5 Best VPNs For Netflix 2019

  • Best VPNs to use with Netflix from anywhere in the world
  • Unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world, super-fast HD
  • Try Free! All providers here offer 30 to 45 day money-back guarantees
  • Hide Your IP - Secure browsing - Private, secure & encrypted

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A VPN lets you unblock Netflix libraries so you can stream shows that aren’t usually available in your country. It is easy, cheap, and you can do it with the Netflix subscription you already have!

Millions of people unblock Netflix and now you can too.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that encrypts and routes your traffic via a server belonging to the VPN provider. This provides privacy by concealing what you do online from your ISP and the government. In addition, the VPN lets you conceal your real IP address so that you can pretend to be in a different country. This is how a VPN lets you unblock Netflix (and other online services).What is a VPN for Netflix?

Why do I need a VPN to unblock Netflix?

The video below fully explains why a VPN and Netflix are a marriage made in heaven:

How to Unblock US Netflix From Anywhere in the World in 2019 | BestVPN...

How to Unblock US Netflix From Anywhere in the World in 2019 | BestVPN.com
How to Unblock US Netflix From Anywhere in the World in 2019 | BestVPN.com

  • Get value for money
  • Expand your viewing options
  • Watch Netflix on vacation
  • Stream Netflix content exclusive to certain places

For more info, check out this handy explanation: How to geo spoof with a VPN

Which Netflix libraries can I unblock with a VPN?

Most countries have a tiny Netflix catalog that is completely eclipsed by the US. However, some places like Canada and Japan have made massive improvements in the last couple of years. Canada now has 5,500 of the 5,707 titles available in the US!

In the table below you will find a list of all the Netflix catalogs you can unblock with a VPN. It includes the cost of a subscription in those countries and the percentage of titles that are available there.

Netflix Libraries: By the numbers

Library# of TitlesDiff with Netflix USPrice
United States56650$7.99
United Kingdom2967-2698$7.73

The table above shows that no matter where you live there are thousands more Netflix titles available to you with a VPN.

Unblock Netflix while on Vacation

A Netflix VPN can be extremely useful when you go on vacation or on a work trip. Shows like Frasier, Cheers, and Californication, are only available in the US and if you want to watch them in your hotel room, you will need a VPN!

Unblock foreign shows from inside the US

Around 13% of US citizens are foreign-born. That means 42 million citizens want to unblock foreign language shows on Netflix. Netflix often curates popular national shows on local Netflix catalogs. Those titles are not always available elsewhere, and this is a growing trend. Even when shows like Japan’s Terrace House do make it onto US Netflix, they are released a month later. With a VPN you can watch Scandinavian, Italian, Asian, or Hispanic language shows by unblocking Netflix.

How to set up a VPN for Netflix?

To unblock Netflix and bypass the proxy error message, the most important thing is to get a VPN that works. Not every VPN has Netflix unblocking capabilities, and many that do are extremely temperamental. To unblock Netflix follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a VPN from this list, these are trusted services that have proven time and time again that they can unblock Netflix US (the catalog with the most titles).
  2. Click the link above to the VPN that you prefer and subscribe.
  3. After subscribing to your favorite VPN for Netflix, you will be able to download the VPN software.
  4. Install the VPN app onto your desktop PC or mobile. It will ask you to log in using your credentials.
  5. Now all you need to do is connect to a VPN server in the USA or elsewhere. As soon as the VPN says “connected” you are ready to watch more Netflix than ever before.
  6. Head over to your Netflix account! With the VPN on, Netflix automatically updates your video library - you don’t need to do anything else! Just sit back, relax and watch more Netflix.

Unblock Netflix on all your devices

Most people watch Netflix on a desktop or laptop computer, and all our recommended VPNs have software for Mac OS X and Windows. However, if you are a mobile user who wants to stream Netflix on a smartphone or tablet, you can do so using the VPN’s mobile app too. VPNs are extremely easy to use:How does a Netflix VPN work? 

Watching Netflix with a VPN router

Consumers who want to watch Netflix on Xbox, Playstation, Smart TV, or Apple TV can’t install a VPN directly onto their machine. These customers should consider getting a VPN router! VPN routers automatically connect all devices in a home to the VPN’s server; letting you watch a foreign Netflix catalog.VPN router with Netflix

Testing a VPN works with Netflix

Here at BestVPN.com, we ensure that our recommendations definitely work by regularly testing them. Checking that a VPN works is as simple as connecting to the VPN and going on the US Netflix catalog to play a video.

You can do this test yourself by using a VPN’s money-back guarantee. That means you can stream Netflix US for free, shop around, and test the VPNs yourself before settling on your favorite service.

Is it illegal to use a VPN to unblock Netflix?

No, it isn’t illegal to unblock Netflix from overseas. You are a paying customer, and Netflix doesn’t really mind if you unblock TV shows and movies. Content is only geo-restricted because of copyright holders - not because of Netflix (which always lets every nation watch its Netflix Originals).

Will I get banned for using a VPN to unblock Netflix?

Unblocking Netflix is against the terms of service. However, nobody has ever had their account closed by Netflix for unblocking. In fact, Netflix hardly ever cancels accounts for any reason. Even when subscribers don’t pay their bill non-payment, they freeze accounts rather than delete them.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, previously said that VPN users are “a very small but quite vocal minority” that he considers “inconsequential”.

Fixing the Netflix proxy error

Netflix prefers to block VPN IP addresses, instead of targeting its users. This means it never has to cut off any paying subscribers.

Netflix is very active when it comes to blocking VPNs which is why there are so few that are able to do so. Our recommended VPNs work hard to stay one step ahead of the Netflix VPN ban.

If your VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix you will be shown the following message:+

“Streaming Error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit Netflix.com/proxy.”

That message means you are currently subscribed to a VPN that is no good for Netflix.

Netflix proxy error message

How does Netflix block VPNs?

Netflix mainly tracks IP addresses in order to block VPNs. Netflix blacklists as many IP addresses known to belong to VPN servers as possible. Data centers generally have a limited pool of IP addresses which means that this is extremely effective at blocking most VPNs. Netflix block entire IP address ranges for data centers that host VPN servers. Although this could block non-VPN users too, it seems that Netflix has ways of ensuring regular users aren’t affected. All in all, Netflix is very good at blocking VPNs, which is why few VPN providers can get around the proxy ban.

Our recommend VPN use clever strategies to stay ahead of the Netflix firewall and all have at least one US server that gets around the Netflix ban.

Do all VPNs unblock Netflix?

No. VPNs are actually an internet security tool designed to give people digital privacy. The ability to pretend to be in a different country to watch foreign Netflix titles - is actually just a fortunate side effect.

Many leading VPNs focus on providing privacy for their users but don’t spend time and resources unblocking Netflix.

Many well-known services (Avast Secureline, Kaspersky Secure Connection, Private Internet Access, IPVanish, Buffered, and TunnelBear - to name a few) don’t even try to unblock Netflix.

VPNs that don't unblock Netflix

Many people want a free VPN for Netflix, sadly this is not possible. Even VPNs that have a free trial - or a restricted free service - don’t let people unblock Netflix for free. This is because they know they can get people to move onto the paid premium service with the promise of Netflix.

Even most paid services don’t actually unblock Netflix! This is because Netflix is very good at blocking VPNs, and not all VPNs have the technical know-how to consistently keep unblocking Netflix.

Here is a list of some VPNs that are known not to unblock Netflix:

BufferedStopped working 09/17
BlocklessStopped working 07/16
CactusVPNStopped working 07/16
GetFlixOnly worked for a few months
HideIPVPNStopped working 07/16
HolaAn untrustworthy service
IronSocketStopped working 07/16
IPVanishStopped working 01/17
OverplayStopped working 07/16
TunnelbearNever been able to unblock Netflix
UnotellyStopped working 07/16

Even some VPNs that do unblock Netflix can give you a lot of headaches. To stream Netflix content in HD you need outstanding connection speeds. Not all VPNs have servers that can provide these kinds of speeds.

All our recommended Netflix VPNs are carefully selected because they are consistent and have what you need to stream videos without buffering.

Can I get a Netflix VPN for free?

There are Free VPNs available but they are not suitable for unblocking Netflix. Free VPNs do not make the effort to provide servers that unblock Netflix, because doing so is expensive. Free VPNs are also insecure, have poor privacy policies, and have outdated encryption (or none).

Using a free VPN will result in Netflix’ proxy error message. 90% of paid VPNs don’t even unblock US Netflix; so a free Netflix VPN is definitely a fantasy.

Netflix VPN speeds

When you connect to a VPN your traffic has to travel via the VPN server, going this extra distance, as well as any congestion on the server itself, will slow down your connection speeds. To enjoy HD videos on Netflix US, it is essential to have a VPN that can stream without buffering.

Most VPNs are slow because they have rubbish, cheap servers. Other services are oversubscribed which leads to a lot of server congestion. Either way, they are terrible for a streaming service such as Netflix. That means you need a VPN that is not only able to access US Netflix but that is also lightning fast. These are the speeds you need to stream:

Connection speedAverage quality
500 KbpsLowest streaming quality
1.5 MbpsAverage quality (up to 480p)
3 MbpsSD quality (480p or better)
5 MbpsHD quality (720p or better)
25 MbpsUltra HD quality (1080p or better)

Access Netflix on vacation and watch foreign language shows

Being able to unblock Netflix is good for many people living in the US. Here’s why:


VPN for Netflix: Price comparison

If you're looking for a good deal, you can compare Netflix VPN prices in the table below to bag yourself a cheap deal:

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