Back to the future

I’m not a geek, so I’d appreciate your opinion. The Apple iPhone 6 has launched with much fanfare. Were you one of the lucky first 10 million to own one? I’m too embarrassed to talk about my dumb-downed smartphone but it works just fine for me- even if it is a few generations removed from the iPhone 6.

But do you always have to have the latest gadget? I mean, how many pixels does one need? I think some of the present generation’s phone photos are fine. Then there’s size. Things are getting larger yet slimmer. What’s up with reports that the iPhone 6 bends when fitting in the pocket of your jeans.? Has this happened to you?

And while on the subject of pockets, there’s a move afoot to have clothes makers make garments with larger pockets- just to accommodate the larger gadgets. Where is this heading? Will we need helmets to house the newest generation of headphones. What ever happened to the sleek, uncompromising, uncomplicated ear-buds. Well, they morphed into full headband, dorky earphones that seem more like a retro throwback to an electronic advance. What’s next? flash! Microsoft is skipping right over Windows 9 to introduce Windows 10. I get it. Windows 8 et al wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be after Windows 7 so may as well skip 9 and go right to 10. Are you still with me? Where is this going to end? Do we really need these ’improvements”, or is this just crass commercialism at its worst?

So what’s your take on the tech landscape? Have you opted for better encryption or employ a VPN. And, by the way, how much time is spent getting up to speed with the new gizmos? I mean, come on- get a life. There’s a world of things we’re missing fiddling with and trying to keep up with the latest tech fads. Or maybe not. Maybe I’m the one who is out of step and should get with the crowd.

But I am afraid. I am afraid that no sooner I jump on the tech bandwagon that some new- fangled deal will surface and I’ll have to dip into my wallet once more. But I guess that’s the point. That’s progress and what keeps the economy humming. I saw a movie on TV the other night where the character actually dialed a telephone. Yup, it was a rotary phone and ,yes, it was a rather old movie. Still, there was something nostalgic about that simple, grainy image. Didn’t have to worry about the NSA or CIA listening in back then.

I sometimes long for the simpler times. Then again, I get so much more done now. Oh well. How’s it going for you? Ready for iPhone 7, or Windows 11. Might be closer than you think!

Stan Ward Stan Ward has enjoyed writing for 50 years. Writing has been a comfortable companion to a successful business and teaching career for him. Find him on Google+.

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  1. That old technology at our farm had Mrs Miller listening in on the perty line as well as Myrtle the operator who placed the calls but I agree. I refuse to become an ifool and line up for a phone which glitches just as much as all the rest and costs waaaay tooo much!

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