Understanding the Creative Commons Attributions liscense

Here at BestVPN we believe that dynamic culture and innovation comes from sharing – that the free flow of ideas and creativity allows ideas to spark between individuals to the benefit of all.

We are therefore big fans of the Creative Common Attributions license, which allows creators to make their work ‘available to others to build upon legally and to share’. The CC Attributions license actually comes in variety of flavors (six in fact), with each licence allowing copyright owners (who by default have ‘all rights reserved’) to grant users specific rights, which must be legally adhered to.

Creative Commons Polska posted a fantastic chart which clearly explained the rights granted under each Creative Commons license, but it was in Polish so Digital Inspirations have translated it into English for a wider audience. Check it out below!


As noted, the poster is itself is (of course!) released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (the least restrictive CC license).

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