blackVPN OpenVPN users need to update now! -

blackVPN OpenVPN users need to update now!

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 22, 2014

In case any of our blackVPN users have missed this announcement, we reproduce it here,

Only people using OpenVPN need to update.

If you are connecting to blackVPN with OpenVPN on Windows, Mac OS X (Tunnelblick), Linux, Android or iOS then you need to update now. Anyone using L2TP/IPSec or PPTP can ignore this update.

Updates due to the critical Heartbleed bug.

The Heartbleed bug effects web, email, instant messaging and VPN services. It has recently been proven that Heartbeat can steal the private keys from a VPN server — which could potentially be used to perform man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) and compromise your privacy.

We already secured all of our VPN servers against this bug on March 8th as soon as the news was released.

We cannot be certain that the attack was not used against us before the bug was disclosed — so to be on the safe side we have to
switch to new encryption keys.


Fore more information please see here.