China Censors The Big Bang Theory And Other Programming -

China Censors The Big Bang Theory And Other Programming

Stan Ward

Stan Ward

May 5, 2014

Well, what have we here- another example of media censorship in China. What a surprise. What would be more surprising is a day gone by without news of Chinese government involvement in privacy or freedom of speech issues. BestVPN is no stranger to China’s vendettas as our website became a victim of Chinese censorship in early April of this year.

In this latest instance of heavy handedness, Chinese authorities have demanded that four popular US programs be forbidden to be video streamed. The shows to be taken down include, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, NCIS and The Practice. No reason was given for this action by the Chinese government. The bannings are baffling in that there seems to be no common denominator or reason for the censorship of these particular programs. NCIS is a crime drama, The Good Wife and The Practice feature legal and political content, while The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom fraught with romantic hijinks. It could be just that they were gaining in viewership. Maybe the lifestyle and cultural issues ran counter to Chinese culture in the minds of the censors. Who knows what was the rationale.

What is apparent is that the content on website streaming sites is less strict than the fare offered on China state television and in the cinemas. So it appears that the government is ratchetting up its surveillance in general and of the online streaming industry in particular. We will never know for certain the reasons behind the censorship because the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television refused to comment on the action. But evidently the ban did not just pertain to American based programming. A slapstick comedy miniseries originating in China was also ordered to stop broadcasting.

To veteran watchers of the Chinese government censorship scene the prohibitions are merely business as usual on the mainland. The government is obviously afraid of its massive population growing fond of western freedoms and lifestyles. BestVPN has a vested interest in censorship issues and, of course how VPN can be used to evade censorship. Hence our website content, the news articles serve as our platforms to denounce it and promote legal means to circumvent it. If you’re planning to visit China you may wan to explore the VPN options available to you. Some tech savvy ’net citizens of China may be able and willing to help you evade The Great Firewall as well.