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Whether you’re a travelling business man or a simple tourist its more likely than not that sooner or later you will be using a hotel WiFi to connect to the internet. Hotels are probably the second worst places – after coffee shops – to use an unencrypted internet connection.

An unencrypted WiFi connection is probably the easiest way to steal your data, bank details or Facebook account, it is fairly easy either way. And no the perpetrator doesn’t need to be especially tech savvy – just look at Firesheep to see how easy it is to acquire your logins. Another favourite of hackers is to create fake WiFi hot-spots that replicate that of your hotels and steal your account details through fake registrations/logins. This is just two of the many reasons why you should always use a VPN to secure your internet connection.

On top of these security reasons there are a few other important reasons why a VPN service could be important in  your hotel of choice. Firstly, some hotels restrict or throttle some ports and internet traffic in order to reduce their data use. Secondly you might be in a country where internet freedom is not so existent, with extensive web c
ensorship and content surveillance e.g. China, and you will need a VPN in order to access most mobile services that you are used to. Lastly, you might need to carry out some work for your company and you definitely do not want your confidential information being accessed.

In essence there is every possible reason in the book that you should be using a VPN when connecting to a hotel WiFi. To help you choose the best provider see our summary and further breakdown below.


*All prices shown in US dollars

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Editor’s Choice

Winner – ExpressVPN

Positives: easy to use, great customer service, superb speeds, 30 day moneyback guarantee

Negatives: bit pricey, based in the USA

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN companies out there and it is no surprise that they always rank highly in our ratings. They provide easy to use and configure software for all platforms. The streamlined software has been configured in order to provide you with fantastic speeds and they have great customer support on hand in case you have any issues.

As mentioned they are a bit pricey but you definitely get your moneys worth by opting for them. They are also based in the US which means they carry out some logging but this is very basic and we have not had – or heard of – any problems with relation to this so we definitely recommend giving them a try today.

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30 day moneyback guarantee

2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN Logo

Positives: very fast, great encryption with their own software, 3 day no risk trial

Negatives: keeps basic logs for 90 days

VyprVPN is part of the GoldenFrog internet freedom consortium based out of Switzerland. As such they are outside the jurisdiction of the snooping eyes of the US and the EU so it is a bit of a letdown that they still decide to do some basic logging. We only recommend getting the Pro or Premium package as the Basic only provides the weak PPTP encryption.

They provide great speeds and have their very own software (Chameleon) which disguises the fact that you are using a VPN service. They also provide software for all platforms and you even have free cloud storage integrated into your account. Overall VyprVPNs service is absolutely fantastic.

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3 day no risk free trial

3. IPVanish

IPVanish Logo

Positives: great speeds, good client, large range of servers

Negatives: doesn’t allow P2P, no logging undermined by it’s actions

IPVanish is a great company with a lot of experience in the industry. It stands out from the crowd due to it’s large extent of servers – in 52 countries to be exact. It has a good range of software that is well established and easy to use and configure and provides great speeds. Their software also allows the configuration of UDP or TCP which can be great if the hotel is blocking some ports.

Though they promise no-logging we had some issues with this as you can find out if you read our review on them. However, as long as you aren’t torrenting you shouldn’t have an issue with this. Their support is also limited but very efficient at solving problems. Overall, for their cheap price, you get a fantastic service.

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4. PIA

PIA logo

Positives: very cheap, accepts Bitcoins, port forwarding, great software

Negatives: no free trial, no server statistics

If you looking for an affordable and great provider then PIA is definitely your go to choice. They are amazingly cheap yet for this they maintain great software, great servers and security – though it does come at the price of no 24/7 customer support.

Even though they are based in the US they maintain a – so far – true no logging policy and are adapt at fending off legal pressure. With their shared IPs it is also near impossible to trace your connection so we definitely recommend their service.

» Visit PIA

5. TorGuard

TorGuard logo

Positives: very fast, high security, acceps Bitcoins  

Negatives: too much required information at registration which it uses for marketing, no free trial

In some aspects TorGuard is a fantastic provider. It has a great 256-bit AES encryption and provides a free version of Viscosity. It has also come in great strides in the last few months and provides great speeds and support.

Unfortunately in other aspects they are not the best choice. The main issue we have with their service is that even though they accept Bitcoin, they require a lot of personal information of sign up which they use for marketing purposes – not very anonymous at all. Overall you do get a great service for the price you are paying.

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Overall, since we do not recommend using public WiFi without protection, we have given you the BestVPN services to use in your hotel. Our main considerations for these selections were speed and security since that’s the most important in this case. We have included a summery below and with our full reviews you can find out which VPN provider is the most useful for you on your travels.


*All prices shown in US dollars

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