Golden Frog offers free trial of its VyprVPN VPN service during holiday period

Global service provider Golden Frog has announced that during the ‘perilous’ holiday shopping season it is offering a free three day trail of VyprVPN. With users in 195 countries, Golden Frog claims that VyprVPN is the fastest and most reliable VPN service in the world, and will offer security and privacy at a time when shoppers are notoriously vulnerable to cyber-criminals.

It may be the season to be merry, but as harried shoppers scramble as never before to order gifts online, cyber-crooks use aggressive packet sniffing techniques to listen in on unsecured WiFi connections at work, home and, worst of all, public hotspots, looking for financial information and security vulnerabilities that can used to swipe credit card information or gain unauthorised access to bank accounts.

VPN protects shoppers by securely encrypting their internet connections over WiFi, so that hackers and other criminals cannot access their data. This makes the timing of Golden Frog’s offer perfect, as it lets shoppers take advantage of VyprVPN’s newly redesigned 2.0 software, available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, at a time when they need it most.

The president of Golden Frog, Sunday Yokubaitis, explained,

‘VPN connectivity is a good practice in general, but it’s an absolute must for anyone who is planning to offer up their credit card information online during the holidays. It’s especially important for those folks using public Wi-Fi connections at places like coffee shops and airports. Traditionally VPNs have been a tool for the technically advanced, but with the VyprVPN 2.0 Apps, we made the set-up really easy so every internet user can enjoy a secure and private online shopping experience.’

An established company with a worldwide reach, Golden Frog uses only its own servers and network infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of security, privacy and quality of service, and has been expanding its field of operations throughout the last year with new servers in dozens of more cities, and plans to expand further over coming year.

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