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With impressive security and an easy-to-use client, CyberGhost’s offering is made all the more appealing by the existence of a no-strings-attached free version that’s almost as good as some of its competitors’ paid plans. With plenty of servers and countries to choose from, as well as a strong commitment to privacy and transparency, CyberGhost makes for an easy recommendation, especially for users wanting to try a VPN for the first time.
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Pricing & Plans

CyberGhost is unusual in offering a completely payment-free version of its VPN, which it maintains with the income from Premium subscriptions. The free plan gives effectively unlimited use of the VPN, but only to a limited number of servers and countries, and is subject to restrictions such as queues at busy times and a blanket prohibition on torrenting.

Premium removes these restrictions and grants access to more servers – at the time of writing, over 550 in 30 countries – and faster speeds. Upgrading further to Premium Plus allows you to use your Premium account on more than one device at a time.

Yearly subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, while monthly subscribers have 14 days to change their minds and get a full refund.


We liked

  • Completely free VPN service that worked very well.
  • Plenty of high-speed servers, even on free.
  • Plenty of choice for country, IP address and protocol.
  • With a Premium upgrade, it’s still one of the cheapest VPNs out there.
  • Good looking and easy-to-use clients for all major platforms.
  • No logs or user details kept, and a strong commitment to transparency.
  • Strong encryption and good failsafes.

We weren’t so sure about

  • Service quality can vary dramatically between servers.
  • Can’t use SMTP servers to send emails while connected, unless configured manually.
  • Some ISPs, websites and apps reportedly block CyberGhost IPs (though we didn’t encounter any that did).

We hated

  • Nothing

Video Review

We’ve made a video review, which, although for an older version of the client, is still helpful:



At the time of writing, CyberGhost’s service offers access to over 550 servers in 30 countries, including some in Oceania and East Asia. Free users are, however, restricted to 15 countries across Europe and America. Popular countries for streaming and torrenting, such as the USA and Netherlands respectively, are particularly well represented, and most countries have several IPs to choose from even for free users. The client also allows users to choose exactly which country and IP address they wish to connect to.

Simultaneous use on up to five devices at once is allowed through the Premium Plus plan. Although Premium users are limited to one device at a time, swapping is easy and simply logs out any other connections. Free users can use as many different devices and connections as desired, but this is, of course, limited to the free version of the service.

As well as imposing restrictions on torrenting, the free service shows users ads for CyberGhost products upon connection and every 90 minutes thereafter. However, they’re not very intrusive, as they only appear on the CyberGhost client screen. The free service also disconnects users after six hours, but as there’s no restriction on reconnecting immediately this is never anything more than a mild inconvenience. Even the possibility of having to wait in a queue at peak times isn’t too daunting. Although it wasn’t unusual to see queues of over 3000 clients, we never had to wait more than a few minutes to get connected.

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Security & Privacy

CyberGhost offers 256-bit AES encryption over OpenVPN as standard even in the free version. L2TP and PPTP are also available to users willing to wade through a lengthy but well-explained manual setup process detailed in the knowledge base. However, we (and CyberGhost) would recommend users stick with OpenVPN as the more secure option anyway.

As a Romanian company, CyberGhost is well placed to safeguard its users’ privacy. As it keeps no personally identifiable logs of user activities – no content, web addresses, IPs or any kind of personal communication – there’s nothing for it to disclose if requested by authorities. Impressively, the company publishes a regularly updated and openly available transparency report listing all such requests it has received.

This commitment to user privacy extends to the payment process for Premium users, who can be granted randomly generated anonymous user IDs and can even pay in Bitcoin if desired. Cleverbridge, a third-party company based in Germany, handles payment, effectively isolating the payment process and any details required therein from CyberGhost itself. The down side to this is that CyberGhost itself can’t therefore vouch for its security or privacy.

The website

CyberGhost’s website looks smart and is well laid out, making it easy for new users both to try the free VPN and upgrade to Premium. Links to help and support are easy to find, and plenty of helpful information is presented simply and concisely. There’s also a blog offering information and commentary on security issues, but for some reason the link to this is hidden away in the footer of the main page, along with the link to contact CyberGhost with support hours – more on this below.

The blog is an interesting read, and features helpful guides and advice on a variety of security issues, as well as general information and commentary. It’s a nice touch that helps demonstrate how serious the company is about internet privacy.


The knowledge base on the website has an impressive list of topics and a powerful search function, but we were concerned about how up to date the information is. It’s not unusual for screenshots or text to refer to older versions of the client, potentially confusing users even if the information is still accurate.

Somewhat more user friendly is the Live Chat service, easily accessible from the main page of the site. This connected us to a real person within a couple of minutes, who was friendly, helpful and seemed to have a detailed knowledge of both the software and policy aspects of the service. Unfortunately, Live Chat is only available during eastern European office hours, and we were concerned that entering a full name and email address is mandatory to access the chat. The support agent we spoke to assured us this information is kept separate from CyberGhost account data, but we’d rather see this requirement removed.

Noticeably lacking from the website is any sort of peer support forum – CyberGhost closed it in November 2014. As such, support outside of office hours depends on finding the “Contact” link hidden away in the site’s footer. Pleasingly however, both the knowledge base and online chat offer users the chance to leave feedback in the form of a rating out of five and any additional commentary. The company is clearly eager to improve its support.

The Process

Signing Up

Free users can get started with CyberGhost simply by downloading the client – no registration is required. For the premium service, users must register with an anonymous username and password. No personal information is collected at this stage.

The Windows VPN client

The client is a small download that’s quick and easy to install. Once set up, users are presented with a window showing a map with a big orange button. Basic usage couldn’t be easier. Just click the orange button to turn the VPN service on or off, then watch the location pin fly across the map to illustrate the server’s location. Simple menus on either side of the button allow selection of specific countries and IP addresses. Links at the top enable access to a simple options menu and account controls, as well as an upgrade link for free users.

As the client’s interface is based on an Internet Explorer page, it can sometimes feel a little slow to respond. It would be great if a little more feedback was offered as to what’s going on behind the scenes, but overall the effect is friendly, easy-to-use and professional.


Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

Speed tests returned pretty good results even on the free service, far exceeding not only the 1 Mbps target speed stated for the free service, but even the 6 Mbps target for Premium users. The unfortunate exception to this – even on Premium – was finding the occasional server with appalling performance, forcing users to manually reconnect to a different IP on the server list. In general, though, performance on Premium was impressive, with it common to experience a mere 15% drop in our 30 Mbps maximum downstream when connected to the VPN.

   cyberghost_npvpn_cropped  cyberghost_vpn_uk_cropped  cyberghost_vpn_usa_cropped
Without VPN. Premium VPN, UK server. Premium VPN, US server.

Speeds over L2TP and PPTP were less exciting, with the best speed we experienced being a little under 3 Mbps, and the UK server plummeting  to a barely usable 1 Mbps.

DNS and IP tests showed no concerns, and it’s worth mentioning that the CyberGhost client performs an anonymity check every time it connects; if the test fails, the connection is automatically reset. Likewise, if the connection to the VPN servers is interrupted for any reason, CyberGhost automatically locks out the user’s internet connection to prevent accidental insecure web use. In our experience, this is more likely to happen as a result of an interruption of the user’s internet connection, as our connections to CyberGhost’s servers was always rock solid during testing. It’s also worth a mention that CyberGhost’s service does aim to obscure WebRTC location requests for Firefox and Chrome, though they still recommend users install a plugin to fix the problem at the client end.

Other Platforms

As well as Windows, CyberGhost offer clients for OSX, Linux, Android and iOS. These are all based on the same simple-to-use interface.

Android users may be pleased to hear that the CyberGhost app no longer requires their device to be rooted and requires no complex configuration. Just like the desktop client, the app is ready to go as soon as it’s installed. It also pops up a query in the notification area when the device connects to a new hotspot, asking the user if they want to automatically connect to a VPN or trust the network.


Other/ Free Services

As well as the VPN client, CyberGhost offers a free Web Proxy service. Although nowhere near as fast or secure, and not great at handling complex webpages – for example, we couldn’t get YouTube to work – it’s quick and easy way to surf the web anonymously.

It’s also worth noting that CyberGhost recently completed a successful IndieGoGo campaign to purchase its own secure data centers, giving supporters the opportunity to use servers not hosted by third parties. This is definitely something to watch out for in the coming months.

What really impresses us about CyberGhost is just how far its commitment to internet privacy goes. It even runs a “Privacy Accelerator” program offering investment, mentoring and support for companies or teams working on privacy-related business models.

CyberGhost Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Completely free VPN service that worked very well.
  • Plenty of high-speed servers, even on free.
  • Plenty of choice for country, IP address and protocol.
  • With a Premium upgrade, it’s still one of the cheapest VPNs out there.
  • Good looking and easy-to-use clients for all major platforms.
  • No logs or user details kept, and a strong commitment to transparency.
  • Strong encryption and good failsafes.

We weren’t so sure about

  • Service quality can vary dramatically between servers.
  • Can’t use SMTP servers to send emails while connected, unless configured manually.
  • Some ISPs, websites and apps reportedly block CyberGhost IPs (though we didn’t encounter any that did).

We hated

  • Nothing

CyberGhost is a great VPN – easy to use, well supported, and obviously dedicated to the privacy and anonymity of its service. Being able to access a significant chunk of this service for free and without registering feels incredibly generous, with the Premium service feeling like a worthwhile upgrade rather than something forced upon free users. The money-back guarantees offered for new Premium subscribers are the icing on the cake. We recommend you go give CyberGhost a try.

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47 responses to “CyberGhost Review

  1. I cancelled my subscription and got a refund without hassle after 2 months, which is good of them. It’s not a bad service, but 3 things (2 minor, 1 major) I’m not entirely happy with:
    1) After connected to a server, it takes a while (~ 20-30 seconds) before the internet is actually usable.
    2) When I check my IP locations on some servers after connecting, different iP location websites give different locations/ countries as to where the IP is located.
    3) The biggest problem (for me) – can’t access US Netflix (from Australia). I can live with the 1st 2, but not this one. They tell me they are working on it, but this issue has been around for at least 9 months (I was told), and no solution for this long yet to me is not acceptable.

  2. Love the new upgraded version 6 of Cyberghost. Interface still easy to use there are more advanced connection options available for those who wish to use them.
    Maybe its just me, but I didn’t seem able to change the IP location provided by Cyberghost when using the free version. Not really an issue for me, but it may be for others.
    I checked the IP address provided to me by Cyberghost, and one or negative reports could be found. had 7 negative reports in their databases, from ‘fraud orders’ to ‘game hacking’. Whilst the most recent report was 9 months old, it is perhaps something that users should be aware of – that the IP address you are using through cyberghost may also be used by people who are linked to all sorts of dodgy goings on….

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks. This can happen with any VPN, but I think the fact that CyberGhost runs a rather good free service makes its IPs particularly vulnerable to abuse by unscrupulous users.

  3. Used to love CG, then they totally changed the interface. It doesn’t look like the screenshots above anymore. The main screen is just a bunch of advertisements for their premium services, and you can no longer at least pick the country under the free plan. I have uninstalled it from my computer.

    1. Hi KQ,

      So BestVPN staff member Charles has got back to me on this, and has the following to say,

      “Not entirely true, you can still pick a country but not a specific server (e.g. London, Manchester etc). The main screen when the client is launched is essentially an options screen, it’s just that the options are all premium only :] but nothing intrusive or that you have to click past, the click to connect button is still there as is country selection.

      I’ve been using CG free since my old VPN expired (not yet decided which paid service to go for – too much choice 😀 ), and apart from the requisite “queue” to access a server it’s very good
      I don’t feel anything substantive has changed since the review. If anything the free service has had less advertising since I started re using it. Used to pop up premium adverts when client launched, now it’s just that options screen (at least whenever I’ve used it)

      What I do suspect is that the “queue” is really just a way to disadvantage free users – I don’t think there really is a waiting line to connect – but as I have no proof it’s not something that could go in the review.”

      Charles apologizes for his answer not sounding friendlier, as it was sent as an internal memo!

  4. I was their customer previously. I ended my subscription last year. I really had no complaints until I downloaded their latest windows app.

    The app is buggy, it looks nice but doesn’t work well. Searching for [custom] servers causes the app to send you back to the home screen. Changing servers is buggy as well, it may work or it may not. If it does, there usually is a long time connecting, if at all.

    The second worst part of Cyberghost now is that speeds are grossly erratic. One minute one server’s speeds are fine and then a few minutes later it takes a huge hit.

    And the worst part of Cyberghost is that it messed up my Windows 7 installation. Even after uninstalling the software with Revo Uninstaller, my system became very slow. In fact, that’s the reason why I uninstalled in the first place instead of keeping it “just in case”.

    I ended up doing a system restore and running CCleaner. My system is better now. This new Cyberghost interface blows and people need to know what they’re getting themselves into before installing it.

    I will move on and forget about Cyberghost.

  5. Im on year 3 and love it, just signed up for another 3 years via a stacksocial deal
    Recommended, in this sea of dodgy vpns, this is a gem. FREE is not a scratch on paid.

    Perhaps, the Service is quit good. Surfing online privacy keep it real Anonymity but needs improvement via PING Speed Limit…

    1. Hi Gucci,

      I have found that performance varies quite considerably between servers – although annoying, it is worth trying a few out to find a fast one.

    As others criticised, I for one can never recommend CyberGhost. Above all, their premium plan is a scam – if you switch from the regular plan, you end up getting logged up from you account and switched back to the free plan. Their partner company, cleverbridge handles payment but they refuse to give you a refund by pretending that you have been successfully using their premium plan.

    1. Used the paid service for about a year. Worked well enough but found ourselves not using it after four months. Fast forward to our anniversary and got auto-charged (as promised) for the annual renewal. 5 minutes on the phone (including hold time) and Cleverbridge refunded the full charge and canceled the service.

      I’m sure others did struggle as described with Cleverbridge but thought I would chime in that they made this former customer happy.

    2. hello Nutzer,

      I had cyberghost too and with the same problems as you
      the free plan and premium and the accounts
      when you make a little mistake you become more than one divice and the
      premium becoms free plan. good to see that there are more people
      with the same problems. Bye leo franke

    CyberGhost sells not only your real IP address but the history of all your browsing you had wished to keep anonymous, to interested institutions and organisations. No wonder they provide a “free” VPN too!

    1. Hi Evans,

      To the best of my knowledge, this is simply not true. Unlike many other “free” VPN services, CyberGhost makes money in a transparent way by promoting its paid-for plans through its free service.

    2. Clearly wrong information. CyberGhost does NOT log and sell your information. It is crazy how many people review different VPNs and then write fake reviews or exaggerated reviews to make things seem either much worse or much better.

      1. Evans, you should do some research before writing complete bullshit. CyberGhost does not log any user information. As taken from their support; no IP addresses are logged, no assigned servers are logged, no hardware information is logged (for example computer name), no real data is merged (for example purchase data), no traffic data is logged, and no information sent via a CyberGhost server is logged.

        You are not even required to provide an e-mail (unless you also want account restoration via e-mail; but you can also create a fake and anonymous e-mail inbox for that). Also, they recently lauched their NoSpy-Proxy servers based in their own HQ, which you can use if you are really paranoid and think that the datacenters where CyberGhost’s servers are rented are under surveillance.

    I’ve used both the free and paid versions of Cyberghost, and I have to say that it works very well, on Linux as well as Windows. Their commitment to users’ privacy and security is unmatched, and CG has the most generous ‘free’ plan of any VPN I’ve used.

    Not to say that CG is without flaws, but then again what computer program isn’t? CG has always worked like it should when I needed it to, such as when the VPN connection is interrupted and CG’s killswitch kicks in–on time every time.

    Customer support leaves much to be desired, however. The free version offers knowledge-based support, while premium users can submit a ticket. They do offer live chat, but only during EU (Romanian) business hours, which is inconvenient to say the least.

    Another good thing about CG is their premium and ‘special’ license key giveaways, held randomly throughout the year. They give away tens of thousands of license keys for free!

    I’ve owned the premium plus package for several years now.
    I’m used to the occasional not being able to log into any server for a day or so.
    It happens about 10% of the time that I have used it.
    But the last going on 3 weeks now, I’ve not been able to connect at all, to any of the servers. I can log into my account on the main web, but no go on connecting to servers.
    I’ve got an open ticket to customer support (2 replies, one of which was a bot, the other totally useless as they suggest reading the faqs). Then completely ignored for the last week or so.
    So if you expect to have someone answer a problem if you have one with the service, then you’re in for a long wait.

    A very unhappy customer

    I really disappointed. I have 11 Premium Plus subscriptions to CyberGhost VPN.
    I use ovpn and ovpn cfg files.
    1. I have troubles with connection all the time.
    2. The change .ovpn cfg files all the time.
    3. I can’t download new .ovpn cfg files.
    4. Today I noticed that I can’t login into my account: It says your login or password is wrong.
    5. I’ve lost most of my credentials. I can’t see the in the devices. They are disappeared.
    6. They even don’t want to accept my PUK to recover my account.
    7. I can’t remove old and create new credentials.
    8. Their support doesn’t answer.

    Cannot fault for the use I need to put it to. Disconnects after 3 hours, locks you out and asks you to reconnect and makes you wait for the initial connection, as expected. What do you expect for FREE? Perfect piece of S/W and reliable too. Can upgrade for a few more facilities, but I have no need. All prepared for \”Snoopers Charter\” now Dave!

    I decided to try Cyber Ghost

    I took me a long time to download the free version, kept stopping at 7.6 mb

    I installed it but every time I tried to use using a UK server I got the same countdown screen saying I was 3000th in line, the only way to get out of this screen was to press the upgrade button. I tried late at night and early morning same result.

    Looks like con.

    I have used Cyberghost for six months now and I have to say that it is extremely good for a vpn client. I have a premium plus account and use it on my laptop, desktop and windows tablet. The only thing missing is an app for windows phone.

    Connections are always rock solid and from a 152Mbit home connection I only experience about 20% loss in speed – I only notice it on large downloads and even then pay it scant attention. Software is very easy to use with a very easy GUI to navigate. I have recommended it to all my friends. It’s brilliant for watching the US equivalents of iPlayer and got getting access to iPlayer when I am abroad ( East Enders is a good send when feeling home sick ?)

    I have had a couple of problems with it starting up – failing to load the GUI – but I understand that is a Win 10 issue.

    Note: Your ISP may block Cyberghost starting up. Set your PCs DNS settings to the google IPv4 & IPv6 addresses. That shorts it out immediately.

    I will be trying it out on Linux this weekend and I believe it isn’t so flexible on that platform but nothing ever is on Linux !! ?

    Totally recommend it – try out the free version and see for your self.

    Tommer’s experience reflects my own, and [s]he said it quite well. I liked Cyber Ghost when it worked — which it did until I reset my PC. I tried to purchase the paid version at the free-version’s specially advertised price. I hoped that the ad-free version wouldn’t lock up my computer. But when I clicked to try it out, Cyber Ghost took me to a webpage that listed only their standard pricing options. The advertised price simply “evaporated”. So, despite significant efforts on my part, my experience with CG has NOT been a happy one.

    Cyberghost is nice – When it works

    In my experience, after 1 year of using Cyberghost, I’ve found that on both my Windows Laptop, PC and Surface Pro, Cyberghost will -never- connect the first time at startup. It’ll give an error message at random (sometimes blaming Internet Explorer, other times blaming your Firewall) and then pop up a browser window with the ‘fix’.

    You then have to close Cyberghost from the tray, and open it again – At which point it won’t open, so open a second time and there’s a 1/2 chance it’ll open this time. Now when you open it it’ll magically connect as though the problems it had claimed before are no longer existent.

    Cyberghost is fundamentally flawed in that it’s interface is actually a web-page in a window, using Internet Explorer, which frankly is a recipe for disaster and no good programmer would ever think that’s a good idea – I know why they’ve done it, for ‘maintainability’ or not writing the same code twice for the phone and the computer, but the result of them being lazy is we the users have to pay in experience

    Also because of this design, your phone has to download the interface every time it wants to connect – A waste of your data-plan and pretty much forgets the whole reason we have ‘apps’ in the first place.

    Since Cyberghost since day 1 after a year has been a buggy experience that increased the time between me starting my computer and getting work done on a significant level, and has been the source of most of my computer frustrations for the last year, I’d generally advise you to steer clear of Cyberghost until they get their act together.

    *IT* blackout-ed my screen(like UAC) and a window related to remote access appeared with Login/Password(kinda “New connection” dialog). After that my windows reported that it is not genuine anymore. I was to full-format whole hdd to be sure the worm’s trails wiped.

    I don’t remember what *IT* was: either Hola or one of russian’s vpns. I’m not gonna risk anymore. I decided to stay away from both. The only reason for installing/testing *IT* was CyberGhost refusing to connect to any server one day. I know your thoughts, but all that nightmare was triggered after installing *IT* and launching *IT*.

    CyberGhost. I’m using it last years. For free. End of story.

    Yeah, there’s also a free spotflux with torrent support, was, one day it updated itself and antivirus started crying. I had to forget spotflux to calm down my poor antivirus. Don’t khow how things are now.

    Used the FREE version from this Romanion company as this is the only one that offered everything I needed unlike AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield and VPN Direct.
    CyberGhost VPN lets you “change” your geographic location by overriding the IP address assigned by your ISP with one drawn from its pool of servers. I used CyberGhost VPN to connect to both US-based as well as international—well, European—servers. The free version connects users to 20 servers in 14 countries. If you are looking for a server in Asia you are out of luck with CyberGhost VPN. Considering how popular these services are in Asia, I hope CyberGhost will start focusing on that region. CyberGhost VPN displays ads when you connect to a server and inserts a 25-second delay before starting the connection, but other than that, it stays out of your way. While there are no bandwidth caps for the free version of CyberGhost VPN, it does disconnect you after three hours.
    Note the FREE version is limited to Windows.
    I downloaded and launched the client software directly from the CyberGhost website, which installed both the client and OpenVPN’s TAP-Win32 adapter onto my machine. I liked the fact that I could use the service right away without creating an account.
    PROS : Reliable performance. Easy to use interface. Strong account security.
    CONS : Restricted to three hours per session. No available servers in Asia, Latin America.

    Cvberghost would be fine if they offered 24/7 support. This company has grown alot over the years, but not so their support. Banker’s hours of 9 to 5, Monday to Friday just don’t cut the mustard! They must go 24/7. Their software is buggy and does need attention at times. If you suffer say, a computer crash during the week and have to reinstall their software you get a connection to the free service only, even if you’re paying for the premium. Support takes about a week to get things straightened out. Their on-site support isn’t very knowledgeable, the few hours that they’re there. I finally had to get a refund from Cleverbridge the outfit that handles their payments. At least they have their sh*t together and made a prompt refund to my bank. Cyberghost is fine when free, but sending them money? Never again!

    Cyberghost is best tool for Anonymous surfing unlock videos and give me hope for better internet Viva la Cyberghost 😉

    I have tried Cyber ghost…… all I can say is it’s a flaming piece of crap. It doesn’t connect when or where I need it to. It will connect at my home after a dozen attempts and I don’t need it at home. Stay away from this service, I have switched to Avast VPN, one button connection, ease of setup and use, and works everywhere and every time I need it to. Again don’t bother with this service.

    Does it work on the Godlike Productions website? If not, won’t bother…

    Ive been using the free version of CyberGhost on my tablet, android phone and laptop for a while now and dont get any slow connections or anything anyone else seems to complain of. Maybe im just lucky but i love it. I just have to pursuade the misses its a good thing now lol

    Price – FREE!!!!
    Features – It works and its FREE!
    Reliability – See features
    Speed – See reliability
    Customer service – Never needed any.

    Did I mention its FREE??

    Have been using the Premium + service for almost 2 yrs…….. No complaints other than an occasional disconnect or slower speed due to a busy server in NY at peak times. Easy to flip to another server to fix that.
    Have only had limited experience with Customer Service . They do get back to you eventually and the Chat line could be much better.
    Have tried other services but have stuck with CG.

    Cyberghost is good to deal with . Had problem and they refunded the money, customers service just takes a while and you need to explain clearly your problem

    Now rejoining with premium membership .

    With premium membership it seems to pick and show only servers that have lower numbers of people connected so faster speeds.

    With the free it seems to only uses the crowed severs the ones with lots people connected at the same time .

    I would recommended Cyberghost ,

    Just remembered no software is perfect and they VPN’s are complex and your computer needs to be set up the right way and other things on your computer can int-fear with how a VPN works.

    All so software or VPN’s are not perfect each has it is own pluses and minus

    Cyberghost is one of the better VPN .


    has been using an special deal give me about 10 servers and i can only say it works, torrent, normal surfing, has not encounter any problems at all, the other reviews with very unsatisfied customers is not what i have experienced. I will properly upgrade to a premium plus to get all my computers more add free 🙂 I give the customers service 5 star but have not have any reason to contact them.

    1. CyberGhost is ok but NOT the best. Many of its US servers actually reroute to some other country, such as Germany, the UK, Mexico to name a few. One Los Angeles server ALWAYS reroutes to another country. This is fine if you don’t need a US IP but, if you do, it will give you a headache…. It also twice as expensive as some other VPNs.

    2. The “free” version of this VPN is nothing more than one huge ad to pay for the premium monthly/yearly plan. I have used other VPN’s that were totally free. Hola! comes to mind. And Browsec as well. Every time I tried connecting to their “free” servers, it always gave me the BS that it is being used and wants me to upgrade. I will not be giving money to a shady company that lies about its “free” version of its VPN. Stay far far away from this company and use and actual FREE VPN like I am using. Does everything this greedy company does and more, all for FREE.

      1. Hi Dan,

        Unlike services such as Hola that fund themselves by scamming their customers, CyberGhost supports itself by using its free service as an ad for its paid-for offering (and as a free service it is pretty good.) Running a VPN services is expensive, so its got to be paid for somehow…

    3. Cyberghost never connected for me. All I would see is “Disabling” then “protection…” and several minutes of no internet connection. Waste of money and time.

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