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Charles Tosh

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On October 14, 2015
Last modified:November 4, 2015


Our Privatoria review discovered a good service for a low price, but with room for improvement in reliability and performance.

Privatoria offer a low price VPN service which comes bundled with plenty of extra features – including the facility to use the Tor network through Privatoria’s VPN without having to use the Tor browser. With their stated mission to uphold the right to privacy, they provide good security and high anonymity, though there’s definitely room for improvement in the area of performance.

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Pricing & Plans

Privatoria’s service can be had for as little as $1.90 a month with a yearly subscription; subscribing on a month-by-month basis puts the price up to $3.90 a month, but this is still a very low price for a VPN service, even without Privatoria’s extra frills – more on this below.

privatoria pricing

New users begin with a free trial, though this is limited to only two hours before the VPN is locked, and there’s no money-back guarantee if you go ahead and buy the service. Payment can be made by BitCoin for a high potential degree of anonymity, as well as by PayPal or credit card.


Privatoria is based in the Czech Republic. As a user of their VPN, you gain access to VPN servers in twenty-one countries including the USA, UK and Japan, granting a good amount of flexibility for unblocking geo-locked content. Five simultaneous connections means that you can use the service across several devices at once. What’s more, as part of their package, Privatoria also offer secure web chat, anonymous email, secure file transfer and an anonymous web proxy as well.

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Security & Privacy

You can connect to Privatoria using L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN, with the former utilising the excellent AES-256 standard for encryption with a pre-shared key. Privatoria’s OpenVPN offering also uses AES encryption – a step up from OpenVPN’s default BlowFish cipher – though only at 128 bits. SHA1 is used for hash authentication and handshaking is handled very securely by 2048-bit RSA. There’s also the option to use Privatoria as a gateway to connect to the Tor network. When doing this, Privatoria’s client jumps between locations every ten minutes or so on their end while checking the viability of chains in real-time to prevent connecting to non-working nodes. This can make Tor more accessible and easier to use, provided you don’t mind using Privatoria as a go-between, or dispensing with the specially-hardened Tor browser. You can read more about using Tor over a VPN in our feature on the subject.

Privatoria have a no-log policy, and state that they keep neither traffic logs nor any logs which would allow the matching of a user’s IP address to a time stamp. Also, the Czech Republic is not currently subject to any data retention laws.

Peer-to-peer file transfers are allowed on all servers except for the USA and Canada.

The website

Privatoria have a slick and professional website which immediately makes you feel like you’re in safe hands. The most interesting features – security, anonymity and their secure data transfer service – are presented clearly and up-front, along with their most appealing policy promises: no personal data collection, and a guarantee that their software is free from government interference.

Privatoria Review

Links to important documents like the terms of use and privacy policy are logically placed, and information on what’s included in the service is easily available through the Services specification link – though it would be nice if they offered information on important details such as encryption strength too. There’s a news section detailing updates and changes to the service, and a regularly-updated blog provides a mixture of advertising and useful guides such as how to create a strong password.

The user account area is also clean, easy to navigate and highly functional – we found it a pleasure to use.


Support is easy to access both from the main website and the user account dashboard. During Central European office hours, users seeking assistance will be directed to the excellent Live Chat service, which we found to be prompt, helpful and polite. Email support is available out of hours.

privatoria support

Helpful and comprehensive setup guides are available in the user account area, but we were slightly disappointed by the lack of a complete and searchable knowledge base. We’d especially like to see provision of more information about the technical details of the VPN service, such as encryption type and strength, or a guide to setting up the SoftEther client which is mentioned without explanation in the VPN server details.

The Process

Signing Up

Registration couldn’t be easier, with the site asking you to choose a username and password and providing immediate feedback as to whether the username is available and how strong the password you’ve entered is. And that’s it – no email address or personal information is requested. After signing up, you can immediately login and access your personal account area.

The Privatoria Windows VPN client

Privatoria don’t provide a bespoke VPN client of their own, instead providing setup instructions for Windows’ built in L2TP/IPSec capabilities, as well as server details and configuration files for the free and open source OpenVPN client. Using these files is fairly easy if you’re comfortable with navigating to a subfolder in your Program Files to drag and drop, and the OpenVPN client itself is basic but robust and functional. It’s also fairly painless to use if you’re happy interacting with it entirely from the system tray, though it does lack accessible advanced features found on some bespoke clients such as a kill switch or automatic connection. A fair bit of advanced tinkering is possible, but even just to store your login details you’ll have to search for instructions and be comfortable editing text configuration files with notepad, or using Windows’ command line.

Privatoria Review

There are a number of other clients out there which can make use of OpenVPN config files and offer a little more usability and functionality, but again it’s up to the user to find these if not happy with the vanilla OpenVPN offering.



Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

Performance is the biggest area where Privatoria’s service could use improvement. Even given the worse-than-usual quality of the test connection we used, we saw a clear and consistent drop in speed to levels which are OK for browsing, but poor for streaming or downloading large files; HD streaming in particular would be out of the question without significant delays for buffering. It’s worth noting, however,  that US servers were only 1 Mbps slower than our baseline.

privatoria download tests
privatoria upload tests
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each location/VPN. See our post on our new speed tests for more information.

Unfortunately we did occasionally experience some problems connecting both to the VPN and the proxy, which does cost Privatoria some points for reliability. DNS and IP checks were all OK though, and we didn’t have any problems with DNS request leakage: this means Privatoria does pass the anonymity and privacy check with flying colours.

Other Platforms

Privatoria provides guides for setting up L2TP/IPSec using the built-in capabilities of Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. OpenVPN setup guides are also provided for Windows (using the above mentioned OpenVPN client) and Ubuntu Linux – with a choice of using the UI or command-line interface for the latter.

The Privatoria Android App

We got a chance to try out Privatoria’s new Android app, which is currently in beta. As you can see from the screenshots below, it’s already a great looking piece of kit offering a serious amount of functionality. Their secure chat service is prominently built-in, and we were impressed to see Privatoria’s anonymous email seamlessly make an appearance too – and seemingly based on the excellent K-9 Mail app for Android.


privatoria_android_splash privatoria_android_vpn


The actual VPN part of the app is a little more basic, with just a server selection menu and an on/off switch at present. It’s functional, though, and as the app hasn’t even been officially released yet we look forward to seeing more options added soon.

Other/Free Services

In addition to the VPN, Privatoria provide a plethora of other features bundled with their service. There isn’t space in this review to fully evaluate each one, but we had no problems getting any to work and they seemed to function as advertised.

The anonymous email was set up automatically for us as soon as we registered, and we were immediately able to click through and check it out. The interface is impressively fast and slick. It’s worth noting that SMTP is only unlocked with a paid-for account – that is, you can’t send email until you’ve bought the service.

Their ‘cloud storage’ service, meanwhile, is a way to securely transfer files or messages to someone else. You can upload a file or a message using a simple web interface, then send a unique ID to the person you want to share it with. They can then enter the ID into the web interface and access the file or message. As soon as the other party accesses the content it’s deleted from Privatoria’s servers, and if it’s not accessed within 24 hours it’s deleted anyway – preventing its use as a long-term file storage solution, but making it very secure for user-to-single-user file transfers. What’s more, you don’t have to be registered with Privatoria to use the service either to upload or retrieve a file.

Their secure web chat uses the WebRTC system built into Firefox and Chrome to chat between browsers, with Chrome in particular offering voice calls, video calls and file transfers. At the moment it’s still in beta, and as we couldn’t get it to work we couldn’t test it out – but Privatoria have promised updates soon.

There’s also a web proxy with Tor integration for quick and dirty anonymization, with country and quality level selectable through the web interface. Although we did experience some difficulty trying to connect on a couple of occasions, when it worked speeds and reliability were good.

Privatoria Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Decent security
  • No logs
  • High anonymity
  • Low price
  • BitCoin payment options
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Long list of included services
  • Seamless access to Tor network
  • Nice new Android app

We weren’t so sure about

  • Disappointing speeds on non-US servers
  • Occasional connection issues
  • Technical info on website lacks detail

We hated

  • Nothing

Privatoria’s pricing is low, their additional services are generous – we especially like the seamless Tor gateway – and their mission statement is commendable. The basic VPN does work, but it also has some issues with reliability and speed which we’d really like to see addressed. As it stands, it is nonetheless good value, and with the free trial and simple registration process it’s easy to find out whether it’s the VPN for you.

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Charles Tosh I'm a freelance writer and English teacher who loves travel, technology and mushy movies.

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25 responses to “Privatoria Review

  1. BestVPN and Charles Tosh,

    BestVPN your Privatoria review as with all of your VPN reviews I find very helpful and informative.
    I see some differences between your inital review and that which is posted on Privatoria’s site now, with something’s on their site stated once and then stated again differently. I’ve tried to bring them to your attention by identifying them for you.
    What you have said is with “B” and what Privatoria has said is with a “P” to help distinguish the difference.

    B-There’s no money-back guarantee if you go ahead and buy the service.
    [It appears to offer a refund policy, at their own discretion.]
    P-Refund Policy – General – Refund Conditions
    P-GENERAL – “However, we are convinced that most of claims for refund can be avoided if you accept professional help from our Customer Support Center”.
    [Professional acceptance of help seems to be by] P-“Our Secure Chat service is based on WebRTC technology, which is only supported by Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla”.
    P- 10. How can i get refund? / FAQ –

    B-As a user of their VPN, you gain access to VPN servers in twenty-one countries.
    P-63+ Proxy locations and 22 VPN servers in the most popular countries. and
    P-60+ Proxy locations 13 VPN servers in the most popular countries.
    [I’m not sure why on the very same page “anonymous-surf” (above) it would have listed two different counts of Proxy and VPN Servers].


    B-New users begin with a free trial, though this is limited to only two hours before the VPN is locked.
    [Now states] P- 2. Privatoria grants 1 hour unlimited trial to all users to try our service for free.
    Starting with the 2-nd hour free services will be deactivated.

    B-Payment can be made by BitCoin for a high potential degree of anonymity, as well as by PayPal or credit card.
    [Looks to have added Debit Card now] P- 3. We currently accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit card, Debit card.

    I hope we will see an update to your Privatoria review and help clear up some of Privatoria’s double stated facts of Proxy and VPN servers count. Offering us the latest current information as to what is happening with the company and any news about the new updated version of it’s product. How it tests out now and current ratings of it.


    1. Hi Phogiaph,

      Thank you for this input. Charles wrote this review almost 1 year ago, and it is clear that some details have changed. We do try to keep our information as up-to-date as possible, but we cannot track every minor change that every VPN provider makes to its service.

  2. @Margarita

    Just curious here if all your pretensions are geared at some kind of damage control or is in fact this is a new chapter for Privatoria.

    First I’d like to understand your title with Privatoria, is it in chief operating officer (COO), then why are you so late to the forefront as a spokesperson for the company and then seems that it’s in your attempt to some forms of damage control, offering some-
    “free extension to some of your subscribers so that they can enjoy new updated version of our product”.
    I do realize that Privatoria was somewhat new to this VPN niche and trying to work all of bugs out, but, is it to little to late with the market even more saturated
    then when Privatoria first entered it?

    That statement, “updated version of our product” leaves little for one to know anymore in detail to what areas has received an UPDATE as “PRODUCT” is actually PRODUCTS or Services as in what is offered by Privatoria to the subscriber – Secure VPN, VPN + Tor / Anonymous Proxy, Web Proxy Tor / Secure Chat, Voice Calls, Secure Video Call / Anonymous E-mail / Secure Cloud Storage, FTP / Secure DNS.
    Has it all been updated, this review by BestVPN as well as the Privatoria site gives no further details to what has been updated, been revamped and actually has changed within the Company’s Corporation structure and it’s products for a subscriber to know of any and all differences.
    Yes, the only thing very noticeable on Privatoria site now is the updated price changes of increase.

    Has Privatoria had some leadership changes as well as a new updated version of the product? I think now your trying to soothe over the many months of troubles users have had with Privatoria’s products and in that time have formed a foundation of distrust to any kind of allegiance to the company, for it’s gone so long unaddressed by the company. In all transparency and a good practice to ensure brand loyalty would of been to have some website acknowledgement of Privatoria’s circumstance and users should watch for a future of new Privatoria changes to happen. Then when the changes are made to inform the new prospect and the term subscriber of the full details of those changes. That way instead of hitting mediums like this one who have large page hits and offer that of a user of Privatoria to give a personal review/comment of the Privatoria offering first hand, with that of a dated acknowledgement found on Privatoria’s website in a statement of transparency would help to null value any negative personal user comments prior to that of your new update. I do like your personal attempt made here though.

    To state here there is a new updated version of the Privatoria product when in fact the product consists and is billed as a “secure and confidential Internet”, (6 in 1 – to 8 in 1) I’ve seen it advertised and offering by other sites, I don’t know if these were Privatoria’s own words but, this is how I’ve seen it advertised elsewhere.
    The fact still remains that you (Privatoria) give no areas to any details of changes you’ve made, it is again of blind faith and loyal trust your looking for from a new prospect/term subscriber to give into you once more. I hope you don’t feel my words as some kind of an attack or hostility towards you, they are not, just that once burned – twice shy. I and many other people can’t afford to experiment or invest hard earned money and not know exactly what the changes are that have taken place. The Android App. is still dated September 3, 2015, and is that of your first beta version, so this seems not to have received an update. Just what else hasn’t changed in the new updated product, my I ask and be answered.

    I do hope either here or on your homepage of Privatoria there will be given some clear comprehensive facts of the new changes the update brings to us and labeled as such in a change log.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi, thanks for your sharing your pretensions with us.

    We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing inconveniences while trying to use our product.
    As for the purchase you are referring – please be advised that all Internet based companies use 3d party payment processors to provide its clients with a variety of payment methods available for their countries.
    We do have a direct PayPal account and this payment option is available and has always been.

    We are sorry again to hear about any troubles caused and would therefore like to ask you to provide us with more information about the purchase you made. Please provide us with the payment reference number and your credentials so that we can check on it and hep you. Our email address is

    I will be personally looking forward to hearing from you and hope we can get this matter resolved asap.

    Margarita Vitiuk
    Privatoria s.r.o.

  4. Privatoria is so far, (and I am with them about 8 month) very good. But lately I have problem to connect on server in Russia. Every other server work good but what is the problem with russian one?

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback!
      We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation. Your allegiance is very much appreciated as well 😉

      Russian server has temporarily been deactivated but we will bring it back soon. Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences caused from our side!

      If you could send us an email at referring to this message
      – we would be happy to offer you a free prolongation of your subscription due to the troubles caused.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

      1. Hi Margarita and Me,

        It might be worth noting that PIA has shut down its Russian operations because of tough new surveillance laws, which likely led to the seizure of some if its Russian servers. In light of this, it may be worth questioning the wisdom of using VPN servers based in Russia.

        1. Hi Douglas,

          Thanks for following with me up.
          Yes, that is definitely one of the reasons and we need to do a research on further development of this region.

          Please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance or info.

          Margarita Vitiuk

          Privatoria s.r.o.

  5. Bought 1 year plan. Fine. Speeds not so good.

    Referred friends to buy, theu paid, accounts not activated, yet payment was taken.
    Support is offline for weeks now.
    Exit scam?

    1. Hi, we do appreciate your feedback!

      Kindly be advised that Privatoria’s services have temporarily been under maintenance. Currently, we are back to work at full capacity and will do our best to deliver a high-quality product to all of our valued clients!

      As for you referring to your friends purchasing our product and not being activated – i will need a follow up from you with more information so that i can check it within the system. Would you please send us an email at referring to this post? Tank you!
      I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o. looks pretty good but there service is pretty bad.
    Actually there VPN servers are misconfigured or capped.

    SoftEther VPN, Port 8080, 8 Connections, 1000mbit dedicated:

    * Without VPN:

    * FR VPN (

    * DE VPN (

    * NL VPN (

    * SE VPN (makonix)

    * US VPN (

    On the other hand there HTTP proxys are pretty fast:

    * DE HTTP-Proxy (

    1. Hello and thank you for your feedback!

      Kindly let us know if you have tried using our services fully?
      We have been under a maintenance some time ago but now are fully back to work with an updated list of servers.
      We are doing our best to improve the services and make your experience worth trying and using. And you are not an exception for us 🙂

      Please send us an email at referring to this post and we’ll provide you with an updated trial version that includes full list of features for you to try and see their performance.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

    Guys do not under any circumstance register with them. A 3$ VPN? Yeah they must be super secure hahahaha I paid 3$ from my credit card, the credit cards payment are handled by a 3rd party company wish when u pay have no idea for what account at privatoria ur paying for. I contacted privatoria after i paid the 3 dollars and they were like, no payment was received. Well I don’t know if this happens when you guys uses Paypal or something, but via credit card it is fucked up. I am not even willing to give it another chance. And I will make sure none of friends or family try to even use it. And I am a security consultant so I must believe that my advices are taken seriously in my community 😉 Again it is my bad I even tried using it, as all the security experts I know never heard of privatoria. Take my advice and don’t try them.

    1. You are a security consultant? I’d say you are a comedian. It might also be a good idea if you learned how to use a grammar and spell checker.

      I think you are just another troll. A bad one.

    2. Hello and thanks for sharing your pretensions with us.

      We are sorry to hear that services provided by Privatoria did not meet your expectations.

      As for the payment you are referring – please be advised that all Internet based companies use 3d party payment processors to provide its clients with a variety of payment options available for their countries. We have a direct PayPal account as well and this payment option is available and has always been.

      We kindly ask you to provide us with more information about your order so that we can check it within the system. Please send us an email at providing with payment reference number and your credentials.
      We will do our best to get this matter resolved as soon as it is possible.

      Sorry for getting back to you a little bit later than you might have expected.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

    I bought the two year subscription and found it on sale.
    I feel like I’ve wasted that money.
    The android version (the pits) while connected your not protected in any which way – but the app says so… with toggle still on, checks for emails and runs in the background with no way to shut it down at all,
    this feature I don’t use and don’t need it running.

    Windows PC side fairs a little better but, not by much. It’s slow and connection drops off way to much, if you use the Windows’ built in L2TP/IPSec capabilities your letting MS know your biz.
    A good concept of a blanket security/anonymity approach is all but wasted by a poor delivered Vender support system.

    1. Dear Client,
      Thank you for leaving your feedback and we do apologize for quite a delayed response from our side.

      Kindly be advised that Privatoria’s services have temporarily been under maintenance. Currently, we are back to work at full capacity and will do our best to deliver a high-quality product to all of our valued clients!

      We would be grateful to provide you with a free extension of your subscription so that you can enjoy new updated version of our product.
      Please send us an email at referring to this article and we’ll make all necessary changes within the system.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

    I have brought the 1 year plan from Privatoria and have been using them for just about a week now, so far so good no problems and I am happy with the service. People have been moaning about VPN speed being slow but it seems to be improving over time; I think the issue was that they were a small company and only not long started… I have also used the DNS service with no errors or leaks, the email service works great, it does give you the information to easily configure it with a client. Also you can use the trial which is a nice feature, plus get another 7 days free by rating and giving them feedback.

    I do also have the Android app which works well, it offers me email, VPN and secure chat all in which work great and the app from this time is still in beta. They seem a good company, the applications have decent reviews and they seem very open about their business model.

    So far I don’t really have anything negative to say at this time. Fingers crossed

    1. Hello and thank you for leaving such a nice feedback 🙂

      Your comments are important to us and all of those have already been taken into consideration. We are striving to make our services even more better and would like to hear from you if whenever you wish to share some more ideas with us!

      Please do not also hesitate to contact me directly for any further assistance or information.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

    Mr. Tosh,

    It would appear that Privatoria is a singular entity; however, your review seems to treat it as multiple entities. To wit:
    > Privatoria offer a low price…
    > Privatoria also offer…
    > Privatoria have a no-log policy…
    > Privatoria have a slick and…
    > Privatoria don’t provide a…
    > In addition to the VPN, Privatoria provide a plethora…

    Presuming that Privatoria is a singular entity, you did get it right at least once:
    > Privatoria provides guides…

    Interestingly, with the exception of a questionable comma, I detected no other grammar / syntax errors. Since you are an English teacher, I am almost willing to put a “best construction” on the errors by blaming your word processor’s auto-correct. 😉

    Otherwise, a very nice review. I will definitely give Privatoria consideration.

    1. Hi Dan400Man,

      Charles is a British writer, and in standard UK English it is normal to refer to organizations (such as companies) in the plural. BestVPN’s editorial policy is to use US English, but I think we can forgive Charles for lapsing into (correct) British English.

    2. Hey, we do appreciate your interest and would be more than happy to provide you with more information as for using Privatoria’s services!

      Best regards,
      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

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