Thomas Ujj

Thomas Ujj

April 3, 2017

Even with smartphones and tablets eating into the market, laptops have remained highly popular as a mobile alternative to a desktop PC. The security and privacy risks present with a desktop computer, however, are even greater with a laptop!

The portable nature of laptops make them great for work and travel, but connecting to an open WiFi network in a hotel or airport lobby could expose all of your data to a would-be hacker. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in combination with your laptop is practically a requirement if you want to fully protect your data.

Not sure what a VPN is and how it can help? Other than encrypting all of your data and keeping hackers out, there are plenty of reasons you should use a VPN. Read more about VPNs and the numerous benefits that come with them in the Beginner’s Guide.

I’ve highlighted some of the the security risks that laptop users can encounter further down. Now, let me give you the best VPNs for laptops!

Best VPN for Laptops: Summary

Best VPN for Laptops: Considerations

Wait…What About a Free VPN for Laptops?

Looking for a free VPN for your laptop? While there are quite a few out there (check out our best free VPN page), there are some limitations and drawbacks worth mentioning.

The term “you get what you pay for” holds true for the VPN industry just like anything else, with a free VPN failing to provide the same level of security and performance that you get with a premium VPN service. Skimpy encryption, DNS leaks, and limited bandwidth are just some of the reasons you should consider investing a couple of dollars a month in one of the VPNs I’ve highlighted above.

Additionally, the danger of using open WiFi networks in hotels or airports is even more relevant when one considers that so many people travel with a laptop. Simply put, you shouldn’t skimp on security or privacy, especially when you are using your laptop for work or school.

Laptop Webcam Hacking: A Real Threat

While the notion of laptop webcam hacking may seem like something from a conspiracy website or a Matt Damon movie, it is a real danger that can severely violate your privacy. Even more worrying is that Russian teenage hackers might not even be the biggest threat when it comes to this kind of hacking!

The GCHQ (the UK’s version of the NSA) has made headlines for the use of snooping tools such as Nosey Smurf and Gumfish.

These snooping methods further increase the distrust between governments and ordinary citizens. Just another reason to set a VPN up on your laptop today!

Share Your Laptop VPN with Your Other Devices!

If you own a laptop, chances are you probably own a smartphone, tablet, or PC as well. Using a high-quality VPN service, like the ones I’ve mentioned above, usually allows you to have the VPN active on multiple devices at the same time. This is great news if you want to secure multiple devices with one VPN subscription.

If you are using a laptop at home or in the office, you can also configure a VPN on your router and cover all of your devices under one VPN connection.

Best VPN for Laptops: Summary

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