5 Best VPNs for Vuze

Vuze is the second most popular BitTorrent client after uTorrent (if you discount the Chinese market where Xunlei is popular enough to make it the world’s number one BitTorrent client). First released in 2006, Vuze has an excellent pedigree, as it is built on the popular and respected open source Azureus client, and it remains free to download and use (although more restrictively licensed proprietary software has now been added to the client).

vuse 1

Where uTorrent is lean and mean, Vuze is feature filled. While this has led to accusations that it is ‘bloated’, the Vuze team claims that it “uses up 30% less resources than Firefox with a couple of addons”, and that on a modern machine the difference is negligible anyway.

Vuze offers the following notable features:

  • The basic interface is clearly laid out and intuitive to use(in fact it closely resembles the uTorrent interface)
  • Vuze is the only BitTorrent client to include protection against VPN disconnects, so that it won’t continue downloading files after a VPN connection failure. This feature should work automatically, but when we tried it, didn’t. We do however have a step-by-step guide to setting this feature up manually here
  • Vuze has a built-in transcoding feature, so it is easy to convert video for playback on  a wide range of devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and TiVo (a comprehensive list is available here)
  • An HD video player is included
  • There are a huge range of plugins available to add all sorts of extra functionality to Vuze, making it much more customisable than alternatives such as uTorrent
  • It is possible to search for torrents from within the client, but in our experience this feature, which uses the Yahoo! search engine, was of limited use as little information about the found torrents is provided
  • Vuze can be remote paired to a mobile device, allowing you to manage and control your BitTorrent downloads from anywhere

vuse 2

On the downside, a recent study found that Vuze was 16% slower to download files than uTorrent, although this is a figure much contested (and in our subjective experience we have found Vuze to be blazingly fast). Vuze has also been listed as adware by Softpedia, thanks to the fact that it tries to install a web browser toolbar during installation (although this is optional).


*All prices shown in US dollars

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Editor’s Choice

Winner – ExpressVPN


Positives: Easy-to-use software, excellent speeds, good customer service

Negatives: Bit pricey, but worth it for the features

With apps across all platforms and speeds that blow the competition away, ExpressVPN secures our vote as the Best VPN for Vuze. The download speeds are impressive and the software is straightforward to use. We really love some of the features like automatic protocol selection and server location recommendations.

ExpressVPN boasts round-the-clock customer support and an ultra reliable VPN network spanning 78 countries and hundreds of servers. They are also adding new locations all the time. These guys have done a pretty awesome job in building what we believe to be the best VPN service out there.

The pricing is not the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for. ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and supports your mobile device (Android/iOS) for no extra charge.

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2. AirVPN

Positives: No logs, accepts Bitcoin, transparent service, fast, excellent attitude to privacy, VPN though SSL and SSH tunnels, Tor over VPN, P2P: yes

Negatives: None

Where Private Internet Access focuses on consumer orientated features and great customer service, AirVPN takes a more tech-headed approach, which is unsurprising given that it was formed by a group of Italian internet freedom activists and hackivists following a Pirate Party festival in Rome. AirVPN uses ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption and provides total network transparency with a series of beautifully presented real-time graphics. It also supports VPN over TOR, and VPN through SSH and SSL tunnels for the really paranoid out there (although Vuze should not be used over TOR as BitTorrents slow the whole system down for other users). In addition to this, AirVPN accepts anonymous payment via Bitcoins, and is proud of its compliance with various privacy related EU directives and codes of Best Practice.

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3. CyberGhost

Positives: No logs, speedy, great free service, groovy VPN client, P2P: yes

Negatives: VPN client is Windows only (although OpenVPN setup guides are provided for other platforms), does not accept Bitcoin

CyberGhost is a Romanian company who provide a solid, no logs VPN service with a great (Windows only) client that is packed full of features, including an ‘internet kill switch’ for turning off theinternet in case of a VPN disconnect. What really makes CyberGhost stand put however, is the very generous 30 days free trial of their Premium service (the longest free trial we are aware of), and the fact that it offers a very usable free service.

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4. Mullvad

Positives: accepts Bitcoin, no logs, good speeds, cheap, client features internet kill switch and DNS leak protection, P2P: yes

Negatives: A number of things didn’t work.

Although Mullvad’s service is currently more ‘flaky’ than TorGuards (see below), we have decided to give it higher ranking based on the fact that we love its ambition, its dedication to users privacy and its technical know-how (where it works). Mullvad is happy to accept anonymous payment via Bitcoins, but will also take payment via cash sent in the post, which we think is brilliant! The VPN client is very professional, and includes an ‘internet kill switch’, DNS leak protection, port forwarding and dynamic server load information. Unfortunately not everything works as well as the client, as we could only connect to Mullvad’s server in Germany, and could not download the OpenVPN config files. However, we are happy to believe that these are just teething troubles for what is a very small company, and look forward to seeing how the service develops in the future.

» Visit Mullvad

5. BTGuard

Positives: No logs, accepts Bitcoin, , 256-bit AES encryption, P2P: yes

Negatives: very ‘no frills’

This Canadian VPN provider is endorsed by leading internet freedom and torrent activist organisation TorrentFreak, so it is no surprise to find it supplies a solid no logs service, accepts anonymous payment by Bitcoin, and uses cast-iron 256-bit AES encryption. With all his good stuff in place it is therefore a bit of a shame that BTGuard failed to impress us too much through its almost total lack of features (it uses the default open VPN client, which if fine but doesn’t set our pulses racing) and so-so results. It is therefore a solid if unexciting choice.

» Visit BTGuard


Given that the entertainment industry, backed by copyright trolls and increasingly draconian legislation from governments worldwide, has its guns drawn and aimed squarely at copyright infringers, it is absolutely essential for Vuse (and other BitTorrent) users to evade detection through the use of proxies or VPN (we discuss why VPN is the best choice here). The most important thing to look out for when choosing a VPN provider for use with Vuse is that it keeps no logs, as with no logs there is no evidence linking you to file sharing. It should be noted that some companies claim to keep no logs but either their definition of this term is so broad as to be meaningless, or is outright contradicted by their small print. We therefore urge everyone to check the ToS to find out exactly what a company means when they claim to keep ‘no logs’. Alternatively, the 5 providers above all have robust no logs policies, and are all fine choices.

And here’s the summary once more:


*All prices shown in US dollars

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6 responses to “5 Best VPNs for Vuze

  1. I must be missing something! Neither of your top two services, NordVPN and ExpressVPN, support port forwarding. Without port forwarding, Seeding from Vuze grinds to a halt and Remote Pairing is not possible. What is the trick to using Vuze without port forwarding?

    1. Hi Standroid,

      Hmmm. I have Vuze running pretty much all the time, and it works just fine with every VPN I have tried without the need for port forwarding…

  2. What is your opinion on openvpn? Am I correct in assuming that this will work? Or should I be looking at a pay vpn service? I have been using vuze for many years and recently have been notified by my ISP that I downloaded copywrited material. I stopped using vuse until I can figure out how to do this privately. Noone should be able to see what we are downloading without a warrant in my opinion.

    1. Hi tom,

      OpenVPN is a VPN protocol, and is considered the best such protocol available. It creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server, but you need a server to connect to. This is where a commercial VPN service comes in, and is what you need to protect you when downloading as…

      a) your ISP will not be able to see what you download because your internet connection is encrypted, and
      b) anyone tracking the torrent downloads from the web will only see the VPN provider’s IP address and not your real one.

      For a good P2P-friendly VPN provider check out 5 Best VPNs for torrents, P2P and filesharing.

  3. What is your opinion of vpn? Is it good, reliable, and in regards to Vuze, does it do what its supposed to? How would you rank it amongst the list already provided? Is it a close runner up, could it qualify as a tie? And lastly, I cant seem to figure out how to pair my vpn to vuze… I find the whole subject is all to confusing and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Kembecca,

      Although I have have not personally used, our reviewer Peter liked the service, and P2P is fine as long as you connect to servers that allow it (most of them – see for more details). To use Vuse with your VPN, you just have to run it while the VPN is connected. I have also written instructions on how to bind Vuse, so that it only downloads when a VPN connection is active (if the VPN connection is terminated for any reason then Vuse will stop downloading). This is available at

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