Beware! Film makers targeting Popcorn Time users

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

April 1, 2015

Last year the makers of the movie Dallas Buyers Club , Voltage Pictures, went into a lawsuit frenzy, going after hundreds of Popcorn Time users who had pirated the Oscar-winning movie. Following the success of their campaign in the US – which saw hundreds of pirates fined for their infringements – late last year Dallas Buyers Club makers decided to move their efforts into Europe,  firstly focusing on Denmark where anti piracy law firm MAQS managed to target Popcorn Time users for around 250 euros a pop, amounting to quite the terrifying rental.

Apparently no cases have actually ended up in court, as according to Voltage Pictures’ law firm, recipients of copyright infringement letters, frightened by the possibility of even tougher repercussions, have been paying out gladly.

In fact, the campaign has been so successful that it is fast becoming clear that Voltage Pictures must be making tremendously large profits from charging people such a huge sum to watch their movie once. This  strategy is nothing new for Voltage Pictures, however, as it has been using the piracy-into-money model in the US for some years in order to successfully spin off huge amounts of profit from piracy.

Now, following the success of Dallas Buyers Club’s efforts at recouping money lost through piracy in Denmark, local film makers have also decided to jump on board with the scheme,  and have decided to start targeting pirates with fines themselves. One of the Danish filmmakers, Ronnie Fridthjof, told Danish television station TV2 that,

‘I had hoped that politicians and the police would take care of such matters, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened. When my business is threatened, I am more or less forced to do something’

Although popcorn time has been mentioned by name a number of times, this is only because of its ease of use and prolific take up rate, and it should therefore be noted that pirates who use any Bit Torrent site  (not just Popcorn Time, which only attaches users to existing torrent sites anyway) could well be targeted by either the Voltage Pictures lawsuits, or the new Danish filmmakers’ campaign… so beware!

Similar letters have already been sent out in Germany, and seeing how much profit there is to be made you can be sure that more and more filmmakers and picture houses are bound to be joining suit in more and more territories – after all, when there is mounds of cash to be made, why not?

In Denmark the new round of fines are expected to be sent out this summer, and will be around 1000 to 2000 Danish Krone (approx.  $150-$300 USD), but these could go up if they are ignored, and it should also be noted that the Danish filmmakers are even contemplating following up on non-compliance by taking pirates to court.

Here at BestVPN we don’t want to beat around the bush, because while we are always quick to bring you the latest news on awesome movie watching opportunities like Popcorn Time, we also want to be very clear that pirating movies is (usually) illegal , so if  you are planning to BitTorrent, download or stream any content whatsoever which you have not paid for, then you must protect yourself with a good quality VPN.

It is true that many Popcorn Time-like platforms (including some versions Popcorn Time itself) are now providing built-in VPN functionality, which is better than nothing, but we recommend using a trusted third third-party VPN provider known for protecting users against copyright cops instead.

That way, you can enjoy the benefits of platforms like Popcorn Time, and can watch brand-new movies for free without any possible drawbacks – after all, saving a little money by not paying for Netflix is going to sting an awful lot when you receive a fine for 3 years worth of membership fees later on…

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