Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh has been one of BestVPN.com's resident VPN experts for over four years. Ray is currently ranked #1 VPN authority and #5 internet privacy authority in the world by agilience.com.

Ray graduated from the English department of Exeter University in the UK and is an advocate for digital privacy, with vast experience writing about the political and social aspects of infosec, cybersec, and data privacy.

During his time at BestVPN.com Ray has reviewed and tested some of the world's foremost VPNs, often providing comment for third-party technology and news publications around the world.

His expert opinion has been featured in blogs by privacy-conscious services such as StartPage and Digital Guardian, and in newspapers and tech publications such as The Express, The Scottish Herald, Barrons, CNET, and Threat Post, to name a few. 

In 2017 Ray was invited by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to participate as a host for an online AMA about net neutrality on Reddit. Ray is also a judge at the annual industry-standard VPN awards in Las Vegas.

Prior to working for BestVPN.com, Ray wrote tech and privacy blogs for publications such as Dell Tech Page One and techandlearning.co.uk, he also made a living in tech ghostwriting and whitepapers.

Find him @newsglug on Twitter.

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