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YES! Back in 2014, Netflix put a clause in its Terms of Service (ToS) that informs subscribers that if they are caught unblocking with a VPN – they can be cut off.  While it is completely normal for this to put off some Netflix subscribers from using a VPN, the other side of the coin is that Netflix has not actually begun cutting people off for VPN use.     So what gives?

The most likely explanation for the lack of bans is that singling out valuable customers – who pay to watch Netflix – would actually work contrary to the interests of shareholders.

Most folks believe the extra clause was put in the ToS to placate the Hollywood production houses.

Those film companies produce content and license the movies at varying prices to different regions (depending on the price they can negotiate from that geographic region). That is why those movie studios don’t want you to see certain movies where you live – the rights haven’t been bought yet!

What does this all mean?

Even though Netflix has added a VPN-banning clause to its ToS, it remains terribly improbable that Netflix will ever start cutting off users on mass for VPN use. Concentrating instead on the job of cutting off the VPN services themselves to cure ‘the problem’.

Not all about the US!

While many users concentrate on the US Netflix, people also use VPNs to access different regions’ Netflix service. In American Samoa, for instance, the service shows viewers 98.8 of the full US catalog – that is nearly as much as the US catalog. In Puerto Rico it is possible to access 82.89 of the full catalog, that is far more than the measly 22.69 that Spain gets and even worse 8.53 Hong Kong has access to.

As you are starting to realize there are plenty of locations to spoof your IP address to; in order to access a larger Netflix catalog. For that reason, the VPN providers on this top 5 list allow you to spoof your IP address to many places around the world.

That way you can take advantage of the many options that are available to you for unblocking depending on where you are in the world. In the United Arab Emirates, for instance, where they only get 31.26 it is worth noting that there are roughly 80 countries above it to spoof into.

So, if there is a certain place that you are especially interested in – such as American Samoa or Guadalupe – it is worth checking the VPN’s website to be absolutely certain of being able to achieve the IP spoof that you want. It is important that you check if that is a priority for you, so be sure to click through to each one and search for servers on their website – they always have a comprehensive list.

Needless to say that another essential factor when streaming in HD is a fast Internet connection. While it is true that VPNs do slow down Internet connection speeds a little, the providers we have chosen are there because they only impact data traffic speeds a very small amount.

On top of that, all of the VPNs on this list allow you to choose from West Coast US servers (ideal if you live in Asia and Australia) and servers on the US’ East Coast (perfect for unblocking US Netflix from the UK or the EU.)

Do I need to do anything else?

A final theme that often comes up: Some readers are always concerned that because they have a subscription to Netflix in France, the UK or Australia (or anywhere else) –  they will need more than a VPN to access the US Netflix. This is completely incorrect.  Despite subscribing to Netflix where you live, when you travel to other countries you access the catalog of the place you are in by default.  That is why using a VPN to spoof your IP address to – US soil or Puerto Rico – instantly gives you a better choice of titles. Allowing you to feast your eyes on the extra content that country gets.

Netflix vs. VPNs – Timeline

01 January 2016

Rumors start to circulate that Netflix is going to ban VPNs.

22 January 2016

Netflix starts cutting off VPN and SmartDNS services.

27 January 2016

Netflix US is made available for US military personnel all over the world (in the US base).

07 March 2016

Netflix Android app update grinds all VPN and SmartDNS to a halt unless you manually update DNS settings. VPNs work fine with the iOS app but the worry is the next update could cause a similar problem.

Any update to the iOS Netflix app could cause VPNs and SmartDNS to stop working if Netflix figures out a way. The VPNs in this article still work on desktop (OSX and Windows) at the time of writing and we will stay alert for any changes in order to update this website.

18 April 2016

Netflix CEO admits VPN users are a vast minority and are not cutting into company profits – adding credence to the fact that they won’t punish users for using them – despite their ongoing campaign to appease the studios by blocking them.

19 April 2016

Canadians are furious as VPN providers are once more cut off, but gossip about it being ‘time to dump Netflix’ is soon proven wrong as VPNs very quickly find ways to regain their Netflix unblocking powers.

June 2016

Another bout of outages causes mass VPN blackouts, some providers don’t recover at all and some are affected for days before managing to once more find a way to unblock the US catalog.

*All of the VPNs on our list are currently providing access*


Netflix offers a really diverse catalog of titles at a really good price. With that in mind, it is likely that Netflix is going to retain its position as one of the most important video streaming services in the world. As such, subscribing to Netflix in conjunction with a VPN service for gaining access to the US catalog version (from anywhere around the globe) is still a very good Netflix option for any movie lover.

We are sure that no matter what your reason for needing a Netflix VPN is, there is a brilliant option for everyone, on this list, that will provide everything you need. With trial periods available with any of the five Netflix VPN firms that we have featured in the article – you have a fantastic opportunity to try whichever service that piques your interest; risk-free.

Finally, apart from the benefits involved with a Netflix VPN, it is obvious that these days governments worldwide are passing more and more legislation for spying on their own citizens. Considering that rather depressing fact, we strongly recommend using a VPN every time that you connect the internet. Thereby giving yourself true anonymity – because encryption means digital privacy; something that we are passionate about!

Remember, Netflix may require the use of a particular US server or a specific set of settings, and these change from time to time. So if you can’t get connected straight away then talk to your chosen VPN’s support team to find out the details – rest assured that all the VPNs on this list – can and will unblock Netflix in 2018. Enjoy!