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Private Internet Access Review Private Internet Access Review Summary

Private Internet Access provide a comprehensive VPN service focusing heavily on user choice and security. Their Android app gives notably great protection for public WiFi networks, and the service is overall priced very reasonably indeed.

Pricing & Plans

Private Internet Access offer three pricing plans for their service, which differ only in the monthly cost and total subscription period. Subscribing for one month is $6.95 – a more reasonable monthly figure than many providers out there – while subscribing for a whole year pushes the monthly cost down to only $3.33. As VPNs go, that’s impressively cheap for what’s on offer.

Private Internet Access Review - Pricing
A seven-day money back guarantee is available to help new customers feel secure when signing up. Payment can be made via a range of credit cards and web payment schemes, including PayPal, Amazon and Google Wallet. There’s also the welcome option to pay with complete anonymity through Bitcoin.

Video Review

We created a video review for Private Internet Access:


Private Internet Access is based in the US and is a subsidiary of London Trust Media Inc., a fact about which it’s refreshingly open. Servers are offered in 29 locations across 24 countries including the US, Europe and Australia, with nearly 3000 servers available in total. Users are allowed up to five simultaneous connections to the VPN from any combination of devices.

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Security & Privacy

Private Internet Access provider users with access to their VPN via OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. A range of protocols and encryption strengths is available, with OpenVPN (rightly) being the focus and offering up to AES-256 for datastream encryption, SHA256 for data authentication and RSA-4096 for handshaking. Freedom of user choice is a big part of what Private Internet Access stands for, so users are free to choose their preferred type and level of encryption in the client options, and there’s a page on the website dedicated to helping users choose the right one for them.

The company’s policy of keeping no user logs whatsoever goes a long way towards mitigating the fact of their being based in the USA. Torrents and filesharing are explicitly permitted on all servers.

The website

The Private Internet Access website is perhaps a little cluttered, but it’s very usable and this doesn’t get in the way of the accessibility of information. Most of the important facts users might want to know are presented front-and-centre, and key policies like their terms of service and privacy policy are available without excessive poking around.

Private Internet Access Website
There’s a forum linked to at the bottom of the site, which is well-frequented by users and staff and promises good lines of communication between the company and its users. There’s also a regularly-updated blog carrying great posts by Rick Falkvinge on security and privacy issues, with plenty of user comment and interaction too.


Users can access support most easily through the live chat service on the website, though we were disappointed that doing so requires entering a name and email address. An ETA is displayed while you wait for a support agent, and though we had to wait a little longer than we’d expect – around five minutes – to talk to someone, we found the agents we did eventually speak to were knowledgeable and helpful.

Private Internet Access Support
Clear and easy-to-follow setup guides are easily available for a number of non-standard VPN configurations as well as DD-WRT and Tomato routers, and – although users in a hurry may miss the link – further exploration of the website’s support section takes users to a fully-featured knowledge base with over 135 articles on a variety of subjects. Here users also have the opportunity to submit tickets, with estimated answer times being displayed on the front page. Ticket support allows users to upload files to support their query, and as with live chat, requires a full name and email address (as well as a captcha entry) before submission. Generally we found support to be helpful and accessible, if not as fast and open as some other providers.

The Process

Signing Up

How you become a user of Private Internet Access’ service depends on how you want to pay for it. Gift cards and bitcoin are completely anonymous, requiring only an email address, whereas paying by credit card requires entry of a complete billing address. Once payment is complete, new users are sent an email with the username and password they can use to connect to the VPN, as well as some helpful info such as where to find and how to install the client. It’s also possible to log in to the website and change the password if you prefer.

The Private Internet Access Windows VPN client

Private Internet Access provides one of the most functional clients we’ve seen, with particular standouts being the easy to access options for encryption and handshaking as well as DNS leak protection and a killswitch to disable users’ internet when the VPN disconnects. There’s an option to connect via TCP instead of UDP which is great for users of open WiFi hotspots. Options to launch and connect on Windows startup are presented right below the login area rather than hidden away in an options screen. Generally the options areas are easy to access and understand, and we appreciated the simplicity and ease of use of the interface.

Private Internet Access Software Client
Once your settings are configured, operating the VPN itself is achieved through right-clicking an icon in the system tray. The option to connect to your pre-selected server is at the top of the list, and other servers can be accessed below. At the bottom is the link which takes you back to the settings window, and the option to exit the client completely.

While it’s not the most picturesque client we’ve ever seen, it still manages to be fairly easy to use and offers the user a wealth of great options without being messy or bulky.

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

With high expectations after such a great client, we found the speed tests for Private Internet Access to be generally pleasing. Connecting to the nearest UK server, most of our tests achieved results around the 25Mbps mark, which is around 85% of our 30Mbps test connection; results while connected to the US were only a hair lower than our non-VPN results to the same server. Connection times were generally OK, with most of being accomplished successfully within a small handful of seconds but some taking well over a minute to settle on a stable connection.


Ostrom speed test UK Private Internet Access Speed London Private Internet Access Speed USA East
UK test, no VPN. UK test, UK server. US test, US server.

DNS and IP checks were rock solid, with Private Internet Access making use of their own DNS servers, and the built-in DNS leak protection doing its job admirably to prevent our Windows test system spilling out unshielded requests to our ISP.

Other Platforms

Private Internet Access provide clients for Mac OSX, Android and iOS as well as Windows. Although the iOS app uses L2TP, setup guides are provided for using PIA’s service with the open-source OpenVPN Connect app, allowing iOS users access to the more secure OpenVPN protocol in the process.

Android app

Android users get a native OpenVPN-capable app with OpenSSL which provides one of the most secure and impressive suite of options we’ve seen on the platform. As with the Windows client, there’s the built-in internet killswitch and options to specify type and level of encryption. There’s also the very welcome option to start the client on boot and connect automatically. Combined with the killswitch and the option to connect via TCP instead of UDP, the Private Internet Access Android client is a complete solution for protecting frequent users of open WiFi hotspots where often security is already compromised before a user can even get their VPN client to connect. The obvious improvement we’d like to see to this already excellent combination of features would be the option to define which networks to protect with the VPN, rather than blanket on/off settings.

Private Internet Access Android Client
Connection is lightning-fast and speeds are in the higher range for what we’ve observed on an Android app – we easily got mid-teens downstream figures using the default BF-128 protocol. The app is only moderately hampered by its somewhat pedestrian appearance, but for such excellent functionality and decent ease-of-use, we’re willing to overlook a lack of style.

Other/ Free Services

In addition to the standard VPN offering, Private Internet Access also provide a SOCKS5 proxy for all accounts – although there’s no setup guide for this, and despite a lengthy conversation with support we couldn’t get it to work.

Private Internet Access Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Wide range of user-selectable encryption options
  • High strength encryption and handshaking available
  • Good range of protocols
  • Clients for all major platforms
  • Excellent Android app and OpenVPN on iOS (through OpenVPN Connect)
  • Fantastic range of security options built-in to clients
  • Good speeds
  • No logs
  • Good prices and money-back guarantee

We weren’t so sure about

  • Speeds and connection times can be variable
  • Waiting times for support a little higher than some other providers
  • Couldn’t get proxy to work

We hated

  • Nothing

While its clients and website lack the visual pizazz of some other VPNs, Private Internet Access’ core service is excellent, its clients are powerful and it has some of the most accessible and useful user-configuration options we’ve seen on both Windows and Android platforms. Given all this is available for a price point reaching as low as $3.33 with a seven-day money back guarantee to boot, Private Internet Access makes for a very easy recommendation. Go give them a try today.

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Published 2015-07-07
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54 responses to “Private Internet Access Review

    My beef is the fact that PIA only has servers in eastern Canada. I live in B.C. and travel a lot and would like to be able to access Shaw Free Range TV while I am away but can’t because they only have servers in eastern Canada. They have servers all over the USA but only 2 in eastern Canada and Canada is a much larger country. Why. I have contacted them and they say they will look into it but nothing so far.

    I have been with PIA for a couple of years but are now looking for a new VPN provider. PIA stated publicly and in person via their chat that won’t pursue a workaround for Netflix’ ban of VPNs. They cited some vague legal BS and the tech support dude said outright: ‘No Netflix if you use PIA’. So I won;t use it anymore.

    1. Netflix will just follow the ALL VPN servers, not just PIA, and disable. Sometimes I can’t get Craigslist because someone has logged the server address as “malicious” even though it’s not. I’m in Thailand and PIA works fine for me. I cancelled Netflix the day they said they were going to block VPN’s which was fine because Netflix has gone down the toilet.

    I beg to differ about PIA. Have used them in the past, but the experience after my year expired & now rejoining has been less than stellar.

    The wait times listed for chats is the minimum amount of time between support chats responses & frequently has to be doubled. Hard to have a chat when there are long pregnant pauses. Small complaint & not technical.

    Ostensibly you must be installed (on a desktop) as admin. This is a problem if your normal configuration is not automatically admin by default (bad practice to be admin 24/7). We may have had a miscommunication in terminology, but this is what I came away with.

    The Apple-side client on the desktop has been balking sporadically. I had to delete & reinstall.

    On a mobile (Apple) device it eventually failed while I was on the road, mid-trip. The very time I most need a reliable VPN.

    On an iPad, it sometimes took a very long time to connect. The iPad had OpenVPN installed as well as the PIA client. On an iPod connecting to hotel wireless, it stopped completely, despite being the correct log-in. Trip over & I am told by tech support that I need to delete & reinstall the client to repair the connection. That this usually takes care of any problem. I have to say that reinstalling software screams “buggy software” from the rooftop.

    1. Hi EG,

      It is true that Apple users (both Mac and iOS) report less satisfaction with PIA than Windows and Android users…

    The current version of their software, version 56, deactivates the firewall in Mac Yosmite 10.10.5. It does this without providing any warning message. You would never know if you didn’t check. I spoke to technical support who gave me information that it’s a temporary glitch that they’re working on. I don’t understand the technical side very much, but to me this seems like a very big concern, is it not?

    1. Hi Aaron,

      It does indeed. Apple users consistently report being less satisfied with PIA than Windows and Android users.

    I just tried PIA and they refused to refund me within their 7 day money back period.
    Basically their refund promise is a lie!
    That says nothing about their other services but if you only want to try different VPN providers to find the best fitting one this behavior is very frustrating.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I find that strange, as I very recently opened a test account with PIA and was refunded immediately and without complaint…

    2. I paid for a one year account via paypal and they did not send my login info. After three days I asked them to send it again and instead, they refunded my money…without asking. Okay…what was up with that? Very odd.

    When I first got pia 2 yrs ago it was great..In the last few months [Dec 2015-Jan 2016 and counting] now I can barely stand to turn it slo. w/o pia getting 28Mbps with pia <4 if i am lucky.

    Yahoo's home page times out as do many others. Turn off pia and BAM! instant website. When some sites finally load there are no images….. yet.My home page used to be 5 websites now it is only gmail and that takes too long..sometimes i just load basic view and pray

    ookla speedtest takes minutes to complete with pia on..starts out decent then quickly comes to a virtual standstill..I have changed settings, reinstalled everything, rolled back tap driver all to no avail,

    Life is too short..Looking for a different vpn

    I have been using PIA for 6 months now. HAven’t had a single issue. I use it on my iPad, Android phone, multiple Windows PCs and I use the proxy for torrents. Set up has always been super easy and it works exactly as advertised. I notice that occassionally connecting to some servers will take up to 10 seconds, whereas others are a second and done. Seattle seems to give me the best speeds. My home connection is 140mbps, I see about 80 with the VPN on which is more than sufficient. All in all a great product. I have not had to use customer service, so I cannot speak to that.

    Shows connected and green, but it wasn’t connected at all

    The same problem had occurred on:
    * Laptop Windows 8.1
    * Desktop Windows 7

    Both PC.s upgraded to Windows 10 and this issue continued
    I had to check now and then if it was really connected

    I have decided to make this video after I had received a Penalty because of torrenting

    Stay away from Private Internet Access or get it at your own risk !


    It looks like their email server is currently blacklisted by yahoo mail; if you go through support they will want you to pick another email (provider). Massive red-flag to be honest… …the actual vpn is great though; just make sure you can receive emails from them (there is another comment on here about not getting the sign-up email).

    My internet connection runs around 170mbps and using there service I was getting 12mbps so I contacted customer service and after a number of tweaks we still only realized 16mbps.
    I understand that many people operate at these levels of connectivity. I could not tolerate such a degradation of my connection so by day 3 of the 7 day trial period I requested a refund and canceled my account.
    I am yet to receive a refund and have had to move the dispute in PayPal to a claim. I was influenced by the many good reviews but for me it did not provide what I need. A 90% hit on my connection was too much.
    They may prove the bees knees for you but my experience has been less than excellent.

    1. Too bad to hear of your experience with PIA since they really are a great VPN service which I have used for 2 years now. I consistently connect at 80-107Mbps on a daily basis. When you’re connecting through a VPN service you are extending the connection and number of routes that your data is required to pass through and so there will inevitably be some loss in speed. Connecting through the server in Toronto, Canada will almost always give you the fastest speeds, granted you will not reach 170Mbps but if you are getting at least half of your normal speed then you are doing good. No VPN service will be able to offer you what you are looking for, there are just too many variables involved in the network connections and such.

    In response to a port forwarding “vulnerability” (in quotes because the same vuln had already been discovered and addressed by network admins years prior), version 55 (on Mac 10.11) of Private Internet Access (PIA) won’t allow connections to other LAN devices (printers, or servers of any kind).

    When I contacted PIA for more information, I was responded to with a standard customer service response. For example:

    [PIA]: We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.
    [me]: Is there some ETA for the fix?
    [PIA]: In the next couple of days.
    [me]: Does that mean Jan 7? (today is Jan 5)
    [PIA]: An exact date has not been planned but we do know that it will be released very soon.

    RED FLAG (in addition to the technical red flags by the belated vulnerability discovery). How about some project management or respect for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? Agile? Kanban? Anything?

    I cannot give more than a 2 star rating for any category given that the company is not driven by technology as a priority, hence I would only be rating (no pun as this post is not meant to berate) a product that is seemingly driven by capitalizing from the fear of exposing actual user IPs – when I was really hoping to use a technologically sound product. Hope that makes sense.

    1. Hi Mike,

      It should be noted that PIA was one of the first VPN providers to offer a kill switch and DNS leak protection in its client and that it was among the first to introduce very strong encryption options (and unusually, most of these features are also available in its Android app.) Despite the recent issues, I think that to accuse PIA of being “not driven by technology as a priority” is unfair. It is also one of the few US companies to promise a completely no logs service (although the NSA still worries me in this regard,) and to protect users against DMCA notices (and yes, I know that TorGuad does this as well.)

    I used PIA for about a year on a month to month basis. No issues. When I signed up for annual service my account was never delivered and PIA would not give me a refund unless I logged in to their customer client area and made the request. I did not have a login of course since they never sent me the new account. It was the classic run around move of a bottom feeder and a rip off. Two weeks ago I actively recommended PIA. Now, not so much. PIA is great until you need someone in customer service to have some common sense. Then you will pay for it and they will keep your money.

    if these guys ever figure out how to hide the
    ports on my computer and the ping address, the way it stands now you can hide my computer address but you can not keep it from being open to attack by exposing it to the hackers unnecessarily. It leaks your DNS to the internet

    Please let this comment go through unlike my last one. I believe it important for people to know my experience.
    You see I subscribed from PIA for a years service. For unknown reasons my Paypal was charged twice. I provided PIA with pictures of my CC statement along with screen shots of my PayPal which they agreed would provide a refund considering the fault is on their end. Several weeks have gone by with no refund and they are no longer responding to my messages.
    I even opened a new ticket referring to my previous problem, and they still have not responded.
    Very very poor customer service and if I don’t get back my refund they are thieves as well.

    I have been with PIA for about a year now. Few months ago I noticed that their service would go down a lot. To be safe while torrenting I would activate their kill switch.
    Their service seems to go down a lot when the kill switch option is on. There is also the issue that their speed is limited possibly throttle. When VPN is off I get 3 and 4 mb of download speed and with PIA barely 600 kb’s. Whats the point of a kill switch is the service isn’t stable enough to stay on and worst speed is poor.

    I am not sure that they are delivering a service worth staying with. Slow speeds and not stable… I think we are getting divorce… Moving on

    While I think the actual VPN service that PIA provides is good and possibly the best value for money, I’m highly disappointed in their customer service, possibly to go as far as to say they stole money from me.
    I signed up for a year service through Paypal and for unknown reasons two payments were taken. Both showed up on my CC statement and within my paypal account. All of the information was proved to PIA including pictures and screen shots and I was told I would have gotten a refund.
    Weeks have gone by and not only no refund, but they are no longer even responding to my messages for updates despite the fact that my case number clearly states that my case remains Open.

    Consider yourselves warned and the wait continues…

    After trying another VPN service and reading all the reviews I signed up with PIA a few days ago. I consider myself computer savvy but PIA was not user friendly at all to install. After I got it working torrent speeds were erratic and slow. Even with the torrent client upload set to 10kb/s overnight 8GB of data was uploaded. Even with the torrent client shutdown there was still a lot of data being uploaded and more than just “overhead”. This is way too much work to pay for a VPN service that is so erratic and through all the threads I have read I have not seen any solutions or explanations on why so much data is uploaded. Just cancelled my subscription after 5 days, thankfully i only signed up for a month.

    I have used PIA since 2013 and see no need to change, though the comment about blacklisted IP addresses is spot on. Using a Los Angeles connection from Mexico to watch TV usually fails for Hulu, for example, as do many referred videos (main problem there is neither YouTube nor Vimeo). If I disconnect and reconnect from a different server, eventually I find one that works but it’s a hassle. Since the thought police are constantly looking for new users to block, I assume other VPNs have the same problem.

    I’ve never had to wait more than a couple minutes for chat box support, and that support has always been clear and immediately to the point; I have no idea why people have complained about PIA support. On the down side, the “little green man” applet no longer works since I upgraded my Linux machine to Mint 17.3 but the native Mint networking applet works fine, so it’s not a big deal.

    I’ve not had significant problems with drop-offs. It happens once in awhile, but my Mexican ISP sometimes drops off too. It happens, no big deal.

    I like PIA on all counts; the only burr under my saddle is the blacklisted IPs. Someday the entertainment barons might decide to join the current century. Eventually they figured out that TV would not kill the movies, and book authors are increasingly using torrents to increase their exposure despite the publishers staying baffled, so there is hope, I guess.

    PIA have good speed OK customer service.

    Cons they have many many blacklisted IP!

    STAY AWAY from this product!!! I used it for a year … it took 4 MONTHS to get it to load correctly on just 2 computers, and be able to use it as advertised. They wouldn’t refund my money, even though it was within the 7 days, and the CS is the poorest I’ve ever seen. They all cut and paste answers….noone has any clue as to how to handle the problems that come up. When you ask to be bumped up to Tier II, they won’t do it….I had to go through the Billing Dept and threaten to refuse the payment on my credit card before I got any intelligent response. It dropped me ALL the time….without warning. At 2am in the morning, in the middle of a movie, that is frustrating to say the least. Then when you go to their chat window, you just get another idiot that cuts and pastes the same information you’ve been given 50 times before. I had to uninstall and re-install so many times I lost count. That would hold it for a while, then it would start dropping me again. Oh, and they don’t tell you when you sign up (and it wasn’t on their site either) that the year’s charge is RECURRING. You don’t get to cancel unless you remember exactly the date you purchased it. And no deals were ever offered. The only way I escaped being charged again this year is because we changed our credit card number this year. Never, never, NEVER again!!

    I echo many of the negative comments here in terms of customer service and performance. I routinely run speed tests with different VPN providers and while PIA almost has a cult-like following their speeds are ridiculously erratic, especially if you are located in the west coast of the USA. In fact, my recommendation is that you are simply foolish in using a VPN provider based in the USA regardless if they claim not to keep logs. Tweaking your settings for PIA can be rather complicated and frustrating.

    Before shelling out any money on a VPN, spend some time browsing the VPN provider’s own forums. Many do censor comments but when it comes to PIA, there is a large thread dedicated to poor speeds. Then again, many hardcore movie, tv, and gamers looking for copyrighted material don’t have any problem with slow speeds as long as they “think” they are anonymous. Bwahaha.

    Been with PIA since January 2015.
    They claim I should be getting 90-95% of my ISP speed through the VPN. I get 30% at best. The only way I can get more than 10% of my ISP speed is to set up an OpenVPN client using custom scripts on Windows.
    There is a very long thread on the PIA forum dedicated to customers with the same experience as mine.
    Customer service was useless. They ran me through a week long script then started the process all over again. Change ports, protocols… Just a tactic to look like they know what they are doing but really just a time waster until you give up.

    Terrible customer service – made me wait to punish me for them admitting a mistake. Rude. However, the VPN itself is bang on.

    True, but misleading section on OpenVPN and AES-256. “The AES-256-CBC encryption is only available on our PIA client software… Brendon T, Level I Tech Support”

    Had PIA for 2 years now and never had a problem.I recommend it to everyone that needs a vpn.

    I have been using PIA for about 5 months. I have more than 5 devices so I added the server to my router that has Merlin firmware. I am happy over all, speed could be better, I try to connect to the fastest servers. The website allows you to speed test the different servers so I change regularly between the two fastest. My speed drops from 60 mbps to around 30 through their fastest servers. Initial setup was pretty easy and customer support was less than 5 minutes and they were very knowledgeable. I check for DNS leaks regularly and have never found any issues. I would recommend this service.

    This service is a sham. I used a WalMart gift card since I wish to remain anonymous even when using a VPN to remain anonymous.

    Well, the service didn’t work on three different computers. I jumped through all of the hoops their “tech support” suggested to no avail. So, I canceled on day 2 (supposedly they have a 7 day money back guarantee.) THEN I find out if you use a gift card, you can’t cancel and you can’t get a refund.

    On the bright side? You’ll get lots of apologies for your inconvenience. You’re still out the $50 though.

    Yuk. I was used to getting 5-7 Mbps for my downloads connected to US servers and now if I am lucky I am getting 1 Mbps. Even if this service was free, I wouldn’t use it. It’s that slow.

    I have PIA VPN subscription for my second year now and it works very good on all of my Windows, Linux, Ipad and Android devices.
    The only install problems I had were with a Samsung KitKat Android but the online support gave me excellent advice and within 5 minutes I was online on that device.

    PIA is the best vpn I have ever used fast reliable and efficient.I have recommended it to everybody i know

    I am very disappointed with PIA. I have not experienced good speeds and customer service. I experienced dropouts and servers that are overcrowded in Canada and Western USA.

    There are some write-ups on how to improve your speeds but it’s rather complicated. If I am going to pay money for a VPN, I expect the interface or app to do things properly and efficiently fast without manual tweaking.

    1. In regard to the speed issue(s), you can go here: and run a speed test on routers that you want to use to see if there are any bottlenecks. If so then select another one that offers better speeds. It is not realistic to pay such a small amount and then demand access at the site of your choosing at the speeds you deem acceptable. You need to develop a little flexibility and be more proactive in your use of the vpn.

    PIA is the best vpn no disconnect no problem fast support.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback. If you’ve tried PIA, tell us about your experience!

    1. It no longer works with Samsun mobile devices since the last Samsung update. Did you fix that? I have PIA possibility on three devices. Laptop ok, netbook, ok, Samsung mobile and tablet not ok. I heard you were working on a fix.

  1. It’s a decent service , one word of warning though , it WILL keep disconnecting you periodically , especially if you download a large amount of data (at least I find it does) meaning unless you have a download manager or are using torrent downloader , you will have issues.

    1. My initial experience was the same as yours and it was frustrating to say the least. But once I understood how the PIA software worked and configured the firewalls and windows defender correctly(in windows XP and windows 8.1), I have not had sudden disconnects with the VPN or Socks 5 connections, there are days when my uTorrent runs overnight or for +24 hrs without a disconnect. The PIA software definitely needs to be better coded.

  2. I’ve been with PIA since Jan 2015 and it’s a great service with everything I was looking for in a VPN provider. Which is good price and Socks 5 support. Since I have older equipment I use Socks 5 in uTorrent and it works really well, I get the same speeds as I would without it through my ISP.

    Maxthon web browser can now be configured with a Socks 5 proxy with authentication, it’s the only browser I know of that supports in browser Socks 5 proxy with authentication. If anyone else knows of another browser with proxy ‘authentication’ feature, please chime in.

    1. I have been with PIA for 2 years now, in fact I just purchased my new subscription for 2 years @ 59.95! Their service is great, their employees are very helpful and I use their software on all my devices. That being said I have had some issues. first lets discus the Android app. It is good when it works. It can be a bit dodgy and not connect in fact it can be frustrating. But once it is running its on point! FYI you cannot use and LAN data transfer with the app running. The Windows software (I’m not quite simple enough to use Apple) is good. Watch out for high CPU usage from the PIA_Tray.exe (It is the little green man in the my mom says). This high CPU usage comes from variability in Windows firewall and some AV’s I recommend adding ALL .exe’s related to PIA to your firewall and AV program, it will stop this. There tends to be connectivity issues sometimes’ If it happens and you cannot get a stable connection it is best to completely delete PIA from ProgramFiles and from device manager (It adds itself to windows as a virtual network interface). I can do it in under 5 minutes, it is easy peasy even for a lowly Network Admin like myself. This is BY FAR the best VPN you can buy. Nothing is perfect but PIA damn near is! FYI as of 10-1-2015 check VPN Coupon on Reddit and get that 2 years for 59.95 it is a great deal!

    2. Customer service is non-existent. I asked for a refund w/in 24 hours of purchase (info states a full refund within 7 days) because i was not at all satisfied…….approximately 15 emails later I still have not been given a refund … and rarely have I gotten a response. Stay clear of PIA

    3. I’ve been using PIA for 3 months now and regret buying a year subscription. The client is very unreliable and disconnects often without warning leaving your ip address very visible. Shortly into my subscription I received an email from PIA stating there was an ip address leak discovered in several of the servers they use and it required 2 attempts before they fixed the problem. Their billing practices are questionable, read the terms and conditions very closely before buying. PIA appears to me to be a very small company that is still in the learning process. I don’t trust their VPN service anymore and regret purchasing. My user experience has been somewhat different from the paid reviews you can read online. Better to read what is being said on forums, they are the best product reviews.

      1. Hi John,

        I used PIA for years, and while I have now switched to AirVPN, my experience of PIA was much more positive. I should also note that the PIA software comes a VPN kill switch, so your IP should never be exposed, even when the connection drops. PIA is an established company, and is generally well regard among the security community (although IMO there are better services out there.)

      2. I have used them for 2 years with no trouble at all. I hear all of you complaining about one thing or another but for the last couple months every VPN has been having trouble with webrtc and other holes. PIA is just as fast as charter with my 60/4 speeds and I would love to know a better vpn for the price. Also I see alot of people saying it was hard to get it working, you just install a program if you can’t do that don’t call yourself tech savvy. I am in IT and I can promise you I have never had ANY drops while dl and I test alot. Also if you use a good torrent program they should bind the two so if it does quit your torrent client stops, dont use the kill switch the PIA program even warns you of this.

    4. Private Internet Access is now completely blocked by the BBC. If your goal is to watch the BBC, this product is completely useless. Their website still says you can watch the BBC, but you cannot.

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