Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

February 1, 2018

HBO GO and HBO Now, as well as many similar services have been attempting to crack down on people watching from overseas using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). However, the VPNs listed in this article still unblock HBO GO and HBO Now at the time of writing. We will monitor the situation and regularly update this list if anything changes, so that you can stream HBO shows such as Game of Thrones outside the US, no matter where you happen to live.

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What is HBO Go?

HBO GO is a world renowned streaming video service that launched in 2010. It provides access to on-demand streams of  HBO content, including current and past series, specials, films, and sports events. You can access it through the HBO website or by using its custom app (on mobile devices). It is also possible to watch HBO GO with Smart TVs, Roku, games consoles,  Apple TV and Chromecast (among others).

From True Detective to Oz, True Blood to Game of Thrones, HBO has always had its finger on the pulse of popular programming. It is no surprise then, that when HBO GO was released on Android and iOS, it was downloaded one million times in the first week. For HBO fans who live outside of the US, the good news is that, with a VPN service, anybody can stream HBO GO from anywhere in the world.

See the guides below to learn more about using a VPN on different devices:

What is HBO Now?

HBO NOW is a premium television service that delivers entertainment, including Game of Thrones Season y to homes in the USA. The company’s media library is available to the public over the internet. Subscribers to home entertainment packages get free access to the library through the HBO GO website.

In 2015, in an attempt to face off the challenge of online entertainment service Netflix, HBO launched HBO NOW. HBO NOW is a version of HBO GO that doesn’t require a residential service subscription. HBO NOW subscribers can watch boxed sets of HBO’s world famous productions, like Game of Thrones.

What is a VPN for HBO?

A Virtual Private Network is a type of software that allows people to pretend to be in another country. In addition, a VPN securely encrypts all outgoing and incoming traffic from the subscriber’s device, to keep their data private. That means a VPN subscriber can pretend to be in a foreign country and watch geo-restricted content without their Internet Service Provider (ISP), government, or anybody else knowing.

Unfortunately, streaming services like Netflix and HBO GO are aware of VPNs and are blocking many of them. The good news is that the VPNs in this article still unblock HBO GO – from anywhere in the world.

Whether you love gritty dramas (like The Wire), hilarious comedies (like Silicon Valley), or you just love watching the very latest shows that are causing chaos online (like Westworld, for instance, which is allegedly having to re-write much of season two because of Reddit fans!), then HBO GO is the streaming service for you.

Despite geo-restrictions, there is a way to unblock HBO GO – use a VPN. However, despite the fact that a VPN service is by far the best way to watch HBO GO from outside the US, it is still necessary to take a few things into consideration…

Does Every VPN Unblock HBO GO/Now?

No. Sadly, HBO GO blocks many VPN services. HBO GO doesn’t really want people to use a VPN to access its geo-restricted content. For that reason, it actively blocks IP addresses that have been linked to a VPN.

The good news is that some VPNs manage to find ways under the radar to unblock HBO GO for their subscribers. At times, some world class VPNs do lose the ability to unblock HBO GO on a particular VPN server. However, the good news is that the VPNs in this list keep finding ways to unblock HBO GO for their users.

In addition, the VPN services in this guide all have top-notch customer care services, which are available to help their customers should anything happen. Thus, if you lose the ability to stream HBO GO on a particular VPN server, don’t panic! Instead, contact your VPN to find out what you should do.

What Is the Difference Between One VPN for HBO and Another?

All of the VPN services in this guide unblock HBO GO. In addition, they are world class services that are trusted and reliable. However, despite these similarities, not every VPN service is identical.

VPNs provide access to a network of VPN servers. It is by connecting to these servers that subscribers are able to pretend to be in a different country. To watch HBO GO it is necessary to connect to a US server. In addition, because you are going to watch HD videos on HBO GO, it is necessary for those US-based servers to provide fast speeds.

The good news is that all of the VPNs in this guide do provide fast speeds. However, some are slightly faster than others, which is why they are rated in their respective positions. In addition, some VPNs (like ExpressVPN up in first, for example) have 24/7 live chat support. That is an amazing resource that allows subscribers to talk to the VPN at any time of day to ask questions.

If you want the very best VPN for HBO GO, we recommend the best VPN in the list. However, our top five are all incredibly well-respected VPNs that are in no way known for being sluggish. As such, you will be safe with any of these VPNs for HBO GO.

Privacy and Security

An important consideration when selecting a VPN for HBO GO is the provider’s commitment to privacy and security. Many VPNs (there are well over 850 consumer services on the market) provide badly implemented or outdated encryption. Furthermore, many VPNs have seriously poor privacy policies that put their users at risk.

Here at best VPN, we take the time to carefully study VPN providers’ privacy and security policies. All of the VPNs in this list are known to us and have been reviewed by our team. With that in mind, you can be sure that not only do these VPNs unblock HBO GO, but they do so in a secure and private manner.

In fact, these VPNs are world class services that can be used to keep your data secure from the prying eyes of hackers, governments, ISPs, and any other outside influences that may want to snoop on your data. As such, subscribing to any of these services will provide you with the best levels of digital privacy available in 2017 – as well as the ability to unblock geo-restricted websites from around the world.

VPN – Not Just about HBO GO

The VPNs in this article have servers all over the globe. That means that subscribers can unblock websites in any of those countries. ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries – that means you can unblock sport, TV, websites, and other services in any of those countries. The same goes for the other VPNs: if they have a server somewhere, you can pretend to be there.

That is why we only recommend VPNs that have a large selection of servers – so that you can watch HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, Italian football, or Australian rugby. The choice is yours!

Best HBO Go VPNs: Summary


Editor's choice

Editor's choice

ExpressVPN Homepage
  • Special Offer: 49% off today!
  • Unblocks HBO GO
  • Ultra fast – great for streaming!
  • Ultra secure – 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • A bit pricey – but worth it!

ExpressVPN is a fantastic option for unblocking HBO GO. It has superior servers located in 94 countries, which means that you can use ExpressVPN to unblock HD content from around the world. It has fantastic US servers that make it perfect for watching HBO GO in HD.

In addition, it has absolutely fantastic software for all the popular platforms, making it easy for anybody to use. Customer care is 24/7, which means that should a server you usually use to watch HBO GO fail, you will be able to talk to someone at once to find out what to do about it. ExpressVPN is helpful and always solves problems rapidly.

Finally, it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it on HBO GO yourself, risk-free.

Get the best VPN for HBO GO now!

Visit ExpressVPN »30-day money-back guarantee!


CyberGhost Homepage
  • Special Offer: 77% off 1-year plan!
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Fast for streaming
  • Super secure
  • Strong privacy policy
  • Good Customer Care
  • Some connection statistics kept

CyberGhost is the perfect option for unblocking HBO Go. This VPN is secure and has an excellent privacy policy. In addition, it is easy to use and has plenty of servers located around the globe: including in the US for watching HBO. The VPN is fully featured and has a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It also provides great customer care to help when you most need it.

With tier one servers located around the globe, CyberGhost will let you watch HD video content without buffering. Finally, it also has a 30-day money back guarantee to test the service.


NordVPN Homepage
  • Special Offer: 77% off today!
  • Strong encryption
  • US servers for HBO GO
  • Fantastic privacy and security
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • Lovely software to use
  • Not as fast as the VPNs above

NordVPN is a popular service among people who want added security features. It is also a very good service for people who want to stream video in HD (including unblocking HBO GO). It has servers all over the world, and it provides a fantastic all-round service. The software is truly amazing and a joy to use. If you want VPN into Tor, double encryption options – and a VPN for HBO GO – this is a fantastic service. However, do bear in mind that this services is a little bit slower than the VPNs further up in our list.


PrivateVPN Homepage
  • Lightning fast
  • Strong encryption
  • Servers in 56 countries
  • Great customer care
  • Easy to use
  • Not much

This superb VPN is perfect for unblocking HBO Go. It has lightning fast servers located in the US and around the globe. This VPN is loved by consumers, for providing an awesome service at an affordable price. What's more, this VPN is secure thanks to strong military-grade encryption. In addition, it has an airtight privacy policy that will keep your data secure.

When it comes to watching HBO Go, PrivateVPN has everything you need. The software is easy to use and is fully prepped with all the best premium VPN features. Finally, it also provides a free trial and a money back guarantee to test the service!


IPVanish Homepage
  • Fast connections for HBO GO
  • Zero logs
  • Servers in over 60 countries
  • Good customer care
  • Strong encryption
  • Based in the US
  • No 24/7 live chat

IPVanish is a US-based service that keeps zero logs. This is just as well, because the US is a place that is generally considered bad for privacy. However, the zero logs policy nicely makes up for this. As far as watching HBO GO is concerned, this VPN has very fast servers in the US and more than 60 countries. As such, it is perfect for streaming anything in HD (and to unblock HBO GO).

Sadly this service doesn’t have 24/7 live chat support. In addition, emails are answered only during US daylight hours. Obviously, this will means less availability for communication about unblocking events and so forth than you get with services such as ExpressVPN.

Overall, however, this is a superb VPN that has fantastic software for all platforms. Also, it provides a seven-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it for yourself.

HBO GO & HBO Now VPN: Conclusion

In this article, we have taken a close look at the best VPNs for HBO GO. The VPNs have been selected for a number of reasons. Firstly, these VPNs actually unblock HBO GO (many don’t). In addition, all of these VPNs are reliable and trusted services that are known for providing high levels of privacy and security for their users.

With privacy taken care of, the only other consideration is connection speeds. The VPNs in this guide do differ slightly in terms of connection speeds, but are all extremely good. For this reason, HBO GO fans will be fine selecting any of the VPNs in this guide (although those who want the absolute best speeds are advised to go for a VPN that is further up the list). Happy viewing!