BestVPN Weekly Newsletter 06 June 2014 -

BestVPN Weekly Newsletter 06 June 2014

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

June 6, 2014

Welcome again to our weekly newsletter, bringing you our latest articles on the world of VPN and online security.

Ex-New York Mayor wants Edward Snowden prosecutedBillionaire and former three-term Republican mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg thinks ‘Snowden should be prosecuted.’  bloomberg snowden nbc
Europe in danger of holding website owners liable for users commentsThe European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has made a ruling as dangerous as it is ridiculous – that website owners can be held liable for comments left by their users. The implications for freedom of speech are staggering…  europea_court_of_human_rights_big
Google heads campaign for real surveillance reformImplicated in cooperating with NSA mass surveillance in the past, Google is now at the forefront of demanding real reform following the travesty that was eventually passed as the USA Freedom Act.  google action
BolehVPN Review BolehVPN is a no-logs off-shore Malaysian VPN provider, with great software and fast speeds. Basically, we think it is great!  BolehVPN_Software_Main
VPN Gate Review For something a bit different, VPN Gate is a free research project developed by the University of Tsukuba, Japan. It relies on volunteers around the world to run VPN servers, and although it is unsuitable for more privacy-minded users, it is a great anti-censorship tool.  softether1
You have two weeks to protect yourself against Cryptolocker virusA successful operation by various international police organizations has successfully seized control of a global network of computers infected with the dread ‘ransomware’ virus Cryptolocker. The chief of the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), however, warns that computer users have only two weeks to get their security in order…  cryptolocker-2.0
5 Best VPNs for BusinessesBusinesses have different needs to personal users when it comes to VPN (although in many ways VPN is even more vital to them!). We examine these needs, and see how different provider’s business packages meet our criteria.  business
So what’s up with TrueCrypt?Last week the devs of popular source-available encryption tool TrueCrypt shocked the security community by suddenly shutting the software down. No-one really knows happened, but conspiracy theories abound. We take a look at competing ideas, and developments over the last week.  truecrypt white back
Turkey removes YouTube ban After over two months, and much international condemnation, the Turkish Constitutional Court last week ruled that Erdoğan’s YouTube ban violated the right to freedom of speech, and on Tuesday Turkey’s media regulator yesterday lifted it.  turkey youtube
Google introduces end-to-end email encryption The end-to-end PGP encryption plugin announced by Google (still in alpha) is nothing new (it appears to be very similar to Mailvelope), but with Google’s weight behind it encouraging best practice, it may encourage more people to secure their emails. Only problem is, how will Google make money then…?  gmail logo 2
Today is the anniversary of the Snowden revelations Thursday marked the one year anniversary of the first of Edward Snowden’s world-shattering NSA revelations. Despite shedding light on just how dark and Orwellian a universe we really live in, Governments continue to resist reform…  snowden
FCC web comments crashed by net neutrality activists The way in which the FCC is ‘protecting’ net neutrality in the US by utterly destroying it, is far from funny, but when funnyman John Oliver encouraged TV viewers to deluge the FCC comments site to the point that it crashed, it does raise a smile…  tombstone
Half of all US citizens hacked over last year Coming up with a shockingly high figure, CNNMoney, in collaboration with researchers at the Ponemon Institute, has calculated that 47 percent of Americans have had their account details exposed to hackers over the last twelve months.  47 hacked
Google launches web form to deal with EU ‘right to be forgotten’ requests Following on from the European Court of Justice’s ruling last month that individuals have a right to request search engines remove results about them, Google launches a simple request form. The entire process however, is fraught with issues…  google ecj
How to bypass VPN for specific websites We provide a step by step guide to configuring your computer’s IP routing so that you can specify some websites to not go through your VPN connection. It’s not as scary as it sounds!  unrouting

We wish you a fantastic week, hope that you stay secure on-line, and look forward to sending you another newsletter next Friday!

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