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5 Best VPNs For iPhone & All iOS Devices in 2018

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

March 5, 2018

Throughout the world, iPhone users are waking up to the advantages of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With an iPhone VPN, you can access geo-restricted or censored websites from around the globe. A VPN for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, also encrypts your data to protect your privacy at home and on public WiFi.

iPhones are considered secure. Nevertheless, going online exposes iOS users to invasive ISPs and governments: an iPhone VPN’s encryption is the perfect solution. It permits iPhone users to pretend to be in a different country to overcome censorship and access as much online content as they wish.

Let’s take a look at what iPhone VPNs are and how they work. If you would like to jump to our analysis of the best 5 VPNs for iPhone, click the link.

What is an iPhone VPN?

A VPN is a service that allows users to conceal their real location while also pretending to be in a different country. This allows them to bypass local censorship, or access foreign website services and content that is supposed to be geo-blocked.

A VPN also provides data encryption by scrambling all the data coming and going from an iPhone. This ensures that nobody -not ISPs, the government, workplaces, schools, or landlords – can ascertain what the iPhone user did online.

If you use public Wi Fi a lot a VPN is the perfect security tool. When using public WiFi hotspots, anybody else on the WiFi can hack your data if it is not encrypted. This allows hackers to steal your passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive information. A VPN for iPhone means that your data is secured and nobody can ever access it.

Why do I need an iPhone VPN?

All over the world governments are passing laws that force ISPs to retain citizens’ web browsing histories for surveillance purposes. In the US ISPs are even allowed to sell that data to any third party that wants to purchase it. We think your web browsing data should be private, but without a VPN it isn’t!

Many places around the world also censor and block websites by order of the government. Some places like the Middle East do so for religious reasons. In Australia, websites are blocked if they provide pirated content. No matter what the reason, a VPN for iPhone will let you pretend to be in a different country to access the internet as if you were really there.

If you want to access a lot more content in privacy – the iOS VPNs in this article are the perfect ticket.

Are iPhone VPNs Safe?

There are hundreds of VPNs to choose from and not every VPN was created equally. Many VPNs have outdated encryption or terrible privacy policies that put their users at risk. Unhealthy data practices can completely break an otherwise good VPN. To make sure you are getting the security you pay for, it is essential to select a good VPN in the first place.

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to tell whether a VPN is actually good or not, that is why we thoroughly test VPNs and carefully research their data practices, Terms of Service, and privacy policies. The VPNs in this guide have been tested by our experts here at BestVPN.com.

What can an iPhone VPN do?

A VPN for iPhone lets you pretend to be in a different country. This lets you access other nation’s TV streams or website services. Sports fans can access foreign competitions and watch them live. VPN users can also access blocked websites from back home when they are on vacation.

People can use an iPhone VPN to access websites like Facebook that are supposed to be blocked on WiFi when they are at work. This saves them from using up their contract’s data allowance. A VPN is also perfect for getting privacy so that the work network administrator doesn’t know you are accessing that blocked site.

At the end of the day, your imagination is the limit. Once you have a VPN you can pretend to be anywhere that there is a server to access anything you like!

What an iPhone VPN can’t do

Some people mistakenly say that a VPN provides anonymity. This isn’t actually true. If you use websites and services that you need to log into – the website still knows who you are – because you are logging in with your name. A VPN only provides privacy from intermediaries such as your ISP (and therefore the government).

However, a VPN does conceal your true IP address, so if you are accessing websites that are usually blocked – they won’t be able to tell where you really are.

Another thing that a VPN doesn’t do is protect your data and you from malware and viruses. Some VPNs do have extras such as ad blockers and malware scanners, but this is not part of a standard VPN, per say, but rather an extra. A VPN does provide security from hackers when you are on public WiFi. However, VPNs should always be used in addition to a good antivirus.

Still confused? Find more information in our beginners guide to VPNs.

Will a VPN work on my iPad and iPhone?

Yes, the VPNs in this guide work on all iOS devices. Our recommended VPNs also permit three or more simultaneous VPN connections. This means that you can use your VPN on an iPad, iPod and another device (a Linux machine, Mac, or PC, for example).

What makes a good VPN for iPhone?

In order to get the most use out of a VPN for iPhone it is essential that it has certain attributes:

  • Lots of servers. The more servers it has the more places you can pretend to be in to unblock content.
  • Lightning fast connections. Many VPNs have slow servers that are useless for streaming in HD. There is not much point getting an iPhone VPN with servers all over the world that are slow.
  • Strong encryption and security features. A VPN needs to be tight on security to keep your data secure. that way you can use it all the time to do anything, without paranoia.
  • Great customer care so that you can ask questions at any time of day.
  • Easy to use software that is designed to work well on iOS devices.

All the VPNs in this article have been specially selected because they meet all of these crucial requirements. So, let’s take a look at who got our top 5 spots…

What’s the Best VPN on Apple iPhone in 2018?

See the summaries below for an in-depth view of what our experts rated as the best VPNs for iPhone.

BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • Special Offer: 49% off today!
  • Super fast - great for streaming!
  • Super secure - 256-bit encryption
  • Amazing iPhone software
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 5 star 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A bit pricey - but worth it!

ExpressVPN is a fantastic iPhone VPN. The VPN software is brilliant and is available for all platforms, including iPhone. ExpressVPN can be used on three simultaneous devices. It is a highly secure iOS VPN, and is well known for providing privacy for its users.

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are top-notch and provide incredibly fast connection speeds. It does keep a few connection logs (aggregate only and for internal use). However, no usage logs (the ones that could be used to see the websites you visit) are kept. Overall, an outstanding VPN for iPhone. Finally, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service.

Try the Best VPN for iPhone Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »30-day money-back guarantee!
2nd Place


CyberGhost Homepage
  • Special Offer: 77% off 2-year plans!
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Fast for streaming
  • Unblock iPlayer and much more
  • Easy to set up on iPhone
  • Great customer care
  • Better value if you commit for a year!

This excellent VPN provider from Romania is fantastic for iPhone. It has a large choice of servers worldwide that all provide lightning fast speeds. This makes it perfect for streaming content from around the globe. The VPN is secure thanks to strong encryption, and it keeps zero logs.

The software is easy to use and is available for all platforms. It also implements all the advanced VPN features you are likely to need. We think this VPN is outstanding and because of its 30-day money back guarantee you can test the service risk-free!

3rd Place


PrivateVPN Homepage
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Strong OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Not much

PrivateVPN is an incredibly good VPN that works seamlessly on any iOS device. This Swedish provider has lightning fast servers in over 50 countries, and it is adding to the network regularly. Encryption is strong OpenVPN, and the VPN has a strict zero logs policy that makes it very desirable. This VPN unblocks everything, which makes it very popular with consumers, who have all got very good things to say about this upwardly-mobile VPN service.

The software is fully featured and can be used on six simultaneous devices. In addition, PrivateVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 7-day free trial. Finally, is also has amazing 24/7 support which includes live chat support on its website. With so much on offer, this VPN is definitely worth considering.

4th Place


VyprVPN Homepage
  • Awesome iOS-friendly features
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • P2P allowed
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • Optional VyprDNS service
  • Keeps some minimal connection (not usage!) logs for 30 days

VyprVPN comes in one of our favorite VPNs for iPhone in 2018. VyprVPN owns and operates all of its own hardware, which takes away a lot of concerns about speeds and reliability on the network. There’s also an optional VyprDNS service, which is great news for those looking to unblock Netflix, YouTube, and similar services on their iOS device.

VyprVPN also has an app for Tomato routers, which allows you to easily get all of your Apple devices covered by one VPN subscription. Only want your iPhone connecting to the VPN? No problem! VyprVPN’s router app allows you to easily manage individual device settings. Try out VyprVPN for iPhone using the link below!

5th Place


PrivateInternetAccess Homepage
  • 25 server locations
  • No logs policy
  • Fast speeds
  • Strong encryption
  • P2P support
  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix
  • Customer support is slow

Private Internet Access or PIA is another great choice for iPhone VPNs, with strong encryption protocols and a multitude of customizable options. The PIA client interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The service includes a kill switch, DNS leak protection, 25 server locations, auto-connect, and P2P support. In addition, PIA offers super fast server speeds.

The downside to PIA is that – while they do offer a no logs policy – they are based in the US, meaning they could be served a warrant if it came down to it. On the other hand, with no logs or personal data to hand over, the warrant really wouldn’t do much.

Best iPhone VPN: Conclusion

Using a VPN for iPhone or iPad is an excellent way to gain access to much more content. In addition, a VPN will secure any iOS device’s data both at home and on public WiFi. The time has come to stop governments and ISPs from snooping on you.

With so many VPNs on the market, we understand how hard it can be to select one. It is very difficult to find a good iPhone VPN (they are notoriously the hardest to find) which is why we have done the hard work for you. Imagine having digital privacy and unrestricted online freedom! It really is amazing.

So take another look at the summaries and choose a VPN with confidence, because the VPNs in this guide are perfect and are also superb value for moneyIf you have any questions at all or require clarification about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

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Ray Walsh
March 17th, 2018

I am a freelance journalist and blogger from England. I am highly interested in politics and in particular the subject of IR. I am an advocate for freedom of speech, equality, and personal privacy. On a more personal level I like to stay active, love snowboarding, swimming and cycling, enjoy seafood, and love to listen to trap music.

21 responses to “5 Best VPNs For iPhone & All iOS Devices in 2018

  1. Zeb VanZandt says:

    Hi, could you please offer any info on Australian based VPN’s, I’m specifically wanting one service to cater for multiple items. I.e.: 5 x iPhones, 5 x iPads and 5 x PC’s. Is this possible. Being new to the VPN world I assume a local hosted service would be beneficial, is this correct or will an offshore host with local servers provide equal performance?
    Kind regards

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Zeb,

      – Please check out 5 Best VPNs for Austalria. One aspect that Ray does not cover in that article is Australia’s heavy-handed data retention laws. If you wish to use a VPN to evade government surveillance, then I suggest using VPN server located in Hong Kong. The closer a VPN is to you the better the performance, however (it takes time for data to travel across the world).
      – Please check out 5 Best VPNs for Simultaneous Connections. LiquidVPN allows a whopping 8 connections at the same time, but most providers only allow around 3 (and sometimes less). If you really do need 10 (or more) you can take out more than one subscription, or you might want to look into business VPN packages.

  2. Guy Haiar says:

    Why is Apple disallowing OpenVPN connections within iOS VPN apps? That actually prevents OpenVPN obfuscation on iOS devices.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Guy,

      You can use OpenVPN on iOS devices using the OpenVPN Connect app. OpenVPN is also supported by a few custom iOS apps (such as by ExpressVPN).

  3. Anon says:

    I use IPVanish for IOS and the app used to be great. Then, they updated it a few months ago. The connection is not stable and disconnects when connecting manually. When using the automatic/demand feature, it appears it is still connected but it is clamped. The bandwidth chart flatlines and never recovers unless disconnected and connected again. Tech support was made aware, but is ineffectual.

  4. edward says:

    I use VPN Jet on my iPhone and iPad,it has a free server.

  5. Reje says:

    Have you tried out Betternet , VPN master , or touchVPN? Please let me know which one is a better use ?

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Reje,

      I have a Betternet Review, but please note that Betternet is one of the VPN providers called out by a new research paper which highlights the dangers of many free mobile VPN apps. It has an VirusTotal AV-rank of 13 (1 being best), which is, frankly, shocking. This malware-ridden service should be avoided at all costs. Although the paper researched Android apps in particular, there is no reason to think Betternet’s iOS app is any different.

      I am not familiar with VPN master or touchVPN, and they have not been reviewed by BestVPN.com.

  6. art b says:

    At this time, I believe that NONE of these VPNs support IPv6 encryption.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi art,

      That is true, but they should at least disable IPv6 in order prevent DNS leaks.

    2. Chris says:

      IPv6 is not encryption it is a transport protocol. If you are referring to IPSec it’s still relays on IPv4.

      1. Douglas Crawford says:

        Hi Chris,

        Indeed. I simply took art b’s comment to mean that none of these providers support IPv6 DNS routing. They do, however, all disable IPv6 in order to prevent IPv6 DNS leaks. FWIW, the only VPN service O know of to offer a client that fully supports IPv6 routing is Mullvad.

        Looking at the comment, I can now see that art b might have instead been referring to IPsec encryption. In this case he is wrong. I’m pretty sure all the providers listed above support L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 (/IPsec) is now the most common protocol used by iOS apps.

  7. Nikhil Makwana says:

    Thanks for providing much-needed info on best available VPN apps for iPhone. What I like the most in this article is detailed information about each app and their availability in a number of countries.

    I also appreciate that all five apps are ranked and not provided just randomly. What I would like to have was the direct links to download each VPN app. But all in all, it is a great informative article on VPN apps for iPhone.

  8. Ray Walsh says:

    This article has been double checked due to a comment from a user and is correct as of the 9th of January 2017.

  9. Matt Perkins says:

    I’m going on record by saying the person who made this best VPNs for iOS is solely basing it on best VPN for Windows. I say this because it lacks many factors. First off IPVanish for iOS is more limited than IPVanish for Windows (Windows version offers features like randomly changing IP address every 45 minutes, this option isn’t available in iOS). This apparently is not factored in at all. And even if it was there are VPN solutions that do more than IPVanish and at a cheaper cost. The best being F-Secure Freedome. See what makes F-Secure Freedome the best VPN for iOS is not only because it masks your IP the same as IPVanish and does it at half the cost per month but it’s also the closest thing to AntiVirus for iOS since it secures your data, blocks bad websites and blocks ad-trackers. Another thing is Freedome’s always on option actually stays on, IPVanish’s always on option will disconnect frequently so it’s pretty much a useless option. IPVanish for Windows/F-Secure Freedome for iOS.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comment. We have taken your response into due consideration and have assigned the task of ‘urgent update needed’ to this article to ensure that it is corrected as soon as possible. We will look cloesely at the iOS features of the providers and ensure that any mistaken features are ironed out. We do try our best to make sure the information is correct on the article but obviously a mistake has been made here

  10. Omar says:

    I use vyprvpn on my iphone and i think it is great concerning speed .

  11. Mike says:

    1) Whats ur opinion on CyberGhost VPN?

    2) If you have enough time, whats your opinion on Avast Secure Line for Samsung and MullVad VPN? (MullVad’s design stands out in my book)

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Mike,


      – CyberGhost is not bad, although many of its servers can be rather slow. Also please see this.
      – I’m afraid that I am not familiar with Avast Secure Line, and so cannot comment on the service.
      – I like Mullvad very much. It is secure, has an excellent multi-platform VPN client, and takes privacy seriously. It is somewhat held back, however, by having very few server locations, which can be somewhat slow. On the plus side, it is my understanding that these are bare-metal servers, which are fully under the control of Mullvad.

  12. Jack says:

    What’s your opinion about VPNArea for iPhone?

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Jack,

      VPNArea does not have a custom iOS app. Setup instructions are provided for the generic OpenVPN Connect app, however, which is good piece of software and works well.

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