Best Torrent Sites in 2016- Alternatives to KickassTorrents

We needn’t talk about any impressive numbers or statistics to show you how popular torrenting has become. Copyright material is readily available on numerous torrent sites, with millions of files available. Legality is, of course, an issue. But our purpose is to provide information, not to condone nor judge.

When it comes to torrenting, torrent search engines are the best bet for finding torrents with the most seeders (Seeders are people who are currently sharing the file you are looking for. The more seeders for your file, the faster your download will be).

Up until relatively recently, the best torrent sites have been KickAssTorrents and ThePirateBay. While these two sites have been loyal servants of the P2P community for a long time, they have recently come across difficult times. The KickassTorrents domain has been completely shut down, while ThePirateBay’s owners have been in and out of jail and the courtroom.

Kickass Down

If you are one of the lucky few, you may have access to a private torrent site like Demonoid or TorrentDay. These sites are invite-only torrent search engines that are faster than public sites. You can find out more about these private torrent sites here.

We must mention that if you are using any of these torrent sites to download copyright content, you could be subject to fines (or even jail time!) by the relevant authorities. Using a VPN can help you better protect yourself from the authorities. We have put together a ranking of the top VPNs for torrenting, hit the button below to check them out!

Best VPN’s for Torrents»

So, let’s assume you don’t have an exclusive account with a private torrent site. Have you been stuck looking for a public KAT or TPB alternative? Check out our recommendations for the best torrent sites of 2016!


RARBG has been a rock in the torrent world for nearly a decade, having first appeared in early 2008 when torrenting was everyone’s dirty little secret. With an average of 300,000 daily visitors, RARBG has an extensive and up-to-date catalog of movies, TV shows, software, and video games. While KAT and TPB would usually appear ahead of RARBG, their downfall means that RARBG is the best public torrent site in 2016.

RARBG Torrent Sites

Head on over to RARBG and give them a try, but don’t forget to turn your VPN on first!

2. TorLock

TorLock is our second pick due to their strict rules prohibiting fake torrents and potentially harmful software. Torrenting come with some risk, as cybercriminals use fake torrents as a way to conceal malware. Torlock has over three million verified torrents, a result of rewarding members for reporting fake torrents. You can read more about how Torlock operates in this interview with Torlock’s owner.

TorLock Torrent Sites

In the dangerous world of file-sharing, Torlock offers an awesome service to those tired of downloading fake torrents.

3. isoHunt

Veterans torrenters have almost certainly heard of isoHunt, a torrent site that first appeared in 2003 after Napster and Morpheus. While the original site closed in 2013 due to pending lawsuits, a successor was already launched by the end of the year: This site is a replacement for the original isoHunt, offering a substantial amount of anime and films.

ISOHUNT Torrent Sites

This new isoHunt has no connection with the old isoHunt team, although most of the site was put together by pieces uploaded to the Internet Archive.

4. torrentHound

torrentHound is unique, requiring the use of a bespoke BitTorrent client. They (unfortunately) do require an e-mail address to use their client. While this is not optimal if you want complete privacy, torrentHound does claim that this offers better protection from authorities.


torrentHound hosts an impressive database with over eight million movies, music, and software torrents.

5.Torrent Reactor

Our final pick for the best torrent sites in 2016 is Torrent Reactor, another veteran of the torrent scene. Torrent Reactor has a database of over four million torrents, with popular TV shows like Mr. Robot and Game of Thrones among the many options.

TorrentReactor Torrent Sites

Torrent Reactor does lack some of the wow-factor that comes with other torrent sites mentioned on this list. Nonetheless, they are a solid pick and have been a stable resource for many years.

The Best Torrent Sites: You Need a VPN

Let’s assume for a second that you are an active member of the torrenting community.

Continuing on this hypothetical path, let’s pretend you care at least a little bit about your online privacy. You are almost certainly aware of the insane penalties and fines that can sometimes be imposed for torrenting copyrighted material.

Having a VPN will increase your anonymity online and also potentially save you from being caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Copyright infringement is a problem, with ISPs and governments alike on the lookout for those looking to download movies and music illegally. It’s not very difficult for authorities to trace your IP address and you may find yourself in all kinds of trouble.

A VPN service will cost you just a couple dollars a month and gives you proper protection, encrypting all of the data between your computer and the Internet. This relatively small amount pales in comparison to what you would pay for an official movie DVD or lawsuit!

Take a look at our recommendations for the best VPNs for torrents or head straight to top recommendation: ExpressVPN!

So, what do you think of our picks for the best torrent sites? Do you have a site that you use and swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

Thomas Ujj Born in Canada, raised in the U.S, yet somehow living in Hungary. I have a passion for anything technology related, gaming, freedom and privacy, food and Italian football team AS Roma.

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  1. 2016 Nov 30th
    Suddenly torrentsites are down or out.
    And, I am bombarded by VPN advices.
    What use if I can’t download anymore.
    When using (payed) usenet/Spotnet/… I receive a lot of offers but when I ask for a particular movie/serie/episode I can stare to the sky (no limit, you know) but that’s all.
    Pitty – or better: shame

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