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5 Best VPNs for US Servicemen Abroad 2017 – Stay Secure on Deployment Overseas

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

September 11, 2017

Joining the US military gives you a chance to see the world. You even get the opportunity to live and work on a base overseas. Some of these postings allow you to take your family with you. Living abroad is a great learning experience, but you’re likely to miss US TV. If you have a Netflix or HBO subscription, your family probably won’t want you to close it down.

Quick Links to our 5 best VPNs for American Servicemen Abroad

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost
  3. IPVanish
  4. VyprVPN
  5. Buffered

You can get all the American TV channels over the internet now. However, they check your location and stop you from accessing shows if you’re not in the US. Fortunately, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) get around this block. There are hundreds of VPNs out there, but not all of them can get through the regional restrictions on TV websites. If you need a VPN to watch American TV abroad, which should you choose?

Our research can help you select the right VPN for Germany, the right VPN for Guam, a VPN for the UK, or a VPN to watch American TV in Italy. When you go abroad to serve your country, you don’t have to give up all of your home comforts.

Best VPNs for American Servicemen Abroad: Summary

BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • Special Deal: Save 49% Today!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Strong security
  • Stealth servers
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • Fast network
  • Expensive

ExpressVPN is probably the best VPN in the world right now. Its extensive server network means that you can hide your identity to get into websites from many countries, not just the US.

If you're likely to be sent off to China, or the Middle East, you will find that access to foreign websites is blocked. A lot of countries even block access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and dating sites. In these cases, you not only need to overcome the access restrictions imposed by websites in the US, you also have to be sure that that the VPN you choose can evade detection in your location. ExpressVPN is very good at getting around restrictions. The service works well in China and Iran, where the governments actively block VPN traffic.

This service can get you into premium streaming services in the US, including Netflix and HBO GO. All of the regular TV channels also let you watch shows over the internet, and ExpressVPN can get you into those services too.

Special Deal: Save 49% Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »30-day money-back guarantee

2. Best VPN for American Servicemen Abroad: CyberGhost

CyberGhost Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in 29 countries
  • Special setting for TV streaming
  • Cool design
  • Speeds up slow connections
  • Can't get into Netflix
  • Only one connection allowed at any one time

CyberGhost is a really cute VPN app. The company put a lot of thought into the design of the software and it looks great on any device. This VPN is a lot cheaper than ExpressVPN and there is even a free version.

Although CyberGhost has servers in fewer countries than ExpressVPN, it has a lot of servers in the US, so if you mainly want to get into US websites, this could be the best low-cost choice for you. The opening screen of the app gives you a choice of activities. It optimizes its settings for certain types of websites, including torrenting and streaming. The streaming optimization is not available in the free version. Unfortunately, CyberGhost can't get into Netflix. This is a warning sign to those who are likely to get posted to the Middle East. If the VPN can't get around the Netflix proxy detection system, it probably can't get around the blocks operated in many restrictive countries.

IPVanish Homepage
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Servers in 60 countries
  • Fast network
  • Gets into Netflix
  • Quite expensive
  • Not good for torrenting

If you want to buy American, IPVanish is a good choice. Most VPN companies base themselves outside of the US because an overseas location makes it harder for the NSA or copyright lawyers to put pressure on the company to reveal the activities of its users. IPVanish vows to never retain data on user activities. However, it remains to be seen whether its resolve would be quite as strong if its executives were threatened with imprisonment.

The VPN runs over an infrastructure that IPVanish owns entirely. The network was specifically built to provide VPN services, which makes it very fast. This is a great option for watching streaming services and it can evade detection in restrictive countries. Given its susceptibility to legal action, however, you should probably avoid this VPN if you like to download media for free with torrents.

VyprVPN Homepage
  • Three-day free trial
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Get into Netflix
  • Fast customer service response and live chat
  • Proprietary cloaking technology
  • No refund after the free trial

VyprVPN gives you a three-day free trial. Test the hell out of it during that period because afterwards there's no refund option. You're allowed up to five simultaneous connections, which means that you can share an account with your buddies and really bring the price down.

If you think that you might be posted to the Middle East, then this is a good VPN to go for. It is a great UAE VPN because it can get around restrictions imposed on access to dating and social media sites there. This is also a good WhatsApp VPN, because it can evade detection in a lot of countries that ban that service.

VyprVPN is a great VPN for streaming and it can get you into all of the services that run tight regional restrictions, including Netflix and HBO GO.

5. Best VPN for American Servicemen Abroad: Buffered

Buffered Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) allowed
  • Servers in 37 countries
  • Optimized for video streaming
  • Doesn’t accept Bitcoin or PayPal

Buffered is a good option if you want to connect to the internet in cafés and other hotspot locations while you're abroad. The app has a simple layout and is easy to use on an iPhone. You get automatic protection on WiFi networks, and the "kill switch" prevents apps on your device connecting to the internet if the VPN connection drops.

The company doesn't have as wide a network as ExpressVPN or IPVanish. However, it has plenty of servers in the US, which makes access speeds fast enough for streaming video. Unfortunately, Buffered can't get you into Netflix.

VPN for American Servicemen Abroad: Considerations

One important factor that you should look for in a VPN when you’re overseas is whether you can get hold of customer support without having to call a hotline – those toll free US numbers won’t work from other countries. You also need to be sure that the customer service department speaks English. All of the VPN services in our top five have English-speaking operators. Furthermore, you can reach the help desk over the internet, so there’s no need to call a US number.

The best VPN for you will depend on which countries the military posts you to. You also need to do an audit of the TV services you want to access while you’re overseas. Make a list of the social media sites that you use, too. Many countries in the Middle East ban these sites. However, your VPN should be able to avoid detection in repressive countries so that it can get you into the US websites that you can’t live without.

Best VPN for Servicemen Abroad: Conclusion

The internet used to be open to all. The US was a key nation in establishing the freedoms of the internet. These reflected the freedoms enjoyed by American citizens. Those are all freedoms that the US military fought to provide.

American servicemen have fought for freedom all over the world. You may be going to live in a country that would be living under a dictatorship right now, had it not been for the sacrifices of the men and women of the US armed forces.

It is sad that the freedoms that your services fought for are now being slowly eroded on the internet. When you’re posted overseas, don’t put up with isolation from your own culture. You don’t have to fight for your freedom on the net, you just have to even the score by subscribing to a VPN. The five best VPNs in our list will help you enjoy your foreign posting and give you the joy of keeping in touch with America.

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