5 Best VPNs for Sky Go to Watch Game of Thrones in 2017

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

July 18, 2017

Sky Go gives you online access to your home Sky TV package. You can easily watch the service for free, but only if you already subscribe to Sky at your UK residence and only if you are located in the UK. It would be nice to be able to pick up your favorite Sky programs, including Game of Thrones Season 7, over the internet when you are abroad. However, if you try, you get the following message:

Sky Go unavailable box

This problem is caused by regional restrictions. Sky will only allow you to watch its shows from within the UK and Ireland. However, you can get around this lockout by employing a system called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN fools the Sky Go computer by showing you as being in a UK location. The VPN gets the video and then passes it on to your computer.

Not all VPNs are good enough to fool the Sky Go system. Sky Go’s VPN detection procedures are among the most advanced in the world. However, the following VPNs are all good for Sky Go. They will get you into your Sky subscription over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Quick Links to our best 5 VPNs for Sky Go

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. VyprVPN
  3. LiquidVPN
  4. ibVPN
  5. VPNArea
BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • Special Deal: Save 49% Today!
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great speeds for video streaming
  • Strong encryption
  • Gets into Sky Go and Netflix
  • Top quality customer support
  • A bit pricey - but worth it!

Our ExpressVPN review shows it's one of the best VPN services in the world right now. Although streaming services fight to block VPN traffic, ExpressVPN bounces back every time. Keeping ahead of the regional restrictions and VPN detection systems of streaming services takes time and money. ExpressVPN makes the investment to ensure that its customers can get into Sky Go.

If you are looking forward to watching Game of Thrones series 7 through your Sky Go subscription, but will be outside the UK when the series is on, you should definitely subscribe to ExpressVPN. Its 30-day money-back guarantee reduces the risk of giving this service a try.

Special Deal: Save 49% Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »30 day moneyback guarantee

2. Best VPN for Sky Go: VyprVPN

VyprVPN Homepage
  • Three-day free trial
  • Up to five simultaneous connections allowed
  • Proprietary cloaking methods
  • Good for torrenting
  • Automatic WiFi protection
  • No refund after three days

VyprVPN has servers in 64 countries. The important server location to get you into Sky Go is the UK and it runs servers in several locations in Britain.

VyprVPN is owned and run by technical experts. It keeps on its toes to stay ahead of the VPN detection systems that streaming services use. This is a very good VPN for accessing international sites, such as Sky Go, from China. The Chinese authorities have never detected VyprVPN traffic, because it uses its own proprietary cloaking methodology. VPN detection systems look for patterns in the encryption of internet messages to identify VPN traffic. VyprVPN scrambles each packet after it has been encrypted to disguise these tell-tale signals.

Avoid the basic plan because it won't get you into Sky Go - you need to opt for the premium package.

3. Best VPN for Sky Go: LiquidVPN

LiquidVPN Homepage
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to eight simultaneous connections
  • High-strength security
  • Unique modulating address method
  • Support for torrenting
  • Small server network

This is another technician-led VPN. The unusual detection avoidance methodology that LiquidVPN uses was invented by the company's founder. This is the "modulating IP address," which periodically swaps around the addresses used by all the customers online at the same time. It's a complicated system, but it does work. LiquidVPN is adept at getting past all detection systems and you should have no problems getting into Sky Go with this VPN.

The weak point of this VPN is that it only runs servers in 11 countries. However, that list includes the UK, so if getting into British TV is your priority, you will be well served by LiquidVPN. As well as Sky Go, this service will get you into Netflix UK, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 online.

You get a choice of plans, where the only variable is the number of simultaneous connections allowed. The choice is between two, four, and eight connections. In each case, you get a lower price per month if you sign up for a year and pay up front.

4. Best VPN for Sky Go: ibVPN

ibVPN Homepage
  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • 24-hour free trial
  • Smart DNS service included
  • Excellent customer service
  • Takes time to comprehend

Strictly speaking, this service shouldn't be included on a list of VPNs for Sky Go, because it is the free Smart DNS service that accompanies the subscription that will get you into the Sky online service, not the VPN.

The company website has a fast connect page with a large selection of international channels. If you don't know the web address of a particular streaming site, you can just click on it in the menu on this page. Although the company is based in Romania, all the support staff speak English and you can access them through live chat support on the website around the clock.

The company has a range of plans, but the top-of-the-line package just costs a few pennies more than the rest. You need the full service plan in order to get both the VPN and the Smart DNS service. The company has servers in 47 countries and you can get into streaming services in all of the countries where it has servers. The 24-hour free trial is of the "Ultimate VPN" package.

5. Best VPN for Sky Go: VPNArea

VPNArea Homepage
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to almost every streaming service in the world
  • Up to six simultaneous connections
  • Good for use in China
  • Allows P2P access
  • Not the fastest VPN

When reviewing VPNArea we found that they make it a priority to defeat regional restrictions on streaming services. Getting past the VPN detection systems of Sky Go and Netflix requires a lot of effort.

VPNs buy up blocks of IP addresses and randomly assign one to each customer for each session. When the user logs off, that address goes back into the pool for another customer to use. This is called a "shared IP address service" and it helps mask the true identity of each customer.

Unfortunately, comprehensive VPN detection systems log the addresses of suspected VPN requests. Sky Go does this. To ensure constant access to services such as Sky Go, VPNArea periodically bins its address pool and buys new ones.

The detection avoidance methods of this VPN make it one of the few VPNs that consistently gets through the Great Firewall of China. The session establishment procedures of the service are among the strongest in the world, and the company also offers an SSH tunnel option as an alternative method to get around detection.

Choosing the Right VPN for Sky Go

These five VPN services can all get you into Sky Go. We’ve ordered them in a sequence that represents their capabilities, so you should probably try them out in the order that they are presented here.

The key deciding factor may come down to the local service conditions in the country from which you want to access the internet. The other activities that you want a VPN for (apart from access to Sky Go) may also influence your choice of provider.

These VPNs offer various refund periods and free trials. This gives you a chance to try them all without risk. We have tested the money-back guarantees of all of these services and they all deliver refunds without argument.

How to Get Sky Go

You should only try to access Sky Go if you already have a Sky TV package at home in Britain. If you don’t, you should subscribe to NOW TV instead. This is exactly the same as Sky Go, but you don’t need a residential service in order to get it. Here are the best VPNs to unblock Now TV abroad – if this option is better for you.

Sky Go costs nothing if you already pay for Sky at home. You register on the site and get your email address logged as a “Sky ID.” Next, you associate your home Sky service with that ID by entering your package account number in a set up screen on the site. After that, you can get into the system.

Registered Devices

You can watch Sky Go on up to two devices simultaneously. When you access the service through a tablet or smartphone, you first need to download a player onto your device. On a laptop or Mac, you can watch the content through your browser, but it only works with Internet Explorer.

The first time you access the system, the streaming server records the details of your device and registers it. This takes up one of your two allowed devices. Be careful about logging in from a borrowed computer, because you can only alter your registered devices once per month. Once you have accessed the service from two different devices, you have to wait until the next month before you can get into Sky Go on a different computer, tablet, or phone.

VPNs for Sky Go

Most VPN apps are self-installing and easy to use. However, the conditions and settings needed to get around the extremely strict VPN detection system of Sky Go mean you may need to do a little tinkering before it works.

Many VPNs run specific servers to get into streaming services. You need to work out which these are in order to get into Sky Go. For example, VPNArea’s server list includes two in the UK that are specifically tailored to get customers into Netflix. These servers will also get you into Sky Go.

You might need to clean up your computer a little to get the Sky Go player to run. This includes deleting cookies and clearing out your cache. If you have no idea how to perform these tasks, you can contact the customer support department of your VPN service.

VPN Customer Service

All five VPNs in our list have very competent technicians manning their customer helpdesks. The best on the list for giving you immediate help is ibVPN, because its help desk can be accessed through live chat around the clock. The next in line for the crown of best customer support is VPNArea. That company operates live chat for support, but it is not always manned.

VyprVPN and LiquidVPN will give you easy-to-follow and comprehensive instructions on fixing any problems via email. This is a little frustrating when you want to get everything working immediately. However, responses usually arrive within a couple of hours. TuVPN brings up the rear in respect to customer service because its customer support email responses are a little slower.

Sky Go VPNs: Conclusion

If you’re paying for Sky and should be able to access the system over the internet for free, it can seem a little unfair that Sky stops you from getting what you paid for just because you aren’t in the UK. However, this is not Sky’s decision.

Video streaming services are bound by legal agreements with the governments of the countries within which they operate. They are also bound by the copyright holders of the entertainment that they show. Sky is legally obliged to take all possible steps to prevent unauthorized access. Copyright holders can sue Sky if it doesn’t try its best.

Having said that, if Sky has done all it can to prevent you from getting at its content and you manage to do it anyway, then it can’t be blamed. Sky is a lot harder to get into than many other streaming services. Netflix is judged to be the most technically competent service in blocking overseas access with VPNs, but actually, Sky Go has even tighter controls.

The five VPNs on our list of the best for Sky Go are truly exceptional. Make the most of their technical expertise and get into your Sky service from anywhere in the world.

VPNs for Sky Go: Side-by-Side Summary

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper is a techy geek with a social edge. Downshifting from a successful IT career in Europe, Cooper moved to the Caribbean and now keeps up to speed with Internet technology poolside.

5 responses to “5 Best VPNs for Sky Go to Watch Game of Thrones in 2017

  1. Hi, Brian,
    We spoke to ExpressVPN and they reported back that their tests got through at both Sky Go UK and Sky Go Italia. Maybe the problem cleared itself up. Are you still experiencing problems? It could be an issue with the DNS server, as explained by VyprVPN. Check that you are using ExpressVPN’s private DNS server and that might fix the problem.

  2. Hi, Kev,
    VyprVPN now reports that the VPN is getting through at Sky Go. They suspect that the issue may have been with your DNS server. You need to be sure that you are using the VyprDNS and not the DNS system provided by your ISP.

  3. Hi, Kev, We contacted VyprVPN and asked them what was going on. They confirmed that they got spotted by Sky Go and they are working on a solution — this usually involves binning their existing pool of addresses and buying new ones. I will post here when VyprVPN tell us that they have solved the problem.

  4. ExpressVPN no longer works for me for Sky Go. Seems after a google that Sky have recently updated things to know you’re on a VPN. Do you know for sure if any of the others actually work still?

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