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Trust.Zone is a new player in the VPN provision service, but they already have a decent network and a user-friendly client. Their prices are reasonable and there’s good respect for users’ privacy. Scroll down to read our full Trust.Zone review.
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Pricing & Plans



A five-day free trial is available, giving access to a slightly reduced server list and limited to 5GB of total bandwidth used. It’s also possible to request a full refund if, after ten days of subscription, you’re not satisfied with the service – provided you’ve not used more than 1GB of bandwidth during that time. Payment for the service is handled via PayPro Global, and can be made via credit card or bank transfer, as well as a variety of web payment services such as PayPal. BitCoin isn’t advertised on the front page, but is available as a payment option once clicking through to purchase.


We liked

  • Good-looking and easy-to-use client with good range of useful options
  • Fast connection times
  • Handsome website, useful information easy to find
  • No restrictions on peer-to-peer traffic
  • Logless
  • Based in Seychelles
  • Free trial
  • Payment in BitCoin

We weren’t so sure about

  • Question marks over standard of Windows client’s VPN protocol
  • Speeds variable to poor
  • More technical information on the website would be nice
  • Support hours could be better

We hated

  • Nothing


Trust.Zone is operated by Extra Solutions Ltd, which is headquartered in the Seychelles. There are servers in 44 locations, and paid subscribers are allowed three simultaneous connections to the VPN. A personal dedicated static IP is also available for customers who wish it at a slightly higher cost per month.

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Security & Privacy

Trust.Zone offers connections via L2TP and OpenVPN. OpenVPN uses industry standard 256-bit AES data encryption, RSA-2048 for handshaking, and SHA-1 for data authentication. L2TP/IPsec protection is handled using a pre-shared key (PSK) for handshaking, SHA-1 for data authentication with beefier 256-bit AES encryption for the data stream; this may be why L2TP is listed as the “recommended” protocol in the site’s setup guides.

Neither of these protocols are actually used by the Trust.Zone Windows client, however; instead, it uses an in-house implementation. This is something of a red flag for us, as this makes it impossible to know how effective it is.

Registered in the Seychelles, Trust.Zone is subject to the Seychelle’s legal jurisdiction; this location is a popular choice for VPNs that take their customers’ privacy very seriously, and is not subject to any mandatory data retention laws. No logs are kept which could be traced back to a user’s identity. Peer to peer is not only allowed, but actively encouraged – it’s one of the features advertised most prominently on the site. The Terms of Use do state that illegal sharing of content is not allowed, but it goes on to say – somewhat cheekily – that as no logs are kept, there’s no way of tracking any such illegal file sharing to a specific user.

The website

The Trust.Zone website makes for a pleasant visit. It’s clean, useful information is put front and centre, and that information is backed up with friendly-looking images and diagrams. Most of the time it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are clear and easy to read.


There’s a blog with a mixture of security news, guides and plenty of posts telling passers-by why they should use a VPN.


Trust.Zone users can get support through the website’s Live Chat function or by filling in a form to contact support via email. The former is limited to operational hours of 6am to 4pm GMT, but we did find operators to be quick to respond and helpful when the service was in operation; “wait a sec pls will ask the tech guys” was our favourite response! We found the email support also gave quick and pleasingly direct responses.


There are setup guides on the website for a variety of platforms and protocols, but no knowledge base yet; there’s also a FAQ, but the level of detail within is not sufficient to answer any technical questions users might have.

The Process

Signing Up

Registering for a Trust.Zone account is simple enough, requiring only an email address and password plus Captcha. Anonymous payment is possible via BitCoin, but other methods of payment – processed through PayPro Global – require a full billing address and even a phone number. We found the payment process itself to be pleasingly straightforward, with check boxes to specify whether you want a recurring subscription as well as to make sure users have actually made use of the free trial before they commit.

The Trust.Zone Windows VPN client

For a new provider, Trust.Zone’s VPN client is impressive: it’s easy to use, and it looks good. Server selection is simple and connection is handled by clicking on the big shield in the middle of the display. Connecting, disconnecting and changing servers is all very speedy. We were also pleased to see an “Exit” button which actually exits the client rather than minimizing it to the system tray.


There are also some useful options on hand, such as a kill switch to prevent traffic going out unprotected if the VPN connection is lost, and a wide selection of ports to connect over – we were particularly pleased to see the default port is 443 (HTTPS), a great way of cloaking VPN traffic as well as making it more compatible with a wider range of network scenarios. There are also options to start the client and the VPN automatically, which is always nice to see.





Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

Speeds may presently prove to be Trust.Zone’s Achilles’ Heel. The UK Rugby server – available to free trial users – never gave us good results, and struggled even with normal-definition video streaming. The UK London server was better with some good highs, but some low lows led to high variance and a general sense of inconsistency. US server tests were very poor, with dismal highs of 1.9Mbps even on the premium-only servers. Trust.Zone got back to us about this, and said that they are working to increase the capacity of their network as soon as possible following an unexpected influx of new users.


Graphs show high/average/low speeds and overall variance. More information on our new speed tests coming soon!


We had no issues with reliability or geolocation checks, and it’s also worth noting that connection times were some of the fastest we’ve seen. Trust.Zone use Google’s DNS servers and we had no issues with leaks.

Other Platforms

Currently, Windows is the only platform to receive a bespoke client from Trust.Zone; other platforms get setup guides and downloadable OpenVPN templates for use with third-party clients such as OpenVPN Connect on mobile. Setup guides are, however, clear and well-illustrated, and available for both OpenVPN and L2TP options. Mac OSX, iOS, Android, various flavours of Windows and even a couple of Linux distros are provided for in this manner.

Trust.Zone Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Good-looking and easy-to-use client with good range of useful options
  • Fast connection times
  • Handsome website, useful information easy to find
  • No restrictions on peer-to-peer traffic
  • Logless
  • Based in Seychelles
  • Free trial
  • Payment in BitCoin

We weren’t so sure about

  • Question marks over standard of Windows client’s VPN protocol
  • Speeds variable to poor
  • More technical information on the website would be nice
  • Support hours could be better

We hated

  • Nothing

Despite its young age, Trust.Zone already offers a competent VPN service with plenty of locations and a good Windows client. Support is fine and there’s an openness to their website and communications which is refreshing. While we’d like to see a bit more technical info on the website and a switch to more transparent and robust encryption, the service as it stands is more than adequate for the casual user. Thanks to the free trial, it’s also easy to have a go and see whether you like it.

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53 responses to “Trust.Zone Review

  1. I just bought today and it took me just a couple minutes to get it running. Like everyone else I was worried
    If it was working properly so I checked my IP address on my tablet then I checked my laptop that has and
    Both IP addresses where different and the speed was great at above 5mbs. So over all it’s working great. All I worry
    About now is if all the countries come together and shut down but till then it’s clear sailing

  2. Disappointing speed on some locations (France, Spain) while excelent locally (righ now 3,55 Mbps download with an IP in France while I reach 60+ Mbps with a local VPN IP). Support contacted last week, no solution so far.

    1. Solrakkz, indeed, local network vpn speed will always better than speed to foreign destination. We recommend connecting the closest server to get fastest speed.
      Please, contact our tech team. I am pretty sure we are able to resolve your issues

  3. it leaks on the free trial i used perfect privacy test’s, leaks dns also ms leak detected hmmm while my other vpn holds solid no leaks ?
    what gives is it just the trail that leaks or do all leak if i had subscribed i would test thoroughly Im not convinced this is the best Im no expert far from it but i need to trust and this falls short as my security needs to be perfect not or maybe test with many leak tester not just one try over and over use the hold free gbs it failed

    1. bobin,
      unfortunately, there is no way to provide users with 100% no leaks by software because some windows OS settings (and some windows updates) may override VPN software settings.

      That’s why we recommend reading our FAQ and check if your OS settings are correct:

      BestVPN wrote great article about win 10 dns leak issues

      Feel free to contact us.

      1. Hi TrustZone,

        A good firewall implemented by the VPN client will ensure that no internet traffic can enter or exit outside the VPN tunnel. Even the basic official OpenVPN client now features IPv4 and Ipv6 DNS leak protection, and will prevent WebRTC leaks.

  4. Having been a customer for less than 72 hours (it’s a free test period). I can only give a very limited feedback, even if very good. Speed is very good. Easy to install. I had a issue to install it on my router and asked for support of trustzone customer service. I have received reply shortly with full instructions for my router.

    Considering that I am not an tech expert and that there were few technical hurdles the whole process has taken more than one hour, however we finally managed to manually set up a specific VPN network that solved the problem.

  5. Habe Trustzone VPN seit 5 Monaten im Einsatz. Keine Beschwerden.

    PureVPN ist ein guter Anbieter. Ich kann mich weder über die Geschwindigkeit noch über den Kundenservice beschweren. Und preislich ist es mehr als OK. Meine Empfehlung hat der Service.

  6. Good for streaming. Support has recommended using server for better streaming. Some other servers could be blocked from time to time, but TZ are adding new IP addresses everytime and blocking is gone.

  7. Extremely slow service, latency and routing is terrible. Don’t waste your time. Don’t believe me? Try out the free trial first and prove me wrong.

    1. Jack,
      Do you have any antivirus installed on your PC?
      We recommend adding Trust.Zone into exception list of antivirus to get better connection if you have any connectivity issues.
      Besides, we recommend using closest servers to get the best performance and fast speed.

    1. Hi
      Have you contacted our support team? I am sure we are able to resolve your connectivity issues.
      I recommend reading our FAQ section before using Trust.Zone
      Some antiviruses and firewalls may block ports and throttle connections.

  8. Using Comcast internet.
    Down: 75
    Up: 15
    I’m getting 20ms / 85 up and 17 down.
    PC without Trustzone
    12 ms / 89 / 16
    I see no real difference here.
    I am using the “Favorite” server, if I switch to any other server my speeds do drop a lot though.

      1. >>> Yup, @ThatOnePrivacyGuy’s list is very good.

        Are you sure about it?
        I checked Trust.Zone’s website but I didn’t find anything special than what most(“self-proclaimed”) “no logging” VPN providers are advertising.
        Seriously, how is it possible to find these things?
        Since these results are not based on the providers’ AUPs/TOSs/PPs, he must test all of these hundreds of providers one by one and use some secret “hackery(magic)” to find they are logging or not, right?
        If so, you’d better stay away from these VPNs scored high on the list, because they seem to be “compromised” and “insecure”.
        I think this list is yet another big, ugly “affiliate marketing scam”!
        Look at how highly this guy scored BlackVPN, though they has admitted that they keep some logs and frequently call all “no logging” VPN providers liars at reddit like these(
        Plus, this guy seems to be a user of the VPN (
        How could you trust this guy?

        1. Hi lissie,

          As far as I know, @ThatOnePrivacyGuy claims no special knowledge – he just researches the claims made by the various VPN providers. As someone who knows a fair bit about the VPN industry myself, most of his calls look pretty spot-on to me, although I have not had the time to go over the table with with a fine tooth comb.

          1) Re., from its Privacy Policy,

          “All our VPN servers around the world ARE NOT store any log files to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.!”

          I agree that this is rather loose, but until some kind of web of trust system is formalized to audit such claims, its all we have for most providers.

          2) Yes – BlackVPN’s owner in insists that all VPNs keep some logs, and that any claim to the contrary is dishonest. I do not believe this, as sending all logs to a /null file is very easy. All VPNs will, however, be able to monitor activity in real time…

          3) “I used BlackVPN for a while. They are pretty good, my problems were that they block SMTP and are a little pricey.” I’m not sure you can call this “being a user of the VPN.”

          At the end of the day, I don’t “trust” @ThatOnePrivacyGuy… I simply find his list to be a good one. I would not however, trust any particular entry without checking it out for myself first…

        2. @ThatOnePrivacyGuy was using a lot of VPNs while creating the list. Obviously, BestVPN and @ThatOnePrivacyGuy are leading VPN comparison services of VPN indurstry and they tested majority of VPNs before writing the reviews.

    Worth money.

    Trustzone is must-have solution for torrenting. They don’t forward p2p traffic to specific servers like PIA. So, no drop in speed. Ip is hidden. No logs

    Just 40+ locations. 100+ would be much better

    1. Hi Netflix Question!,

      The situation is in such flux at the moment that we have no easy way of knowing exactly which services are and aren’t banned (some services can even be used on some servers, but not others!). Trust.Zone offers a 5-dsay free trial + 10-day money back guarantee, so why not find out for yourself? Please do be aware, however, that even if a service works today, Netflix could start banning it tomorrow…

    2. @Netflix Question,

      Recently, Netflix strated crackdown on VPNs.
      The good news that you still can use Trust.Zone to watch Netflix.

      Launch Trust.Zone app, click ‘Settings’ icon. Go to ‘Preferences’ -> Customize.
      Set VPN port as 80 HTTP (default settigs – 443)
      Press ‘OK’.
      Reconnect to a new sever (or restart the app)

      Trust.Zone has unique implementation of protocol (it’s not OpenVPN – by default ) and it bypasses Netflix blocking. You can also try to forward traffic via Port 21 (SCP, SFTP) or Port 22 (FTP), it also bypasses Netflix geo-restrictions

    Dear Ronaldray,

    I have noticed your comment about IPVANISH on six VPN review websites..
    Everytime, other VPN providers were worst but IPVANISH is the best. It looks suspicious.

    If you were real TZ customer, plz contact our support team to research your issue

    This program works great!!! I have had for a month now and couldn’t be happier with the performance.
    I see some people says they are losing speeds.
    I have been connected to one server for 30hrs and no issues or speed loss. Just choose the right and closest server for you

    Please Don’t use I am getting 50 to 70 kbps speed. I tried all of their servers but only one or two server give me speed of 100 to 150 kbps sometimes. I purchase 1 year plan and unable to use even a week and i giveit up. Sometimes you will not be able to open websites. its cheap and speed is also cheap. I use lots of vpn but this one is shit.

    Now i am using ipvanish and i recommend you. Very nice speed vpn and reliable. Price is double then trust zone but you will get the best what you paid for.

    Trying this VPN now. So far it is working and took only a moment to install.
    I’ve gotten hundreds of ISP letters and cant afford to be ratted out by Comcast. No logging and bitcoin payment -the best option to stay hidden

    @Douglas Crawford, agree. It was NordVPN with max $11.90 last year. I see now that they also discounted a price

    After PIA doubled it’s price I decided to try trust zone and I am very happy I switched

    Already checked it out a while back and its good. The price is cheap and if BestVPN recommends it then its good to use!
    will recommend it.

    I have been using since Oct and have great praise for the support given.

    It the first two weeks there were some startup problems but since then, it has been rock solid. I turn it on and forget it.

    The speed has never wavered. It has been as fast with it as without it. I download and upload at maximum cable speed with is 30meg down and 5 meg up. So easy to set up. They have step by step screen shots on how to set up the servers.
    You have over two dozen servers in the world to hook up. I use the US and Canada servers. I highly recommend them.
    I liked them so much I added another year on my first year when they were running their special. Also paid for a friend of mine to get on at that reduced rate. Go get it and never worry about he notices

    Hi all, google “5-best-vpn-providers-for-2015” for a recent comparison of VPN services. I was with PIA for 2 years, thinking I was protected, but a month ago, I received emails from HBO about downloading some copyrighted material, linked to my real IP address. As it turns out, the home base of VPN companies is VERY IMPORTANT, and PIA is based in the US, which makes them subject to Patriot act, etc. I sent PIA a message on their “customer service online chat” thingy, but how shocking, never got a response…

    I decided to go with a more expensive and renowned service (ExpressVPN, the 1st one in the classment but the most expensive).
    Before signing up, check the address of the VPN company first (the headquarters, not the various servers they have).

    Trustzone located in Seychelles, I really liked it. No US laws here at least. They accept Bitcoin and it’s 100% anonymous payment. That’s my advice. I hope this helps.

    1. If this uses Google DNS servers then doesn’t Google just log all of the information on its Google DNS logs?

      Trustzone might not log but the middle man, Google, does, and knows your original location.

      The way I see it is that Google is effectively the VPN here, this may also be true with Betternet VPN. Am I wrong?

      1. Hi Tommy,

        It is (of course) better that a VPN provider use its own DNS servers to perform DNS resolution while you are connected to its service, but using Google DNS is not as bad as it first seems. This is because all DNS requests are made via the VPN provider (TrustZone in the case) so your DNS requests are hidden from Google, and appear to come from the provider.

    Signed up for Trust.Zone VPN service. Tested a few servers and noted that some AU ones are very fast.
    Here in the NZ I have terrible ISPs. Boy! these guys watch you like a hawk.
    A few $$$ a month is well worth to keep these vampires off your neck.

    Previously I had FrootVPN the original free version but when it went to being a paid VPN I looked around. Previously I had SURFEASY free version with its download limits, but they kept logs. I had narrowed it down to NORDVPN as a no log no laws governing where they were based kind of VPN , but then I saw this…

    Yesterday I signed up to TrustZone – they say they keep no logs – at $2.99 for a month and have the XP desktop, Win7 desktop, Android ph and Android tablet all protected now. Setup was super easy and fast with no issues. Thanks to the BESTVPN!

    i have been with trust zone for over 2 months now.
    they allow torrents and the torrent program reports their ip not yours 🙂 well done.
    truist zone cuts my speed in 1/2. not worried i have a fast connection 1/2 is all right.
    i registered during one of their sales, trust zone is cheap.
    however Trust zone DOES NOT RESPOND to problems, ie if you cant connect to servers hope it gets fixed as contacting them is pointless 🙁

    looking to get 2 to 3 year sub for my plex server can you please conform it works with plexs server

    1. Hi ap,

      Trust.Zone offers a 5 day free trial, so why don’t you take advantage of that to determine if it works with your Plex server?

    Chad, could you, please, describe your issue with Trust.Zone? I am happy to help

    TrustZone VPN really have unprofessional support team. Really disappointed with this. In my opinion, Earth VPN and PIA are really good.

    Trust.Zone Team updated server locations: 41 locations are available now

    Regular slow download speeds using their small number US & Europe & Asian servers, e.g HKong was less that 1 Mbps – tested 4 times a day, for 3 days. Australian Servers are constantly down. Customers service is only available Mon-Fri – Office hours. They need to improve their game more!

    bought a 1year deal …worst thing i ever did…think long and hard and then only buy a 1 month to test, dont be fooled by the great free soon as you pay its capped, I have given up and gone with another VPN better speed and actually shows the server loads, Trust Zone gives you NO info on their server loads etc

    Is this ExtraTorrent’s child? If so – sounds interesting

    I don’t know why would I trust a lesser known VPN provider with all the data retention going on.

    Used it for streaming Netflix. Speed is OK for me. The best solution for me was playing with VPN server locations. I tried Melburn and Sydeny locations but finally the server in Hong Kong was the faster. So, closest server is not always fastest!

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