BitTorrent Sync enters beta and introduces Android app and SyncArchive -

BitTorrent Sync enters beta and introduces Android app and SyncArchive

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

July 18, 2013

BitTorrent Labs have officially moved their secure Dropbox alternative to beta phase, introduced an Android app, and added SyncArchive, a feature which stores old versions of files in case they are required later.

BitTorrent Sync works by synchronizing folders across computers and devices using P2P technology. The beauty of the system is that data is not stored ‘in the cloud’ on third party servers, where it can be monitored by the cloud service provider (a point particularly relevant in light of the revelations that Dropbox, Google (Drive), Microsoft (Skydrive) and Apple (iCloud) have been colluding with the NSA to spy on users data). It also has the big advantage that as users are storing files on their own storage space, they are not tied to Cloud storage data limits (and charges).

BitTorrent Sync allows any number of folders to be synced, and ensures that transfers are secured using 256-bit AES encryption. Early adopters have already synced 8  petabytes of data since the alpha phase of development started in August, showing that there is a great deal of demand for the product.

2013-07-18 10.10.34Yesterday BitTorrent Labs made the Android app available from the Play Store, allowing users to sync folders between their computer, phone or tablet, as well as supporting ad-hoc P2P connections for quick sharing between devices.

2013-07-18 10.10.46BitTorrent Sync is currently free, and all basic features (including all that are currently available) will continue to remain free, although premium features may be added in the future.