5 Best VPNs for Pandora (including on Android)

Pandora Internet Radio’s popularity in the counties where it is available is unsurprising. This nifty service builds custom ‘radio stations’ (playlists) based on a band or singers’ name you input. If you enter ”Buddy Holly” for instance, Pandora will serve you up many hours’ worth of old school rock and roll. These playlists are built on other users recommendations and the ‘vectors’ attributed to songs by the Music Genome Project (of which Pandora Radio is an official custodian), with over 400 different “musical attributes” being considered when deciding on which track to play next.  In addition to stations based on individual performers, listeners can also choose to listen to genre stations, stations created by other users, or to create their own stations for the listening enjoyment (or otherwise!) of other Pandora members.

pandora 1If you appear to be in an authorised country then you can get started by simply going to the website

The advertisement supported service is completely free, or for $3.99 per month ($36 per year) users can listen ad-free, plus gain other benefits such as 192k audio quality and a custom skinnable desktop app. Both services do however suffer a couple of limitations due to licensing restrictions:

·         Rewind / repeat is not allowed

  • No more than 6 skips allowed per day (with “thumbs down” and “don’t play for month” responses counting as a skip
  • On the plus side, Pandora has removed its 40 hours a month limit, and with 800,000 tracks from 80,000 artists in its library, and 80 million users, you are unlikely to run out of something to listen to any time soon.

The big catch of course, is that the full Pandora Radio service is only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The answer for these outside these areas is to use a VPN! With a VPN service that has servers based in the US, accessing Pandora is easy.

pandora 5Pandora will build “stations” based on your favorite bands. It is also great for giving you lots of info.

Mobile Pandora and Android

Pandora is available on Blackberry, iOS, Nook, Kindle Fire and Android (1.6 or later). We are not sure about other platforms, but we decided to see how easy it was to get Pandora working on an Android device.

2013-04-10 15.56.03
When you sign into the Android app, all your personal settings and stations are there!

The first thing you need to do is sign up to a VPN service that supports Android. Almost all do through PPTP or L2TP, and now that OpenVPN for Android is out, more and more are supporting that protocol as well. For this demonstration we used one of our favorite’s VPN providers, Private Internet Access’s,   brand new Android app (for Android versions 2.2 and up).

2013-04-10 15.57.20
There is no limit to how much music you can listen to.

Unfortunately Google Play won’t let you install the Pandora app if your phone is registered outside the allowed regions, but the .apk is readily available from your favorite P2P source. Once downloaded and installed, make sure your device is connected to a US based VPN server, then fire up the app to experience the full glory of Pandora on your phone or tablet!

2013-04-10 15.57.31
All the functionality of the web service is included in the app


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Editor’s Choice

Winner – ExpressVPN


Positives: Easy-to-use software, excellent speeds, good customer service

Negatives: Bit pricey, but worth it for the features

With apps across all platforms and an android client that blows the competition away, ExpressVPN secures our vote as the Best VPN for Pandora. The download speeds are impressive and the software is straightforward to use. We really love some of the features like automatic protocol selection and server location recommendations.

ExpressVPN boasts round-the-clock customer support and an ultra reliable VPN network spanning 78 countries and hundreds of servers. They are also adding new locations all the time. These guys have done a pretty awesome job in building what we believe to be the best VPN service out there.

The pricing is not the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for. ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and supports your mobile device (Android/iOS) for no extra charge.

Try Out the Best VPN for Pandora Today!

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30 day moneyback guarantee

2. AirVPN

Positives: No logs, accepts Bitcoin, transparent service, fast, 8 US servers, excellent attitude to privacy, VPN though SSL and SSH tunnels, Tor over VPN

Negatives: None

AirVPN is another company we love. Although a little less consumer focused than Private Internet Access (no fancy Android apps, DNS protection or internet kill switches), AirVPN shines when it comes a VPN’s primary purpose –security). While the 256-bit AES encryption and support for Tor over VPN and VPN through SSL and SSH a tunnel is overkill for most users, these features remain a great indicator of the integrity of this service. What many more users will appreciate is the fast service, ‘transparent’ access to beautifully presented server statistics and details, and the fact that AirVPN accepts anonymous payment via Bitcoin.


» Visit AirVPN

3. CyberGhost

Positives: No logs, speedy, great free service (though not suitable for Netflix), groovy VPN client, 29 US servers

Negatives: VPN client is Windows only (although OpenVPN setup guides are provided for other platforms), does not accept Bitcoin

We also like CyberGhost. Perhaps it’s the very generous offer of a 30 day free trial that particularly persuaded us, but the nifty OpenVPN client with a ‘VPN kill switch’, robust ‘no logs’ policy, and great results probably also had something to do with it. It also does a rather good free service, which while probably not ideal (i.e. too slow) for streaming Pandora content from CyberGhost’s 29 US based servers, is nevertheless good enough for most casual web surfing.


» Visit CyberGhost

4. TorGuard

Positives: No logs, accepts Biitcoin, blazingly fast, US servers

Negatives: Asks for too much information during registration, keeps that info for marketing reasons, some connection problems

TorGuard comes recommended despite a few quirks that put us off slightly. When we initially tried to connect to the service we experienced some slightly bizarre errors, and we were not impressed with the number of questions asked during the registration process, a problem compounded by TorGuard’s policy of keeping these details on file for marketing purposes. However, it is otherwise a ‘no logs’ service, and it accepts Bitcoin for completely anonymity. It also turned in some of the fastest results we have yet seen, so in the final analysis we have to say that TorGuard has plenty of muscle where it counts.


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5. Kepard


Positives: great VPN client (especially for Android), logs only kept for 3 days, 15 day free trial, UK servers, P2P: yes

Negatives: logs kept for 3 days, not amazingly fast

This small Moldovan VPN provider impressed us with its user friendly Windows VPN client, and it’s even better Android OpenVPN app. Although we would now point Android users towards Private Internet Access’s new app, the 15 day free trial still makes Kepard an interesting proposition. Where Kepard hits slightly rocky ground is its policy of keeping logs for 3 days. This is not long, and probably not enough to pose a threat to anyone outside of Moldova… but we really don’t like logs!

» Visit Kepard


All of the VPN providers on this list except ibVPN offer a great VPN service, and you cannot really go wrong with any of them. We really don’t know what to do with ibVPN, as we do not rate it much as a VPN provider, but its ibDNS service does effectively let you access Netflix and other ‘web TV’ services for a one-off 5 buck fee, which is why we have awarded it the number one place in this category.

And here’s the summary once more:


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