BestVPN By Device

Here’s a list of all the devices we have reviewed VPN services for. If you have a device on your mind that isn’t on the list yet then do not hesitate to let us know.

Android iOS OSX Tomato Routers
Apple TV iOS 7
iPad P U
B iPhone PSP Ubuntu Devices
BlackBerry iPhone 5C
Boxee iPhone 5S R W
iPhone 6 Roku Windows Devices
C iPod Touch Windows Backup
Chrome OS S
K Samsung Galaxy S4 X
D Kindle Fire Samsung Galaxy S5 Xbox 360/One
DD-WRT Routers Samsung Galaxy Tab
L SmartTV (SmartDNS)
G Laptops SmartTV (VPN)
Gaming Devices Linux Devices Streaming Devices
Google Nexus 7 Surface Pro 3
M Synology
Mac Backup

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4 responses to “BestVPN By Device

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a VPN that works in China and has a multiple devices subscription or a family deal. I would like the VPN on one desktop and upto 3 or 4 Iphones or IPads or Android phones


  2. hi grate site

    I would like to have VPN on my PS4 so i can use my American Netflix here in Norway
    Can you do a reviuw if it is such a service avaleble?

    1. Hi Thorstein

      We will add PS4 to the list. It is not possible to directly run a VPN on PS4 but you can share your internet connection, see the Xbox list for more information on this. If you would like to use a VPN on a lot of devices, then look into a VPN router – also covered in that article.
      If you’re not worried about security and encryption and instead want the best speeds possibles then you can directly use a SmartDNS.


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