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Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

October 20, 2016

Ben Taylor

Ben was a geek long before "geek chic," learning the ropes on BBC Micros, before moving on to Atari STs and IBM compatibles. He was "online" using a 1200bps modem before the Internet was even a thing. Now, after two decades in the industry, he writes about technology for various publications, operates a few websites of his own, and runs a bespoke IT consultancy based in London.

7 responses to “ UK Data Privacy Survey

  1. In an ideal world we would be able to trust the government with our personal information ‘but it’s a sad fact of life that the government are in fact made up of people and there are a few people in all institutions who are willing to sell your information for profit or use it to harm you in some way. I have no particular liking for tax evaders but I’d have to answer No to the last 2 questions on the basis of the importance of privicy standards ‘if they are not allowed to access your data then they can be held accountable

  2. The available responses to question 2 are incomplete. What is missing is the option to decrease the amount of information I leak online by using services like TOR and/or a VPN. I’m already looking at switching to an ISP that appears to care more about this issue (A&A). I’m also actively looking for a competent VPN provider that offers an anonymous service (including anonymous payment).

    1. Hi Don,

      Using a VPN service is an excellent way to improve your online privacy, but please aware than no VPN service is “anonymous”, as the VPN provider will always know your real IP address. Please see 5 Best Logless VPNs for a list of good privacy-focused providers plus a discussion on issues relating to VPNs and privacy.

      1. My point was really that none of the answers in the question 2 applied to me. Given the options, the best answer I could come up with to the question “if I knew … would I use the internet less?” was “No”. What I wanted to say was “I’d change the way I used the internet to increase my privacy”.

        And, by the way, If I used TOR consistently whilst setting up the VPN and when using it, the VPN provider wouldn’t know my IP address (or do I misunderstand something?).

        1. Hi Don,

          Point taken :). I will pass it onto the survey’s authors. Please see Using VPN and Tor together. Yes, using VPN through Tor (Tor ->VPN) is the exception to the rule. Only two VPN providers I know of, however, support the ability to do this (AirVPN and BolehVPN).

  3. If I’m not doing anything wrong, I shouldn’t be spied on by any Government agency or otherwise. Surveillance isn’t about crime prevention, it’s about monitoring everyone, everywhere, at all times.

  4. I have no problem with government security agencies watching my activities online after all if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about,but I think they should concentrate on the most serious issues on the internet,instead of pandering to corporations and hounding innocent people for downloading films or music on file sharing websites,to me it is just the same as giving a friend or family member a dvd or cd a loan of.

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