what they say publicly and what they do privately I was told we would do whatever it takes to run the company (even if that includes deceiving the customers).

        4) We do not store any files, we provide IP transit only. Therefore, we can’t fulfill any “take down(s)”

        Reality) False. Astrill receives a whole bunch of take down notices every single day and then blocks users from reaching those destinations. One of the uses of the logs they keep is to locate copyright troll IPs. We developed scripts to compare take down requests (which include our offending torrent IP addresses and time stamps) to locate the trolls, and then block our clients from connecting to them. We still did a lot of take downs, but by locating copyright troll IPs (by running scripts on our logs) we were able to block many IPs.

        5) The majority of users use shared IP space therefore we are not able to identify the customer

        Reality) False. We knew exactly who registered what accounts and logs every one’s activity. We can and do identify your account. We close accounts each day for abuse. We were working on a system to throw abusive accounts onto one server. I don’t know what progress was made in this endeavor.

        6) P2P activity is allowed on many of our servers

        Reality) True. These are the servers marked with a star in the connection tools we provide.”

      2. Eva or Astrill,

        It’s totally unacceptable that you ask for a name, email, IP address and phone# (and a land line at that). You expect us to believe that you don’t keep that info? I would’ve used you Astrill if you didn’t ask for that info and I bet a lot of potential customers feel the same. I’ll bet that you’re losing a lot of customers because of that. And your response about it being for our security is nonsense. I don’t know any other VPN that requires that information. Also, why didn’t you respond to why you’ve blocked

    Great service, using it for 6 months already. They have easy to use software for almost any operating system. I’m impressed with their router application, very easy to use. It has ability to selectively tunnel devices. For example I can tunnel just my Apple TV and iPad. I haven’t seen anyone offering such easy software. I can achieve over 80 mbit/sec on my Asus RT-AC56U router. Really worth the price.

    they are a scam , do not use them, paid for service , but service does not work and refuse to refund even use credit card to pay, can not get refund back. scam company

    1. I am currently on a trial and I am in the UK> I am on 150mbps and I get that all the time on many of the servers. They dns leak fix etc is fantastic. For the cost of basically £25 a quarter they do seem to be the best. I tried 4 others and none of them were able to give me more than 20mbps at any time. This is my speed test from the UK to OSLO

      1. Wow that’s really good speed, I signed up last week when I saw your review. I have just 30 mbit connection and I’m getting like 28 mbit over Astrill which is really awesome. Connection is stable and can stream Netflix in HD easily. I used HMA before and this was really slow, not even 5 mbit and with frequent disconnects.

        I don’t know why some people complain so much about Astrill support, my experience is different. They were polite and replied to my email quickly. I’m really pleased with their service.

      2. I’ve been using this VPN for nearly a year.It’s very slow!I have to test which server is the fastest every time when I use.

    2. We apologize to hear that our service didn’t worked fine for you. We offer 24/7 Live support via Calls, Chats and Emails. We request you to please contact our Technical support team so that they can check the issue. If you are facing issues on desktop device we can provide you remote desktop assistance and try to fix the issue from our end. We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you. Feel free to write to us at
      Regarding refunds, we issue them as per our refund policy :

    3. We apologize to hear that our service didn’t worked fine for you. We offer 24/7 Live support via Calls, Chats and Emails. We request you to please contact our Technical support team so that they can check the issue. If you are facing issues on desktop device we can provide you remote desktop assistance and try to fix the issue from our end. We are here to assist you with all your Astrill related queries so provide us with the details of issue that you are facing and we will fix it for you. Feel free to write to us at
      Regarding refunds, we issue them as per our refund policy :

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