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BoxPN Review

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BoxPN is a mid-range VPN service based in the Seychelles. The company has a great customer support team and has developed a competent service.

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  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Secret three-day free trial
  • Choice of OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP
  • P2P allowed
  • Allowance of five simultaneous connections
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Summary      BoxPN has changed ownership and gone over a number changes since our last review. We will try and bring you an updated review as soon as we can but for the moment we would recommend finding another VPN provider.


Pete Zaborszky
December 13th, 2014

Pete runs Best VPN and wants to get detailed information to the readers. He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does. You can also find him on Twitter

33 responses to “BoxPN Review

  1. Matt BA says:

    AVOID THIS SCAM COMPANY THEY ARE CRIMINALS! I subscribed to boxpn for a couple of years, and then decided to end my membership. They use paypal for recurring payments. I lost access to my paypal account that was linked to my credit card. However, the subscription kept going with unauthorized charges. Once I asked them to manually end my subscription, they REFUSED to do so!! They told me it is my responsibility to make sure that I do not have my paypal account charged by them, and that 1) they REFUSED to tell me even which paypal account is being charged, and 2) they REFUSED to accept my request to end membership. I will surely take legal action against them. Avoid this company, they will charge your credit card FOREVER even if you ask them IN WRITTEN FORM to cancel your subscription! Even though they had my WRITTEN REQUEST to cancel membership, they kept telling me that “It is your obligation to cancel it from within your PayPal account” even though I made it clear to them that I do not have access to paypal anymore. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY, AND YOU’LL HAVE NO WAY TO REACH THEM (they are physically in a random island in the oceans near Africa!).

  2. Dian says:

    worst customer service ever!

  3. Steffen says:

    If you cancel within the trial period and forget to also cancel in paypal, they will charge you in the next year again and will refuse to refund the 39$. What a shitty provider!!!!!

  4. freaky says:

    They have been pretty great over the past year. They changed something since the beginning of 2014 and things are much faster and way more secure. I have never had any issues with their service people getting back to me and they answer all my questions in a clear and concise form. I was ready to leave them but since the upgrades and improvements I am very pleased.

  5. Joanna Hey says:

    Disgusting customer service.
    I was charged 3 times for a 12 month subscription. I had to send screenshots, contact Paymentwall myself and send a lot of emails. After over a week I have been sent a message to say I have been refunded 9.99 instead of 75 euros and my subscription has been reduced by 31 days.
    The most expensive VPN ever-over 100 euros for 12 months.

  6. Andy says:

    Just choose something else and don’t go for a low price, guys.

  7. Mike Hendry says:

    Signed up for their 12 month European VPN service. Purchase (via Paypal) and set-up was easy. I had no difficulties connecting to their UK servers, however, it is soooo slow. Certainly it is no use for me wanting to stream UK TV. Many sites I cannot even access, normal sites such as and, just sit’s there ‘waiting…’. Have dropped support and sales an email, but no reply whatsoever. Have made a Paypal case against them in the hope I can get my subscription money back. My advise would be to avoid these crooks.

  8. man friday says:

    started out fine but very poor reliability and mixed speed results. price is relative to all other inputs, if the the service is good then price is not an issue but I am not getting what I paid for. Will not buy again

  9. Betty Roberts says:

    We registered with BoxPN on 29th May 2014 for 1 year VPN service at $35.88, paying with Perfect Money. After a few emails and 1 day delay my VPN service was activated. and it worked OK with the exception of 3 servers not working. That continued for 12 days. And on 11 June 2014 it stopped working, giving message wrong username/password. We wrote to the support twice once to ask why are we cut off, and second email to ask for refund, and on the second day we got a reply that web site and servers were being updated. We wrote to them that although we can login at their web site, we can not login at the VPN servers, but with no reply so far. So, we paid for 1 year, but what we got was 12 days, after which our account was cut off. No refund, nothing whatsoever. We have no idea what is going on, but we would certainly not recommend that VPN to anybody.

  10. Jeff says:

    I recently attempted to use the service HULU, but received the notice that they
    have detected that I am using BOXPN services and blocked me based on my IP.

    I had written BOXPN and received a canned response. That was over a month ago.

    The very reason why I subscribed to the service was so I could use these services.
    With no response over such a long period, I get the impression that my concerns
    are not their concerns.

    Time to cancel.

  11. thomas says:

    WORST PURCHASE EVER!I tried to contact them because their german servers are in poland, so no german ip!even after 3 month they did not manage to forward my emails to their supervisors. all i get is prewritten replies. The speed is around 0.8 mbit. i changed to a more costy provider where i always get around 20 mbit!

  12. Thomas says:

    I had boxpn since a couple of months, the first month was fine, then the speed was very very slow, I think they just limit speed after one month! Support is bad,they just send prewritten replys and then don’t answer at all! The worst is that the german server is actually in Poland! Don’t get boxpn, they suck!

  13. Kelltech says:

    I have been using Boxpn for nearly 2 years. Their customer service and VPN service has always been excellent. However, my advice would be until they return to excellence I would shop for an alternative.

    The good part is Boxpn has a tremendous privacy policy and low cost service, but over the last several months I keep getting disconnected from my VPN without any alert or warning and my internet keeps humming away and I continue working unknowingly unprotected.

    Over the last several months, this disconnect issue has been getting worse with frequent and increasing disconnects that go unreported to you, the user. The Boxpn client is supposed to auto reconnect but that feature has never worked at all. The tech support has contradicted themselves several times in recent email communications with them concerning this issue of disconnecting. Regardless, I paid for a service to protect my connection which it previously did extremely well but now increasingly fails to do.

  14. Mark says:

    Absolutely horrific experience. Needed an Argentinian address, but it gave me Canadian. It worked for a couple of months, but then just stopped.

    When I contacted them, they said, yeah there is a problem, we are trying to fix it. After 3 weeks, still no fix, nor any date fof when to expect it fixed.

    So I asked to be refunded and cancel the service. They cancelled it sttriaght away, but a refund? Jokers kept my 12 month payment, despite cancelling the service. And now they are just flat out ignoring me.

    Stay away, worst decision I ever made.

  15. Stan Thompson says:

    Been with Boxpn for approx.9 months…everything has been 1st Class and I have no problems with Customer Service or Drop Outs.

  16. Llamedos says:

    Probably the worst service and the support is diabolical….
    I had to advise them they had a fault before support even bothered to check…
    pay a little more and get a better service…

  17. Bernhard says:

    This is NOT a good outfit. I signed up for the boxpn service in Dec. 2013 to be able to connect to German website when I am not in Germany. Well, my experience is, frankly: this service SUCKS. Their German servers have been down for about a week (since early January 2014). All German traffic now gets rerouted through Poland, which means its worthless because you no longer have a German IP address. The customer service responded twice by ignoring my description of the problem and instead asking me for my password — a rather bizarre request for a service that prides itself with protecting their customers’ privacy.
    Only after my third complaint did I get an email from a “level 3” support person, stating “You are right, the German servers are temporarily routed to Poland (closest location). We have done it, due to server migration. We are waiting for the DC to supply us with more IP addresses. Please bear with us few more days. We are doing our best to finish as soon as possible.” This was on Jan. 5. Nothing has changed since then. No update was provided, nor did I get a response to my request to give me a reimbursement (obviously, I have to buy a different service for the time of their outage).
    Each of their email contains a link where you’re supposed to be able to rate their service (at nice All those links are defunct. I mentioned that in each mail, never got a response to that, either.
    Additionally, when their service did work (last year), it was shaky and low speed. You had to watch content at the lowest quality setting and it still would get stuck.
    I guess you get what you pay for. It’s a cheap service, unreliable, impolite, unresponsive, and dysfunctional. I regret every cent I gave to this shady outfit.

  18. Gadgetman1 says:

    Boxpn is useless. FrequUseless & Trash, Save your money:
    Boxpn is one of the lowest price VPN available, but don’t let that trick you into buying their subscription plans. You just are throwing money in the trash. I will not renew mine & this is why you should not get Boxpn:
    1 – Unreliable: Disconnection is frequent & between 5 to 20 minutes you get disconnected & you have to reconnect again.

    2- Slow Speed: Servers are slow. Even when you choose a close location, servers are extremely slow (40kb to 90kb at best).

    3- No zip or rar files types can be downloaded: They have Threat Management software running on their servers & if you download a zip or rar file, it opens Microsoft Gateway threat. It first downloads to their server & once it completes you have to press download again to download it to your computer. That means you have to sit in front of your computer & wait for download bar to finish, then download it again to your computer. Of course, if you don’t get disconnected, otherwise you have to start all over again.

    4- Logging: Their web-site is loaded with tracking scripts (Google+, Alexa Metrics, Adroll, Google AdWords and Analytics, Zopim, Pingdom). Is this a privacy site?
    5- No OpenVPN: If you plan to use SSTP, be aware that it is 128bit, but advertised as 2048 bit encryption, L2TP/IPSec as 256 bit (it’s 128 bit with the VPN client software).

    6- Almost No Support: Their support is by email only & next to non-existence. They only read the subject of your case / email & respond with pre-written & form responses that most of the time does not even relates to your problem. The tech support is incompetent & only rely on those pre-written texts.

    7 – Under-developed interface: Extremely primitive & featureless interface to connect to VPN servers.

  19. David Whitt says:

    I have been using BoxPN for 8 months now… the only issue that I noticed is that when you select a particular city… i.e. Atlanta it will actually setup a connection in Salt Lake.. not sure why nor do I care… speeds are decent.. I currently live in Columbus Ohio and usually connect to the Montreal Canada location which is fast for me… and allows me to surf going across international lines… which I prefer not to have american laws being applied to my surfing…

    Install was easy… setup went without a hitch… I have never had a drop issue…

    I gave customer service 4 stars… because I have never had to use them…. which is the way I like it…

  20. Nick d says:

    Signed up for this 8 months ago. Best thing and worse is that it’s only 4 months from expiration. Customer service resolved the issue of it not reconnecting by stating it worked there. I am running on 3 computers with different versions of windows.
    Turn it off from pptp and watch the download rate go from 250k to 2meg. Works fine at their end.
    Customer service is very poor. They seem to lack any understanding of the tech and are more of a facade then anything of substence.
    Go else where.

  21. David. Barton says:

    Really impressed. I accept other people have had issues but in my case Boxpn have lived up to their promises. Super fast speeds using, for example Canada or Netherlands servers (I am in the UK) and all for only £22 for an annual subscription due to a Black Friday offer. Once again, I am impressed!

  22. Jay Novack says:

    I badly need assistance from a kind soul on the specifac steps for setting up BOXPN over my wireless connection; including creating a new named wireless network with different mac and IP using the same router and merging it as part of the one SSTP Boxpn network where anyone attempting to discover my actual location, identity, and IP; will see the one provided by whichever boxpn server and VPN type I decide to connect to on any particular day. Ive been a member 6 mos always connecting to SSTP WITH no problem.When I joined my OS was Win8proX64, and although BOXPN AD LISTED AND STILL DOES! Win8/7/vista/xp compatible they require you to request and wait for their sending the win8 version. THE ISSUE I REQUIRE SPECIFAC INSTRUCTION ON IS CONFIGURING MY NETWORK TO ACT AS END TO END ENCRYPTED (USUALLY SSTP) BOXPN TUNNEL WITH MY WIRELESS COMPONENT RENAMED AND BASICALLY UNRECOGNIZEABLE CONNECT TO THE ROUTER. THIS IS DUE TO MY DISCOVERY A COUPLE DAYS AGO THAT ALTHOUGH THE BOXPN DISPLAY PANEL Said all is 2ncrypted and configured as intended, my new Mcafee Total Protection 2014 displayed my location, ip, and all info with much time and $ spent for freedom from big brother watching my every move and reading personal emails to my girlfrriend turns out is just a super basic interface telling me all this great stuff it is actually not doing. On the flip side there were plenty of times when everything worked as advertised. Can someone please tell me how to get boxpn to work as advertised. Ive spent 12 hours in two days fixated on trying to correct this and am about to break my inanimate object of a laptop as if it is alive and making me crazy on purpose. Thanks for listening. Bless the individial who either posts or emails me a remedy Jay (
    PS: The email I joined with is not recognized when I try to sign in the site now.
    It was Now it isnt recognized. JesterP9 is my username when i sign on the Boxpn intreface with the password after and that still works fine

    1. stuart says:

      Just ask them for remote assistance! Then download portable Teamviewer !

  23. Arnold says:

    It doesn’t have live chat anymore and it’s always offline. Those technical support of yours are good enough for boxpn and your current customer support or technical support really bad.

    Kindly get back the live chat and give access to the agents you have on the live chat so we can communicate with them.

  24. Bob Bobson says:

    despite the negative comments I gave it a shot. I can’t really say anything about reliablity and customer service yet but I have had zero issues in the two days I have this now. The Speed tho is absolutely fantastic – top notch!

  25. Nick says:

    Customer support that lacks any sophistication nor professional response! My connectin drops all the time. The auto reconnect feature in their dialer isnt owrking. I follow their instructions and end up with less sites indicated in the dialer. They attemot to resolve issues iwthout addressing their end. I was told to use less encryption and limit my connection to one that is ‘closer’. I run it on xp, vist and vista 64 but the issue to them is non-existant. Upgrade the ticket to a higher support that lacks any skill set than the first. Dont want to help just blow you off. Cancelling and i doubt ill get my money back as they say. LOOK ELSE WHERE unles syou wnat to pay for a service that drops the line and eposes your IP all the time.

  26. Mike says:

    I’ve used this VPN for over 2 yrs, and I use it a lot! I’m on OS X and use OS X’s built in network panel to set it up. I have no idea what these negative reviewer’s problems are. But, I doubt it’s BoxPn. I’ve used tech support only a couple times, to get lists of new VPNs as they add new ones often. They return e-mails often within an hour. I have zero complaints.

  27. Ralf says:

    Have been with Boxpn for almost a year now and cannot fault their service. Easy setup, great speed and good value for money. I have used the service from many locations around the world and never had a single issue. Only had to use customer once at setup, got a reply within 20 minutes. Highly recommend Boxpn.

  28. Stay Away says:

    These guys are terrible. Speeds were slow. Every page takes about 5 seconds just to start to connect. Couldn’t connect my email client. Have to email to get documentation. Then, after I cancelled they wouldn’t give me my money back unless I answered a survey with more personal information.

  29. Upset says:

    We tried boxpn. Worse decision ever! It may be cheap but it kept disconnecting, can be detected by MAC, and now messing up our windows program. Now, we moved to another provider w/c does not even ask us to upload a program for it to work like boxpn. Somehow, we can’t remove boxpn completely in our system. It is still jacking up our internet connection which sucks for us who are doing online classes!!!! Damnit! Customer service? Forget it. They can’t even diagnose the problem.

  30. Ricardo says:

    I have boxpn for over a year with few disconections on w/7 however , i got a new pc with w/8 and there is no way i can run SSTP on it, very, very, very slow, i even unistall firewall, antivirus, as Boxpn requested…and they can not help, even reinstall w/8…with Boxpn app first….and nothing…only i get to run is the 256 encryption …wich boxpn told me that was all they could help…..try you self…you might have better lock.

  31. Manny says:

    This VPN service works great for me. Purchasing the VPN was simple with the use of paypal, absolutely no hurdles encountered. Unlimited VPN for less than $10.00, this the best value IMO. Works perfect on Windows 8! I havent contacted customer service once, thats the way it should be!

  32. CARL says:

    tried to pay for 1 year with card. they wanted a copy of card sending. Sent it still waiting for the account to start.
    This has been 3 days now and still not up and running despite email reminders “urgent-critical” .
    Decided to give them final 2 hours to respond to me or I will cancel application.!!
    YES YOU GUESSED …I have emailed them to cancel, just hope the useless wotsits dont process it later as I am going with a new provider.
    Billing department SUCKS, and online help just kept telling me to email “sales”.!! I WOULD NOT GIVE 1 STAR BUT THAT WAS THE LOWEST OPTION.

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