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BlackVPN is dedicated to helping torrenters. It’s no logs policy is real. There are no ifs or buts about BlackVPN’s commitment to protecting the privacy of its customers.

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  • Well laid-out website
  • Fourteen-day money-back guarantee
  • Strong anonymity procedures
  • Private DNS
  • Kill switch and automatic WiFi protection
  • Allowance of seven simultaneous connections
  • Works on routers
  • Comprehensive privacy policy
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BlackVPN Summary

BlackVPN is a professional VPN service with a bit of everything from streaming and security in order to try and please everyone. While improvements could be made, on the whole they are a service that is surely worth a try.

Pricing & Plans

Unlike most VPN providers, BlackVPN has three different offers to choose from, and like most providers they offer a discount the longer you sign up for. With their stream from anywhere service (which we discuss in features) we think a Privacy VPN would suffice for most people. This would cost the low price of around $5 when signed up for a year. Alternatively the full package (which is what we used for our testing) will set you back $12.00/mo at the most. BlackVPN’s packages are in the cheap-to-average price of the market. Similarly to BestVPN they are proud to use some of their profits support the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), which is always a good sign.

They also have a 14 day money back guarantee which is great to see and they don’t impose any restriction on it, unlike some companies.


BlackVPN also retails some DD-WRT flashed routers, both of which are well priced and can help with managing your connections – see our Big Router Guide for more information on DD-WRT routers and why they are so useful.

Video Review

BlackVPN has a nice video, which you can watch below, explaining what a VPN is and the rough idea behind how their service works.


BlackVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN provider with some very nifty features with a very good outlook overall.

They provide access to 12 different countries primarily around Europe but also in Northern America and Asia.They allow a generous 3 simultaneous connections so you have the possibility of using their service on the majority of your devices. On top of this BlackVPN has implemented a feature that is unique to them (as far as we are aware) whereby it doesn’t matter which service you are connected to, you can still stream UK and US channels (Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer only)– you can read more about this here.

Not only does BlackVPN provide a good service for streaming but they also have some excellent security as we will outline below.

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Security & Privacy

Being based in Hong Kong is a huge plus for BlackVPN as it is outside both the US and EU jurisdiction. They are well aware of this fact as they made the sensible decision to move there in 2012 in order to avoid secret court orders for back doors and monitoring.

Their 256bit AES OpenVPN with a 4096 bit key is definitely one of the most secure on the market. While most of the time a high encryption effects connection speeds, they have managed to maintain a good average. There is also L2TP and PPTP available. With regards to logging, they’ve recently switched to keeping no logs whatsoever, not even connection logs. As with most other VPNs they will co-operate with authorities if pressured though this is very hard to achieve. As part of protecting their users P2P is not allowed on US and UK servers.

In order to maintain customers anonymity they do not have a client area on the website or in the software they use. Instead each and every person is provided with a random account number and password when they sign up to the service. This makes finding out when your VPN expires slightly annoying but it’s a small trade-off for such a positive step.

The website

The BlackVPN website is nicely set up and is a definite improvement from their previous one. It is possible to find most key aspects of the company spread across the website which is great for clarity and honesty.



BlackVPN covers all the main types of support: FAQ, Ticket and Live. Their FAQ is well updated and contains some essential troubleshooting as well as answers to some general questions. There ticket support is very efficient and quick at reply and will walk you through solutions for any issues which you may experience (we had a few as outlined under using the client). Their live support is a bit of an oddity as instead of being available at set times they come and go but a rough guideline is ‘roughly 8am – midnight GMT on Monday – Friday and similar time frames on the weekends but more intermittent’.


The Process

Signing Up

As mentioned BlackVPN is very good with privacy so when you’re signing up all you will need is an email address if you are paying by Bitcoin, of course other details will be required for other payment methods.

The Windows VPN client

BlackVPN does not have a proprietary client and instead provide an easy to set-up OpenVPN Client or Viscosity if you prefer it. We gave both of these a test and both worked fine but Viscosity is able to provide a bit more detail about your usage and statistics. The only issue we had is that there were problems connecting to some of there servers (primarily Russia and Ukraine) – this is an issue between the ISPs and the servers and not BlackVPN’s fault, on the upside they know about this and are working on solutions – some of which we had the chance to test (scrambled openVPN) and it worked!

BlackVPN_OpenVPN_Client BlackVPN_Viscosity
OpenVPN Client Viscosity Client

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

As outlined in the table below the OpenVPN client does give slightly better performance in connection. The top speeds were great, however they weren’t always the fastest but always remained adequate enough for streaming & surfing. Their DNS and IPtests were all fine.

BlackVPN_PureSpeed BlackVPN_Viscosity_Speed BlackVPN_OpenVPN_Speed
Pure Speed OpenVPN – Viscosity OpenVPN – Client

Other Platforms

Since BlackVPN doesn’t have propriety PC software it’s no surprise that the same goes for other platforms but of course there are guides for how to set it up on all major platforms. We gave this a test and it was fine and worked as expected.

Free Services

On their website BlackVPN provides a service called ReadThenBurn which allows you to send encrypted, zero-knowledge messages to your friends, which are then burned. This is based on an open source, freely available code and we think this is a great addition to their website, they also find it very helpful during live support for sending log files.


We liked

  • Great attention to security
  • No logs whatsoever
  • Substantial FAQ
  • Free Viscosity license
  • Superb support
  • 14 day free trial

We weren’t so sure about

  • Performance can be inconsistent
  • Some connection issues

We hated

  • Not much

While BlackVPN has some faults here and there it is definitely a great service overall which is dedicated not only to bringing great security to everyone but also making streaming pleasurable. On the whole they are definitely a service worth considering.

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Peter Selmeczy

I am an engineer by trade and tech geek by night, who's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the people. Find me on Google+.

6 responses to “BlackVPN Review

    Great customer service, I was past the money back guarantee by a few days, but they still honored it. The service was good, I only tried it as a secondary VPN, but found that I didn’t need it. Speeds were okay. Was also glad to see that they implemented some of the open source stuff from cryptostorm and did alright on thatoneprivacysite.

    I posted this review elsewhere and just copy pasted.

  1. I used BlackVPN for a month – bought their monthly service. As the month was winding down, they sent an email indicating that I had to renew the service and that I had until the 30th of the month to use the current subscription. However, service was cut off on the 29th. Lost a day. Their support could not help. Told me that their engineers had to take a look at it. But I was not given any help for the day lost. So I moved on. Tried to verify for myself is there was any calendar / time difference that could have caused the account to terminate a day early. Could not find any reason as to why it should have happened. If someone buys monthly plans and keeps going for a year with this service, they would be getting 12 less days of VPN service. I am sure that customers would have a problem with that. Also, the service has some buffering issues. Streaming is not smooth all of the time. Just my 2c.

    Have 50/5 Mbs connection. On BlackVPN, download speed drops to about 2 Mbs (yes, 2!). Makes trying to stream pretty much anything, UK Channel 4 being one, impossible without buffering every few seconds. For all intents and purposes, renders viewing impracticable.

    In addition, cannot access UK Netflix (will only permit access to US Netflix).

    1. Hi QQ,

      Regarding your other comments, thanks to amount of spam we receive, all comments are moderated by me, and I work regular office hours…

    Why is there no date on this article?
    I find that very strange.

    1. Hi PocketMoustache,

      The WordPress formatting we use for review pages does seem to mean the date a review is published does not appear on the reviews. We will look into this. According to our records, this BlackVPN review was published on 2014/11/27.

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