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VPN Unlimited provide a well priced VPN service with servers in more than 70 countries, a polished user interface, and efficient customer care. Overall it is a stylish VPN, with strong encryption implementation. Sadly it suffers because of a slightly dodgy privacy policy and WebRTC leaks.
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Review of: VPN Unlimited

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On January 4, 2016
Last modified:October 14, 2016


The VPN Unlimited review left impressions of a fun and lightweight VPN with fast speed, but a few privacy issues still to be ironed out.

Pricing & Plans


As with other VPN providers, VPN Unlimited have several subscription levels, with benefits and discounts proportionate to signup length. A ten-day package is $1.99, with one month coming in at a low price of $3.99. The best package value-wise is a year though many might be reticent to commit for so long, but there is a silver lining. VPN Unlimited offer a 10 day free trial, so you can give their services a proper test run before shelling out the money.

VPN Unlimited_Pricing Update


Their bundled offering of one year’s VPN + To Do Checklist (more on this further down) for $9 more than the simple VPN package isn’t bad, but the real value (and commitment!) can be found in the Premium VPN + To Do Checklist, which essentially adds the checklist in for free. Considering all the free add-ons offered, Pricing is fair compared to what else is on the market.


I liked

  • Stylish website design
  • Gorgeous and functional bespoke client
  • Broad server choice, with dedicated servers for torrenting or streaming
  • Stealth TCP offered
  • Excellent support responses and responsiveness
  • Receptive (seemingly quite eager) for feedback and critique

I wasn’t so sure about

  • A few lingering security concerns, with updates in the works

I hated

  • Logging policy
  • Some privacy issues


VPN Unlimited offer servers in 39+ countries (with data centers in 50+ regions), including Australia, which many VPN providers tend to neglect (also, Kazakhstan!). Five servers are specifically allotted for torrenting: USA California 1, Romania, Luxembourg, Quebec Canada, and France. The rest of the servers are not allowed for P2P file-sharing usage, as denoted by “TORRENTS” while clicking on a particular server.

VPN Unlimited runs on L2TP/IPsec and PPTP encryption protocols on Mac and iOS, using the stronger OpenVPN on Windows, Linux, and Android. My colleagues and I strongly recommend using OpenVPN if possible, since it is the most secure. Unfortunately, Apple device owners will have to settle for the less appealing security wise (though theoretically faster performing) protocols, but not to fret.

Impressively enough, VPN Unlimited said they added my suggestion of allowing users to switch between protocols at will, depending on device, in order to modulate security vs. performance as needed to their user-based “wishlist” for development and implementation. Needless to say, I was impressed by the staffs’ openness to critique and the seeming desire to improve rather than resting on success, as some competitors are guilty of.

*Editors Note: the above updates are in effect. iOS users should turn on “download profile manually” or turn off iOS8 mode in the settings. Android and Windows users should activate on ‘stealth mode’.

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Security & Privacy

VPN Unlimited are based in New York registered as a subsidiary of KeepSolid Inc., in the United States and are therefore well within the NSA’s jurisdiction, as if that particular agency was worried about the whole power abuse sort of thing as much as you or I. It’s lucky or reassuring (depending on your vantage point) that to this date, KeepSolid haven’t gotten served with any court orders, meaning they’ve also not divulged any user information to authorities. Stick with me here, because things get a tad murky.

“We do not keep the logs of the websites our customers visit, we only store the data related to the amount of traffic downloaded by the user. This information is available to be viewed in his account only. Also, it is crucial to point out that every time a customer logs into VPN Unlimited, the system assigns dynamic IP-addresses. They are not static and there is no way that we can log the exact IP addresses or particular time stamps of VPN Unlimited customers.”

VPN Unlimited say they don’t keep connection or data logs, which is excellent as an ideal, however, a bit untrue on their end, evidenced by the above response. Any data storage on a provider’s part can serve to basically invalidate privacy and anonymity, which form the backbone reasoning behind using a VPN in the first place. VPN Unlimited’s posited idea that US consumer protection laws can actually serve to protect users when trying to escape these invasive laws (against multitudinous threats likely better equipped with resources than you or I could hope to ever be) which made VPN technology go mainstream to begin with is frankly laughable.

Update 11 July 2016: It seems that VPN Unlimited has changed its logging policy, and now explicitly keeps connection logs for 7 days. Our thanks to reader Guy Haiar for pointing this out to us.

“KeepSolid Inc. will maintain a binary file of your data on company servers, provided that you are a paid-subscriber of the synchronization services. The binary is created when you synchronize or back-up your data (either DataRecords or tasks) and is kept to restore your data in case of a local system crash, damage, loss or hack attempt that results in the self-destruction of your data.”

Well, what happens if KeepSolid gets hacked? In no way is that an explicit indictment of their security team, more so an acknowledgment that in this digital epoch, no one’s data is safe. Would you rather have the peace of mind a remote backup provides while running the risk of possible provider misconduct, even cyber-attack, or not?

It is worth noting that the binary data retention in KeepSolid’s  policy refers to their other products, but not VPN Unlimited. They say that your data is encrypted and that they don’t store clear-text versions of the information.

On the encryption protocol front, VPN Unlimited uses IPSec for iOS devices, at AES-128.

Meanwhile, Windows and Linux devices make use of OpenVPN using UDP ports (with a recommended ‘stealth mode’ for higher security offered in account ->network settings, using TCP 443), at AES-256, with SHA-1 authentication. Handshaking is handled using RSA-1024, though it would also be good to see an upgrade to RSA-2048, as the former is considered to be vulnerable to NSA and other governmental agency intrusions.

VPN Unlimited Warrant Canary

KeepSolid have also introduced a Warrant Canary for transparency purposes. It’s a welcome touch to show how committed they are as a company to keeping their customers secure.

The Website

I found the VPN Unlimited website aesthetically pleasing and logically laid out. The homepage has a handy server location infographic, displaying which countries and cities they operate in, in line with VPN Unlimited’s slight brag about hosting servers on all inhabited continents. Their claim technically false, as Antarctica does have year-round residents, albeit primarily in a research capacity. Nevertheless, no harm done, as they do host servers on most continents.

VPN Unlimited_server update

Meanwhile, the masthead banner has info about VPN Unlimited’s services, pricing, a link to FAQ’s, and client login area. I was especially impressed to find a native translation button, which can be toggled between Russian or English. A bit random yes, but language support shows how much a company learns from it’s targeted markets while effectively adapting.

Live Chat support is clearly visible in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and you don’t need to be subscribed to ask questions (I tried). The user account area is neat, easy to browse and quite useful. Links are relevant and well-detailed.

VPN Unlimited_SupportVPN Unlimited_Support

The Service Terms and Privacy Policy are tucked in the bottom banner of the page, but readily obvious. Nothing to sneeze at, as VPN services are based around privacy and security in a sort of transparency paradox – your online activities are thoroughly obfuscated, but only by a trustworthy and open source (not to be confused with Open-Source Software, which we at also BestVPN.Com staunchly support). There is also a blog with privacy tidbits, product news, and general infosec news, updated at least on a weekly basis.


Of special note, is the timely, courteous, and thoroughly professional support I received from both the Sales and PR teams – in both Live Chat and Email support formats. The folks on the other end were always ready with detailed responses, and (unlike some competitors) a clear hierarchy of how to deal with requests for information, as opposed to disjointed bouncing from department to department.

VPN Unlimited_Support 2

Support is readily available from either the homepage or the user account area at any time. Moreover, the Live Chat capability with a VPN Unlimited support tech is open 24/7. Again, I must mention how polite, timely, and proficient support was. There is also the option to engage in email discussion, should you need more in-depth assistance. I found either option superb.

VPN Unlimited_Knowledge Base

Useful guidelines can be found in the User Office account area, with additional information also found in the Knowledge Base. I particularly found the illustrated setup guides (per platform, in the downloads section) to be useful without unnecessary fluff, making them easy to follow without being excessive. It’s quite convenient to have them placed within the individual download pages, so as not to have to toggle between tabs through the duration of the setup process. A user forum would be a good addition, but most providers don’t currently offer one, so no foul.

The Process

Signing Up

You can download VPN Unlimited’s bespoke client from their website, which links to Amazon, Google Play, Apple Store, or Windows Store, depending on OS (Windows users can also directly download from their website).

VPN Unlimited_Setup

Registration, requires your email, and a password. You may use fake details (I did) and Bitcoins to pay, thus avoiding purposeless disclosure. This would be the best option to preserve anonymity more fully. Keep Solid accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, though anyone worried about privacy should use Bitcoins. VPN Unlimited will send you confirmation and startup emails, once you’ve subscribed.

VPN Unlimited_Registration

The VPN Unlimited Windows Client

VPN Unlimited_Boot

VPN Unlimited offer one of the sexiest bespoke VPN clients I’ve come across thus far. Everything from the layout and color scheme, to the spacing between text lends itself to easy navigation. It’s neat to have server workload information front and center, so you can decide which to connect to without resorting to trial-and-error time wastage. Remember, servers that are ok for P2P usage don’t have a strikethrough torrents (torrents), with the very first server in the list dedicated to only for streaming (San Francisco). It’s also useful to see your real IP and virtual IP both listed in the top right-hand corner of the app. On those strengths alone, I’d wholeheartedly recommend their service to novice users, or those concerned with simplicity over top-shelf security.

VPN Unlimited_Client

It’s quite excellent to see built-in DNS leak protection to keep your IP address hidden. Should the VPN connection drop though, your IP will be visible, as there is no ‘killswitch’ in place, especially important while torrenting, but applicable in general, too. Great to hear their response, then – that a killswitch feature will be included in the next update, as per my correspondence with support.

VPN Unlimited_Client 2

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, IPv6 Tests)

Tests were run using the VPN Unlimited bespoke client for Windows, using TCP Stealth Mode through port 443, on a 30 MBPS connection.

Connection times were pretty speedy, no more than a minute to connect, and the same to disconnect. The server workload percentage stats come into play here, as it more or less ensured I picked a low-traffic server, with consequently better performance.

Every connection I tested (including some informally) was stable. The French server was especially speedy, at an average of 17 Mbps. Even US servers, which are further away geographically were no slower than 10 Mbps, plenty fast for streaming and downloading needs. It’s always good to see a provider deliver.


VPN Unlimited_download
VPN Unlimited_upload.
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.


Unlike some rival companies, most of whom have extensive issues with IpV6 DNS leakage, VPN Unlimited showed no IPV6 address. Use to check.

Kudos to VPN Unlimited, DNS leak protection worked as mostly as advertised, there was no simple DNS leakage. However, the WebRTC bug has not been properly addressed yet, and will have to be manually disabled (not too hard to accomplish, read our write-up on how to do so). To check DNS or WebRTC– as you should periodically – this website will run an automatic test on both here.

Windows 10 users should also beware DNS leakage inherent to the default settings. Open VPN and most bespoke clients should be patched as of this month, but always check to be sure.

Other Platforms

The bespoke client is offered for Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, and Linux, in addition to Android and iOS for the mobile sphere. It’s great to see VPN Unlimited working to simplify the VPN user process in every area possible, as opposed to leaving you with lots of extra legwork.

Other/ Free Services

Keep Solid have several other offerings other than VPN Unlimited, though these are mainly iOS specific at the moment.

Photo Transfer WiFi

VPN_UNlimited Keep Solid Photo Transfer

Their WiFi photo sharing app is only for iOS devices, but can transfer photos, videos, or entire albums to any other device, including PC. HD videos are said to transfer with no compression loss. DropBox support is included, and the app is free. Piggybacking off this is a cloud storage syncing service.

To Do Checklist

VPN Unlimited_To Do Checklist

This is Keep Solid’s analog to the ‘task’ or calendar functions on most devices. Tasks can be shared with friends and have geo-location tags – something a bit curious from a privacy and security company.

KeepSolid Phones

VPN Unlimited_KeepSolid Phones


This offering encrypts call and SMS messages on your phone, using VoIP technology, similarly to Whatsapp and Skype. A 7 day free trial is available to start, including a unique personal phone number, and call funds.

Once you’ve downloaded the trial or subscribed, KeepSolid Phones service lets you alter your phone number in any given worldwide area, or your hometown – allowing you to operate several lines for business or personal use (redirecting your spam calls isn’t a half bad idea to begin with).

WiFi Hotspot Protector

VPN Unlimited_WiFi Hotspot Protector

A paid app that functions like a VPN on your iPhone, more easily and cheaply. It’s primary usage base is for customers on-the-go, who tend to use unsecured or worse connections at hotels, cafes, and airports. The ten-day free trial lends itself to trying before buying, and a ten-day vacation package is only $1.99 while three months come in at $5.99. What’s more, WiFi Hotspot protector uses the same security options as VPN Unlimited for iOS – built-in IPSec client with AES-CBC-128 encryption.

The service doesn’t come with regional choices, like VPN Unlimited, users are automatically connected to the ‘optimal’ server closest to their location. All things considered, this would be a good choice for temporary travelers, and especially so for those that travel frequently.

Private Browser

VPN Unlimited_Private Browser

Similar to the Hotspot Protector (though free), KeepSolid’s Private Browser acts as a proxy, encrypting traffic through the browser, consistent with their VPN Unlimited iOS security standards. It seems to be modeled on Google Chrome, as Google is the default search engine provided.

Sadly, I was not able to review these free or paid apps – as I don’t own an iPhone or other Apple device for that matter – however, they do look good, and I’m quite interested to see how they progress from their current embryonic stage. The Tap & Edit app, in particular, looks to have considerable promise.

VPN Unlimited Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Stylish website design
  • Gorgeous and functional bespoke client
  • Broad server choice, with dedicated servers for torrenting or streaming
  • Stealth TCP offered
  • Excellent support responses and responsiveness
  • Receptive (seemingly quite eager) for feedback and critique

I wasn’t so sure about

  • A few lingering security concerns, with updates in the works

I hated

  • Logging policy
  • Some privacy issues

Using VPN Unlimited was an overall treat. The KeepSolid team definitely do their job as far as serving customers with a high-performance, easy to use VPN. Furthermore, their attention to colors, styles, and user interface at large is exceptional, and should be commended as such. Not to be outshined, the bespoke VPN app for Windows does a pretty darn good job at keeping you hidden at a high-speed, WebRTC issues notwithstanding. With tech support of the utmost decorum and copious freebies (mainly iOS), today could be the time to try VPN Unlimited.

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Dimitri M Expat in Europe - pathos for good conversation and Italia's Grande Juventus.

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40 responses to “VPN Unlimited Review

  1. Ad blocking and anti-tracking claims are simply FALSE! They do not work on macOS or iOS.

    Yes in both cases I installed the Apple Store App and in both cases the Apps are up to date.

    When asked in technical support they simply do not respond!

  2. Wow, he is my experience with VPN Unlimited… I tried VPN Unlimited, and what a disaster! The product would not allow either of my iOS devices to connect to their VPN servers, then they would not connect through WiFi, only through LTE. My PC device connected, then MS Office promptly went inoperable. None of the apps would launch until I un-installed the VPN Unlimited app and rebooted. I needed to remove it from my iOS devices to get them to connect to WiFi again. Tech support offered no help… just asking me to reboot my devices, as if I had not done that several times before calling them. When I asked for a refund, I heard crickets.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Ouch! That is a very bad experience! Writer Dmitri (who is no longer with us) clearly only tested the service using Windows. Thanks for passing on this information.

  3. It leaks IPv6. There is no point of having VPN. I contacted the support and they don’t have any fix for it yet.

    I used PIA previously, it was good and doesn’t leak IPv6 IP.

    1. Hi Raj,

      Thanks for letting us know. We are aware that IPv6 is something of a blind spot for us at the moment, and are working getting full IPv6 connectivity for our reviewers.

  4. I have been using it for about six months, and it works fine – in fact it works better than the more than three dozen other VPN’s i have tested over the last 2 years. I went ahead and bought an ‘infinity’ license because I was so impressed. Torrenting is very fast, and the servers dedicated to torrenting always are available. It sometimes can take up to a minute to connect initially to the VPN, but so what – no big deal. After connected, it has always been smooth sailing! Great product. Well thought out.

    Paid for infinite plan because it works great on my Android Devices. Now, I found out it leak your location if your device uses IPV6 protocol, like my win10 computer. Watch out if your device support IPV6 and you do not want to disable it. Time to shop another VPN just for my PC.

  5. Greetings,
    I like this channel of vpn info give n take. I almost visited many or 90% of your reviews. But I want to talk about the VPN Unlimited review.
    1.Their customer response have been very much flawless. Given me the reply within just an hour which was pretty fast & neat with valuable answer which actually worked.
    2.I just upgraded my Linux Mint Sarah to Serena 18 to 18.1 & When I installed the app inside I actually got a DNS leak there. Even I used sudo. tried all their option like tcp port with stealth mode & no dns leak.
    Do you have any answer/opinion of how n why this has been happening? 3.As on android I tested very secure. No dns leak. Marshmallow. But here on linux it fails. Also it’s a beta version they sent to me. I really appreciate their quick response n valuable info. 5 devices connection. But I still not get it. Is it linux distro fault or its the app that does it?
    4. When I Used the Tor Browser on mint It worked Excellent. The net speed is Awesome compared to a few years earlier N even able to watch Youtube videos.

    1. Greetings,
      I checked this vpn on android and it worked pretty well & faster.
      While on windows without the “DNS leak option” it was showing the dns ip of res[ective isp. But as soon as I checked this option I found that both & shows no trace of local isp.
      I have set google dns setting for windows.
      But as I just changed the DNS of my router that is additional & optional dns from Google ( as my Mint is connected by Wi-Fi from router) , no longer I get the trace of the local ISP. ALl is google servers from all around USA. No leak.
      But then I had to use the Google Dns. Without it it was showing my local ISP dns. How is that happening. Change of DNS is that Imp?
      Also having the first 2 digits of the Isp like say 192.168.-.- the first two along with the display of my ISP name, does it point out for a DNS leak?
      Thank you for your time & patience.

      1. Hi Amit,

        1. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what is going on here. You are connected to your VPN with DNS leak protection turned on and working? And then you changed your DNS settings to Google DNS, and now see your ISP’s address?

        2. 192.168.x.x. is a very common start to IP addresses, and is not an IP leak.

        Do check your .ovpn file to ensure that DNS requests are not being sent direct to Google DNS. Google logs everything, so this would terrible for privacy (I have seen this happen!). Using Google DNS servers is IMO fine, as long as the DNS requests are proxied by your VPN provider.

        1. Thank you for quick response. I would like to say something.

          1. The first point is that “without using Google DNS” on router i had dns leak in n even by turning all three options in vpn unlimited app.

          As i changed the router settings n used google dns in DHCP primary n secondary dns, in it then i had no dns leak.

          2. The add which was shown was strictly pointing to the local isp also its clear name. Say 223.196.100 n so. Two local isp servers were found out of 62. The rest were google servers.on site says vpn is leaking webrtc requests.
          & on it showed only two servers that is local isp from india.

          As soon as i changed the router settings started using Google Dns, i had no ip leak. On these two sites it showed no trace of my local isp instead only google servers. Either from us or singapore. Thanks.

          1. Hi amit,

            So VPN Unlimited leaks your IP address, even when DNS leak protection is turned on. This is not good. Changing to Google DNS servers will hide your real IP and that of your ISP. But this is a very partial solution because Google will log which websites you visit.

  6. Bought a lifetime subscription through Geeky Gadget Deals and the service is acceptable but not that great.

    The Windows app sometimes disconnects which is very annoying and sometimes it’s difficult to just choose and click on a location as it does NOT appear to work ‘properly’ sometimes. Sometimes you click on the location but it does Not do anything as you wait for it to turn on or, if on, for it to connect.

    The company only has 5 torrent servers which is lousy! The ones in North America are located in LA, CA and the other in Ontario, Canada. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose one of the other three located in Europe.

    The iPhone app for iOS 7 is the 32-bit version while the iOS 8-10 gets the 64-bit version.
    I found out that it was I that got the company to FIX the 32-bit version so it would work on iOS 7!
    It’s kind of clunky on how it works in iOS 7 (or iOS in general)… turn app on and choose a VPN server location, the app then pops you into the Settings for VPN, press ‘accept’ then it pops you back to the app. You can close the app once you see the ‘VPN’ icon is activated in the upper left corner of the iPhone.

    If you’re torrenting, you Will notice that sometimes the speed is relatively slow. Choose the torrent server that’s closest to you. The problem for users in North America, the Canadian or LA servers can be quite busy. Otherwise, using VPN for non-torrenting is fine as there’s not much traffic in the other VPN server locations in North America.

    Grade: 6/10

  7. Note that VPN Unlimited does not support IPv6 and does not block it on Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10. I confirmed this with customer support and by testing at ( This means any IPv6 traffic will be sent in the clear with your real IPv6 address. They recommend disabling IPv6.

    I have confirmed that they automatically turn off IPv6 on Android.

    I was attempted to upload HD size video and it will automatically stopped after a period of time, and uploading never succeed.

  8. I am disappointed with VPN unlimited, I subscribed for 3 years and had no Idea that I would have to pay separately for New York, which is what I wanted. In addition they take me to France and when given the option to select East Coast it states I’m on the east coast with a France IP address…To top it off, I haven’t been able to turn on the VPN in a week after being told to uninstall and reinstall. Not happy…

    I would look elsewhere on another VPN. So far I have a horrible experience. Their customer support is quick in responding emails but when there’s a problem it takes them days or even not replying at all. I purchase because of the OpenVPN in DDWRT but when I followed their instructions it simply did not work. I do not know whether they are trying to still figure out but it’s definitely a waste of time and money. I’ve tried Torguard and they have been flawless. The lifetime VPN was the reason why I purchased. Now I know why.

    1. Hi Guy,

      Thanks for that. Even when this review was written, VPN Unlimited seems to have a rather strange idea about what keeping no connection logs actually means!

  9. I’m just a tad concerned, their warrant canary “As of Mar 1, 2016” is updated each quarter (3 months, yes?) but it is June 7th and it hasn’t been updated. Do you think this is a cause for concern? Am I misinterpreting how the warrant canary works?

    1. Hi Crystal,

      I can’t find it either, so maybe the service has been discontinued. Dmitri says that he will monitor the situation to see whether it is just offline.

    2. Chat is found at company’s website support area esp. once you log into your account.

      It’s not available via iOS app as that’s email support only.

  10. Hello, In your review you stated; “OpenVPN Connect is currently not supported for iOS, however, no other provider currently offers it..” To the contrary, OpenVPN Connect is the official full-featured iOS and Android VPN client for the OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel VPN and OpenVPN Community software developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. The OpenvPN Connect Client can be downloaded at Apple iTunes store and the Google Play Store.


    Gary McCloud

    1. Hi Gary,

      I’m afraid that Dmitri has got himself a little confused. The OpenVPN Connect app is indeed available for iOS. I think what Dmitri was trying to say is that outside of the OpenVPN Connect app, the OpenVPN protocol is not widely supported (in fact I know of no custom VPN apps for iOS that support OpenVPN). It is my understanding that custom VPN apps for iOS prefer to use IPSec, IKE or IKEv2 in order to make use of the Apple VPN API without jailbreaking the device (IKWv2 offers other advantages, such as making it easy for providers to push updated profiles to users or bind apps to the VPN). As Head of Business Development at OpenVPN Technologies, I would value any insights you could share about why OpenVPN enjoys such limited support in iOS. I have edited the article a little to correct the error.

  11. VPN Unlimited has five trackers on its website, including,, and google-analytics. These were shown by Noscript that’s installed in my browser. These trackers seem to be a user-privacy issue.

    Whereas Mullvad VPN and AirVPN have no trackers on their websites.

    I suggest that BestVPN checks for the presence of trackers when reviewing each VPN.

    I’ve been using this for 2.5 years. I always have problems with their apps. ditch the app and ask for your conf files from their support and use openvpn. I tested the speed on multiple occasions and I always found it to be very close to the non-vpn speed on the same network. oh and I paid $20 for 3years.

    If I bought VPN Unlimited for my MacBook Air, do I still have to buy multiple subscriptions for my iPhone and iPad?

    1. Hi Eric,

      Sorry – we usually include this information in our reviews. Most providers permit more than 1 simultaneous connections from different devices, but I cannot see this advertised on the VPN Unlimited website, and there seems to be no easy way to contact them….

    2. On their FAQ page…

      Can I use my account on more than one device?
      You can register up to 5 devices on your account and login to VPN Unlimited from them simultaneously. If you need to register a new device, you can delete 1 device per week if you have purchased any paid subscription, and register a new one instead of the deleted.

    VPN Unlimited frequently offers great discounts via StackSocial. Currently there’s a lifetime subscription offered for $39!

    I’ve been using the service for several months, and although I’ve experienced a few hiccups, as you mentioned, customer service was prompt and courteous each time I contacted them via email.

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