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CG is a Romanian company but with a large presence in Germany. When reviewing CyberGhost’s refund/free trial policy we were pleasantly surprised. We weren’t presented with a laundry-list of caveats or confusing language. Instead the word free was frequently encountered. The fact is that they offer a free, no commitments VPN program. Therefore any free trial period or money back guarantee is moot. And yes, there are some inconveniences associated with the service which will be explained. But there’s no getting around it- free is neat! While the free program is basic, you can also opt for their 5-star premium package with all the bells and whistles. And you can try it free for one month.

CyberGhost Free Trial »

With the free VPN service:

  • You will be limited to a 1Mb/s speed cap
  • You will have to endure about 17 seconds of a commercial ad upon connecting. Thereafter you will be subjected to ads every two hours
  • You will automatically be disconnected after 6hrs but may immediately reconnect. This must be done manually every 6 hours

If you want more features but still want to explore for free then select the CyberGhost Premium Package. It will allow you to use this upgraded service free for 1 month. This non-binding offer does not require any up-front payment. With the basic, always free, commercial clogged VPN you do not have a choice of server. They state that they will connect you to a nearby server, however.
But with the Premium package free trial you will get:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to more than 150 servers in 19 countries
  • Blazing speed

To reiterate: there is no up-front payment required. CG just needs a valid email address to send the license key. And you don’t need a coupon to subscribe.
So, really you can’t lose! Get basic VPN service- free forever. Just put up with a no- frills service and adverts. Or, without laying out any capital, try the upscale premium package free for 1 month. It doesn’t get much better than that. So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

CyberGhost Free Trial »

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6 responses to “CyberGhost Free Trial

  1. I checked it a few days back and “free for a month option has expired” and registering needs more info than just email.. so please update the article

    1. Hi Parth
      The article is from March and the offers has expired since.
      CyberGhost does a free account now though, and you can sign up to this using only an email address.

  2. I followed your advice on the upscale premium package ‘Free for a month’ and can confirm the following; There IS an upfront payment required (without paying upfront you don’t get your key!) & secondly, apart from a valid email address you also have to supply your full name etc..

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