5 Best VPNs For iPhone & All iOS Devices in 2017 – Will My VPN Work With iOS 11?

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

September 18, 2017

In this article, we have carefully selected the five best VPNs for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The VPNs for iPhone and iPad in this guide are at the top of the VPN industry and will allow iPhone users to overcome both geo-restrictions and censorship. For an in-depth look at everything you need to know about VPNs and iOS devices, please read the considerations section.

What’s most important to you?

Tell us what matters to you and we’ll recommend the VPN that fits you best.

Privacy: I want to make sure my internet activity is hidden from my Internet Service Provider (ISP, government or...)

Unlocking content: I want to access content from other countries or services that is not available in my country


What’s most important to you?

Tell us what matters to you and we’ll recommend the VPN that fits you best.

Ease of use

Great Customer Service

Speed of connection

See the Best VPN for you

The Perfect Fit


  • Super fast : ExpressVPN has always been at the top of the game in terms of raw speed!
  • Super secure: 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption ensures no-one can access your data
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee: just give it a try
  • 24/7 Customer support: world class!
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The Perfect Fit


  • Great for Privacy : No logs at all so nothing to trace what you do online
  • Based in Panama: so no government spying or link to the NSA
  • 6 simultaneous connections Good for the whole family!
  • Servers in 61+ countries
  • 30-day money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose!
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There are well over 850 VPNs on the market and not every VPN works well with an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device. To make your life easier, in this article we explain what a VPN for iPhone is, how it works, and what it can be used for. By the end of this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision – whether you need a VPN for iPad or a VPN for iPhone.

Finally, we have also included a how to set up a VPN on any iOS device guide, so that once you have decided on a VPN you can get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Best VPN for iPhone: Summary

BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • Special Deal: Save 49% Today!
  • Super fast - great for streaming!
  • Super secure - 256-bit encryption
  • Amazing iPhone software
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 5 star 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A bit pricey - but worth it!

ExpressVPN is a fantastic iPhone VPN. The VPN software is brilliant and is available for all platforms, including iPhone. ExpressVPN can be used on three simultaneous devices. It is a highly secure iOS VPN, and is well known for providing privacy for its users.

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are top-notch and provide incredibly fast connection speeds. It does keep a few connection logs (aggregate only and for internal use). However, no usage logs (the ones that could be used to see the websites you visit) are kept. Overall, an outstanding VPN for iPhone. Finally, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service.

Special Deal: Save 49% Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »30-day money-back guarantee!
IPVanish Homepage
  • Strong encryption
  • Fast servers
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Easy to use
  • Secure and private
  • customer care could be better

IPVanish is a super fast VPN for iOS devices. It has servers in over 50 countries, which make it perfect for streaming and unblocking content from all over the world. This VPN is based in the US, but it makes up for it by providing a zero-logs policy. The software is easy to use and has all of the features you are likely to need. this VPN is also good value for money. Finally, it has a 7-day money back guarantee to test the service.

NordVPN Homepage
  • Works well on iPhone
  • Zero logs policy
  • Fully featured VPN software
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Very strong security
  • A bit slower than some other VPNs

NordVPN is great for iPhone users who need a few extra security features. Nord provides VPN into Tor, double hop, and a kill switch. It also provides strongly implemented encryption. Furthermore, it has a zero logs policy. Subscribers can use this iOS VPN on three simultaneous devices, and connection speeds are pretty good (though not as fast as the VPNs above). The VPN software is very easy to use and is really well designed. P2P is allowed on this VPN and customer care is fab.

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost Homepage
  • Fast for streaming
  • Strong encryption for privacy
  • No usage logs
  • P2P: yes
  • Great customer care
  • Some aggregated data stored for internal use

This Romanian service is perfect for iOS devices. It is fast, secure and has servers everywhere you are likely to need them. The software is easy to use and the VPN provides live chat support. Encryption is handled with military grade OpenVPN (recommended). In addition, this VPN is perfect for unblocking content from all over the world. Your data will be safe at home and on public WiFi thanks to its strong privacy policy. In addition the VPN has a killswitch and DNS leak protection. Finally, it has a 30-day money back guarantee to test the service.

PrivateVPN Homepage
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Strong OpenVPN encryption
  • Zero logs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Not much

PrivateVPN is an incredibly good VPN that works seamlessly on any iOS device. This Swedish provider has lightning fast servers in over 50 countries, and it is adding to the network regularly. Encryption is strong OpenVPN, and the VPN has a strict zero logs policy that makes it very desirable. This VPN unblocks everything, which makes it very popular with consumers, who have all got very good things to say about this upwardly-mobile VPN service.

The software is fully featured and can be used on six simultaneous devices. In addition, PrivateVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 7-day free trial. Finally, is also has amazing 24/7 support which includes live chat support on its website. With so much on offer, this VPN is definitely worth considering.

iOS VPN secure

Best VPNs for iPhone: Considerations

People are all over the globe are discovering that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can unblock restricted TV streams from other parts of the world. No matter whether sports, movies, or TV show premieres are your thing, a VPN for iOS is the solution. Digital privacy has also become a central concern for most people. A VPN provides privacy and security both at home and on public WiFi, which is why so many people want to know about the best VPN for iPhone.

A VPN allows its subscribers to pretend to be in a different country. By doing so, they can access content that is restricted by their Internet Service Provider (ISP), censored by the government, or blocked by a local network administrator (such as a landlord or workplace). The recommended VPNs in this article are perfect for iPhone and iPad users who want to access website content without restrictions.

In addition, VPN services provide encryption. Encryption scrambles all incoming and outgoing web traffic going to and from the VPN subscriber’s iPhone or iPad. With their data securely encrypted, it is impossible for anyone to access it. The result is true online privacy.

If nobody can tell what you are doing online, you have the freedom to do as you please. That is why VPNs are such an awesome two-in-one product: the ability to pretend to be in another country is perfectly complemented by the encryption that the VPN comes with.

What Is a VPN for iOS?

A Virtual Private Network is an online service that allows people to pretend to be in another country while also securing their data with strong encryption. Some VPN providers have software for all platforms. Others work much better on Android or Windows, but not so well on other devices.

A VPN for iOS is a VPN that is known to work well on iPads, iPhones, and other iOS devices.

How Does a VPN for iPhone Work?

The best VPNs for iOS have servers located all over the world. This allows the VPN subscriber to pretend to be in another country. As soon as an iPad or iPhone user connects a VPN server, their real location (IP address) is concealed. That means that the iPhone user can be at home in London but appear to be in Australia or the US – or wherever else they choose!

When you connect to the VPN server and are assigned the remote IP address, the websites you visit have no way of telling that you aren’t really in that remote location. As a result, you can access any ‘geo-restricted’ content that is assigned for use in that country only.

In addition, a VPN for iPhone also provides encryption. When you subscribe to a VPN you get access to the VPN software. Once you have downloaded it to your iPhone or iPad, you can select the type of encryption you want to use. The best encryption is OpenVPN – and all of the VPNs in this guide provide this encryption.

Clicking ‘connect’ on a VPN server achieves two things: firstly it encrypts your data and secondly it changes your location.

Can I Get a Free VPN for iPhone or iPad?

A Reputable Free VPN for iOS

The answer to this question is yes. There are free VPNs on the market and not all of them are terrible. However, even the ones that we can recommend tend to provide a highly restricted free service as a loss leader. This highly limited free VPN for iOS is designed to entice people into buying a premium account. Although a free VPN will give users the chance to try out a VPN, the problem is that these free versions can often put people off.

Free VPNs restrict downloads to between 500Mb and 2Gb per month. This is ok for getting a taster of a VPN for iPhone (or for people who only need very limited use of a VPN). For most people, however, this simply isn’t enough, particularly when it comes to those who want to use a VPN to stream TV and movies.

In addition, VPN services tend to restrict the bandwidth available on their free subscription. This means that the VPN experience is disrupted due to slow connection speeds, which makes it very hard to do data-intensive tasks such as streaming or gaming. As such, a free reputable VPN for iPhone or iPad does exist, but will not give the kind of service that you enjoy with a premium account.

VPNs for iOS 11 Update

From the 19th of  September 2017, the latest version of iOS for iPhones and iPads will become available. The iOS 11 update is unlikely to interfere with any of the VPNs in this article. However, we will, of course, keep a close eye on the situation and update the article if necessary. The likelihood, is that the VPN software for iOS will continue to work on the latest iOS 11 platform. As such, we have no reason to think that these are not all fantastic iOS 11 VPN service.

Free VPN for iOS – What to Avoid

In addition to reliable and trusted free VPNs, there are many free VPNs that come with a severe warning. While the VPNs that we have suggested in the free list all have strong privacy policies and provide strong encryption, many do not. When a VPN is free, and it is not there as a loss leader (and restrictive for that reason), then the VPN most likely has an insecure privacy policy.

Free VPNs often sell user data to third parties in order to create a revenue stream. This is a highly insecure practice that is the exact opposite of what a VPN is meant to do. Furthermore, it has been proven that many VPNs either lie about the encryption that they provide, or implement none at all! As such, it is very important to realize that when a VPN is free it is likely to be free for a reason. In the VPN industry you really do get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a free VPN that you can trust to keep you safe when browsing on an iOS device, we recommend chking out our best free VPN guide.

Why Get a VPN on iPhone, iPad or iOS?

Apple makes secure products that are extremely well designed. With that said, the days of Mac being invulnerable to malware and viruses are long gone. With cyber criminality on the rise, there has never been a better time to take your online privacy and security seriously.

Digital Privacy

These days it is important to have antivirus and firewall protection for an iOS device. A VPN, however, protects iPhone and iPad users against an entirely different problem. Nowadays, ISPs, advertisers, governments, corporations, websites and cybercriminals all want to access your web data.

Your IP address is your digital address. Without a VPN, your online activities can be logged by the ISP and passed on to the government (this is called mandatory data retention).

Furthermore, in the US, President Trump made it legal this year for ISPs to sell web browsing histories to third parties. It is bad enough that an ISP can see everything that you are doing online, without it being allowed to sell that information to anybody that it likes.

In addition, if a cybercriminal finds out your IP address, it is easy for them to access your data and hack into your devices (if you do P2P torrenting, this can be an enormous risk). An iPhone VPN encrypts all of your traffic so that nobody can tell what you are doing or where you are, which stops people from being able to find out your real IP address.

What Can I Do with an iOS VPN?

Most people use VPNs to overcome restrictions. In some countries there is strong censorship; a VPN allows people to securely unblock the websites that their government doesn’t want them to see.

Avoid Censorship

For people who are fortunate enough to be living in a country with little (or no) government restrictions, geographic restrictions still apply. Some services are designated for use in the US only. Likewise, there are websites restricted to just about every country in the world.

ExpressVPN, for instance, has servers in 94 countries. That means that its users are free to unblock and watch video streaming content on TV channels from all around the world.

Unblock Anything

For people who love to watch British TV, US cable TV, or TV from France, Spain, Australia or anywhere else, a VPN for iOS is perfect. A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions to watch every sports competition in the world! As such, no matter whether world movies, TV shows, or sport is what you after – a VPN service for your iPhone or iPad opens up a world of endless possibilities.

Privacy and Piracy

Watching TV shows before they come out on Netflix or in the country where you live can seem like a real treat. However, watching content that you aren’t really supposed to watch is technically piracy and is against the law.

Many VPNs (there are more than 850 to choose from) have poor privacy policies and implement insecure or outdated encryption protocols.

That’s why you should always select a reliable and trusted VPN for iPhone that is well known for providing privacy for its users. All of the VPNs in this guide meet our stringent privacy and security requirements. Thus you are free to select any of the best five VPNs for iPad and iPhone!

Connection Speeds

When you connect to a VPN, your internet traffic has to travel further. For that reason, a VPN can slow down your internet connection. Many VPNs provide very slow connection speeds, and this means that the VPN is not very useful. All of the VPNs in this article have been selected because they will allow you to do data-intensive tasks on your iPad like gaming and streaming movies in HD.

Be warned: many, many VPNs lie about being ‘the fastest VPN in the world,’ so please be careful and choose a trusted VPN for iPhone – or else you will end up wasting your money!

VPN for iPad

iPad is the the most sought after tablet on the market. Used to impeccable design and top-of-the-range functionality, it is no wonder that iPad owners want an equally brilliant VPN service. All of the VPNs in this guide are not only at the top of their game, but also provide VPN software that is compatible with an iPad.

As with an iPhone, a VPN for iPad will allow anybody to remain secure on public WiFi and at home. With a VPN for iPad, all the data coming and going from your iPad is encrypted so that nobody – landlord, workplace, college/school, ISP, government, or cybercriminals – can see any of your data.

Furthermore, the VPNs for iPad in this article permit anyone to unblock any restricted website content they wish to see. For people living in restrictive regimes, these VPNs mean freedom to see websites and news that your government is trying to hide, along with the ability to communicate on social media platforms that have been banned.

For people who simply want to access BBC iPlayer, foreign sports competitions, or US cable TV shows on SlingTV, these VPNs are also perfect on iPad.

VPN for iOS Devices

No matter whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod Touch, your device runs on a version of Mac’s iOS. When selecting VPNs for iOS we have kept the following considerations in mind:

  • A strong privacy policy. Some VPNs sell data to third parties in order to make revenue. This goes against what a VPN is supposed to do (protect your privacy on an iOS device). All the VPNs in this guide have excellent privacy policies.
  • Lots of server locations. In order to get the most out of your VPN on iPhone or iPad, you want options. Plenty of server locations means the ability to unblock anything, by pretending to be anywhere!
  • Lightning fast servers. Being able to pretend to be anywhere is essential. However, you will also need a VPN that has fast servers if you want to do fun things like streaming HD videos. All the VPNs that we have recommended are perfect because they have tier 1 networks of servers that allow iOS VPN users to do even the most data-intensive tasks.

WiFi Security on an iPhone VPN

Public WiFi hotspots have become a hive of criminality. When away from home – whether that be in your own town or city, or on vacation – cybercriminals haunt public WiFi hotspots, waiting to strike.

As soon as you connect to public WiFi, you expose yourself to the risk of being hacked. Hackers can easily access all other users on any public WiFi. With the encryption that a VPN for iOS provides, this becomes impossible because all the data is safely scrambled by the VPN’s strong encryption.

Which VPN Encryption Protocol Should You Use on iPhone and iOS Devices?

There are a number of encryption protocols available on iOS:

  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) – provides less security and privacy but is fast.
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)/Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) – stronger security than PPTP but still not perfect.
  • IKEv2 – This is the most widely used protocol on iOS VPN clients. It is secure but not as strong as OpenVPN.
  • OpenVPN – an open source and highly secure protocol. This protocol provides military grade encryption if implemented correctly. All of the VPNs for iOS in this article provide OpenVPN (implemented securely). Due to the iPhone’s quality design, sometimes it is necessary to download the third party OpenVPN Connect software. This is very easy and will allow you to use OpenVPN if you want to. For instructions, see my guide below.

Check Your iPhone’s Encryption Compatibility

iPhones come with PPTP or L2TP available on them by default. Unfortunately, the same is not true of OpenVPN. To check which encryption protocols your device comes with, go to Settings Menu > General > Network, and scroll down to VPN (close to the bottom of the menu).

Although your device doesn’t come with OpenVPN out of the box, you can download OpenVPN Connect for iOS (from the link above). OpenVPN is our recommended encryption protocol here at We recommend that you use OpenVPN if you want the most secure VPN iOS setup.

In addition, it a good idea to look at our guide about PPTP vs L2TP vs OpenVPN vs IKEv2 to clue yourself up on the differences between the protocols.

How to Set up VPN Software on Any iOS Device

To set up a VPN on iPad, set up a VPN on iPhone, or set up a VPN on any other iOS device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a VPN from the best iOS VPN services list.
  2. Navigate to the website by clicking on the link, then subscribe to your preferred iOS VPN. A yearly subscription will save you a lot of money, so if you want a VPN all year round it is wise to opt for a yearly plan.
  3. After subscribing, log in using your password and download the VPN software. Select the iOS software from the downloads page. Installation is easy, so follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once the iOS VPN app has installed, run the software. In the menu, select your preferred protocol. We recommend that you use OpenVPN encryption. If not, please select LPTP/IPSec rather than PPTP (PPTP is the most insecure).
  5. Finally, choose a VPN server from the list of server locations and click Connect.
  6. Once the VPN connection has been established, your iPhone VPN will show you the connection is enabled on the screen.Your IP address is now that of the VPN and your data is secure, so you can access any website you want.

Set up OpenVPN Connect on iPhone or iPad

Sometimes OpenVPN encryption isn’t available in the VPN’s custom iOS software. If that is the case but you want to use OpenVPN, please follow these steps:  

  1. Download the OpenVPN Connect App.
  2. Install the software on your device.
  3. Navigate to your VPN’s website and download the OpenVPN config files (.OVPN files). These will be in the download area where you got the VPN software.
  4. Unzip the files and then email them to yourself (so that you can open them on your iPhone). Open the email and download the files onto your device to use them in the app.
  5. Open the OpenVPN Connect app and click on Import. Select the files that you saved on your device in step four.
  6. Once the files have imported, click on the server you want to connect to and type in your username and password.
  7. When the app connects, your device is secured with OpenVPN and your IP address is that of the remote server.

Best iPhone VPN: Conclusion

In this article, we have clearly laid out all the information needed in order to successfully choose a VPN for iOS devices. Using a VPN for iPhone or iPad is an excellent way to gain access to vast amounts of content. Furthermore, a VPN will secure any iOS device both at home and on public WiFi.

With so many VPNs on the market (and many a total waste of money) we understand better than anyone how hard it can be having to decide between them. The information in this article is designed to quickly teach you all the most important details about VPNs.

We are certain that there is a VPN for all iOS users in this guide. All of these services are trusted providers that have proven that they can provide privacy and security for iOS users. If you have any questions at all, or require clarification about anything, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message below.

Best VPNs for iPhone: Summary

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Ray Walsh

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21 responses to “5 Best VPNs For iPhone & All iOS Devices in 2017 – Will My VPN Work With iOS 11?

  1. Hi, could you please offer any info on Australian based VPN’s, I’m specifically wanting one service to cater for multiple items. I.e.: 5 x iPhones, 5 x iPads and 5 x PC’s. Is this possible. Being new to the VPN world I assume a local hosted service would be beneficial, is this correct or will an offshore host with local servers provide equal performance?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Zeb,

      – Please check out 5 Best VPNs for Austalria. One aspect that Ray does not cover in that article is Australia’s heavy-handed data retention laws. If you wish to use a VPN to evade government surveillance, then I suggest using VPN server located in Hong Kong. The closer a VPN is to you the better the performance, however (it takes time for data to travel across the world).
      – Please check out 5 Best VPNs for Simultaneous Connections. LiquidVPN allows a whopping 8 connections at the same time, but most providers only allow around 3 (and sometimes less). If you really do need 10 (or more) you can take out more than one subscription, or you might want to look into business VPN packages.

  2. Why is Apple disallowing OpenVPN connections within iOS VPN apps? That actually prevents OpenVPN obfuscation on iOS devices.

  3. I use IPVanish for IOS and the app used to be great. Then, they updated it a few months ago. The connection is not stable and disconnects when connecting manually. When using the automatic/demand feature, it appears it is still connected but it is clamped. The bandwidth chart flatlines and never recovers unless disconnected and connected again. Tech support was made aware, but is ineffectual.

    1. Hi Reje,

      I have a Betternet Review, but please note that Betternet is one of the VPN providers called out by a new research paper which highlights the dangers of many free mobile VPN apps. It has an VirusTotal AV-rank of 13 (1 being best), which is, frankly, shocking. This malware-ridden service should be avoided at all costs. Although the paper researched Android apps in particular, there is no reason to think Betternet’s iOS app is any different.

      I am not familiar with VPN master or touchVPN, and they have not been reviewed by

      1. Hi Chris,

        Indeed. I simply took art b’s comment to mean that none of these providers support IPv6 DNS routing. They do, however, all disable IPv6 in order to prevent IPv6 DNS leaks. FWIW, the only VPN service O know of to offer a client that fully supports IPv6 routing is Mullvad.

        Looking at the comment, I can now see that art b might have instead been referring to IPsec encryption. In this case he is wrong. I’m pretty sure all the providers listed above support L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 (/IPsec) is now the most common protocol used by iOS apps.

  4. Thanks for providing much-needed info on best available VPN apps for iPhone. What I like the most in this article is detailed information about each app and their availability in a number of countries.

    I also appreciate that all five apps are ranked and not provided just randomly. What I would like to have was the direct links to download each VPN app. But all in all, it is a great informative article on VPN apps for iPhone.

  5. I’m going on record by saying the person who made this best VPNs for iOS is solely basing it on best VPN for Windows. I say this because it lacks many factors. First off IPVanish for iOS is more limited than IPVanish for Windows (Windows version offers features like randomly changing IP address every 45 minutes, this option isn’t available in iOS). This apparently is not factored in at all. And even if it was there are VPN solutions that do more than IPVanish and at a cheaper cost. The best being F-Secure Freedome. See what makes F-Secure Freedome the best VPN for iOS is not only because it masks your IP the same as IPVanish and does it at half the cost per month but it’s also the closest thing to AntiVirus for iOS since it secures your data, blocks bad websites and blocks ad-trackers. Another thing is Freedome’s always on option actually stays on, IPVanish’s always on option will disconnect frequently so it’s pretty much a useless option. IPVanish for Windows/F-Secure Freedome for iOS.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your comment. We have taken your response into due consideration and have assigned the task of ‘urgent update needed’ to this article to ensure that it is corrected as soon as possible. We will look cloesely at the iOS features of the providers and ensure that any mistaken features are ironed out. We do try our best to make sure the information is correct on the article but obviously a mistake has been made here

  6. 1) Whats ur opinion on CyberGhost VPN?

    2) If you have enough time, whats your opinion on Avast Secure Line for Samsung and MullVad VPN? (MullVad’s design stands out in my book)

    1. Hi Mike,


      – CyberGhost is not bad, although many of its servers can be rather slow. Also please see this.
      – I’m afraid that I am not familiar with Avast Secure Line, and so cannot comment on the service.
      – I like Mullvad very much. It is secure, has an excellent multi-platform VPN client, and takes privacy seriously. It is somewhat held back, however, by having very few server locations, which can be somewhat slow. On the plus side, it is my understanding that these are bare-metal servers, which are fully under the control of Mullvad.

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