The Best VPNs for Argentina in 2018

Joel Tope

Joel Tope

December 18, 2017

Argentina is home to some great TV shows and movies. Now that streaming applications and services like Netflix are available internationally, many nations such as Argentina enjoy video content tailored for their population. Formerly, the majority of video content in Argentina was geo-restricted. Licensing agreements still plague international content distribution with geo-restrictions. However, content is not locked down as tightly as it once was.

If you want to access Argentinian video content from outside of the country, you need either a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel or proxy connection. To that end, we’ve selected the best VPN providers that operate servers in Argentinian locations (typically Buenos Aires). If you’re within Argentina, you’ll also need a VPN or proxy to view geo-restricted content from other countries.

When considering a VPN tunnel versus Smart Domain Name System (DNS) and proxy connections remember that a VPN encrypts data, while Smart DNS doesn’t. We think it’s important to encrypt any data you want to keep private. However, many users happily trade privacy for increased speeds. VPN tunnels add a small bit of encryption and latency overhead to your internet connection. However, modern computers and VPN servers are fast enough to easily accommodate streaming on-demand video.

Our five best VPNs for Argentina all have servers within the country. We also considered other features, such as simultaneous connections and peer-to-peer (P2P) support.

The Best VPNs for Argentina in 2018

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Buffered
  3. VyprVPN
  4. ibVPN
  5. HideMyAss
BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Three simultaneous connections
  • Servers in over 94 countries
  • Fast and reliable server connections
  • More expensive than most other providers

First up is ExpressVPN, which locates host servers in Argentina. ExpressVPN's server network is substantial. Users based in Argentina looking for a foreign server can choose from 93 other countries, including popular regions like the US, Europe, and Asia. ExpressVPN is known for providing reliable, high speed connections. This is especially important for demanding and time-sensitive data like streaming applications.

You can connect up to three devices at the same time, which should accommodate the majority of your needs. I would like to see ExpressVPN offer five or even six simultaneous connections, but three is more than adequate for my personal needs. Sadly, there isn't a trial version. However, you can try out the service and take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn't suit you.

The service isn't quite perfect. The biggest drawback is the price. ExpressVPN costs more than most other providers. However, if you opt for the annual subscription plan, the rate drops to a reasonable amount.

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2nd Place


Buffered Homepage
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Servers in Argentina and Brazil
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in 46 countries
  • Monthly plan is rather expensive

Buffered is the second best VPN for Argentina for several reasons. Buffered hosts servers in Argentina, as well as other South American locations such as Brazil. It also hosts servers in more countries than the average provider. Right now, it operates servers in 46 countries, giving the average user plenty of flexibility when choosing a VPN server endpoint.

You can connect up to five devices at the same time, and there aren't restrictions on file sharing applications. It's quite common for some VPN providers to restrict P2P and BitTorrent traffic, but Buffered doesn't impose such restrictions.

There are, however, two things that I think could be improved. Firstly, I wish that Buffered had a free trial that could be used indefinitely. Secondly, I don't see a lot of value in the monthly plan. If you want a cheaper monthly rate, I'd advise considering a longer-term subscription. Still, I do like the fact that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3rd Place


VyprVPN Homepage
  • Three-day free trial
  • Decent pricing
  • DPI prevention features
  • Prevents networks from blocking the VPN connection
  • Only the Premium version includes anti-DPI features

VyprVPN's Argentinian servers are located in Buenos Aires. VyprVPN also has servers in 70 countries, offering a diverse range of connection options. Other South American server locations include Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. It also hosts servers in other popular areas, such as the US and the UK.

I really like VyprVPN's security features, some of which aren't often found with competing services. For example, VyprVPN has a special anti-deep packet inspection (DPI) feature that prevents networking appliances like advanced firewalls from performing DPI. This feature helps stop a network from identifying the traffic and protocol type contained in the encrypted payload. It is thus much more difficult to detect and block VPN connections.

VyprVPN includes a free three-day trial to give users a chance to test the waters before jumping in and committing to a subscription. Sadly, there is one area where I think VyprVPN is lacking. I'm not crazy about the tiered pricing model, since features vary between the Standard and Premium subscriptions. For instance, the Standard version doesn't include the anti-DPI feature – only the Premium version does.

4th Place


ibVPN Homepage
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent traffic on select servers
  • Based in Romania
  • Includes web browser extensions
  • Five simultaneous connections per account
  • P2P traffic not permitted on Argentinian servers

ibVPN has Argentinian servers, but it doesn't permit P2P and BitTorrent traffic. ibVPN mitigates the legal risks associated with certain countries where it operates servers by strategically selecting specific locations in which to allow BitTorrent.

Most of the P2P and BitTorrent friendly servers are located in Europe and Canada. The company is based in Romania, so users won't have to worry about a forceful government coercing the business into releasing customer information. Note that ibVPN doesn't log user activities, and that each user is permitted up to five simultaneous connections.

ibVPN comes with great security features, including a kill switch. Additionally, the service comes with web browser extensions to help secure only your browser data, so you don't have to send all your internet traffic through the ibVPN connection. Last but not least, ibVPN hosts servers in 46 countries in addition to Argentina.

5th Place


HideMyAss Homepage
  • Servers in 190 countries
  • Free web proxy service
  • Free anonymous email service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Handed over information to government in the past

HMA VPN is often one of the top five VPNs when someone needs to connect to a specific country because it hosts servers in more countries and locations than any other VPN provider. The average provider hosts servers in 20-40 countries. HMA VPN hosts servers in over 190 countries, including Argentina.

HMA comes with a lot of free extras. I do wish this service had a free trial, but instead it makes do with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There isn't a free VPN, but there is a free anonymous email and free web proxy service. If you only need to unblock a website a few times (for instance, when you're on vacation), you can take advantage of the free web proxy service on HMA's website.

HMA offers industry standard encryption using AES-256, which is so strong that it's still used in banking and military applications. The annual subscription is excellent value and cheaper than most other providers. Lastly, note that HMA VPN is owned by AVG, which is based in Amsterdam.

Using a VPN for Argentina

Streaming content isn’t the only reason to use a VPN. The digital world isn’t as safe as it once was, despite the latest security technology built into operating systems. Unfortunately, hackers always seem to find a way to exploit operating system versions. You can counter their efforts and protect yourself from eavesdroppers on public WiFi networks by using encryption.

Furthermore, governments around the world snoop on their citizens in the interests of national security. Like most other countries, Argentina reserves the right to intercept communications in certain circumstances. There are, of course, laws governing digital rights, such as the Data Protection Act and Telecommunications Act.

Still, those with a healthy respect for privacy tend to distrust the powers that be. This is due to the data interception and surveillance scandals that have happened all over the world, even in countries with strict data protection legislation. Thankfully, a VPN’s encryption makes your data impossible for snoopers to read, thus preventing governmental monitoring.

Taking this into consideration, the logic of getting a VPN is clear. It’s then a case of working out which is the best VPN for a particular person, situation or device. Many people who are price sensitive shy away from security tools to save a few bucks. We’re genuinely interested in helping inform people and promoting the use of VPNs. To that end, if a subscription to a quality service is out of your reach, feel free to check out the best free VPNs.


Even countries with moderately free and open internet connections can still be dangerous. Hackers and surveillance programs are only a few clicks away. Instead of losing personal data to malicious hackers, use a VPN for Argentina. VPNs are also a great way to unblock content, be it streaming on-demand video or a live foreign sporting event. Simply choose one of our five best VPNs for Argentina and subscribe today!

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