BestVPN is blocked in China

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 21, 2014

BestVPN has a keen interest in censorship issues, and especially of course in how VPN can be used to evade censorship. It is therefore with some pride (mixed with chagrin as we appear to have lost readers who cannot now access our website), that we discover since 3 April our website has itself become victim to China’s internet blockade.

blocked in China 1

 Results from

It appears that some form of DNS poisoning is happening, where DNS requests are being intercepted and blocked as part of the Golden Shield project (better known as the Great Firewall of China).

 blocked in China 3

Above are results from WebSitePulse’s Great Firwall of China test. The test returned similar results for Beijing and Guangzhou. BestVPN is uncensored in Hong Kong, but as Hong Kong is not subject to the GFW, and has in fact one of the least monitored and censored internet access in the world, this was as expected.

Unfortunately there is little we can do about it from our end, although our articles on Accessing Websites from China and 5 Best VPNs in China should be very helpful for those currently outside China but who are planning to visit there. Given that DNS poisoning appears to be the means used to block us, changing DNS settings to point at a service such as OpenNic may also be effective (and is a good policy anyway).

Of course, none of this helps those in China who cannot access this information, although many tech savvy netizens in China are already adept at evading the GFW.

ExpressVPN receive our warmest thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.

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