How to check your Torrent IP

There are plenty of reasons to use a VPN while conducting your daily activities from protecting your identity to browsing geo-locked websites. One of the most important reasons to use a VPN is in order to protect your identity while downloading torrents.

In our 5 Best VPNs for Torrent list we examine many issues surrounding the world of torrenting. Whether you’re using it for legal or illegal (which we do not recommend) reasons it is always recommend that you protect your IP address in order to protect unwanted access to your computer and prevent governmental agencies from tracking you.

There are 3 different services that allow you to check your torrent IP. As we explain, two of these are (unsurprisingly) run by VPN providers while one is fully independent.

We have used uTorrent for our demonstrations, results will appear differently in some torrent clients but the theory will be the same. If you’re unhappy with your torrent client or need help deciding on which one to use then our Torrent Clients list should help you out.

CBCDN – IPMagnet

CBDev/CBCDN is very good at hiding their identity but from what we could discover they are a computer sciences student who creates code as a passion without alternative motives. This also means that the code for the IPMagnet is freely available for GitHub.

With all of these tools just click the download link and it will open up in your torrent client (both IPMagnet and IPLeak provide you with magnet links). The torrent will never download as it’s need to monitor your IP. You can view your IP from the client itself, as in the image below, or monitor it on the website.


With the website monitoring you have the advantage of being able to check your torrent IP history. This is great because it allows you to notice if there are any issues, discrepancies or in the extreme if your VPN has stopped working. ipMagnet also tells you the torrent client you’re using.


AirVPN –

AirVPNs IPleak website is fantastic and we often use it as part of our processing in checking the safety and security of VPNs.

The torrent check part of the website works in exactly the same manner as for ipMagnet, except instead of showing the client you have it shows the port you’re using. Unfortunately unlike ipMagnet this isn’t open source. On a huge plus though they display extensive information of what is freely available to websites about you, this ranges from simple IP and DNS leak test to  Plugins, Mime and Google+ accounts.

Torguard – Check My Torrent IP Address

Of all the Torrent IP Check tools listed here this is probably the worst but it works just the same as the previous two.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show your IP history, there is no added value and it is overloaded with advertisement for TorGuard.


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7 responses to “How to check your Torrent IP

  1. Hey there, hoping you can help – how am I able to prevent a DNS Leak? I’ve enabled DNS leak protection through my VPN, however, after running DNS tests, the original IP location is still visible? Any advice would be great. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    I tried the three services but none of them shows any ip in utorrent (neither the real ip nor the vpn ip). How can i make the test work?

    1. Hi Gustv,

      Hmm…works for me. Do you have a firewall running that could be blocking the connection?

  3. hi guys just a quick question i uesd to use ip torrent to get old music i couldnt find but i cant seem to get back on through my server which is sky do you have any ideas .Thanks Pete

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