Chrome browser blocks μTorrent

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

July 17, 2014

uTorrent is easily the world’s most popular BitTorrent client (outside of China, where Xunlei is king), used by at least 132 million people worldwide (2011 figure) to download their favourite music, movies, and games.

Although admittedly used a great deal for pirating content, the BitTorrent protocol is also useful for a great many legal purposes and, crucially, the uTorrent program can in no way be considered malware!

So why, when you try to download the latest version of the popular program, does Google’s Chrome web browser point-blank refuse to do so on the grounds that the software is ‘malicious’?

utorent malicious

TorrentFreak notes that ‘Chrome does give users the option to restore the file but not without another warning,’ but we could find no such option, with the only way to download the file in Chrome being to turn off its built-in phishing and malware detection (in Advanced settings) altogether (and even then we were are given another warning before being allowed to download the file!)

utorent malicious 2

On the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for, it says ‘this is not currently listed as suspicious’, although it does say that ‘part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 25 time(s) over the past 90 days.’

Given that program has been given a clean bill of health by every major anti-virus checker, this is clearly a piece of overt censorship by the search giant, unhappy at the way in which this perfectly legal and malware-free software is used. Labelling uTorrent as ‘malicious’ is, frankly, a slanderous lie.

We strongly suggest that readers use a fully open source browser, such as Firefox, which does not subject its users to corporate censorship (Firefox forks such as Pale Moon (Windows), and Iceweasel (Linux) are also good choices).

Interestingly, when we tried to download uTorrent in the supposedly open source version of Chrome, Chromium, no error message appeared, but the file refused to download.

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