Bill Mann

Bill Mann

April 10, 2018

Are you having trouble with your TeamSpeak connection? Using a VPN for TeamSpeak could be the solution to your problem. This popular VoIP system has many applications in business, education, and especially gaming. But not all ISPs or governments like services like this. Using TeamSpeak with a super fast, ultra-secure VPN can get you around these problems.

We’ve reviewed over 150 VPN services over the last 5 years. In that time, we’ve found some VPNs that are ideal for TeamSpeak, along with many that are not. Today, we are happy to share with you our list of the 5 Best VPNs for TeamSpeak.

List of the 5 Best VPNs for TeamSpeak

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Best VPNs for TeamSpeak: Considerations

Since you are here, you are likely experiencing one of the two major problems that TeamSpeak users run into: a slow connection, or no access at all.

A Slow TeamSpeak Connection

Is your TeamSpeak sound quality bad, or does the connection cut in and out on you? You may have a connection that is being intentionally slowed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many ISPs dislike VoIP services like TeamSpeak because of the bandwidth they require. Rather than upgrade their systems to deliver more bandwidth, some of those ISPs resort to something called “bandwidth-throttling” to secretly reduce the amount of bandwith VoIP programs use.

To use this technique, the ISP needs to be able to identify VoIP programs so it can slow them down. Using a VPN for TeamSpeak gets around this problem by encrypting the TeamSpeak messages. Since the ISP doesn’t know you are using TeamSpeak, it can’t slow you down.

Unblock TeamSpeak

If you are blocked from using TeamSpeak altogether, your government is probably the culprit. For various reasons, certain governments ban the use of public VoIP services like TeamSpeak. They may even make it illegal to use such services.

In this case, a VPN is absolutely essential for TeamSpeak access. A VPN can not only disguise your TeamSpeak messages so your ISP can’t see them, it can allow you to connect to TeamSpeak servers located outside the reach of your government. This one-two punch should get you past most any attempts by your government to cut off your TeamSpeak access.

Just remember: if using VoIP is illegal where you are, you need the kind of superior encryption and security that our best VPNs for TeamSpeak provide.

Best VPNs for TeamSpeak: Conclusion

While TeamSpeak is a respectable service with myriad legitimate uses, some ISPs don’t like it, and some governments hate all programs like it. To get past these problems, you need an extremely capable VPN. One that can not only encrypt your messages well enough that your ISP doesn’t even know you are using TeamSpeak, but one that is secure enough that your government can’t bust you for using the service.

Each of our picks uses highly-secure encryption and can get past almost any block put up by your government. On top of that, they are all lightning-fast. Don’t take a chance any insecure free or low-end VPNs you can find lurking in the dark corners of the internet. Trust one of the best VPNs for TeamSpeak.