BBC iPlayer extends catch-up period to 30 days -

BBC iPlayer extends catch-up period to 30 days

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

October 6, 2014

The BBC is famous for making high quality TV programing, with shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear and Doctor Who enjoying huge popularity worldwide.

The BBC web streaming catch-up service iPlayer has until now only made shows available for 7 days following their initial UK broadcast date (although the ‘Series catch-up’ feature made all shows available for the duration a series was broadcast).

The BBC has now announced that shows will instead be available for 30 days, and although this does come at the expense of ‘Series catch-up’, it means that most programs will be available for longer, which is great news.

In theory, BBC iPlayer is only available to UK residents (who pay a compulsory license fee), but thanks to the magic of VPN and SmartDNS, it available to anyone, and is a primary reason for the UK remaining the most popular location for VPN servers after the US.

Top BBC iPlayer programs of 2014 (so far)

  1. Sherlock Series 3 (episode 1 – The Empty Hearse) 3,643,900 requests
  2. Top Gear Series 21 (episode 1) 3,535,600
  3. Top Gear Series 21 (Burma Special – part 1) 3,340,700
  4. Top Gear Series 21 (episode 3) 3,191,000
  5. Murdered By My Boyfriend (one-off drama) 3,021,300
  6. Sherlock Series 3 (episode 2 – The Sign of Three) 3,017,600
  7. Sherlock Series 3 (episode 3 – His Last Vow) 2,916,900
  8. Top Gear Series 21 (episode 2) 2,906,900
  9. Outnumbered Series 5 (episode 1) 2,857,500
  10. Top Gear Series 21 (Burma Special – part 2) 2,797,500

(source: the Guardian).