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5 Best Cheap VPN Services

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

June 9, 2017

Top of the range VPN services aren’t particularly expensive. Despite this, there are inevitably always people out there who want to know what the best cheap VPN services are. People that have become tired of the restrictive (and often insecure) nature of free VPNs can use this list to find reliable, trusted VPN provider. These cheap VPN services provide all the best features of a premium VPN service but at a price that is incredibly affordable.

The Best Cheap VPN Services

  1. CyberGhost
  2. PrivateVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. Trust.Zone
  5. PrivateInternetAccess

Many people start their VPN experience using a free service. These are a good introduction to the world of VPNs. However, people soon become disillusioned with the restrictive nature of those services. In addition, it is worth remembering that VPNs that don’t charge often make revenue by selling user data to third parties: the exact opposite of what a VPN should do.

This article has been written for people who have realized just how important VPN privacy is. All of the cheap VPNs in this list works without restrictions and provide the very best levels of privacy and security available on the VPN market. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a good price on a VPN service, our special offer VPNs and deals page is certainly worth checking out.

To be thorough, this article will explain what a cheap VPN is, how it works, and what subscribers can use it for. It will explain how it differs from a slightly more expensive service, and why it is such a massive step up from a free service.

The fact is that a reliable VPN must have certain features and attributes that make it worth having. Any VPN that doesn’t have these essential components simply aren’t worth paying for. That is why every cheap VPN in this list has been selected because it has everything you need from a VPN – at an affordable price

Five Best Cheap VPNs: Summary

Rank Company Score Price Link
CyberGhost review
$2.90 / monthVisit Site
PrivateVPN review
$2.98 / monthVisit Site
NordVPN review
$3.29 / monthVisit Site
Trust.Zone review
$3.33 / monthVisit Site
PrivateInternetAccess review
$3.33 / monthVisit Site
BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
  • Cheap VPN
  • Reasonable speeds
  • Zero logs
  • Servers in lots of locations
  • OpenVPN encryption
  • Only one connection allowed on cheap plan

CyberGhost is the best cheap VPN in 2017. It has servers in 28 countries around the world, which makes it great for unblocking all sorts of content (though it did recently lose its ability to unblock BBC iPlayer). Speeds are great and the VPN will be good enough to stream in HD, despite bing so cheap!

The good news is that CyberGhost also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always test it yourself to see if it suits your needs. The VPN is zero logs and provides OpenVPN encryption, so it certainly does the trick in terms of security. Subscribers may also pay with Bitcoins for extra anonymity.

Try the best cheap VPN today! Visit PIA »

Visit CyberGhost »Seven-day money-back guarantee!
2nd Place


  • Strong OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs
  • Servers in 43 countries
  • Fantastic customer care
  • Immensely good value for money
  • They recommend setting up DNS manually for extra security (easy and they have guides)

PrivateVPN is a genuinely outstanding cheap VPN based in Sweden. As you can see from our review of the service, it is top notch in every way. It provides fast speeds, strong security, has a zero logs policy, and has servers located all over the world. Consumers that use PrivateVPN have nothing but good things to say about the service, and for the price we can’t recommend it enough.

Encryption is strong, P2P is permitted, and customer care is fantastic. The software is available for all the popular platforms and it can be installed and used on six simultaneous devices. Outstanding!

3rd Place


  • Cheap price
  • Great apps for all platforms
  • Fantastic Windows platform
  • Five simultaneous devices permitted
  • Zero logs
  • Not as fast as some other cheap VPNs

NordVPN is another fantastic cheap VPN service. It has a zero logs policy which means it can never be compelled to hand over data to the authorities (but being based in Panama, this shouldn’t be an issue anyway).

The VPN has all the top-end features you would expect for the very best VPNs (killswtich, DNS leak protection, stealth mode, double encryption, VPN into Tor). This truly makes NordVPN a reliable and trustworthy option in terms of security.

NordVPN also provides servers in over 60 countries and all of those servers are ideal for streaming in HD. With a 30-day money back guarantee and such low prices, you really have no reason not to test this service for yourself!

4th Place


  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Free trial available
  • Based in the Seychelles
  • P2P allowed
  • No logs
  • Only ticket-based support

Trust.Zone is registered in the Seychelles, which is great news for people that desire privacy from their cheap VPN. Trust.Zone uses the OpenVPN protocol with the Windows client, which is good news if you are looking for a secure VPN. In addition, they don’t keep any usage logs.

Downloading movies, music, and software via P2P is allowed on all Trust.Zone servers, which is impressive considering the price. It also has an impressive 105 servers in 32 different countries, with locations like South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore standing out. We think this VPN is well worth a try for people looking for an extra value service.

5th Place


  • Fast speeds (for price)
  • Zero logs
  • Bitcoins accepted
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Strong encryption
  • Limited support for iOS
  • Defaults to L2TP
  • Not as fast as the best VPNs

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a superb cheap VPN. It is a much loved VPN that is considered very private. Encryption is provided via stong OpenVPN encryption (our recommended protocol). The VPN software is fully featured with shared IPs, DNS leak protection, and a built-in kill switch. Although it is based in the US, it has a zero logs policy which more than makes up for it..

In addition to being a cheap VPN, PIA also provides a seven-day money back guarantee. Furthermore, the easy-to-use software can be used on five simultaneous devices. It is also available for all the popular platforms and will protect you while on public WiFi. A slight drawback is that connection speeds aren’t quite as brilliant as they are with the very best VPNs, on the market. However, it is very fast for its price.

iOS users will need to download the OpenVPN connect app from iTunes to connect with the very best encryption(very easy to set up). All in all, this is an outstanding service that is still on of the best cheap VPN in 2017.

What is a VPN?

A VPN service is an online service that allows people to pretend to be in a different country. By doing so, they are able to access geo-restricted content that is usually restricted. In addition, for people that live in a country where censorship is a problem – a VPN allows people to access the Internet as if they were outside of their country: which bypasses all the encryption.

Furthermore, a VPN provides encryption so that subscribers data is protected from outside prying eyes. Most countries put their citizens under surveillance by making Internet Service Providers retain web browsing histories and metadata for the government. Encryption stops this from happening.

How do you define a worthwhile cheap VPN?

A cheap VPN service is a VPN that costs little but still provides strong enough encryption to protect their users’ data from snooping. In addition, the cheap VPNs in this list provide reliable, fast connection speeds, plenty of servers around the world, and have privacy policies that can be trusted .

As far as we are concerned PIA is still the best value for money VPN service in 2017.  Starting at just $4, it is truly a bargain – so if you’re in a rush to get a VPN jump in and sign up, you won’t regret it. Beyond this, we have been careful to only select VPNs that cost $6 per month (or less).

In reality, the very best VPNs available on the market do cost a bit more than that (and in the VPN industry you do get what you pay for). With that said, all of the cheap VPNs we have recommended all give a superb VPN experience that will allow subscribers to enjoy their VPN experience a lot.

Is a cheap VPN safe?

Yes. The cheap VPNs that we have selected for this list have privacy policies that can be trusted. Many VPNs have poor privacy policies that allow them to use data in insecure ways. Furthermore many VPNs that claim to be private, actually implement outdated encryption.

It is for the reasons above that selecting a VPN (from more than 850 VPNs on the market) can be a bit of a headache. That is why our expert team here at BestVPN.com has carefully rounded up the very best cheap VPN services for you. These VPNs are trusted, reliable, and provide the important features needed from a VPN with fantastic usability.

Cheap VPN considerations

When selecting a cheap VPN the main considerations are the same as when choosing a VPN in general. As previously mentioned encryption and privacy policies are a vital consideration.

Furthermore, many VPNs have terrible servers that slow down the internet so much that it isn’t possible to do data intensive tasks. This makes the VPN experience frustrating as it is impossible to watch online streams without lagging and buffering. The best VPNs in the world provide fast connection speeds that allow people to play games and watch videos in HD.

Admittedly, the VPNs in this guide aren’t as fast as the 5 Best VPN services. However, they are much, much faster than many VPNs – and are without  a shadow of a doubt – the fastest cheap VPNs (that also provide good security) available in 2017.

Subscription plans (monthly vs yearly)

The best VPN providers allow people to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. Subscribing for a year always makes the price come down considerably. For this reason the first consideration for anybody wanting a cheap VPN is which subscription plan to go for.

Although we understand that you may want to pay for one month at first (to make sure you like the VPN service), remember that most VPNs have trial periods and money back guarantees.

Make use of the money back guarantee

A money back guarantee means that you can sign up for a year, test the VPN, and then ask for your money back. As such, if the VPN has a money back guarantee and you have the funds to commit for a year – you won’t actually be taking a risk. You can cancel the VPN subscription if you don’t like service for any reason.

Free VS Cheap

Nowadays data is understood to be a form of currency that is incredibly valuable. It is for that reason that many apps are often offered for free – despite the fact that they cost a lot of time and money to make. Whenever you get an app for free, its makers are actually making revenue from your data. Free VPNs ask for a lot of invasive permissions. VPNs that cost little or nothing do the same. They have End User Licence Agreements and Privacy Policies that are highly concerning and which allow the VPN to sell their user data on for a profit.

A VPN is supposed to provide security and privacy. That is the whole idea of a VPN – to keep your data private so that you can use the VPN to connect to the internet safely. A VPN is supposed to provide peace of mind – so that its users can do anything that they want online – without fear of being watched.

In this article, you will learn about budget VPN services that are ideal for bypassing censorship and geo-restriction notices. This will let subscribers securely visit any website that you want. In addition, these VPNs all provide robust enough encryption to keep subscriber data secure from governments, internet service providers (ISPs), corporations, advertisers, and on public WiFi.

Stay secure on public WiFi with a Budget VPN

When people connect to public WiFi they are running a massive risk. The way that public WiFi works means that as soon as you are connected, you expose yourself to the other people that are also connected. If any of those people are a hacker or cyber criminal it is possible for them to access your web traffic. By doing so, they can steal passwords, credentials, and even bank details.

A VPN’s encryption securely scrambles all the data coming and going from a subscriber’s device which means that they are safe to use public WiFi. Encryption means that VPN users can even connect to a hackers fake WiFi hotspot by accident – because even if they do the hacker can’t see their data due to the encryption. All of the budget VPNs in this guide provide strong encryption that will definitely keep you secure while on public WiFi.

Cheap VPN Services: Conclusion

With a growing awareness of online privacy issues, there has been a worldwide explosion in the desire for a VPN service. Although the best VPNs do cost a little bit more than the ones on this list. We are all too aware that not everybody can afford the very best VPN on the market.

Due to the fact that here at BestVPN.com we feel so strongly about people being able to protect themselves from overreaching governments, we have provided this list of affordable VPNs. All of the VPNs have been rigorously tested, they all provide strong encryption and privacy policies that can be trusted. Furthermore, for the price, these cheap VPNs provide an outstanding service that is a huge step up for the vast majority of free or cheap VPNs.

Five Best Value for Money VPNs: Summary

Rank Company Score Price Link
CyberGhost review
$2.90 / month Visit Site
PrivateVPN review
$2.98 / month Visit Site
NordVPN review
$3.29 / month Visit Site
Trust.Zone review
$3.33 / month Visit Site
PrivateInternetAccess review
$3.33 / month Visit Site

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Ray Walsh

I am a freelance journalist and blogger from England. I am highly interested in politics and in particular the subject of IR. I am an advocate for freedom of speech, equality, and personal privacy. On a more personal level I like to stay active, love snowboarding, swimming and cycling, enjoy seafood, and love to listen to trap music.

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  1. VPN’s don’t work if you have a router or use any kind of “box” for your internet connection, other than direct pc line. I learned this the hard way, wasting money on getting a VPN when in fact, it didn’t work at all.

    If you use a router, external modem, or any kind of “box” that you have to connect to your pc to get internet from a provider, then whatever site you are on doesn’t need your pc address, they use your “box” address, which doesn’t change. Therefore, they know its still the SAME pc address even though it shows a different one, and thats why you get those “messages” telling you that “you can’t view this” or “get onto that” because your “box” address isn’t matching the one they have for the pc address that is set with it. So, when your pc address shows different than the original, you can’t do what you want to do.

    So, getting a VPN is just a waste of money.

    1. Hi Chester,

      You are incorrect. It is normal procedure to run a VPN when connected to a router (or external modem). Please see my VPNs for Beginners guide for a full discussion on how VPNs work.

  2. NordVPN is cheap as CyberGhost but it allows up to six connections and probably it’s more accurate to compare it to expressvpn. IMHO NordVPN is #1 at the moment

  3. You can add IPVanish in your list. This one of the leading paid VPN services. It has a lot of features that can easily protect you from any threat. IPVanish has also mobile apps for Windows, iOs, Android and Mac.

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