Bill Mann

Bill Mann

April 23, 2018

Anyone who checks into a hotel with Internet-connected devices is a prime target for hackers. If you want to protect your personal data and avoid letting spies into your company network, you need a use a potent VPN in your hotel that can stop these creeps in their tracks.

List of the best VPNs for Hotels

If you’re looking for a quick answer take a look at the table below to see what our experts rated as the best VPNs for hotels. Scroll below for more information.

Various tricks allow the bad guys to use your smartphone or computer as a passageway to any data or network your device has access to. To protect you from this, we’ve selected 5 of the best VPNs for hotels from our huge archive of over 150 VPN reviews. Each is fast, uses extremely robust encryption technology, and can protect your privacy from virtually any threat.

Electronic espionage is a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone is a target. Using one of these VPNs in any hotel you visit is the best form of protection.


Best VPNs for Hotels: Considerations

Stay Secure on the Hotel WiFi Network

It used to be that bad guys needed physical access to your equipment to hack into it. Today, they can do so through your Internet connection. They can use your hotel’s free WiFi connection as a way to get spyware onto your phone or computer.

From then on, they have access to anything that your device is connected to. Log onto your home network after your trip, and everything there is accessible. Log onto your company network, and they can steal intellectual property, frame your company for some crime they commit, even cripple other devices.

To prevent this nightmare, you need to use a powerful, secure VPN. This will protect you in your hotel as well as at any other WiFi hotspot you encounter. By setting your VPN for maximum security, including automatic WiFi protection and a kill switch, you make it virtually impossible for the bad guys to get into your devices through their Internet connections.

Unblock Content Abroad

Even ignoring the threat of hackers and spies, it makes sense to use a VPN in a hotel. Hotel networks don’t always allow you to have access to all the content you want. The local government might force them to block certain content for political or religious reasons. Or the hotel management may not want you to use up all their bandwidth playing online games.

In these cases, a VPN will let you get around the blockades. The VPN encrypts everything going to or from your computer. Since the hotel network can’t see that you are visiting a prohibited site or playing a game, they don’t know to block you.

If you are in a hotel in another country, you will likely run into a different kind of blocked content. Streaming services usually limit where you are allowed to view their content due to contracts with the content creators. Even if you have a paid subscription to a service in your home country, the service may block you from viewing your favorite show when in another country.

A VPN can help with this problem by tricking the streaming service into thinking that you are somewhere that the content you want is legally available. Not all VPNs unblock everything, but by choosing one that can outsmart the streaming services you use, you’ll have access to your content from any hotel.

VPN for Hotels: Conclusion

Hackers breaking into smartphones and computers through Hotel WiFi connections is a favorite pastime of everyone from small-time hackers to government-backed cybercriminals, to hostile governments. Leaving your devices unprotected when staying in a hotel has become extremely dangerous.

Don’t take any risks when you go to stay in a hotel – get one of the five best VPNs for hotels today!