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Welcome again to our weekly newsletter, bringing you our latest articles on the world of VPN and online security.

Jimmy Wales and Stephen Fry speak out against ‘squalid’ government surveillance At a London event hosted by the Guardian and the Don’t Spy on Us Campaign, Stephen Fry describes government surveillance as ‘squalid’, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales argues that Britain needed a written constitution.  Shoreditch-Town-Hall-
Thai coup leaders tighten internet control Following the army led coup d’état in Thailand last month, the military has increased internet censorship in its attempt to sway and control public opinion. This will likely result in greater use of anti-censorship tools such as VPN.  thai flag
5 Best SmartDNS for SmartTV SmartDNS allows owners of Smart TVs to access services restricted by geo-location. We show you how to set this up, and make our choice of the best SmartDNS providers for the job  SmartTV_Logo
Microsoft acts bullish over NSA reform With lack of consumer trust over corporate cooperation with the NSA hitting its bottom line, Microsoft starts talking tough about reform, while improving encryption standards on its network.  microsoft logo 2
Germany considers arbitration courts for ‘right to be forgotten’ The European Court of Justice ruling on the ‘right to be forgotten’ places a huge onus and responsibility on search engines such as Google. The German Interior Ministry is mulling ‘dispute-settlement mechanisms’ to help mediate takedown requests.  google ecj
Is Time4Popcorn safe? We have always championed the Popcorn Time fork Time4Popcorn, but a nasty spat has broken out within the development community. We reserve judgment, but present the facts as we understand them…  popcorn time 3
Google to flag up missing ‘right to be forgotten’ data Google is planning to clearly label search results that have been removed due to the ECJ’s ruling on ‘the right to be forgotten’, and will accede only to requests conforming to a very narrow interpretation of the court’s ruling.  google ecj
GCHQ says mass snooping is legal under secret interpretation of laws no-one has ever heard of Britain’s top spook defends mass GCHQ surveillance of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, citing an obscure interpretation of a little known law as its legal justification.  gchq-cheltenham-370x229
X.pose boob-tube leaves you as exposed as your data Fashion designer and social commentator Xuedi Chen develops high-tech clothing that connects to a cell phone app. As the app collects more data about the user ‘the more naked and exposed she will become’.  xposed1
Democrats propose new legislation to ban internet ‘fast lanes’ While the FCC moves forward with ‘protecting’ net neutrality by utterly destroying it, Congressional Democrats step into the fray and introduce legislation intended to ban such internet prioritization (and thereby forcing the FCC’s hand).  tombstone
How to protect your PC with Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) Internet Explorer protected EMET was the only program not successfully compromised at this year’s Pwn2own hacking contest. EMET is aimed at system administrators, but is an easy way for ordinary Windows users to increase their security. We show you how.  emet about
Republican Senator attacks Google for being ‘unpatriotic’ US Representative Mike Rogers likes a good bit patriotic flag waving, but this week he takes the loony award for claiming that Google, who has lost a lot of business thanks public distrust of the company following Snowden’s revelations, is ‘unpatriotic’ for opposing the deplorable FISA bill.  mike-rogers-of-michigan
ECJ to rule on Facebook passing personal data to NSA Thanks to efforts of Austrian law student Max Shrems, the Irish High Court has referred the question of whether EU Facebook users should have their privacy respected to the European Court of Justice, whose ruling on the matter could have far reaching implications for the Safe Harbor Agreement.  facebook vs europe
Hackers reverse engineer NSA wireless spying gadgets Reverse engineering mysterious surveillance gear found in the NSA’s Advanced Network Technology (ANT) catalog, a team of hackers develops HackRF, a software-defined radio (SDR) spying system, now available to back on Kickstarter!  HackRF preliminary
US government and police go to great lengths to hide spy tactics The US government, in collusion with local police forces, has gone to great lengths to hide the scale of it surveillance of the general public, including lying in court. Central to this surveillance is Stingray, a high tech system of eavesdropping on all cell phone calls in an area…  stingray
2014 is the 100 year anniversary of… the US as a surveillance state! Historian Lon Strauss traces the roots of the modern US surveillance state back to the First World War, finding that measures taken to spy on pacifists and those accused of ‘anti-Americanism’ laid the foundations for McCarthyism and the modern War on Terror.  us-flags-plant


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